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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Chapter 531: …Therefore, Meet here

Chapter 531: …Therefore, Meet here

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Translator: Alfredo Poutine Soup Editor: DesTheSloth

Lin Feng helped a man up, who fell over himself by the stairs. Then Lin Feng looked at the audience with no expression.

It was really a mess…

But who was that made this huge situation… And who was… Wind-Chasing Wolf?

Lin Feng shook his head and planned to join Ma Houde—He received the phone call from Ren Ziling saying that Officer Ma commanded him to look for the girl in the middle of the show when he was on a date with his online friend. Thank god for the phone call from Ren Ziling or it would hard to imagine his fate… He didn’t dare to make an appointment with female online friends anymore… because she looked pretty different from the pictures online. Lin Feng felt much more disappointed when he saw his online friend at first glance… The incoming phone call from Ren Ziling saved him.

However, he didn’t find the little girl at all after searching the whole stage… He stopped searching unconsciously when he was attracted by the song of Cheng Yiran… Of course, he didn’t intend to report this embarrassing experience to Officer Ma.


“It is strange. Why isn’t Officer Ma answering his cell phone?” Lin Feng frowned and he made up his mind to take some special measures.

Because he and Officer Ma always worked in pairs, they both installed a tracking software in each other’s phone in case of any urgent cases.

“Is that direction correct?” Lin Feng wanted to go to the direction the software suggested.

‘Sh*t… I trod on a dead cockroach.’

Ma Houde saw an extremely terrifying face in front of him with… many scars when he woke up!

He had no time to think about the reason why this man had so many scars on his face… and what did the man go through in the past. What Ma Houde did was to observe the surroundings and got as much information as he can!

He was tied tightly by hemp rope and was unable to move at all… in the… toilet! The male toilet!

It could be seen that there were many blood stains on the floor, the wall, and the basin—and there were even some stumps, such as broken human arms, legs and so on!

Ma Houde was almost frightened to death. He felt a sense of cold air starting from his feet and heading to his head… “Who are you?”

The man with scars smiled at Ma Houde—He looked just like a demon even though he was smiling.

The man stuck a pair of huge scissors into the floor suddenly and then squatted down with eyes narrowing. He took Ma Houde’s officer card with his hand, “Nice to meet you, Officer Ma.”

His voice was so ugly it was as if it was made by a rusty wheel gear.

Ma Houde behaved pretty calmly since he was brainstorming on how to escape here. He was trying to communicate with this man, “What is your name? Why are you here? Could you please tell me what happened here?”

The man with scars smiled coldly, “Policemen like to ask questions while knowing the answers. There is no doubt that you will be the same as the dead here. Do you see their fractured arms and legs. Don’t worry. You will also be dead by that time. Are you clear now?”

After saying that, the man with scars stood up with a pair of huge scissors in his hands waving in front of the face of Ma Houde. “You can decide if we should start from your neck, or your stomach… or, let me cut off your legs first?”

Ma Houde was shaking in a cold sweat upon seeing the huge scissors approaching him slowly, “How… how many people have you killed!”

“Oh, I cannot remember!” The large man smiled with his eyes narrowing, “Is that necessary? Who cares. The most important is that I am happy killing them. Killing made me feel enjoyment. That is enough.”

Thinking of the huge scissors… and the broken arms and legs, an idea strike in Ma Houde’s mind. He shouted directly, “It was you who killed that tramp and cut off his head, right!”

“Oh? Which tramp do you refer to?” The man gave a start and then realized, “Oh, you reminded me of that poor guy…”

The man with scars laughed, “That tramp was a good-for-nothing. However, he dared laugh at me and said that I was ugly. Er, so I had to cut his head off and burned it. The smell was like a hunk of roasted meat. Officer, have you ever tried to burn a man’s head? It is incredible!”

“You … really are crazy!” Ma Houde kept his eyes wide open as he had never seen such a ferocious killer in his years as a policeman. He continued the topic. “Did you also kill the worker near the gym this week?”

The man responded, “You have so many questions! I can do whatever I like! It’s none of your business… you should worry about yourself!”

Ma Houde was afraid that there was no possibility for him to escape here. He was rather upset and gritted his teeth, “Wait a moment, I know I have no chance to leave this place. But I want to die without any regrets… At least you should tell me your name! Then I can take revenge when I am reincarnated in a new body!”

“Do you want to settle debts with me?” The man smiled sinisterly, “That sounds interesting! Fine… Keep it in mind, my name is Wind-Chasing Master!”

The man with scars placed the scissors to the side of Ma Houde’s neck immediately. Officer Ma stared at him. Suddenly, a loud sound rang out. The door of the toilet was thrown against the wall and someone was shouting to Ma Houde, “Officer Ma, I am coming for you!”

It was Lin Feng!

At the same time, Lin Feng held a mop in hands and struck the man’s head heavily with all his strength!

The man felt dizzy after being struck by the mop. He couldn’t stand at all and had to lean against the basin. Lin Feng was very proficient in wrestling and he didn’t intend to stop here, so he continued beating the man immediately.

This large man struggled to hit back by waving the huge scissors toward Lin Feng! And by a finger’s breadth, Lin Feng’s coat was sliced by the sharp blade.

At this time, Ma Houde sat with his back straight while raising his leg to kick the man’s waist! He shouted at him, “F*ck, try my powerful kick!”

Ma Houde kicked him off with all his strength, which resulted in that the man losing his balance! Seeing this situation, Lin Feng gave the man a heavy blow! Even the shaft of the mop was fractured because of his powerful strike!

The man was totally dizzy and fell to the ground! Lin Feng stepped forward and put handcuffs on the man with arms tightening the man’s neck… until he fell down in a faint. Only then did Lin Feng sighed in a relief.

“That was so dangerous! Officer Ma, are you OK? Were you hurt by him?” Lin Feng untied Ma Houde at once and asked him worriedly.

Officer Ma swiped his cold sweat and said to Lin Feng, “What a f*cking day. I was nearly killed by that crazy guy! Thank god you came here in time! Or I would have been finished by him today!”

“I came here with the help of the tracking software since you didn’t answer your phone… That was really close!” Lin Feng nodded, “But, who is he? Where did he come from?”

Ma Houde frowned and explained to Lin Feng, “He said his name was Wind-Chasing Master, but I suppose it might be a nickname or a false name… This guy is probably the real killer of these murder cases that happened recently! And he might have killed several more victims before kidnapping me!”

Lin Feng looked around the terrifying toilet, “What a brutal killer… he could kill people with such a huge pair of scissors!”

“I talked to him just now.” Ma Houde got serious, “This guy is definitely a lunatic, who is extremely abnormal and dangerous! We have to lock him up… Oh, what’s going on outside? Did they find the bomb?”

“What bomb?” Lin Feng was stunned and then told Ma Houde the story about cockroaches falling down from the sky just now.

“It was not a bomb… Wind-Chasing Master?” Ma Houde shook his head, “Anyway, we must try every interrogation technique to force him to tell the truth when he wakes up!”

“Fine. I have informed our team to come here.” Lin Feng nodded, “Both our team and the firemen have arrived now!”

Ma Houde touched his neck at that moment… ‘What the f*ck, I almost had a terrible end this time!’

“Zhuge! Zhuge! Where are you? Zhuge?”

The girl was calling the name worriedly when she was walking around the corridor. She was looking at her cell phone—because her phone had dropped on the ground in a mess and someone stepped on it, resulting in that the phone being unable to be turned on!

Zhuge didn’t come back since he went to the toilet due to a stomachache… The girl had no other choice but to call his name from the corridor.

However, there was no response at all even though she had searched all the male toilets nearby.

“Zhuge! Zhuge! Where are you? Damn fatty! Come out and see me!” The girl almost cried with a sobbing tone, “You promised that you wouldn’t let me alone! Damn fatty!”


The girl turned around when she heard the doubtful voice. Unexpectedly, she saw a… young man who seemed pretty leisurely.

He was not like the terrified audience… And the girl felt very familiar with the young man as if they had seen each other before.

However, she did not care about this and stepped forward while saying, “Yes! He is a fatty! His name is Zhuge! Have you seen him before?”

The young man blinked, “He really was a fatty, but I don’t his name actually… I saw him at the corner. He was wearing a yellow coat and leaning on the vending machine. Is that the one whom you are looking for?”

“That’s correct! He is in a yellow coat!” The girl was appreciated and nodded. “Thank you so much! By the way, have we met before?”

The young man smiled, “Go ahead and find the fatty. Is he an important person to you? If you cry, you won’t look good.”

The girl swiped the tears on her face… she felt that the young man was ineffably mysterious and gentle.

If she didn’t have Zhuge… she perhaps would be attracted to this young man. But for now, she wouldn’t. She liked that damn fatty so much that she would never be attracted to anyone else.

Then she nodded and left with a jog.

The young man also showed a sweet smile and then disappeared from the long gallery.

On the other side, the girl found Zhuge beside the auto vending machine easily according to the instructions of the young man… but Zhuge’s face was downcast when he saw the girl coming.

The girl was angry, “Damn fatty! Why are you hiding here! Do you know how hard it is to find you?”

After saying that, the girl came close to Zhuge… but Zhuge waved his hands to her, “Stop! Stop there! Don’t come near me! Don’t come near me!”

“Zhuge… you… how can you…” The girl was almost going to cry when hearing his words.

“It is not like what you imagined! It’s because, because…” Zhuge was begging, “If you come near me, you will regret! You will definitely regret!”

The girl frowned and sniffled, “Zhuge… what is that smell, why is it so smelly? Turn around!”

Zhuge shook his head heavily, “No, I will never turn around!”

“Then you need to tell me the truth.” The girl said calmly, “If you can’t explain it clearly to me, I will leave you alone here. You can go home yourself.”

“No, no, no… I promise I will be frank.”

Zhuge looked very worried, “I was going to find the toilet just now and then… then I couldn’t control myself… and… and … pooped my pants! I couldn’t control it! It was out of control! Then… Then I could only hide here.”

“Why don’t you tell me about this at once?” The girl said angrily.

Zhuge continued to explain with his head lowered, “Because, because it was so embarrassing… that I was ashamed to share it with the others. I can’t tell you.”

The girl smiled through her tears, “That’s enough! Well… I thought that you were in a big trouble! You are really worrisome!”

“Well…I didn’t do it on purpose.” Zhuge explained right away.

The girl shook her head lightly, “It’s fine. It’s great that you are safe.”

Zhuge looked at the girl deeply and then swallowed the saliva with stepping forward. He wanted to kiss the girl’s lip… although he had done this action many times, but now he was much more eager to kiss her.

Unexpectedly, the girl stood aside with pinching her nose. She said in a disgusted voice, “Get away from me! Now!”

“How could you say that to me…” Zhuge was crying without tears.

The girl’s face turned red with a low voice, “At least, at least we need to go home for a shower first. After that, you can do… whatever you want.”

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!

Long Xiruo saw Gui Qianyi standing by one gate when she found the old turtle.

“Where are the others? Why are you here alone?” Long Xiruo frowned with stepping forward and then looked around observing the surroundings inside the door.

What surprised her the most was that she saw the Wind-Chasing Wolf at first sight… Of course there were also Cheese, Nini, Xiaojiang, and Shu Xiaoshu here.

“Master Long, we’d better not disturb them now.” Gui Qianyi said to her in a low voice.

Long Xiruo agreed with him while nodding.

She saw the scene where Wind-Chasing Wolf was kneeling on the ground, kowtowing. He shouted loudly, “I feel really, really sorry! If not me, there wouldn’t be so much trouble! Sorry! You can beat and curse me until you your anger calmed down!”

Xiaojiang and Nini were clear-headed now. They looked at Cheese subconsciously. However, Cheese had a poker-face now, “Do you think you can pay off your crimes just by being beaten by us? Do you think an apology makes sense?”

Wind-Chasing Wolf raised his head while saying firmly, “I know that I am a bastard! But… I didn’t expect your forgiveness! I just want to make myself feel more comfortable by accepting the punishment assigned by you.”

Cheese hit Wind-Chasing Wolf’s face to the ground with his fist. But Wind-Chasing Wolf didn’t hit back and didn’t yell. He sighed in a relief and felt at ease.

Cheese stretched out his hands to Wind-Chasing Wolf, “Stand up. The punishment has finished.”

“Cheese, you… why did you…”

Cheese said lightly, “You are really an idiot… Today, we are all tired. No matter my mom, Nini, you and me, we have all gone through a lot. Why don’t we release ourselves? I need to go home and wash the diapers for my little brothers and sisters. I have no time to beat you.”

“Cheese… I… I am so sorry.” Wind-Chasing Wolf’s eyes got wet.

“I will also forgive you this time as you saved my life before.” Xiaojiang said with a snort, “But, remember that you can’t knock my head in the future.”


“I won’t forgive you so easily!” Nini got serious, “We had so much difficulty in fixing this date tonight… and what’s more! Wind-Chasing Master, I won’t talk to you if you can’t get me ten… oh, no, twenty Hello Kitty toys.”


Cheese smiled, “Why are you stunned? Stand up! Leader!”



“…” Wind-Chasing Wolf swiped his face heavily again and again. He said angrily, “You guys… you guys… call me Wind-Chasing Master!”

Long Xiruo smiled knowingly without any reasons. She said to herself, “I hope that they can grow up in the future. Cherish each other and never forget the lessons of today.”

Gui Qianyi sighed, “Although they suffered but… they could learn how to cherish each other after experiencing these hardships. Speaking strictly, this was a really meaningful test in their lives. They could have a bright future because of these unforgettable sufferings. It’s really good to be young…”

Long Xiruo was stunned. She thought of the words that she said to that shop owner angrily ten minutes before… They could have a bright future because of these unforgettable sufferings. She could well understand the meaning of that.

But, she was driven by anger just now.

“It is hard to figure out if he is a good person or not…” Long Xiruo shook her head. She sank into deep consideration.

“Master Long, have you…” Gui Qianyi asked suddenly.

Long Xiruo shook her head again and then took out a small tube from her pocket before handing it to Gui Qianyi, “Gui Qianyi, give this to that human to make him feel better.”

“This is…”

“This can strengthen his body and heal him.” Long Xiruo said calmly.

“Oh?” Gui Qianyi squinted. He had guessed where the tube came from. Gui Qianyi sighed, “The boy is really lucky.”

At this time, a white light ball appeared in the air and landed in the face of Long Xiruo—The True Dragon was a little stunned and held the light ball in her hand with a serious look.

“This is…” Gui Qianyi got serious, too.

Long Er said lightly, “This is the soul of Shu You.”

“Really? That is amazing!” Gui Qianyi was also surprised.

Long Xiruo shook her head, “Don’t tell Cheese… I need to figure out a way to attach it to a body. I have discussed with Yun Zhongzi before. We can find a way to make a fake body.”

Gui Qianyi laughed gently… Wind-Chasing Wolf and Cheese had become more mature than before.

So did this little princess.

If it happened before, the True Dragon would never deal with these ‘unnecessary’ matters.

“You keep it. I have nowhere to put it.” Long Xiruo delivered the light ball to Gui Qianyi and then added. “Oh, there is one more thing that needs your help. Do me a favour.”

“My pleasure.” Gui Qianyi responded full of respect.

“Remember! This is a deadly dangerous criminal! You guys must watch over him with your full attention until he is sent into the prison. You cannot remove your eyes from him, understand?”

Officer Ma was instructing while standing near a police car… this was his third time assigning these instructions!

“Officer Ma, rest assured! He can’t escape from our watch!” Two policemen locked the criminal’s hands with theirs and they stood by the criminal’s sides to ensure that he wouldn’t escape… In addition, they also tied the man with ropes and had another two policemen standing in front of the criminal.

Ma Houde nodded and sighed in a relief when he saw the police car driving away… He was assigned to assist in maintaining the order at the scene by the top leaders.

“I did not imagine that we could arrest the murderer of these homicide cases!” Lin Feng shook his head, “The victims are so pitiful. How many lovely lives!”

Ma Houde was also upset more or less… when someone ran to him.

“Old Ma! Old Ma!”

It was the voice of Ren Ziling.

Sub-editor Ren was walking to him with a regretful expression… Ma Houde had rarely seen Ren Ziling so upset just like a little kid. Ma Houde felt touched and said in a gentle voice, “Were you looking for her since the beginning until now?”

Ren Ziling’s face turned a little pale, “I am sorry… I haven’t found her. I am so sorry!”

“It’s alright. Now we have more people and we can go to find her in a team.” Ma Houde comforted her, “I can make my team look for her…that girl looked very lucky and smart. She should be fine. There are not as many bad people as we imagine! Most of the humans are nice. Trust me.”

“I hope so.” Ren Ziling nodded hopelessly.

“Big sister!” A little voice rang at the back of Ren Ziling… It was the voice of Long Er!

Ren Ziling was so happy and she turned around. She saw the tiny shadow of Long Er. The little girl was hand in hand with an old lady walking to them slowly.

“Long Er! You are fine! It is great!” Ren Ziling walked to Long Er with her body bent down, “You scared me. Why did you disappear suddenly?”

“I ran out of the toilet because I saw my grandma!” Long Er said in a naive voice.

“Sorry for troubling you, my granddaughter is too naughty.” that old woman apologized, with a devastated heart.

‘F*ck, as an imposing monster, I have to pretend to be an old human here! Ridiculous.’

“Old lady, how can you let a little kid alone! You need to pay more attention to her, alright? This time… I…” Officer Ma couldn’t stop talking. Maybe, it was because he was so happy that he managed to arrest the criminal.

The imposing monster was criticized by a normal human and couldn’t talk back. He could only take it.

‘If this was not requested by Master Long… but it was strange why the True Dragon cared more about a human being’s feelings?’

‘This is not reasonable… this officer, can you stop now… if not, I will curse you when I go back.’

“Fine, I am also tired today. You can bring Long Er home for a rest.” Ma Houde had said what he wanted to say and then let the old lady go back home.

Seeing the old lady and Long Er leaving, Ma Houde touched his chin and said, “Oh… this little girl is so cute. If my wife hadn’t gotten the procedure, I would like to have a baby girl… why did you look at me?”

“How indecent of you!” Ren Ziling snorted.

“Sh*t… I have the ability, OK?” Ma Houde roared.

“Sister Ren, you are here!”

Lizi ran from the distance. She was breathing heavily but actually didn’t need to do so, “You are here, I was looking for you for a while… what happened?”

Ren Ziling said with a shrug, “Oh, the story is too long. I will tell you when there is time… I am so hungry! Let’s eat supper with You Ye and Luo Qiu… I am not sure if they are safe now? Something unusual happened just now.”

“Yeah, supper! That’s great! I am hungry, too.” Lizi was so excited. “I know a good restaurant nearby.”

“You are really a foodie!” Ren Ziling shook her head and looked at the sky—She saw an orange light flashing in the sky.

The light burst when it came to the highest location and then a huge sound occurred. The light was like a comet spraying in all directions with long tails.

There was an extremely beautiful flower blooming in the night sky—but this time, no special phenomenon occurred.

It was an absolutely normal fireworks show!

“Wow, it is so beautiful!” Lizi sighed with emotion.

Ren Ziling smiled too… She had seen many fireworks, but this show was the most beautiful one.

“Oh? It is strange… I have stated that there should be no more fireworks tonight. Damn, who did this?” Ma Houde frowned.

But the fireworks were shining in the sky no matter how uncertain Officer Ma was. The sky was stained with colors by the fireworks.

“Fireworks. Zhuge, Zhuge, look! Fireworks! They are so beautiful!”

The girl pulled Zhuge’s arm with her finger pointing at the sky out of the window.

“Wow! There are so shining fireworks at the end! Mom, it is so amazing!” The kids stretched their heads from Shu Xiaoshu’s arms. They were also enjoying the colorful sky.

In front, Cheese, Wind-Chasing Wolf, Xiaojing, and Nini stopped their paces and looked at the sky with brilliant rays reflecting on their faces.

“Yeah… I feel delighted now.” Nini said lightly and then glanced at Cheese secretly.

At this time, Cheese reached his hands over to hold Nini’s while saying, “We can come together next time.”

Their heartbeats quicken.

Xiaojiang was shocked seeing them holding hands… He opened his mouth but said nothing. At this time, his head was knocked by someone.

“You promised that you wouldn’t knock my head!” Xiaojiang stared at Wind-Chasing Wolf angrily.

However, Wind-Chasing Wolf smiled broadly, “I saw a flying fireman in the sky!”

“What?” Xiaojiang was confused.

Cheese turned his head back, “Yes, I saw him, too. A flying fireman!”


Xiaojiang kept his eyes wide open, “Where is he? Why don’t you tell me earlier! That is impossible! It’s unfair! I have waited for months without seeing it. Why did you see that? Tell me the truth!”

Wind-Chasing Wolf was running away. He laughed, “I can tell you if you can catch up with me!”

Xiaojiang was not silly since he was the descendant of the longevity monsters. He looked at Cheese, “Cheese, you tell me!”

But Cheese ran away holding Nini’s hand, “I will tell you if you can catch up with us!”

“Sh*t… you guys!” Xiaojiang was shouting while following them, “Wait for me! Wait for me!”

Shu Xiaoshu was smiling while watching these kids. She looked at the fireworks in the sky, “Can you see that… the kids have grown up, honey.”

“How could they shoot off the fireworks now? What are they thinking about?”

Old Mo said at the back-stage. Cheng Yiran and the others had to pull the curtains because of the unexpected accident.

At this time, Cheng Yiran lifted his guitar up and suggested, “Would you like to sing a song now?”

“Now?” Hong Guan was stunned with frowning, “It is not suitable? A mess here…”

Cheng Yiran laughed, “Ha ha ha! The stage is well decorated! We can enjoy ourselves! That’s the music we are pursuing.”

After saying that, Cheng Yiran ran to the stage!

Hong Guan, Xiaoyao, and Old Mo looked at each other and then licked their lips… They understood, just do it!

That’s the rock music they expected!

“Hello! Everyone! We are back!” Cheng Yiran plucked the string of the guitar with an enjoyable expression, “the next song is… The Tide”

—Years of accumulated emotions were awakened in the rolling desire!

—The shouts raised again

—Flying notes inspired the tide of life!

The audience… stopped complaining about the accident tonight. They were immersed in the songs again and again… The sky was heated by the fireworks and the stage was heated by the enthusiastic songs.

“To be honest, I have not seen fireworks for years.” Gui Qianyi… was not an old lady now. He had wiped off the make-up after leaving.

“Me, either.”

Long Xiruo nodded. The brilliant rays were reflecting in her eyes. She was looking for a person at the top of the sky.

“Will he be lonely… standing at such a high place?”

Luo Qiu was snapping his fingers. There would be a firework rushing into the sky whenever Luo Qiu snapped one finger. He was smiling.

The sky was colorful and the ground was… also pleasant.

Miss. Maid had returned and walked to her owner, “Master, I made the police car…”

But Luo Qiu put his finger on You Ye’s lips to stop her words.

He said lightly, “Look, this gift is for you.”

Then, the boss waved his hands and the other fireworks rushed into the sky together… blooming into various bright colors.

Deep purples and bright reds, which were similar to the meetings of people.

There would always be a variety of beautiful and incredible fireworks when people gathered together.

He did not seem lonely anymore, because she accompanied him all this time.

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