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The villainous daughter of the Duke, needs a hero (Web Novel)








Comedy Fantasy Romance School Life

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Madeline Celeste d'Aumont is the first daughter of Duke Aumont and Duchess Louise-Marie d'Aumont who has been engaged to the Second Prince of Pays Des Abrutis since she was a child. The Second Prince decided to marry a woman closer to his own age and broke off the engagement to Madeline who was left with a broken heart and a reputation as being an unwanted woman even before she was an adult. The Duke decided to help his daughter regain her confidence and reputation by sending her to the Academy de L'échec.

Ito Aoi was the son of a Kendo master who ran a dojo in downtown Tokyo. One day while crossing the street to get some Yakitori, Aoi was hit by a delivery truck and woke up as the trash first son of Duke Montfort, Guy de Montfort. Duke Montfort also sent his son to Academy de L'échec only Aoi instantly recognized that he was now living in the world of an Otome Game that his sister loved to play and talk about all the time. Aoi recognizes that Madeline is the villain from the game. Aoi also recalled his sister saying that Madeline was terrible in the game, but is she really?

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The chapter Addition Time
Vol 2 – Chapter 42: How it ends.2019-08-31
Vol 2 – Chapter 41: A message from the past2019-08-31
Vol 2 – Chapter 40: War for Laputa2019-08-31
Vol 2 – Chapter 39: The Ancient Ruins2019-08-31
Vol 2 – Chapter 38: The Floating City of…2019-08-31
Vol 2 – Chapter 37: The Chronicle of the Great Wizards2019-08-31
Vol 2 – Chapter 36: Lets get married.2019-08-31
Vol 2 – Chapter 35: Fury2019-08-31
Vol 2 – Chapter 34: Double Trouble2019-08-31
Vol 2 – Chapter 33: Algernon’s Achievement2019-08-31
Vol 2 – Chapter 32: Meeting the President2019-08-31
Vol 2 – Chapter 31: Bromania!2019-08-31
Vol 2 – Chapter 30: P.D.A. Tomato2019-08-31
Vol 2 – Chapter 29: Alicia and Wolter2019-08-31
Vol 2 – Chapter 28: The Council Meets2019-08-31
Vol 2 – Chapter 27: The One Day War2019-08-31
Vol 2 – Chapter 26: Fair Warning2019-08-31
Vol 2 – Chapter 25: Prelude to War2019-08-31
Vol 2 – Chapter 24: The Muffin2019-08-31
Vol 2 – Chapter 23: The mad King Albert de la Marche III2019-08-31
Vol 2 – Chapter 22: It’s so small!2019-08-31
Vol 2 – Chapter 21: The Queen Speaks2019-08-31
Vol 2 – Chapter 20: A meeting with the King2019-08-31
Vol 2 – Chapter 19: Wolter’s Plan2019-08-31
Vol 2 – Chapter 18: Diggory Berger2019-08-31
Vol 2 – Chapter 17: The Murderer Identified.2019-08-31
Vol 2 – Chapter 16: The Tea Party2019-08-31
Vol 2 – Chapter 15: A Hero Arrives2019-08-31
Vol 2 – Chapter 14: Strange Fates2019-08-31
Vol 2 – Chapter 13: Lunch with the Council2019-08-31
Vol 2 – Chapter 12: The la Marche Brothers.2019-08-31
Vol 2 – Chapter 11: His Big Mistake2019-08-31
Vol 2 – Chapter 10: Prince Wolter Goes to School2019-08-31
Vol 2 – Chapter 9: The Masquerade Ball2019-08-31
Vol 2 – Chapter 8: Late Night Visit2019-08-31
Vol 2 – Chapter 7: The Great Houses2019-08-31
Vol 2 – Chapter 6: Claude’s Lesson2019-08-31
Vol 2 – Chapter 5: Regrets2019-08-31
Vol 2 – Chapter 4: Madeline’s Fears2019-08-31
Vol 2 – Chapter 3: Prince Andre’s Visit2019-08-31
Vol 2 – Chapter 2: The Duel2019-08-31
Vol 2 – Chapter 1: Return to Academy de L’échec2019-08-31
Chapter 100: The Cost of Saving the World2019-08-31
Chapter 99: Library Trouble2019-08-31
Chapter 98: Chaos2019-08-31
Chapter 97: The real Council of Magic2019-08-31
Chapter 96: Trying to put the world back together2019-08-31
Chapter 95: Returning Home2019-08-31
Chapter 94: The history of the world2019-08-31
Chapter 93: Twenty Years2019-08-31
Chapter 92: Tokyo Drift2019-08-31
Chapter 91: The Honeymoon Begins2019-08-31
Chapter 90: The Grand Wedding2019-08-31
Chapter 89: The Might of Wütendes Menschenreich2019-08-31
Chapter 88: The Day Before2019-08-31
Chapter 87: The Bachelor Party2019-08-31
Chapter 86: Wedding Planning2019-08-31
Chapter 85: The goose2019-08-31
Chapter 84: Great Jumping Dragon Goat2019-08-31
Chapter 83: World Leaders2019-08-31
Chapter 82: The Montfort2019-08-31
Chapter 81: True Love2019-08-31
Chapter 80: Algernon’s Flowers2019-08-31
Chapter 79: Brothers Reunited2019-08-31
Chapter 78: Damage Control2019-08-31
Chapter 77: A new School Year2019-08-31
Chapter 76: Claude de Rouvroy2019-08-31
Chapter 75: Status Change2019-08-31
Chapter 74: Mechanical Problems2019-08-31
Chapter 73: The First Public Gate2019-08-31
Chapter 72: The Montgolfier2019-08-31
Chapter 71: Doreen’s Idea2019-08-31
Chapter 70: Date Night 2: Electric Boogaloo2019-08-31
Chapter 69: Doreen’s heart2019-08-31
Chapter 68: The Grand Wedding’s plan2019-08-31
Chapter 67: The Hero Potion2019-08-31
Chapter 66: The next morning2019-08-31
Chapter 65: The Tower is lost2019-08-31
Chapter 64: Lunch with the new Queen2019-08-31
Chapter 63: The Seventh Mage2019-08-31
Chapter 62: Meeting with the new King2019-08-31
Chapter 61: Celebrating his birthday2019-08-31
Chapter 60: Betrayal2019-08-31
Chapter 59: Changes2019-08-31
Chapter 58: The Secret Meeting2019-08-31
Chapter 57: Doreen’s Blunder2019-08-31
Chapter 56: Madeline’s Villainous Ways2019-08-31
Chapter 55: The Sinister Plot of First Mage Diggory2019-08-31
Chapter 54: The Charm of a Prince2019-08-31
Chapter 53: Madeline’s busy day2019-08-31
Chapter 52: The New Protagonist2019-08-31
Chapter 51: The Princess Carry2019-08-31
Chapter 50: Madeline checks her status2019-08-31
Chapter 49: The Academy of Swords and Magic2019-08-31
Chapter 48: The First Prince Rises2019-08-31
Chapter 47: Madeline needs to know2019-08-31
Chapter 46: Aoi’s Confession2019-08-31
Chapter 45: The Status Board2019-08-31
Chapter 44: Guy’s busy day2019-08-31
Chapter 43: The Royal Family Mourns2019-08-31