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Toaru Majutsu no Index (Light Novel)


In Academy City, magic and science coexist in an unwavering power struggle. Toma Kamijo, an academically-challenged student in Academy City, wields the power of the Imagine Breaker in his right hand, which allows him to completely negate all supernatural powers – as well as his own luck. When he happens upon a mysterious nun named Index, whose mind has been implanted with the Index Librorum Prohibitorum – 103,000 ancient texts banned by the Church – Toma’s luck is about to be pushed to its limits when he finds himself in the middle of a war he never expected!

2295 • 2020-02-05 15:54:43


The chapterAddition Time
Volume 22, Afterword2020-02-05
Volume 22, Proclamation of Armistice.2020-02-05
Volume 22, Epilogue: Silence and the End of the Boy. Silent_to_Small_Fire.2020-02-05
Volume 22, Chapter 12: Final Battle at the Arctic Ocean. Last_Fight.2020-02-05
Volume 22, Chapter 11: In the Shining Golden Sky. Star_of_Bethlehem.2020-02-05
Volume 22, Chapter 10: Completion of the Final Spell’s Preliminary Preparations. Rebirth_the...2020-02-05
Volume 22, Chapter 9: The time when a huge distortion has been corrected. Broken_Right_Hand.2020-02-05
Volume 22, War Report2020-02-05
Volume 21, Afterword2020-02-05
Volume 21, War Report2020-02-05
Volume 21, Chapter 8: Their Many-Sided Counterattack. Combination.2020-02-05
Volume 21, Chapter 7: An Angel Massacring from the Heavens. MISHA_the_Angel_“GABRIEL”.2020-02-05
Volume 21, Chapter 6: The True Darkness Unfolds. Up_the_Castle.2020-02-05
Volume 21, Chapter 5: The Complex Game Board that is a Battlefield. Enter_Project.2020-02-05
Volume 21, War Report2020-02-05
Volume 20, Afterword2020-02-05
Volume 20, War Report2020-02-05
Volume 20, Chapter 4: Now is the Time to Strike Back. Heroes_Congregate.2020-02-05
Volume 20, Chapter 3: The Stand-Off Against the Wall of Doubt. Great_Complex.2020-02-05
Volume 20, Chapter 2: The Beginning of the Invasion and the Counterattack. Angel_Stalker.2020-02-05
Volume 20, Chapter 1: Good and Evil, They Each Enter the Country. World_War_III.2020-02-05
Volume 20, Prologue: A Sky that Stinks of Gunpowder. Shooting_Game.2020-02-05
Volume 20, Proclamation of War2020-02-05
Volume 19, Afterword2020-02-05
Volume 19, Epilogue: They Will Not Let It End a Tragedy. Brave_in_Hand.2020-02-05
Volume 19, Chapter 4: Two Monsters Inviting You to Hell. Dragon(≠Angel).2020-02-05
Volume 19, Chapter 3: Destruction will open up a wider path. Battle_to_Die.2020-02-05
Volume 19, Chapter 2: A Simple Yet Complex Problem. V.S._Calamity.2020-02-05
Volume 19, Chapter 1: Goodwill shall be trusted for now. Dark_Hero.2020-02-05
Volume 19, Prologue: The Uninteresting Exchanges Between Evil-doers. Key_Shop.2020-02-05
Volume 18, Afterword2020-02-05
Volume 18, Epilogue: The Nation and a Powerful Enemy Even Further Behind It All. Next_Step.2020-02-05
Volume 18, Chapter 8: The Queen and the People’s General Election. Union_Jack.2020-02-05
Volume 18, Chapter 7: A Wonderful Enemy Who is Both a Princess and a Queen. Curtana_Original.2020-02-05
Volume 18, Chapter 6: Destruction of the Knights’ and Princess’s Defensive Line. Safety_in_Subway.2020-02-05
Volume 18, Chapter 5: The Mercenary and the Knight's Encounter and Clash. Another_Hero.2020-02-05
Volume 17, Afterword2020-02-05
Volume 17, Epilogue: Everyone’s Expectations and In Their Hearts. War_in_Britain.2020-02-05
Volume 17, Chapter 4: The Sword that Brings War and Disaster. Sword_of_Mercy.2020-02-05
Volume 17, Chapter 3: Magic Cabal of the British Labyrinth. N∴L∴2020-02-05
Volume 17, Chapter 2: A Steel Battlefield Floating above the Clouds. Sky_Bus_365.2020-02-05
Volume 17, Chapter 1: The Incongruity of Casual Conversation. Irregular_Spark.2020-02-05
Volume 17, Prologue2020-02-05
Volume 16, Afterword2020-02-05
Volume 16, Epilogue: The Guide to even more Mayhem.True_Target_is......2020-02-05
Volume 16, Chapter 4: Who is Protected by Whom? Leader_is_All_Members.2020-02-05
Volume 16, Chapter 3: The Duel to the Death between Entirely Different Monsters. Saint_VS_Saint.2020-02-05
Volume 16, Chapter 2: The Men Who Stood Up From Defeat. Flere210.2020-02-05
Volume 16, Chapter 1: From Peace to Ruin on the Proceeding Path. Battle_of_Collapse.2020-02-05
Volume 16, Prologue: The Standing of a Leader. Stage_in_Roma.2020-02-05
Volume 15, Afterword2020-02-05
Volume 15, Epilogue: The Victory Prize for Those who Survived. Nano_Size_Data.2020-02-05
Volume 15, Chapter 5: Defeat the Person with the Strongest Black Wings. Dark_Matter.2020-02-05
Volume 15, Chapter 4: The Paper-Thin Difference between Self Derision and Pride. Enemy_Level5.2020-02-05
Volume 15, Chapter 3: In the Land of Sealed Powers. Reformatory.2020-02-05
Volume 15, Chapter 2: The People Who Have Slowly Begun to Move. Hikoboshi_II.2020-02-05
Volume 15, Chapter 1: An Unmistakable Gun, Unheard by All. Compass.2020-02-05
Volume 15, Prologue: The finest lead bullet for you my dear. Management.2020-02-05
Volume 14, Afterword2020-02-05
Volume 14, Epilogue: That Answer Leads to the Next Mystery. Question.2020-02-05
Volume 14, Chapter 4: A Collection of Steel that Blocks out the Sky. Cruel_Troopers.2020-02-05
Volume 14, Chapter 3: Something Far Removed from Magicians. Power_Instigation.2020-02-05
Volume 14, Chapter 2: A Trigger that Becomes a Decisive Blow. Muzzle_of_a_Gun.2020-02-05
Volume 14, Chapter 1: A Too-Quick Rate of Change. In_a_Long_Distance_Country.2020-02-05
Volume 14, Prologue: An all-too-gloomy church. Bread_and_Wine.2020-02-05
Volume 13, Afterword2020-02-05
Volume 13, Epilogue: The Paths Which the Winners and the Losers Must Go Through. The_Branch_Road.2020-02-05
Volume 13, Chapter 10: Their respective battlefields. The_Way_of_Light_and_Darkness.2020-02-05
Volume 13, Chapter 9: The differences of obstacles that stand in one's way. Two_Kinds_of_Enemies.2020-02-05
Volume 13, Chapter 8: God's Right Seat and the Imaginary Number School District. Fuse=KAZAKIRI.2020-02-05
Volume 13, Chapter 7: Changing Raindrops into the Color of Blood. Revival_of_Destruction.2020-02-05
Volume 13, Chapter 6: Streets Beaten by the Cold Rain. Battle_Preparation.2020-02-05
Volume 12, Afterword2020-02-05
Volume 12, Chapter 5: Vaguely Passing Sunset. Hard_Way,Hard_Luck.2020-02-05
Volume 12, Chapter 4: Two Pairs Gently Cross Paths. Boy_Meets_Girl(X2).2020-02-05
Volume 12, Chapter 3: Misaka and Misaka's younger sister. Sister_and_Sisters.2020-02-05
Volume 12, Chapter 2: What kind of penalty game? Pair_Contract.2020-02-05
Volume 12, Chapter 1: Sunny Morning Classes. Winter_Clothes.2020-02-05
Volume 12, Prologue: Shirai Kuroko, a Pillow, and a Bed. Suffering_of_a_Negligee.2020-02-05
Volume 11, Afterword2020-02-05
Volume 11, Epilogue: Return to Academy City. L'inizio_Nuovo…….2020-02-05
Volume 11, Chapter 5: Queen of the Adriatic Sea. La_Regina_del_Mare_Adriático.2020-02-05
Volume 11, Chapter 4: Fireboats and a Battle of Gunfire. Lotte_di_Liberazione.2020-02-05
Volume 11, Chapter 3: Aboard the Capital of Water's vessel. Il_Mare_e_la_Sconfitta.2020-02-05
Volume 11, Chapter 2: The Preparations for going to London. Un_Frammento_di_un_Piano.2020-02-05
Volume 11, Chapter 1: The Streets of Chioggia. Il_Vento_di_Chioggia.2020-02-05
Volume 11, Prologue: The trip of Northern Italy. Un_Viaggio_in_Italia.2020-02-05
Volume 10, Afterword2020-02-05
Volume 10, Epilogue: The Awaiting People after the Conclusion. Those_Who_Hold_Out_a_Hand.2020-02-05
Volume 10, Chapter 8: The Reason for the Clenched Right Fist. Light_of_a_Night_Sky.2020-02-05
Volume 10, Chapter 7: The Foe Who Should Be Beaten, The Person Who Should Be Protected. Parabolic_Antenna.2020-02-05
Volume 10, Chapter 6: Resumption of Pursuit with an End. Accidental_Firing.2020-02-05
Volume 10, Chapter 5: An Intermission on a Thread of Tension. Resumption_of_Hostilities.2020-02-05
Volume 9, Afterword2020-02-05
Volume 9, Chapter 4: Did the Battle End in Victory or Not? Being_Unsettled.2020-02-05
Volume 9, Chapter 3: Tactics of the Pursuers and Pursued. Worst_Counter.2020-02-05
Volume 9, Chapter 2: A Stadium of Magicians and Espers. “Stab_Sword.”2020-02-05
Volume 9, Chapter 1: Under the Blazing Sun from the Starting Signal. Commence_Hostilities.2020-02-05
Volume 9, Prologue: Preparations Stage Seen from Third-person. Parent’s_View_Point.2020-02-05
Volume 8, Afterword2020-02-05
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