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Top Furious Doctor Soldier (Web Novel) - Chapter 239 The Pulse Bombs

Chapter 239 The Pulse Bombs

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The man in black said “please aboard” in his mouth, but the seaman on this luxury ferry didn’t put down the ladder. The distance between the body of the ship and the pier was at least 20 meters.

After saying the words of invitation, the man in black turned around and disappeared on the board. Meanwhile, the luxury cruise ship blew its whistle to signal that it was ready to sail.

Without hesitation, Liu Feng swang his legs and immediately increased his speed to the limit. When he ran to the end of the pier, he jumped up.

Liu Feng directly jumped over the distance of more than 20 meters. At the time when the luxury cruise ship began to rotate its body, Liu Feng’s feet firmly stamped on the deck.

“Wel… Welcome Mr. Liu aboard.”

“Mr. Liu, this way, please. The king of gambling has prepared three games for you. Hope you have a good time.”

Two young men who wore in kimono and geta, stood in front of the door of the cabin and looked at Liu Feng.

Although these two guys seemed to be polite while speaking to Liu Feng, their eyes showed their hostility. Well, they also appeared to be stunned by Liu Feng’s ability to move more than 20 meters in one leap. Thus, they even stammered at the beginning.

“Three games. It’s funny!”

Liu Feng walked to the cabin door. When passed by them, he also bothered to ask. “Are you from Yamaguchi-gumi in Nihon?”


“Mr. Liu, don’t talk nonsense here. Go inside. It’s not polite to let the king of gambling wait for a long time.”

The two men in kimono spoke again. They not only admitted their identities, but also became more aggressive.

Liu Feng ignored them and looked at the monitor camera above the door. The camera was facing him. It was apparent that someone must be staring at Liu Feng in front of surveillance equipment at this time.

That’s right. At this time, in a luxury compartment of this ship, the Nihonese king of gambling was looking at Liu Feng through the monitoring screen. “Jump over more than 20 meters in a leap. Judging from this skill, his strength should be similar to mine.”


Liu Feng, outside the cabin door, suddenly stuck up his middle finger towards the monitor camera.

No matter which country or region they were in, people must know what sticking up the middle finger meant. In front of the monitor screen, the Nihonese king of gambling also slightly squinted with a murderous look.


Besides this, Liu Feng jumped up on the ground after sticking up the middle finger gesture. He performed a rakish backward somersault in mid-air. While doing that, his right foot lashed backward like a whip. Accurately, he kicked the monitor camera to pieces.

At the same time, the monitor screen in front of the Nihonese king of gambling immediately went black.

“F**k! Liu Feng, do you think I can’t watch you in this case?”

The Nihonese king of gambling scolded and raised his hand to press a red key at the bottom of the screen. Then Liu Feng’s figure appeared on the screen again.

After destroying the monitor camera, Liu Feng steadied himself while the two men in kimono got angry.

“D*mn it! Liu Feng, are you provoking us?”

“Man of Celestial Empire, this is the Nihonese ship. It’s not the place for you to act wildly. You have to kneel down and apologize for your behavior.”

While speaking, the two men in kimono stretched out their hands from both sides to catch Liu Feng’s shoulder at the same time.

Bang bang!

However, Liu Feng arrived earlier although he acted after them. The two men in kimono did not see clearly how he moved before they felt numbness on their necks at all. Then they lost consciousness and fell to the ground with a bump.

After beating down them, Liu Feng quirked up the corner of his mouth with proud. “How dare you stretch out your hands to me? It’s so funny. Don’t you know that I wanted to punch you guys once I went on board? I just needed a reason to do that.”

“Sh*t!” Seeing Liu Feng’s arrogant face on the monitor screen, the Nihonese king of gambling’s flaming eyes became more umbrageous.

However, on the screen, Liu Feng suddenly turned to look at him at this time.

That was right. It was through the screen that the Nihonese king of gambling saw Liu Feng. But he felt Liu Feng staring at him as if Liu Feng was just standing in front of him at that time.

That was because Liu Feng had found the other hidden monitor camera.

What made the king of gambling even angrier was that Liu Feng stuck up his middle finger again and said in a sarcastic tone. “Those two idiots I knocked down just now told me that this was a Nihonese ship which was not the place for me to act wildly. But I wanna tell you that this is the territory of Celestial Empire. It’s not the place for you guys to act wildly, understand?”


A shoe of size 43 suddenly appeared on the screen and then the screen went black. It suggested that the other monitor camera had also been destroyed by Liu Feng.

“What an arrogant opponent!”

Looking at the monitor screen, the Nihonese king of gambling also sneered with confidence. “How long has it been since I have met such an opponent? I suddenly find my fighting will back which I had years ago. Interesting!”

At this time, the luxury cruise ship had turned around the bow in the water. It continuously sped up, heading seaward.

Liu Feng also stepped into the cabin ladder. When he entered the first floor of the cabin, four hot women in black suits lined up in front of him.

Each of them carried a katana on the back and wore a black mask.

“Are we going to fight directly? How about gambling?” Liu Feng shrugged and rested his wrists.

“Of course. Let’s start the games.”

At this moment, the radio in the cabin broadcast a message in a magnetic voice. “Mr. Liu Feng, these four beauties are the ninjas of sacrifice from our Yamaguchi-gumi. Now, here comes the first bet. I bet you can’t break their blockade.”

“How confident!” Liu Feng said with a smile. “What about the wager? You bet with four lives. Don’t you add the wager?”

“Of course.”

The radio broadcast again in the same voice. “Cheng Xiaoxi has fallen into my hand. If you win, I can guarantee her safety temporarily. But if you lose, I will cut off an arm of Xiaoxi whether you live or not.”

Liu Feng still wore his representative smile on his face, but it seemed to get cold. “Fine, it’s fair. Now let’s start.”

“Start!” The man’s voice came out again.


Four ninjas of sacrifice drew katanas at the same time from the back. Four shiny katanas trimly stabbed at Liu Feng.

Faced with this situation, Instead of retreating, Liu Feng took the initiative to move forward.

One step. Liu Feng took his first step at a pace which was no different from that of ordinary people while strolling. Two steps. When he took the second step, his speed was more than three times faster than before.

Three steps. When Liu Feng took his third step, his speed suddenly reached the extreme. Four women ninjas of sacrifice simply felt a little dazed when Liu Feng appeared in front of a ninja of sacrifice.

“Dead!” However, this ninja of sacrifice was not weak. Though she couldn’t clearly see the movements of Liu Feng, she just slashed forward with her instinct.

Liu Feng dodged elegantly to the side. Then his right hand slightly touched the right rib of the ninja of sacrifice.

The Nihonese king of gambling still fixed his eyes on the monitor screen at this moment. He just saw Liu Feng passing by the ninja rapidly. Then the ninja went limp and fell to the ground with a splash, with her katana flying far away.

“Huh? What’s that? Is it the kungfu of striking the acupoints in Celestial Empire?”

The Nihonese king of gambling muttered. “It’s really difficult to deal with this guy. He actually does not kill them. But the pulse bomb in the ninja’s body won’t explode unless he kills her!”

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

In the eyes of Liu Feng, these four ninjas of sacrifice were not powerful indeed. No one noticed that a silver needle just stabbed into a ninja’s body secretly every time he stretched out his hand.

Within a minute and a half, Liu Feng finished the battle. Those four so-called ninjas of sacrifice sprawled in the cabin. Apparently, they all breathed normally, but they were completely unconscious.

Standing in the center of the cabin, Liu Feng said with his hands behind his back. “This kind of gambling is really boring. You guys from Yamaguchi-gumi are indeed behind the times! You should use the pulse bombs. What’s more, you chose the first generation of pulse bombs which are actually outdated.”

“Oh? You should know the pulse bomb!” The voice on the radio sounded a little astonished.

Liu Feng replied delightedly. “Of course I know. Nowadays, the miniature bombs have been upgraded to the fourth generation. The first generation of pulse bombs you used today are implanted under the skin. Thus they have a fatal defect. Don’t you know that?”

“Fine. I really don’t know they have the defect, but….”

The voice on the radio suddenly changed its tone. “But we, Yamaguchi-gumi, have modified the pulse bombs which are implanted inside the bodies of the ninjas of sacrifice. In addition to the pulse-stop detonation, I can also set them off by remote control.”

D*mn it!

At this moment, Liu Feng felt that all his body hairs stood on end. Without any hesitation, he rushed towards the innermost double door of this cabin.

At the same time, the bodies of the ninjas of sacrifice on the ground suddenly started to inflate like balloons. And then, boom, boom…

Four explosions were accompanied by bloody flesh and broken bones, which made this cabin suddenly become a horrible hell.

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