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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Chapter 527: Warmth behind Brutality

Chapter 527: Warmth behind Brutality

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A figure touched down in front of Cheese quickly.

He knelt down, looking at the place Wind jumped down… the gorgeous fireworks as well as the banner drifted down from the sky.

Finally… would he end his life with such mischief?

For what?

“Damn it! I came late!”

A young but disgusting and chagrined tone was heard… Cheese found that someone had come toward him.

“Master Gui?” Cheese yelled out this name.

But he didn’t know the name of the girl jumping down from his back… he just realized they had met somewhere before.

But Cheese didn’t care about her identity; he just looked at Gui Qianyi, and said sorrowfully, “Master Gui… Wind killed my father, and then I killed him… I killed him!”

Gui Qianyi sighed again and again, “Cheese, it may be hard for you to accept. I was looking at the scene just now. Well, Wind didn’t actually kill your father, he rescued you.”

“Bullshit!!” Cheese got angry, “I saw that! My father, he exploded in front of me! Do you know how clearly I saw, even the painful look of my dad!”

“Nothing will be any match against facts… and this is the fact.” Gui Qianyi shook his head, and pointed, “And this is the fact you have to face. It is sorrowful, but you have to face it.”

“The fact…” Cheese looked at the direction Gui Qianyi pointed at!

That was the place his father ‘Shu You’ exploded, with blood and minced meat… he dared not even look at that tragedy.

But those minced meat were now starting to crawl on the ground, gathering, and getting larger.

“What happened to my father?”

Long Er suddenly replied, “It’s not Shu You, but you know him… Its real body is Iron Whistle! The pet you feed! You may feel uncomfortable, but that is what Gui Qianyi and I saw just now, it… it wanted to eat you.”

Gui Qianyi now pushed his hands, strong cold air was being released and froze all the minced meat before they combined.

This time, the old turtle didn’t dare to thaw the ice and look for the original cell; rather, he tried to take it to a safe place and handle it… He didn’t want to be shot by a poisoned needle.

“B*llshit! I don’t believe that!! Total b*llshit!!” Cheese held his head and roared at Long Er and Gui Qianyi, “B*llshit!! My dad came back!! He came back!! Back!! B*llshit!! You lied to me… liar!!!”

“Calm down! Iron Whistle has killed many humans and monsters before taking action against you!” Gui Qianyi said low, “It turned into Shu You’s appearance because it ate your father Shu You!”

“B*llshit… I don’t believe that…” Cheese shook his head crazily as stepping back, “B*llshit… you liars! I’m going to ask Wind! He killed my dad! He’s the murder!”

Cheese jumped down following Wind’s traces…

“This kid…” Gui Qianyi sighed and planned to go chase him.

“Gui Qianyi ,let him go.” Long Er suddenly shook her head, “He’ll feel better doing that.”

Long Er looked at the ice ball, saying with complicated expression, “Wind has seen the change of Iron Whistle, and saved Cheese from it… Why did he say those to infuriate Cheese and have him kill him and… why did Cheese kill him so easily this time?”

Gui Qianyi frowned, and took a long sigh, “Old turtle suddenly realized Wind’s thoughts.”

Long Er looked up to Gui Qianyi— her teacher.

Gui Qianyi thought, “To have Cheese confused, it will be better than to tell him the truth… For him to have a beautiful dream, even it is a fake one, at least he won’t know his father wanted to eat him, which is too merciless for him. Creating an enemy for Cheese may provide him with a way to release his emotion, and prevent him from being crazy.”

“You mean Wind…” Long Er looked at the front, “He…”

“We don’t know what happened to Wind.”

Gui Qianyi shook his head, “He controlled many monsters and made a mess. Fine, this is the truth. However… he may be warm in some parts that we don’t know.”

Long Er recalled the scene she fought with Wind and the words he said.

—‘The True Dragon? If you’re powerful, come and kill me… it won’t be a loss if you kill me!’

–‘Why didn’t you kill me… Why!! Why!!’

She suddenly realized the meaning of those sentences, “He’s looking for death!!”

Long Er had no time to care these; she rushed to the edge and jumped down without hesitation!

“Master Long!! You’ll get hurt!!” Gui Qianyi didn’t care about that; he chased after her a second later!

Anyway, the ice wouldn’t be thawed within ten days.

It seemed that he wouldn’t feel the pain of dropping from a high place; instead, he landed down softly… at the tartan in the gymnasium.

But his heart wound remained, Wind felt he was getting to the end of his life.

Then, it didn’t matter if it was painful after he landed.

“Hey! Are you OK? Hey! Can you hear me!”

‘Who’s calling?’

Wind’s look turned blurry but he still opened his eyes… and saw a huge gas mask?

“How did you get injured so seriously… your heart… hold your own! I’m sending you to the hospital! Keep holding on! Don’t give up! never give up!”

He felt someone carrying him up… his body turned light… and the breeze stroke his face.

Fly… Wind felt he was flying.

‘So the flying fireman really exists?”

‘Xiaojiang didn’t lie to me…’

Wind suddenly wanted to laugh, he felt it really ridiculous somehow.

So, he laughed… and struggled out of the flying fireman’s embrace. He pushed him away and dropped down one more time!

“What are you doing!! Do you want to die!!”

Seeing Wind drop down again, the fireman… Mo Xiaofei couldn’t think anymore and halted Wind’s body through his telekinesis like just now!

He didn’t know what tragedy the young man met which made him so badly hurt and even falling from such a high place… but he had no time to think about it.

He just wanted to save this kid, ever since he fell!

Wind landed steadily again, Mo Xiaofei flew down and tried to carry him up, “Kid! Don’t be stupid! Life is very precious!”

“Leave me alone.” Wind waved his hand… patted away his hand with weak power, “We’re strangers, so… don’t help me.”

“No matter how, I cannot see a life vanish in front of me.”

Mo Xiaofei shook his head, “If you’re a good guy, you should not die. And if you’re a bad guy… at least you should be judged by the court and apologize to those who you hurt, then you can choose to end your life! But now, you seem like a coward!”

“I… I am even lectured by a human. Haha… hahaha…”

Wind coughed with pain, before shaking his head, “I know my situation. Don’t save me… if you’re kind, go help those audiences… they should be terrified this time. Oh, I am the initiator… Are you still going to save me, an evil guy.”

“It’s you…”

Mo Xiaofei was stunned with slight shock and anger, but he calmed down himself by taking a deep breath, “I still choose to save you first! I don’t know why you did so, but to be honest, I worried that there were some bombs. But now, it seems like a joke. I don’t know your intention, but at least I know… you don’t want to hurt anyone. The joke is hateful, which caused people awkwardness, but it won’t kill them. Humans are strong enough to go through difficulties! Besides, more policemen and firemen are coming! So… I need to save you first!”

“Stop annoying me!!” Wind spat out blood and pushed down Mo Xiaofei!

‘What an annoying human… if I met him earlier…’

Wind knelt down; he was getting closer and closer to the death, since he used the monster power in him.

And Mo Xiaofei hit the wall severely… he even heard the crunching sound from his bones!

He might have a bone fracture of his left shoulder!

“I’ve said leave me alone!!” Wind kept spitting out blood, as well as bleeding from his heart, like a figure soaking in a blood pool, “You don’t know anything! I should go die! I had killed my mother since I was born! And my dad even lost everything he had to save me! But I kept blaming them for abandoning me!! I hate this world!!! But you know if I’m alive, I will hurt more people… and eventually I will become an insensible killer! Nobody can help me!! Why should I… cough… cough… why… cough…should I… still… live…”

Wind stood up hard, and fell down again painfully. He cried blood, “I cannot control myself… I will kill those friends… who … cherish… me… a lot!”

“You…” Mo Xiaofei got up from the ground, looking at the kid with a sorrowful feeling, “But don’t you think your friends will be sad?”

Wind’s vision turned blurry after falling down, “No… they will hate me and want me to die… Instead of sorrow… that’s enough… they won’t be sad… and will come back to their normal lives… and start their new lives… They won’t mention me… never ever… and won’t feel pain… That’s enough… all the sorrow, sadness, and pain… all belong to me… because I am… I am… their leader.”

‘Right, I’m the leader.’

‘Ha… goodbye… my Wind-Chasing… Juvenile Group.

He stopped moving finally.

Eyes closed and stopped moving.

“I could not save him… I could not save him!”

Mo Xiaofei knelt down with an empty gaze and repeated sadly, “I could not save him… I could not save him…”

He lowered down his head… tears dropped with regret behind the gas mask— for a life he could not rescue.

“Wind!!! Don’t die!!!”

A sorrowful cry came from Mo Xiaofei’s back; he looked back subconsciously… and found a little figure running with a stagger toward him.

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