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Top Furious Doctor Soldier (Web Novel)






Fu Shou, 覆手



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He had served in the strongest Special Forces, Heavenly Sword Special Force. As the commando of commandos, he created the Netherworld in the western underground world and became the formidable Oriental Yama. He said, “I’m Liu Feng. I’m adept at two things: killing and saving. If I want to cure someone, even ghost soldiers can’t take him away; if I want to kill someone, God can’t save him.” Now he was the bodyguard of Yang Shiwen, who was the daughter of the richest family in Donghai City and suffered from a rare disease. Could Liu Feng save Yang Shiwen’s life with his amazing art of healing? What would happen to his double life?

22 • 2019-11-28 00:31:15


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 248 Dai Raoer2019-12-12
Chapter 247 Bring the Dying Back to Life2019-12-10
Chapter 246 There’s Still a Chance to Survive2019-12-09
Chapter 245 Brother Feng Will Take You to Jump Into the Sea2019-12-09
Chapter 244 Pokers Can Also Kill2019-12-08
Chapter 243 Bring Her Out!2019-12-07
Chapter 242 As for Killing People, I’m More Professional Than You2019-12-06
Chapter 241 Ox-head Park Dongxia2019-12-05
Chapter 240 You Only Have Five Hours2019-12-04
Chapter 239 The Pulse Bombs2019-12-03
Chapter 238 The Nihonese King of Gambling2019-12-02
Chapter 237 Meigetsu Yamamoto Was Coming!2019-12-01
Chapter 236 The Sympathetic Blood of Werewolves2019-11-30
Chapter 235 I Just Took up the Cudgel on Behalf of the Injured Party2019-11-28
Chapter 234 Girl! Hold on! Brother Feng Will Beat Him for You!2019-11-28
Chapter 233 Xie Changde2019-11-28
Chapter 232 Not Only Me but also He Hands in the Paper!2019-11-28
Chapter 231 These Two Beauties Enjoy My Care2019-11-28
Chapter 230 Go to the Capital and Pave the Way for Me2019-11-28
Chapter 229 One Pair of Ace2019-11-28
Chapter 228 God of Gamblers in the South2019-11-28
Chapter 227 The Charming Day Bar2019-11-28
Chapter 226 Please Arrest Me Immediately2019-11-28
Chapter 225 Four days ago, goodbye!2019-11-28
Chapter 224 Give Your Figure a Thumbs-up!2019-11-28
Chapter 223 Starting a Feud2019-11-28
Chapter 222 Li Xianyu Accepted Apprentice and Set Liu Feng up2019-11-28
Chapter 221 A Group of Powerful Guys2019-11-28
Chapter 220 Skydiving and the South Slope of Shu2019-11-28
Chapter 219 Qianlong and Air Crash2019-11-28
Chapter 218 The Second Master Peng2019-11-28
Chapter 217 Where Is the Girl?2019-11-28
Chapter 216 Before Beating a Dog, I Never Care About Who Its Master Is2019-11-28
Chapter 215 The First-class Boxing Furnace2019-11-28
Chapter 214 Mechanical Arm2019-11-28
Chapter 213 Pierrev VS Yama2019-11-28
Chapter 212 Scientific Miracle2019-11-28
Chapter 211 Sikong Nian2019-11-28
Chapter 210 Who Are You Talking About?2019-11-28
Chapter 209 Who Else Will Deal with Me?2019-11-28
Chapter 208 The Murderer2019-11-28
Chapter 207 I Will Kill Them All2019-11-28
Chapter 206 Master from the Wolf Castle2019-11-28
Chapter 205 Girl, Your Body Is Accidentally Exposed!2019-11-28
Chapter 204 I Am Used to Pushing Down the Goddess2019-11-28
Chapter 203 The Heavenly Sword Will Never Surrender!2019-11-28
Chapter 202 A Representative Jungle Warfare Like Written on the Textbook2019-11-28
Chapter 201 Men from Celestial Empire are the Greatest Blade Masters2019-11-28
Chapter 200 This Girl is a Bit Cold2019-11-28
Chapter 199 The Longyuan Sword that Illuminates the Dark Night2019-11-28
Chapter 198 The Heavenly Sword Is in Action2019-11-28
Chapter 197 Do You Really Dare to Kill Me?2019-11-28
Chapter 196 Lu Yunshui2019-11-28
Chapter 195 Lu Hao Is Back2019-11-28
Chapter 194 The High-profile Fierce Man2019-11-28
Chapter 193 The Hopeless Situation2019-11-28
Chapter 192 You Idiot, Come and Kill Me!2019-11-28
Chapter 191 The Most Powerful Snap Fist in History2019-11-28
Chapter 190 I am Harder Than You2019-11-28
Chapter 189 Sheep without a Shepherd2019-11-28
Chapter 188 Compensate Me for My Crab2019-11-28
Chapter 187 We Will Fight for Justice2019-11-28
Chapter 186 The Kosa Company Gets Close to Bankruptcy2019-11-28
Chapter 185 Dog-Eat-Dog2019-11-28
Chapter 184 Who Is Stepping on My Boobs?2019-11-28
Chapter 183 Are You Killing Me?2019-11-28
Chapter 182 It’s Your Showtime2019-11-28
Chapter 181 Instructing Yang Shiwen2019-11-28
Chapter 180 The Wolf Castle2019-11-28
Chapter 179 Deep Cooperation2019-11-28
Chapter 178 A Death Is Killed by Accident2019-11-28
Chapter 177 The Second Death Shows Up2019-11-28
Chapter 176 She Must Die2019-11-28
Chapter 175 Luo Tengfei’s Bloody Eyes2019-11-28
Chapter 174 Nemesis, Goddess of Retribution2019-11-28
Chapter 173 I Come From the Netherworld2019-11-28
Chapter 172 Go back at once2019-11-28
Chapter 171 He was tripped and killed by you.2019-11-28
Chapter 170 Billards hit the balls2019-11-28
Chapter 169 You’d Better Admit Defeat2019-11-28
Chapter 168 Let Him Go This Time2019-11-28
Chapter 167 I Will Deal with Him2019-11-28
Chapter 166 Let Him Commit Suicide2019-11-28
Chapter 165 Doping2019-11-28
Chapter 164 The Match Continues2019-11-28
Chapter 163 Beat Him Just Like a Rascal!2019-11-28
Chapter 162 The Arrogant Overseas Student from Japan2019-11-28
Chapter 161 Ouyang Xiaofeng2019-11-28
Chapter 160 I’ve Known Who This Person Is2019-11-28
Chapter 159 I Am Doing What Is Righteous2019-11-28
Chapter 158 Min Zuowei2019-11-28
Chapter 157 Hanging a Painting Twice2019-11-28
Chapter 156 See Who Is the One to Teach2019-11-28
Chapter 155 Seven-style Buddhist Punch2019-11-28
Chapter 154 One Punch Was Like Seven Punches2019-11-28
Chapter 153 The Medicine Buddha Wu Yu2019-11-28
Chapter 152 He Seems to Be Aiming at Us!2019-11-28
Chapter 151 Cool Plum Chen Xin2019-11-28
Chapter 150 The Tai Chi Master2019-11-28
Chapter 149 Because He Is Weak2019-11-28