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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Chapter 529: When The Whistle Sounds, I Will Come To You

Chapter 529: When The Whistle Sounds, I Will Come To You

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Translator: Alfredo Poutine Soup Editor: DesTheSloth

Cheese could only helplessly look toward Gui Qianyi, since the club boss had left.

He didn’t know the true identity of Long Er, so this senior was the only one he could seek for help.

“Don’t worry, he said Wind won’t die.” Long Xiruo… Long Er shook her head, “He’s trustable.”

She knew he wouldn’t ruin the reputation of the shop.

“You’re…” Cheese looked at Long Er… he found this senior stood behind this little girl and looked deferential.

“I’m a student of Gui Qianyi.” Long Er said.

Gui Qianyi gave a start… actually she was right. He suddenly understood Long Xiruo’s plan—compared with her former appearance along with that noble attitude, she’d rather fake a new identity in public.

Cheese nodded… but still wondered why a teacher feared his student.

Long Er walked to Mo Xiaofei and squatted down. Her fingers felt his neck vessels and she frowned, “Why did this guy… get such a serious injury?”

Gui Qianyi said, “I heard he said superpower. Well… humans may have some superpowers. Some of them were even more special. During ancient time, when the western culture came and mixed into people’s life, science started to be spread around the Godly Land. And people started to consider this kind of power… I heard the country even organized the creation of an army with superpowers during World War II. I felt it was interesting at that time and explored a little.”

“Gui Qianyi, are you serious?” Long Er glared at him, because she thought he was bragging.

Gui Qianyi hurriedly explained, “Superpowers are born and based on the development of brains. But a human’s body is too weak to bear the superpower due to their slow evolution. This man probably used too much of his superpower and injured his brain…”

Gui Qianyi hurriedly felt the pulse of him, “I can save him… but his body has almost collapsed. I ‘m afraid that he won’t be able to use that superpower any longer.”

Gui Qianyi sighed, “He’s powerful and someone who I admire in my life! it’s rare to see someone who can give his life to save others!”

“Take him away for now,” Long Er frowned—she heard the ambulance and police sirens.

Everybody had been busy catching or expelling insects… as well as the fireworks, so they had no time to focus on what took place here… until they finished what they were doing.

“Yes, I’ll handle Iron Whistle properly.” Gui Qianyi nodded, and watched Cheese, “Little boy, come with me, you have to face some issues. I know the troubles this night have been too cruel for you… but remember, it’s part of cultivation. And it’ll be better for you to face the true reality.”

Cheese didn’t care about the benefits; he just nodded. Wind… faced the pain alone, but never really hurt anybody. How could he be a coward now?

If he could not face this issue, how could face Wind when he came back later?

“Master Gui… can I talk to Iron Whistle for a moment?”

Gui Qianyi looked at Long Er… Long Er nodded slightly.

Now, the huge ice thawed a little in the inside. Then, some room appeared, so that the meat ball could move; it combined… and became ‘Shu You’.

“Iron Whistle, right?” Cheese touched the ice.

And Iron Whistle stretched out its hand, overlapping its palm with his silently.

“They said… you ate many monsters and humans, is that correct?”

Iron Whistle nodded directly.

“Was it true that you wanted to kill Xiaojiang? Why?”

“Because I was hungry.”

Cheese finger quivered. Finally, he gathered his courage and asked, “Were you… going to eat me too?”

Iron Whistle nodded, “I wanted to eat you from the beginning.”

Cheese’s expression turned even uglier.

He was subconsciously reminded of the night Iron Whistle showed up. It came along with the whistle sound. He said sorrowfully, “And you… ate my father?”

Iron Whistle said indifferently, “Yes, I was created by the creator. I’ll eat whatever he feeds me, because I needed food to grow up.”

Cheese lowered his head, with his hand sliding down the ice… and he knelt outside the ice, with red eyes.

The ice was not thick, but he felt extremely far from the one inside… so far that he even couldn’t touch it.

“Why… why did you eat so many humans and monsters.”

Cheese didn’t raise his head, “I told you… that if you were hungry, I could provide a lot of food for you… You used to follow my words, right? Why… why did you still hurt so many people?”

Iron Whistle didn’t move; it said calmly, “It’s not enough to eat common creatures. I need more.”

“Master Gui will kill you!” Cheese raised his head, “They all want to kill you! Don’t you know that… can’t you… stop doing these from the beginning?”

Iron Whistle watched him, and asked, “By rights, you should be angry, fearful, and even hate me because of my intention to eat you and your father. Why?”

Cheese bitterly smiled, and whispered, “Wind said I was a hypocrite… He’s right. I hate you on one side… but on the other side, I am unwilling… I even imagined that you were really my father, or you were Iron Whistle… that you were the same, if so… if so…”

Iron Whistle shook its head, “Nothing so perfect exists in this world.”

“Yeah, nothing so perfect exists in this world.” Cheese bitterly smiled again, while looking at Iron Whistle inside… ‘Shu You’s’ look, saying disappointedly, “Dad, do you know I told myself to be strong, not to cry, because I need to grow up, take care of my family. But… but growing up is so painful, so painful.”

Iron Whistle suddenly turned to Cheese with a soft look and warm voice… It was as soft as the voice of Shu You who told stories before Cheese fell asleep. “Yeah, growing up is so painful, so painful… even more painful than wounds… I think, I know what pain means.”

Cheese looked up, a hint of fright revealed on his face.

Now Iron Whistle peeled open his own body— With this bloody scene, his origin cell was revealed. The cell that provided all of his power.

“It’s my core cell, kill me if you want, now.”

His words shocked all the members there… Gui Qianyi frowned, asking, “Oh? You are acting so obediently. Are you playing tricks? I was fooled by you the last time and won’t believe you now.”

Iron Whistle said, “I cannot break the ice. You’re careful and didn’t leave any space for me to escape. As you said, you were fooled last time, so you’ll be careful this time. Therefore, it is easy to foresee my fate. Hence, a direct death will be better for me.”

Gui Qianyi said indifferently, “You understand. To be honest, many humans or monsters won’t be as frank as you. They will struggle to the end.”

Iron Whistle said, “That’s different. Because I am in pain and want it to end soon. However, it doesn’t mean that I’m not powerful enough to fight with you.”

Gui Qianyi and Long Er’s gave a start.

While Iron Whistle said coldly, “You said I killed due to selfishness, but I cannot understand that, I kill others to eat so that I may live. That’s selfishness in your perspective. However, you try to kill me and deprive my right to survive. Isn’t that selfishness too? Those who I ate and who you ate are all food… what’s the difference between you and me?”

Gui Qianyi sighed, “Since you don’t understand, then continue not understanding… Understanding is another kind of pain. Sorry for depriving your right to survive… because we’re selfish. So, I cannot tell you anything more except ‘sorry’.”

Gui Qianyi focused his gaze, a sharp ice thorn stretched out and tried to stab the original cell!

“Wait!” Cheese shouted to stop Gui Qianyi.

“Little boy, don’t you know the situation?” Gui Qianyi couldn’t bear his anger.

Cheese looked at Gui Qianyi firmly— this look shocked this senior… why did this kid have such a sharp look?

It was not about the suppression of monster aura, but a spiritual pressure.


Abruptly, this name appeared in Gui Qianyi’s mind!

Cheese said sorrowfully, “Master Gui, I don’t want to stop you from killing Iron Whistle… I know it shouldn’t be forgiven, but… but I hope I’m the one who kills it!”

“You…” Gui Qianyi looked at Cheese deeply, ‘How sharp and firm look it is!’

“Fine.” Gui Qianyi nodded, then waved the sword, inserting it into the ice.

When it got to 1cm away from the original cell, it stopped exactly… no space was left.

Iron Whistle could not escape from that space.

Iron Whistle sneered, “I’ve said that you can kill me, but you don’t believe me and perform these little actions.”

Gui Qianyi said indifferently, “I have lived so many years and have done despicable actions. I’ve apologized to you, so I don’t think I still owe you anything.”

Iron Whistle didn’t reply.

Cheese took a deep breath with both hands holding the sword handle, “Iron Whistle, thank you for coming when the whistle sounds and accompanying with me when I was lonely.”

He cried, “If I can, I really want everything to be perfect… but… but since reality is harsh… then… let me finish it… finish it…”

“Thank you for giving me a wonderful dream… even if it was fake… but thank you for letting me… hug my dad… thank you.”

He opened his eyes without blinking, opening… opening… and looked at everything in front.

“Thank you for coming into my life.”

“Thank you.”

With a smile and tears, Cheese pushed the sword point… and divided the original cell into half.

“You really grew up.”

This voice seemed to have appeared, but it seemed to never have appeared too… because it was too faint.

Iron Whistle’s body thawed into a puddle of pus inside the ice.

“It’s over.” Long Er sighed… The matters in this chaotic night struck her a lot.

She might have been experienced similar things in her long life.

But… this time, tonight, was different.

Cheese kept the stance of holding the sword… Gui Qianyi wanted to comfort him, but didn’t know what to say.

Maybe staying quiet was the best comfort.

Cheese suddenly raised his head.. he met Iron Whistle on a similar night. Fishing out the precious whistle from his collar, he placed it in his mouth.

Beep–! Beep–! Beep–! Beep–!

–‘Boy, take it. If you blow it, I will find you and come to you, no matter where you are.’

Beep–! Beep–! Beep–! Beep–!

He repeatedly blew the whistle, again and again.

This was ‘growing up’. A real ‘growing up’ that belonged to Cheese.

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