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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Chapter 528: I Wish You, To Grow Up Slowly

Chapter 528: I Wish You, To Grow Up Slowly

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Translator: Alfredo Poutine Soup Editor: DesTheSloth

Not human… or not a human’s figure?

Mo Xiaofei had no time to consider this. He saw this guy, who had weird ears, a tail, and a young human appearance, rushed toward Wind.

It was Cheese!

He had arrived here, bringing countless of crazy questions, as well as the hope of breaking Gui Qianyi’s ‘lies’, since the second time Mo Xiaofei had caught Wind and wanted to rescue him.

But he couldn’t hear all he wanted… instead, he heard words which made him feel even more pain, as if sharp swords stabbed into his heart… Those equaled to the words when Shu You’s body exploded in front of him.

All of Wind’s words… his final words!

Everything… everything!

It was easy for us to be deceived by everything in front of our eyes, the hated and carry up our blades… However, we cannot explore the things behind other people simply and sincerely.

We… are immature and consider ourselves always right.

“Wind!! You cannot die!!!”

Cheese held up Wind’s body with red eyes; he shook it, “Wind! Don’t die!! Don’t die!! Don’t die in this way!! You should tell me!! You saved me!! It’s you!! You should tell me this… you…”

“Don’t die… bastard!! Idiot!! Trouble-maker!! Don’t die!! Are you going to die yourself!! What happened to ‘Kill all of us’?”

Cheese held Wind’s body, crying sadly, “Why did you not tell me before!! Why did you want me to kill you… Why!! Do you think… we won’t feel heartache?! You idiot!! F*ck!! Super idiot!! Super fool!! Super… super… super… don’t die!! We… we need to play football… neither of us has won yet!! You just… scored a goal only… don’t die!!”

Wind didn’t move, no matter how he shook his body.

Not far away from there, Long Er turned back and hid behind Gui Qianyi, looking up to the beautiful moon.

The True Dragon could not remember the person, who told her that if she couldn’t bear the tears, she should look up, so that the tears would go back to where they came from.

She couldn’t remember!

“I want to kill that idiot… but it won’t work.”

Gui Qianyi just sighed silently and patted Long Er’s shoulder slightly.

Mo Xiaofei watched Cheese cry while holding Wind’s body… choking with sobs; his both hands grasped the ground, with murmuring, “Why… I could not save him… this super power is useless!! It’s useless!!! Ah!!!!”

Mo Xiaofei roared, blood started to run out of his orifices and his head seemed to expand so much that it almost cracked; but he didn’t care this. He waved his hands to Wind’s body, “Wake up!! wake up!!!”

It was seen that the blood flew back and was squeezed into the wound of Wind’s heart little by little.

Mo Xiaofei face that was splattered with blood turned pale and his heart beat quickly, but he didn’t care about that.

“Beat!! Heart!! Beat!!! Don’t die!! Don’t die!! Wake up!! wake up!!!!!!”

Cheese gazed at the scene incredulously… He looked to the fireman with gas mask— so did Gui Qianyi and Long Er.

“Wake up!!!”

Mo Xiaofei grasped his head painfully, but still insisted, “Beat!! Heart… Don’t die! Don’t die!!”

When the last drop of blood had been sent into Wind’s body, Mo Xiaofei spat a mouthful of blood, and fell to the ground.


He raised his head, looking at the silent Wind; suddenly, he punched the ground, “It’s useless… if it cannot be used to save people… then it’s useless…”

“He’s dead and cannot be revived.”

Gui Qianyi sighed, “Brother, don’t blame yourself… you tried. Now, you don’t look well… are you OK?”

Mo Xiaofei didn’t reply; he just collapsed while repeating his words, “It’s useless… useless…”


When everybody was grieving.

Cheese called his name by shock… Wind’s body had been lifted up gradually and left his arms.

It was floating in the air as if something was holding it… Finally, it dropped into the arms of a young man.

“It’s you!” Mo Xiaofei screamed.

“It’s you again!” Long Er glared at him, “You made this… tragedy right!!”

It was Boss Luo, who held Wind’s body.

Luo Qiu ignored Long Xiruo, Gui Qianyi and Mo Xiaofei, but just looked at Wind, with soft say, “It’s really the warmest… but his behavior is kind of awkward.”

“Wind is dead… are you going to laugh at him!” Long Xiruo quivered, she had thought… this guy was slightly kind!

Luo Qiu shook his head, glancing at Long Xiruo but didn’t intend to talk with her; then he looked at Mo Xiaofei.

Boss Luo smiled, “Good. You turned out to be a real hero.”

Mo Xiaofei said weakly, “But I… I cannot save people.”

Luo Qiu said softly, “Don’t worry, he won’t die… at least it’s not the time of his death.”

“Wait! What do you mean? Tell us!” Long Xiruo stepped forward.

“Then, please allow me to leave temporarily.” Boss Luo nodded lightly and… disappeared with Wind.

“Don’t run!! Tell us the reason!!” Long XIruo stamped by anger and said words that frightened Gui Qianyi, “You, you are so mean!!”

‘Master Long… is this girly behavior? Did this old turtle see a fake True Dragon??!’

Coming to the spectator seats he prepared for himself— the highest place of the gymnasium, Luo Qiu released Wind’s body.

He didn’t drop, but continued floating in the air.

The servant girl seemed to know what would happen next, so she waited there silently… but now, Boss Luo suddenly frowned.

He raised his palm, and something crazily emitted out of his palm!

That was a dazzling light ball restrained by countless chains, which stopped them from leaving Boss Luo’s palm.

An angry and grieved voice was heard, “You lied to me!! You guys lied to me!!! How dare you guys lied to me!!!”

Boss Luo said after a while of silence, “Mr. Tanlang, I don’t understand what you mean.”

That voice roared, “You promised that never tell my son about his origin! Or everything about his parents!! But you even disobey your promise!! Look! This is what you caused to my son!!! I’ll never forgive you!!”

Saying that, the light ball struggled violently, but it still couldn’t get rid of these chains.

“Mr. Tanlang.”

Luo Qiu said low, “You should know I am the new boss and the one who promised to you is the former boss… It seems that to keep secret is not a deal, but merely a private agreement between you and the former boss.”


Luo Qiu said indifferently, “I don’t have to abide by the agreement between you and the former boss… because it’s none of my business. I am I, the former is the former.”

“You vile guy!!!” Tanlang’s soul moved restlessly again with the light shining to its limit, “Even if I self-destruct, I won’t…”

The voice was suddenly stopped!

“Tanlang!” that was the servant girl’s voice… which was slightly cold, “Stop being rude to Master! Stupid guy, you still don’t understand yet! From the beginning, Master didn’t want to make the deal with Wind about telling this matter to him! Your son just said he used the protection spell as the transaction fee! My master never promised anything!”

Tanlang’s soul light ball paused, paused… after a long while, he said with surprise, “You mean… you mean…”

You Ye said calmly, “Stupid guy, you don’t understand? The deal, about 60 years’ lifespan of your son, still works.”

“Boss…” Tanlang’s soul light ball suddenly quivered.

Boss Luo expression was cool, but fingers swept over Wind’s wound… it started to get well; then Boss Luo said, “Well, it’s not that hard to rescue him with Mo Xiaofei’s help.”

The wound got well quickly and Wind’s face turned red… His heart started to beat, from weak to strong…

Seeing Wind recover, Tanlang sighed while blaming himself, “Boss… sorry for the misunderstanding!”

“Really?” Luo Qiu said indifferently, “It’s too early to thank me… did you forget that Wind is one of my customers. He made another deal before.”

Tanlang heaved a long sigh, “I left my black card for him because I wanted him to be rescued during a dangerous time. The agreement is, once the power in him wakes up, you deliver the black card to him. But unexpectedly, he used it to buy the most useless object… what a foolish kid! I won’t blame you about the deal… I know your essence. The strongest wish of the customers is the only order to you.”

“Mr. Tanlang seems to be the good friend with the former boss.” Boss Luo interrupted.

Tanlang said, “We were just drinking companions, not friends… I prefer you than that living dead. I thought this kid would walk an evil path but he rather commits suicide than becoming a demon… I have been imprisoned these years, but I can see him grow up due to the friendship with the former boss. I saw his pain one after another and tried to get rid of this prisoner’s cage to give him a hug, Tell him… how much love his parents gave him. But I can’t… but… this…”

Those chains started to expand and Tanlang’s ball of soul light got farther from Boss Luo’s palm. What made Tanlang surprised… was that he could regain his human shape even if he was still imprisoned at this moment.

“You have not much time, Mr. Tanlang, I hope you can handle this time properly.”

Boss Luo turned back, looking at the gymnasium that was in chaos due to Wind’s joke.

Tanlang glanced at the young boss thankfully, saying hoarsely, “Thank you… thank you…”

He could move with these chains around him… he could come to Wind and give him a hug with both his arms.

To embrace tightly the only next of kin of him and his wife.

“You’re doing well, my son.”

Tanlang looked at Wind with tears, “It’s fine, my son. I thought you will hate the world, but actually the suffering of this world never dragged you to the side of hate. Your origins were not fortunate, but I am happy that you know how to cherish those people around you… You’re slightly obstinate, but it’s alright, I know you’ll grow up and become a true man!”

Tanlang breathed deeply, releasing him after the final huge; he turned back, “I am done! Let me go back… I know you’re consuming something to exchange this little time for me.”

“That’s alright.” Boss Luo said indifferently, “I’ve made many deals. Anything else Mr. Tanlang wants to talk with Wind? Don’t worry about me.”

Tanlang gave a start, blurting an apology after hesitating, “If so, then… thank you!”

Tanlang came to Wind, and said two sentences to Wind’s ear. Then he heaved a sigh, turning back into the ball of soul light.

After that, the chains contracted and went back to Luo Qiu’s palm… which dragged Tanlang’s soul into another mysterious space.

As for Wind, his eyelids slightly trembled… then his eyes opened slowly.

When he opened eyes, he saw the night sky… but a weird feeling remained in his body.

It was a warm feeling, like being embraced.

He subconsciously relished the remaining feeling… until woke up after a long time and looked around!

The boss, the servant girl… this place!

“You woke up.” Luo Qiu came to Wind and looked at him.

“I… I didn’t die?” Wind gaped, then shook his head, “No, I should be dead… so, you came to get my soul? The transaction fee for buying the bell.”

Wind heave a long sigh, and bitterly smiled, “I’m dead… fine, it’s over, the painful thing! Good, take away my soul!”

“Yeah, it’s better to get it now.” Luo Qiu nodded, and stretched out his hand to Wind… his palm inserted into Wind’s chest.

Wind just felt extreme pain spread over his body. Pain so bad that his face twisted and couldn’t help scream, “Damn it… why is it so painful… I am already dead… why is it still so painful… take it quickly… I’m really hurting!!”

“One second.” Luo Qiu pulled out his palm with a chuckle, “OK.”

Wind collapsed down with sweat all over; he sighed and shouted subconsciously, “F*ck… I’m dying!”

But he felt weird soon— Since he died, and his soul had been taken away, why was he still able to have thoughts and feelings?

Wind raised his head abruptly to look at the boss… it turned out the thing the boss grabbed was a blood red light ball with a ferocious wolf!

“Er… I didn’t die?” Wind asked.

Boss Luo blinked his eyes, “No, I’ve said that you have at least 60 years of lifespan.”

Wind was still astonished, “But… but I used this protection spell to purchasing the information about my origins…”

Boss Luo chuckled, “Yes, you said that. But… sorry customer, I didn’t agree with you. The contract, hasn’t been signed, has it?”

Wind looked at the blood red light ball blankly, “Then… what… what is this one?”

“Of course your soul.” Boss Luo said calmly, “One of your souls… coming from the part of Magic Wolf, Xianji. In other words, the fragment of the soul.”

“I don’t understand…”

You Ye chuckled, “Mr. Wind, you should know that two different and powerful souls exist in your body, they are from the magic wolf and your father, Tanlang. Magic Wolf is special, it relies on inheritance, and will exist in each descendant of Xianji, to inherit the Magic Wolf’s energy. It exists in both you and your mother. This kind of fragment will swallow the original body, and became a new Magic Wolf. At the same time, Tanlang’s power protects you from being swallowed as well… so to be strict, two different souls in your body, one is Tanlang’s soul, which will grow up, and the other is the fragment of the Magic Wolf. The one Master took away was the latter.”

“Then I’m now…” Wind understood vaguely, but couldn’t get his thoughts into shape.

The servant girl was an appropriate one to explain such things… she added, “Since Magic Wolf’s power came from the soul stamp of the Magic Wolf, then it means you can no longer use the power of the Magic Wolf since he lost this stamp.”

“You mean… I won’t become a monster?!” Wind eyes opened wide. Incredible… he didn’t die, but the problem on him had been solved!

“Theoretically, yes.” You Ye said indifferently, “But eastern monsters have been divided into Tian Jie(Heaven disaster), Di Jie(Ground disaster) and Xin Jie(Mind disaster). If you cannot win these disasters, you will lose yourself, even without the Magic Wolf’s power. Well… maybe your seniors may know more about the eastern monsters.”

Wind looked down, and thought about something… his mind was complicated and he recalled the matter of his father selling himself to provide him with the protection spell. His heart felt a gush of grief and indignation.

He looked up to Luo Qiu with a kind of hate, “Since… Since you could solve my problem by getting rid of the Magic Wolf’s soul, then why you didn’t make deal with my father, but gave me such a thing?”

“One point, because your parents lost much power when they gave birth to you… It even hurt their souls. The other point, Mr. Tanlang didn’t come to us before, but traveled many places… and experienced a lot more.” Luo Qiu shook his head, “When he came to us, he did not have enough payment to finish this matter.”

Wind looked a bit dejected… he though the matter of his mother’s body being destroyed when giving birth to him.

Boss Luo said softly, “Finally, I think the reason Mr. Tanlang asked you to live at least 60 years, is that… he’s not sure if you’ll be troubled by the power of Magic Wolf after he died and grow up safely. The monsters’ world dozens of years ago was quite chaotic.”


Wind took a deep breath, and looked up to the night sky again… as if recalling something… some words wandered at his ear not long ago.

It gradually became clear in his brain.

“This is for you.” Boss Luo finger waved, a black card was sent to Wind— with one stamp!

Wind received this black card, grasping it tightly; he looked at Luo Qiu firmly, “I will keep it, but not because I will make deal with you! But because it’s the item my father left for me!”

Boss Luo and the servant girl gave a bow to Wind, “Then… thank you for your visit, Mr. Wind.”

Wind snorted and jumped down before saying, “Humph! Remember, I’m Master Wind-Chasing Wolf!”

Boss Luo stretched himself, inhaling the cold air of the night, saying, “What a wonderful night.”

“Master, are you happy?” The servant girl asked softly.

“Fragment of Xianji’s soul. It’s quite a big deal, isn’t it worthy to be happy about?” Luo Qiu asked back.

The servant girl smiled faintly… Master never cared about the transaction fee.

Luo Qiu overlooked; he suddenly said, “Well… it seems that the former boss offered Mr. Tanlang many benefits. I think Mr. Tanlang won’t be bored in another world. Watching TV shows, what a leisurely and long vacation.”

The servant girl showed a confused expression. At the same time, Luo Qiu said in a low voice, “I wish you good luck; if not, I wish you learn mercy in adversity. I wish you be loved; if not, I wish you learn tolerance in the loneliness…”

It was the last whisper Tanlang said in Wind’s ear, “…I wish you, to grow up slowly.”

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