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Throne of Magical Arcana (Web Novel) - Chapter 513: Inside and Outside the House

Chapter 513: Inside and Outside the House

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Thinking for a moment, Lucien asked, “As the speed and energy of particles are improved, the radius of their tract will grow accordingly. However, the capacity of the cyclotron is limited. In order to break the boundary, you will have to either expand the capacity with space-related magics, or build a particularly huge cyclotron, setting a radius of ten kilometers.”

If they were not clear about the problem, Lucien intended to fool them with this excuse for now.

“Master, that’s not what we meant,” said Sprint in a hurry, “Based on the specifications of the cyclotron in the institution, we calculated the theoretical particle energy we can reach, but it was quite different from reality. The particles deviated from the acceleration field much earlier than it was accelerated to that level. It was obvious that the orbits and the frequency of electrical field changes were in conflict, which was odd. Just like Annick said, shouldn’t the orbits only be concerned with an electric charge, mass and intensity of the magnetic field?”

Annick added, “We intended to adjust the frequency of the electricl field changes to adapt to the changes in the orbits, so that the particle energy could be better improved. However, we lacked the corresponding knowledge to calculate the new orbits. So, we are hoping that master could tell us whether you discovered the phenomenon when you invented the cyclotron, and whether you could point out the source of our problem.”

It seemed that they had indeed found a problem. Lucien nodded softly, “Annick is a very prudent man. Now that you dare to raise it, it means that it is a real phenomenon that has been repetitively tested. However, I was forced to enter the alternate dimension after I devised the cyclotron, and I haven’t run any experiments with it. I cannot think of an explanation just yet. Therefore, we need to work on the problem together.”

“The formulas regarding the movement of particles in the magnetic field and the electric field seem alright. They have been proved in the early phase, too. So, we need to find out the different conditions that caused the problem.”

“The speed was fast.” Heidi interrupted. She had heard a lot about the problem from Annick and Sprint.

Sprint thought and said, “The energy was improved, and the radius of the tract grew larger.”

Lucien waved his hands. “The essence of the latter is the increase in speed. Considering the different conditions of the two phases of the experiment, does it suggest that the formulas are no longer applicable, or that the other specifications of the particles, such as electric charge and mass, will change, in high speed or high energy?”

Lucien already held back his surprise. He intended to raise the consideration of the arcanists, so that they would be mentally prepared for the special theory of relativity later.

“Hehe, how is it possible? The faster, and the larger the mass the more the electric charge will be?” Heidi grimaced. How could the improvement of speed change mass, the in-built nature of an object?”

Sprint and Annick looked the same. They believed that part of energy was transformed into electricity in the high energy state. For them, even if the formulas were not applicable in the high speed state, they were worth studying more than the joke that the mass had grown larger.

“There’s still some time until the end of the month. You will work on the question and write a paper. I’ll ask Mr. Drummond to publish it on ‘Arcana’.” Lucien ended the topic and asked about the studies of Jerome and the other people.

However, it had been only two months. It was already impressive of the Atom Institution to discover ‘superconductivity’ and ‘relativistic effect’. Naturally, no significant breakthroughs were made in other experiments, although Jerome did dig into the nature and usage of X rays, discovering that it could be a chronic curse when energy was increased.

After inspecting the Atom Institution, Lucien returned to Rentato on the magic steam train, waiting for the evening.


Tall, strong, gold-haired, and handsome, John was well observed by the maids when he patrolled in the Nekso Palace.

“John, your time is up. Time for me to patrol.” Fenge came to replace John when the night fell. Natasha had deployed the knights who followed her to Holm to different key locations in the Nekso Palace. “It will be your turn to supervise the interrogation room of the Nekso Palace. Don’t be captivated by the beautiful girls of Holm and forget that.”

John patted Fenge’s shoulder in a smile, “Do you think I’m like you? Alright, I’ll bring my family to the villa and settle them down first.”

John found Joel, Elsa and Elvin in a room in the Nekso Palace. Led by a maid, the four of them went to the villa that Natasha offered to them.

“The architectural style is vintage and graceful, obviously different from Aalto.” Joel observed his family’s villa in a great mood, not upset by the separation from his homeland. He was too focused on appreciating the exotic landscape of the foreign land.

Not an artist as Joel was, Elsa observed the environment and said in satisfaction, “As expected of a villa granted by the royal family. It’s much better than our house.”

Passing through the blooming garden and reaching the gate, the maid brought out a bronze key rather shyly and opened the gate. Then, she pressed the wall skillfully. After a crack, the hall was ablaze with light. The crystals glittered brilliantly, driving away the darkness.

The view deeply astounded Joel, Elsa and the rest of them. Their own hall was as bright as day, splendid and dazzling, like nightless Mountain Paradise in the Cannon.

Noticing their shock, the maid said proudly, “Lord Baron, they are the crystal electric lamps that can only be seen in Holm. They are powered by the electric current transmitted from the river far away. It’s very easy to use them. All you need to do is to press the switch.”

As a maid of the royal family, she represented the queen. So, she could not call them magic lights, like the ordinary people did, but have to call them by their official name.

Pointing at the row of switches next to the gate, the maid showed the newcomers how to use them.

As the crystal lamps were lit one after another, stars seemed to be glittering in the villa splendidly. John, Joel, Elsa and Elvin were so dazzled that they thought they were in a dream.

“Unbelievable. I’m already falling in love with this place.” Elvin, who had been an adult for a while, had the curiosity of a young person. He was thinking how to brag about this to his friends after he went back.

The maid led the few of them into the hall. Pointing at the bar near the dining room, she said, “The orange wall there can be opened. The lower part is to store wine and food, while the upper floor creates ice. If you put the ice into wine, you will enjoy a unique flavor and forget the heat of summer.”

While talking, she opened the magic refrigerator that had been built into a wall. “There’s also a wine cellar in the basement of the villa. They are both powered by electricity. Ordinary people are free to use them, too.”

She was talking to Joel and Elsa.

“Oh, so cool! The ice cellar is a bumpkin compared to this!” Elvin praised and took out a bottle of wine with ice, feeling the heat of summer dispersing.

“What’s this?” John calmed down and asked, deep in thought.

The maid smiled, “The inventor has named it ‘refrigerator’. They are expensive and cannot be manufactured yet. For now, you are the only ones who can enjoy them besides Her Majesty and a few great nobles.”

“By ‘you’, do you mean all the knights who come with the queen?” John asked, pretending to be casual.

The maid smiled but didn’t reply. She continued to show them the villa and introduced the novel objects here, showing, the silver boxes hanging in every corner of the house.

What surprised Joel and Elsa was that those boxes would blow out wind of different temperatures and create coolness as long as the buttons on the wall were pressed.

Before they finished their tour, something began to ring loudly.

“What’s this? John and Elvin asked the maid while they looked at the iron ‘monster’ on the table that was marked with numbers.

The maid hinted for him to pick up the bar-shaped object with a smile. “It should be for you, Lord Baron.”

John picked up the object in confusion and heard Fenge’s laughter before it reached his ear. “John, is that you?”

“Yes, it’s me. Fenge, what’s this about?” John asked in ignorance.

Fenge replied with great satisfaction. “This is Holm’s unique wire phone that supports remote, direct communication. What a marvelous object! If anything goes wrong, I’ll be able to inform you immediately.”

He seemed to be receiving the same introduction on the other side of the line.

“Most of the nobles and merchants in Rentato have such phones. The contact list is over there. You can dial and call them if you need anything.” The maid pointed at a notebook next to the ‘phone’ in a smile.

“Alright.” John needed to sort through his mind after seeing so many inventions at once.

After introducing the servants, the maid of the royal family left. The house became quiet again.

They should all be simplified magic objects. Were they made by him? John considered. When he raised his head, he saw suspicion in Joel’s eyes, too.

Suddenly, Elsa said in a low voice, “This is Holm. Do you think Evans is around?”

“What if he is? Can we even meet him? The queen has just been crowned by the Church. Besides, we sold him out once before…” Joel said somewhat bitterly.

Hearing his words, Elsa’s eyes turned red, and she couldn’t say anything.

John, on the other hand, fell silent and sighed.

Elvin, who hadn’t activated his bloodline, was not bothered. “We were doing what Brother Evans told us to do. Besides, magic items are everywhere in Holm. The sorcerers must be very close to the nobles.”

While saying, he adjusted the frequency of the radio he found.

“Don’t care about what other nobles do. As outsiders, we do not have support. We need to consider Her Majesty’s reputation.” John said thoughtfully.

Suddenly, a voice as refreshing as that of a lark echoed from the radio. “… Mr. Lucien Evans, a member of the Arcana Review Board, has returned from the alternate dimension safe and sound. He condemned certain extremists of the Hand of Paleness for their stubbornness and the rumors that they instigated the Necromancy sorcerers who were unaware of the truth to spread out. Such rumors, as twisted facts, are a slander for himself and the Congress. He calls for everyone to be united around the Highest Council that is centered at President Douglas.”

“What happened exactly? Allow us to replay the story for you…”

“A member of the Arcana Review Board…” John repeated the title.

Joel and Elsa murmured, “Lucien Evans…”

Outside the villa, the lamps went on one after another. In their shadow, Lucien stared at the bright window with his hands in his pockets, wondering if he should go in and meet Uncle Joel in such a situation.

Hu. After a soft sigh, Lucien turned around and slowly walked to the royal magic tower of Holm.

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