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To Be A Virtuous Wife (Web Novel)


As a virtuous wife, does it include tolerating his cousin, enduring his concubines, bearing his mother?

If you will not let me live freely, why would I let you live in satisfaction?

Did fate let women time-travel so she could learn the three morals and four virtues?

Rather than act like a coward and live, it would be better to live in satisfaction and die.

202 • 2019-04-11 10:13:46


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Three Epilogue2019-04-11
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Two Epilogue A Legendary Love Story2019-04-11
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty One Epilogue: Painting of a Beauty2019-04-11
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Feng Seeks Huang2019-04-11
Chapter One Hundred and Nineteen The Song Ends, The People Leave2019-04-11
Chapter One Hundred and Eighteen2019-04-11
Chapter One Hundred and Seventeen The Lioness from Hedong Roars2019-04-11
Chapter One Hundred and Sixteen A Heavy Blow2019-04-11
Chapter One Hundred and Fifteen A Liberal Culture2019-04-11
Chapter One Hundred and Fourteen I am Yours.2019-04-11
Chapter One Hundred and Thirteen The Prosperity Blinds One’s Eyes2019-04-11
Chapter One Hundred and Twelve2019-04-11
Chapter One Hundred and Eleven Flying Gracefully2019-04-11
Chapter One Hundred and Ten Dance2019-04-11
Chapter One Hundred and Nine The Question of Trust2019-04-11
Chapter One Hundred and Eight Competing for the Empress’ Favor Rather Than The Emperor2019-04-11
Chapter One Hundred and Seven Birth of a Son2019-04-11
Chapter One Hundred and Six The Letter of Divorce2019-04-11
Chapter One Hundred and Five Fated2019-04-11
Chapter One Hundred and Four This Was Good2019-04-11
Chapter One Hundred and Three Who Misunderstood Whom2019-04-11
Chapter One Hundred and Two East and West2019-04-11
Chapter One Hundred and One The Trust of the Emperor2019-04-11
Chapter One Hundred2019-04-11
Chapter Ninety Nine Decay2019-04-11
Chapter Ninety Eight2019-04-11
Chapter Ninety Seven Overestimating Oneself2019-04-11
Chapter Ninety Six2019-04-11
Chapter Ninety Five Pregnant2019-04-11
Chapter Ninety Four Appetite Wide Open2019-04-11
Chapter Ninety Three An Old Case2019-04-11
Chapter Ninety Two Karma2019-04-11
Chapter Ninety One Who Can Compare To My Man2019-04-11
Chapter Ninety The Composure of a Queen2019-04-11
Chapter Eighty Nine The New Kui Yuan Palace2019-04-11
Chapter Eighty Eight Crowned Empress2019-04-11
Chapter Eighty Seven Stupidity2019-04-11
Chapter Eighty Six Our Hougong2019-04-11
Chapter Eighty Five Entering The Palace2019-04-11
Chapter Eighty Four Death of the Emperor2019-04-11
Chapter Eighty Three The Oncoming Wind and Rain2019-04-11
Chapter Eighty Two The Curtain Drops on Qu and Liang2019-04-11
Chapter Eighty One Inviting Humiliation2019-04-11
Chapter Eighty Don’t Dirty Ben Wang‘s Place2019-04-11
Chapter Seventy Nine2019-04-11
Chapter Seventy Eight2019-04-11
Chapter Seventy Seven2019-04-11
Chapter Seventy Six Truth and Falsehood2019-04-11
Chapter Seventy Five Intelligence Determines Taste2019-04-11
Chapter Seventy Four Jealousy2019-04-11
Chapter Seventy Three The Things Missed2019-04-11
Chapter Seventy Two2019-04-11
Chapter Seventy One2019-04-11
Chapter Seventy Your Attack Is Ineffective2019-04-11
Chapter Sixty Nine2019-04-11
Chapter Sixty Eight2019-04-11
Chapter Sixty Seven2019-04-11
Chapter Sixty Six Intentions?2019-04-11
Chapter Sixty Five Decision2019-04-11
Chapter Sixty Four Disparity2019-04-11
Chapter Sixty Three Trapping Ning Wang2019-04-11
Chapter Sixty Two Reality2019-04-11
Chapter Sixty One Bamboo Stick2019-04-11
Chapter Sixty Er Ge, Are You Showing Off Your Love2019-04-11
Chapter Fifty Nine The Grace of the Emperor2019-04-11
Chapter Fifty Eight Assassination?2019-04-11
Chapter Fifty Seven Husband and Wife on a Trip Together2019-04-11
Chapter Fifty Six Schemes of Brothers2019-04-11
Chapter Fifty Five Fortune and Misfortune2019-04-11
Chapter Fifty Four Losing the Heart of the Emperor2019-04-11
Chapter Fifty Three Road2019-04-11
Chapter Fifty Two Jing Guifei‘s Strategy2019-04-11
Chapter Fifty One Shameless Woman2019-04-11
Chapter Fifty Rumors2019-04-11
Chapter Forty Nine The Honor of the Imperial House2019-04-11
Chapter Forty Eight Brothers?2019-04-11
Chapter Forty Seven The Imperial Knife Corps2019-04-11
Chapter Forty Six Kui Yuan Palace2019-04-11
Chapter Forty Five High Up Above2019-04-11
Chapter Forty Four Pointing at the Mulberry Tree and Swearing at the Locust Tree2019-04-11
Chapter Forty Three2019-04-11
Chapter Forty Two2019-04-11
Chapter Forty One2019-04-11
Chapter Forty To Repay Grievances Fairly12019-04-11
Chapter Thirty Nine2019-04-11
Chapter Thirty Eight The Woman in the Rumors2019-04-11
Chapter Thirty Seven Suspicious2019-04-11
Chapter Thirty Six Strife2019-04-11
Chapter Thirty Five The Tian Family2019-04-11
Chapter Thirty Four Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder2019-04-11
Chapter Thirty Three The First Day of the New Year at Wang Fu2019-04-11
Chapter Thirty Two At the Banquet2019-04-11
Chapter Thirty One Of Another’s Family2019-04-11
Chapter Thirty To Be Partial2019-04-11
Chapter Twenty Nine Yun Qing’s Tragedy2019-04-11
Chapter Twenty Eight Lucky Star2019-04-11
Chapter Twenty Seven Damsel-In-Distress is a Liar2019-04-11
Chapter Twenty Six People Are Not the Same, Roads Are Not the Same2019-04-11
Chapter Twenty Five Women2019-04-11
Chapter Twenty Four Zhouli12019-04-11