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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Chapter 530: The Answer Of Being Created

Chapter 530: The Answer Of Being Created

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Translator: Alfredo Poutine Soup Editor: DesTheSloth

Gui Qianyi thawed the ice gradually but was still careful even if Iron Whistle had turned into pus.

When he made sure that the pus didn’t change anymore, he sighed and nodded to Long Xiruo.

Long Er suddenly said at this time, “Gui Qianyi, go to Shu Xiaoshu with Cheese and take care of this human, I’ll be right back.”

Gui Qianyi gave a start and asked in a low voice, “Master Long, where will you go?”

Long Xiruo said calmly, “I have to take responsibility and solve this serious chaos.”

Then, Long Xiruo climbed down through the way they came.

“Hey… Second Young Master, the car is ready, let’s leave here now. It’s too… too dirty outside!”

Cheng Yun said to Zhong Luochen rapidly— but Second Young Master just looked to the sky through his telescope for some reason.

Cheng Yiran and Hong Guan’s performance ignited all audiences, who couldn’t help standing up at the end. The entire gymnasium even sang along.

Such a gorgeous scene used to belong to those famous stars with many fans… but now Cheng Yiran and Hong Guan did just that!

Cheng Yun suddenly felt it was right to arrange Hong Guan as the finale singer!

Those guys outside should be wordless this time. Previously, they said some singers were just playing around or were out of tune… Some even said they were threatened by some mysterious power to have them lip-sync!

They should be wordless this time. All the singers before them sang with their real strength. So what? Which one could beat Cheng Yiran and Hong Guan!

However, Cheng Yun almost went ballistic because some lunatic screwed up the wonderful program!

“No, I’m alright here.” Zhong Luochen shook his head, “It’s safe to stay here… go ask the director what happened.”

After that, Zhong Luochen lifted up the telescope.

Cheng Yun didn’t know why he looked outside—Cheng Yiran and Hong Guan’s performance attracted all the members’ focus, including Cheng Yun’s… but Second Master had probably raised his telescope since then.

“OK! I’ll go right now!”

But the golden follower obeyed his orders.

When Cheng Yun left, Zhong Luochen murmured, “How many things are there in this world that I don’t know?”

“…I wish you, grow up slowly.”

When saying out this sentence, Luo Qiu heaved a sigh of relief, and didn’t know what to say… After a long while, Boss Luo got back his indifferent look.

And You Ye said then, “Ms. Long, it turns out you like to hide by the side and do things secretly?”

“You are the ones that like doing things stealthily!” A tiny figure climbed up from the edge; she sighed and said angrily, “Do you think it was easy for me to climb up like usual?”

“Ms. Long, you can call me if it is necessary.” Luo Qiu smiled, “But, the True Dragon’s intuition is terrifying, Ms. Long even knew I was over here.”

Long Er said calmly, “You act like the previous me, who likes to stand high and observe everything in the world… Now, I realized I was a fool. But I feel that there must be somebody else that liked such idiotic behavior as well.”

The servant girl narrowed her eyes, while Boss Luo said leisurely, “What a good view.”

Long Er snorted before frowning, “I’m not interested in talking nonsense… Wind… is he the descendant of Tanlang?”

Luo Qiu said, “Ms. Long was eavesdropping… Oh, no, listening to it on the way climbing up?”

Long Xiruo suddenly exploded in anger, “So, you are the worst puppet master, taking all living beings as puppets and controlling them willfully… then, have them suffer sorrow and turn crazy?”

Luo Qiu thought for a while and shook his head, “I’m not puppet master and they’re not puppets either. They are single individuals to me and can make their own decisions according to their own thoughts.”

Long Xiruo was still angry, “Really? But in the end, everyone felt that agonizing pain in their hearts after all sorrow… except for you guys. You’re the only winners! Isn’t it enough to prove that?”

Luo Qiu said indifferently, “Let’s get to the main point. I’m a businessman, does Ms. Long want to make a deal with me?”

Long Xiruo glared at Luo Qiu… but still couldn’t distinguish if he was a good guy or a bad guy; she had no time to argue with him, but just said with hostility, “I’m here to sell my blood, are you satisfied with that answer?”

“Of course, we’re happy to make deals with our customers.” Luo Qiu made a bow and said, “Dear customer, what would you like to purchase?”

“First, that young man…” Long Xiruo stretched out her arms and rolled up her sleeve, “You know who I am mentioning! I like that guy and don’t want him dead! Keep him alive, and make sure he won’t be hurt when using his superpower… without him, this world will lack a shade of color!!”

“200ml of the blood of the True Dragon.” Boss Luo stated the price.

Long Xiruo gnashed, “Second, fill the hole of the basketball gym, and wipe all photos and videos about us tonight…”

“Well… 50ml.” Boss Luo said the price.

Long Xiruo stared at him and said, “And I need to know if Shu You’s soul really dissipated.”

“Well… I’ll reduce in price for you. It’s only 1ml for getting this information. But I can tell you and we’ll settle accounts later.” Luo Qiu said calmly, “Shu You’s soul never existed in this world.”

Long Xiruo bitterly smiled.

She sensed that even if it died, this shop could revive it… But it might cost a lot; she couldn’t help ask, “Do you sell it? How much?”

“1500ml, or a drop of blood essence,” Boss Luo gave her the price.

“So cheap?!” Long Xiruo opened her eyes wide… or did this shop think the blood essence of the true dragon was expensive?

“I want that… by paying blood essence.” Long Xiruo heaved a sigh.

One drop of blood essence would be much more precious than blood. 1ml of blood essence might equal to 1500ml of blood… but the time to recover 1ml of blood essence and 1500ml of blood were different!

“The last one…” Long Xiruo thought for a while, and said after thinking over, “I have an agreement with some humans. That is to not show the monsters’ original body to humans, especially in my area. And this time, the start of Iron Whistle incident came from Xiang Liu… I can handle those monsters eaten by Iron Whistle, but you need to deal with those humans eaten by it! The policemen have been dragged in, so I need to finish this matter and have them stop investigating!”

“What’s Ms. Long’s plan?” Boss Luo asked.

“No matter how, just do it meticulously!” Long Xiruo shook her head, “You work out the plan!”

“Oh… then 10ml of blood.” Boss Luo nodded, “Anything else?”

Long Xiruo considered before saying calmly, “That’s all… do it carefully and you’ll get the transaction fee.”

“Sure, it is just a little business anyway.” Boss Luo chuckled.

Long Xiruo glared at him finally, “But I won’t approve of you guys… and the hurt you caused to those live beings!”

After that, Long Xiruo… Long Er ran quickly back to the place she came, climbing down unskillfully again.

While Luo Qiu said suddenly, “It seems that we’ll have to go back later. You Ye, let’s do our job.”


As the night wind blew to some high place of the empty gym, the puddle of pus slightly rippled.

But it didn’t stop rippling after the wind had stopped. Instead, it kept congealing… until the pus started to expand and turned into a vague figure at last.

A voice came before it totally took a human’s shape— that voice it always heard.

It told it some things but hid many things from it.

“You’re safe now,” that voice said.

“Yeah, it was too dangerous.” It said slowly, “If I didn’t say that I would die, they would not forgive me. So I had to show them a fake core cell; fortunately, it deceived them.”

“Humans named this behavior ‘cunning’.”

“Really?” It fell into silent for a second, “That guy said that he was kind of deceitful sometimes. He can do it, so can I.”

“Yeah… you know the so-called ‘pain’ now, eh?” that voice suddenly asked.

“Yes, I do.” Its shape turned clear little by little; its head could be seen and slightly shook, “I think I don’t want the same experience anymore.”

“I plan to take something away from your body, would you mind?”

“What do you want?” it said with alertness.

“The origin that brings you pain. But after that, you may lose something else, such as your emotion toward Cheese won’t be as deep as before.”

It fell silence for a while, “Take it away, as the payment for teaching me so many things.”

A pale light ball slowly flew out of its body… then, it felt relaxed, and the pain immediately dissipated a lot.

“How are you feeling?” that voice continued.

It said after thinking, “It’s good, I don’t feel that painful… just slightly uncomfortable, but I can bear it.”

“What’re you going to do next?”

It thought for a while, “I think I will leave this place, where there are many enemies and I’m not able to fight back… so I want to leave.”

“Where will you head for?”

It considered this question for a long time, and said firmly, “I was created and there should be many similar guys… They are my companions, I want to go to look for my companions! What is rational is actual and what is actual is rational. I want to go find my companions and the reason why I was created… since all the creatures in this world are hostile toward me.”

It had finally took form.

It did not look like a monster with 4 legs that was pieced together with different organs… or Shu You’s appearance… but like some anime role, who spent a dozen of episodes but still could not destroy the earth.

Like Cell.

Its gaze was lively and it looked toward the night sky, “…go seek the answer why I was created.”

With this, it didn’t continue talking with the voice or wasting time with it, and turned around to leave… silently.

Luo Qiu viewed the blue-and-black body leaving… saying gently while glancing at the pale light ball until it disappeared, “It is starting to think about the meaning of life at 1 month old. The speed is much faster than humans and monsters. Is this evolution…”

Luo Qiu added, “Prometheus… is quite an unimaginable creature. I hope we can meet again, Iron Whistle.”

“Master, You Ye is ready.”

All of a sudden, the servant girl’s voice came from his back.

Boss Luo turned about… but he saw a huge man with a ferocious look and a scar on face. It held a pair of… half-a-person-high, huge scissors!

“Is this shape alright, Master?”

Boss Luo smiled faintly, “You’ll work hard later.”

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