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To Be a Power in the Shadows! (Web Novel)


Just like how everyone adored heroes in their childhood, a certain young man adored those powers hidden in shadows. After hiding his strength and living the mediocre life of a mob character by day while undergoing frenzied training by night, he finally reincarnates into a different world and gains ultimate power. The young man who is only playing at being a power in the shadows, his misunderstanding subordinates, and a giant organization in the shadows that gets trampled….. This is the story of a young boy who had adored powers in shadows possibly eventually reigning over the world of shadows in another world.

1858 • 2019-04-01 21:56:25


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 203 – Seems Like Never Coming Back2019-10-08
Chapter 202 – Fraudulent Company2019-09-17
Chapter 201 – The Only Food Left Is DX2019-08-27
Chapter 200 – Mysterious Architect Eta Lloyd Wright2019-08-23
Chapter 199 – It’s All The Americans’ Fault2019-08-21
Chapter 198 – Forget to Close the Door2019-08-16
Chapter 197 – Battle of Darkness2019-08-13
Chapter 196 – A Natural Phenomenon of Unknown Cause or A Paranormal Phenomenon2019-08-05
Chapter 195 – The Secret One Wants to Hide the Most2019-08-05
Chapter 194 – Great Sacrifice for World Peace and Science2019-07-17
Chapter 193 – It’s Not My Fault The Shot Went Awry2019-07-13
Chapter 192 – Let Me Show You Perfect Magic Control2019-07-10
Chapter 191 – Everything Is Connected, All of Which Meets His Expectations2019-07-08
Chapter 190 – Take A Walk in the Forest2019-07-08
Chapter 189 – Epsilon in Gorgeous Disguise2019-07-01
Chapter 188 – Epsilon’s Secret Recipe2019-06-28
Chapter 187 – Two People with Social Phobia2019-06-24
Chapter 186 – Terrible Interests2019-06-21
Chapter 185 – If He Was Born Before A Thousand Years Ago2019-06-19
Chapter 184 – We Are Friends After All!2019-06-17
Chapter 183 – Infatuated with That Courage and Insight2019-06-14
Chapter 182 – The Other Side Connecting the Past, Present and Future2019-06-12
Chapter 181 – She’s the Type of Person Who Always Exaggerates2019-06-10
Chapter 180 – A Small Part of the Abyss-like Plan2019-06-05
Chapter 179 – The End of Mob Character2019-06-03
Chapter 178 – So-called Master2019-05-31
Chapter 177 – Died On the Spot2019-05-24
Chapter 176: Evil God・Instant Kill・〇〇〇 Sword2019-05-22
Chapter 175 – Do Not Kick the Platform2019-05-20
Chapter 174 – Don’t Upstage Me2019-05-17
Chapter 173 – Vow of Black Rose2019-05-15
Chapter 172: Three Ojisans2019-05-13
Chapter 171 – Mob Character’s Field Trip2019-05-10
Chapter 170-The Dream Of Two Men2019-05-08
Chapter 169 – In This Troop You Will Earn A Lot of Money2019-05-06
Chapter 168 – What Were Ideal Powers in Shadows in My Mind? (Part 2)2019-05-01
Chapter 168 – What Were Ideal Powers in Shadows in My Mind? (Part 1)2019-04-30
Chapter 167 - Mordred2019-04-30
Chapter 166 - Demon Lord Unleashed2019-04-30
Chapter 165 - Where is He?2019-04-30
Chapter 164 - The Power of Diabolos2019-04-30
Chapter 163 - Sigh, really didn’t want to make a scene, man~2019-04-30
Chapter 162 - The Ringleader is Here!?2019-04-30
Chapter 161 - My Time to Shine?2019-04-30
Chapter 160 - I Can Hear Him But From Where…2019-04-30
Chapter 159 - Beacon of Revolt2019-04-30
Chapter 158 - Cut Down Anything!2019-04-30
Chapter 157 - Action Spy2019-04-30
Chapter 156 - Sorry, Ya Lost Me.2019-04-30
Chapter 155 - Soul Searching2019-04-30
Chapter 154 - Looks like We’re Done.2019-04-30
Chapter 153 - Evil Encroaching2019-04-30
Chapter 152 - The Princess’s Mob Friend2019-04-30
Chapter 1512019-04-30
Chapter 1502019-04-30
Chapter 1492019-04-30
Chapter 1482019-04-30
Chapter 1472019-04-30
Chapter 1462019-04-30
Chapter 1452019-04-30
Chapter 1442019-04-30
Chapter 1422019-04-30
Chapter 1412019-04-30
Chapter 1402019-04-30
Chapter 1392019-04-30
Chapter 1382019-04-30
Chapter 1372019-04-30
Chapter 1362019-04-30
Chapter 135 – All Met His Expectations2019-04-26
Chapter 134 – Rumor of the Counterfeit Bills (Part 2)2019-04-26
Chapter 133: Yukime and Gettan2019-04-01
Chapter 132: Finally, This Day Has Come2019-04-01
Chapter 131: His Back2019-04-01
Chapter 130: Goodbye, John Smith2019-04-01
Chapter 129: It’s All That Fool’s Fault2019-04-01
Chapter 128: The Supreme Code2019-04-01
Chapter 127: Black Jaguar2019-04-01
Chapter 126: Don’t Get In The Way2019-04-01
Chapter 125: The First To Notice The Change2019-04-01
Chapter 124: The Power of a Super Elite Agent2019-04-01
Chapter 123: Sample2019-04-01
Chapter 122: The Malaise Of Mitsugoshi2019-04-01
Chapter 121: Swish, Swish, Swish, Swish, Swish!!2019-04-01
Chapter 120: Blind Big Wolf2019-04-01
Chapter 119: Olé​, It’s Olé​!!2019-04-01
Chapter 118 - Golden Retreiver2019-04-01
Chapter 117: Scent Of That Day…2019-04-01
Chapter 116 – Do You Really Think So?2019-04-01
Chapter 115: The World Is Whispering To Me2019-04-01
Chapter 114: Super elite agent, whose name is…2019-04-01
Chapter 113 【Kyaaa! Not so rough!】2019-04-01
Chapter 112: There’s No Helping It When the Left Hand Begins to Ache2019-04-01
Chapter 111: Mission Complete2019-04-01
Chapter 110: Her Master2019-04-01
Chapter 109: The Queen of Blood2019-04-01
Chapter 108: Overwhelmingly Terrible at Explanations2019-04-01
Chapter 107: Her Duty2019-04-01
Chapter 106: What Do YOU Understand About This Pain?! (Blood Pressure)2019-04-01
Chapter 105: The Man Who Was Too Early2019-04-01
Chapter 104: Don’t You Dare Steal My Role, Girl2019-04-01