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Tower of Karma (Web Novel)


Al is a slave born of a prostitute. Constantly bullied and degraded, Al’s life was hard but as long as his elder sister, the only family he had, was with him, he would feel like he could withstand anything. But one day his older sister sold herself to a noble to obtain money to free Al. Despairing, Al is ready to give up, but with his friends’ encouragement, he starts working, hoping to one day buy back his sister.

However, a few days later, a servant of the noble came to him and handed him a bag, claiming he was delivering the body back to its place because disposing of it was troublesome. At the very moment Al looked inside the bag, his mind broke.

“Why is it us, despite also being human, that are treated like trash by people? We all have the same ears and same eyes, and the same color of blood, but it doesn’t matter to anyone. Are we not human?”

He needed to know. He needed to prove them. Al has decided. From now on, Al and his sister would always be together.

As he gently rubbed his belly, Al made a vow.

– The next time, it will be their turn to pay the price.

With those words in his heart, he devoted his whole life improving himself and planning for this single goal.

Knowledge, power, deceit, bribing, betrayal; everything was valid. The first step was to rise through the ranks of the military, no matter the means.

It was going to be him the one to stand at the top of this unsightly world full of madmen.

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 69 Gilbert’s domination2020-04-12
Chapter 68 The Base Camp2020-04-12
Chapter 67 The jumbled battle at the center2020-04-12
Chapter 66 Last night before final mountain battle2020-04-12
Chapter 652020-04-12
Chapter 642020-04-12
Chapter 63 Warrior of the Army2020-04-12
Chapter 62 Black Wolf’s Vice Captain2020-04-12
Chapter 61: Crisis2020-04-12
Chapter 60 Black and White – Meeting Each Other Again2020-04-12
Chapter 59 A lax and long war2020-04-12
Chapter 58 The battles of each of them2020-04-12
Chapter 57 The clash of strategies of Black and White2020-04-12
Chapter 56 Dangerous opportunity2020-04-12
Chapter 55 The blue intruder2020-04-12
Chapter 54 Black and White mixing with together2020-04-12
Chapter 53 Black and White meet each other2020-04-12
Chapter 52 The outstanding ones2020-04-12
Chapter 51 The two vice leaders2020-04-12
Chapter 50 The perfect surprise attack2020-04-11
Chapter 49 Confusing battlefield2020-04-11
Chapter 48 The Noir Guard appears2020-04-11
Chapter 47 Arcadia´s steady advance2020-04-11
Chapter 46 The start of the war at the moutains2020-04-11
Chapter 45 The lion cubs; the key pieces of the offensive2020-04-11
Chapter 44 Rudolf le Housburk2020-04-11
Chapter 43 Numerous battles after numerous battles2020-04-11
Chapter 42 A fresh step forward2020-04-11
Chapter 41 Making a deal with the ruler2020-04-11
Chapter 40 Nyx, the ruler of the night2020-04-11
Chapter 39 Kail, the beast2020-04-11
Chapter 38 The three make their move2020-04-11
Chapter 37 The strongest appears2020-04-11
Chapter 36 A man becoming of the moon2020-04-11
Chapter 35 A dance party for Willian2020-04-11
Chapter 34 The foe before his eyes2020-04-11
Chapter 33 The ones that watch over from the top2020-04-11
Chapter 32 The young lion cubs of Arcadia2020-04-11
Chapter 31 Knighthood and citizenship2020-04-11
Chapter 30 Eahart von Arcadia2020-04-11
Chapter 29 Willian and Kail2020-04-11
Chapter 28 Willian’s awakening2020-04-11
Chapter 27 Tower of karma2020-04-11
Chapter 26 At the encamptment2020-04-11
Chapter 25 The reason behind the undefeatability2020-04-11
Chapter 24 Karl´s undefeatable ten-man squad2020-04-11
Chapter 23 Commerce2020-04-11
Chapter 22 Nightmare2020-04-11
Chapter 21 The mask and Lutogarde2020-04-11
Chapter 20 Unexpected encounter2020-04-11
Chapter 19 The world of the talented2020-04-11
Chapter 18 The outcome of the battle2020-04-11
Chapter 17 The black haired girl VS the black sheep2020-04-11
Chapter 16 The chaotic battlefield2020-04-11
Chapter 15 The shine of the hero2020-04-11
Chapter 14 A night of reflection2020-04-11
Chapter 13 The centurion VS the white beast2020-04-11
Chapter 12 The sword of Karl Von Teirah2020-04-11
Chapter 11 Departure2020-04-11
Chapter 10 Lord Teirah2020-04-11
Chapter 9 That which dwells at Arkas, and its Lebensraum2020-04-11
Chapter 8 The fall of Raconia2020-04-11
Chapter 7 Karl2020-04-11
Chapter 6 William Rivius, the third-class civilian2020-04-11
Chapter 5 ”William”2020-04-11
Chapter 4 Al dies and nameless is born2020-04-11
Chapter 3 Preparatory arrangements2020-04-11
Chapter 2 The beast born from the crumbling paradise2020-04-11
Chapter 1 The heaven inside hell2020-04-11