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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Chapter 533: Predestined Fate of Marriage and Ba Zi (8 Characters For Fortunetelling)

Chapter 533: Predestined Fate of Marriage and Ba Zi (8 Characters For Fortunetelling)

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Translator: Alfredo Poutine Soup Editor: DesTheSloth

Mount Tai, in a rural house at the foot of some hill.

A 22-year-old youth with fair skin, was covering something while running back and smiling like a kid that had just finished playing with mud in the village.

“Brother Momo! Brother Momo! Guess what I caught… Huh, Brother Momo, what are you looking at?”

The youth looked at the other youth with golden hair, who was sitting by a poor wooden desk and focusing on his cellphone screen.

Like a gangster with a story behind him.

“Little Zhan.” Momo took a glance at the youth 3 years younger than him in front. He was commissioned by his senior, Yang Taizi, to take care of this guy called Zhan Er all the way.

As the rule among Taoists, Zhan Er should call him senior martial brother… but, times changed, those hidebound rules were not necessary.

Momo was speechless toward this Zhan Er the whole way. His mind was as young as a 12-year-old juvenile—he was extremely happy and excited to catch a cricket.

“Nothing.” Momo smiled, “I’m just checking if there’s some a new arrest warrant. Little Zhan we, Taoists, should be used to braving the wind and dew, but in modern society, many things are necessary, because they can avoid many troubles for us. Such as… money!”

“I know money.” Little Zhan nodded, “Each time my master goes down the mountain, he will go to the pawnshop to exchange some money.”

Momo smiled faintly, “That’s one of the ways to get money. Most seniors have some treasures; like selling some botanical objects, they could obtain a high price. But that’s the way of seniors. But for us, who have just come down from the mountain, we have to use other methods… Such as, catching those wanted criminals so that we may get some rewards from the police.”

Zhan Er received the instruction and hurried to nod, “Did you see something useful?”

Momo answered, “Yeah, I did, but the rewards were too low. I found one with good reward, but it’s too far from us and not worth it.”

Saying that, Momo passed the cellphone to Zhan Er.

“Wow… what a horrible face!”

Zhan Er stuck his tongue out while watching the photo on the screen. It was a fearsome man with a face full of scars, “It is called… Oh, here! Wind-Chasing Wolf! The reward is… 300,000 Yuan.”

But this innocent little Taoist had no idea about 300,000, so he glanced it over and gave it back to Momo.

He didn’t think money was necessary.

If hungry, he could eat fruits and catch wild animals; and if thirsty, sweet spring water could be obtained… so he didn’t think money was necessary.

“Oh, Brother Momo, how long will we stay here? We have been here for some days.” Zhan Er played around with the cricket while asking.

“Not too long, it’s almost the appointed time.” Momo said indifferently, “This is the big event held every ten years within the Taoists world, be patient. And, waiting is a kind of cultivation.”

Zhan Er thought for a while with his eyes rolled up, but asked curiously, “Is it that important? Call Penglai or something… by the way, what is Penglai? And, doesn’t it always fail?”

Momo shook his head, “I don’t know either, I just know it’s the rule in the Taoists world every ten years. To be honest, I’m new to this. As for Penglai… I’ve heard about that from my master. It may be about the immortal way to the heavens. He said that it is… a place which can fulfill everybody’s wishes.”

“All wishes?” it caught Zhan Er’s attention and his look started to shine, “Really?”

Momo smiled, “It’s just what he said, but I didn’t hear anyone being successful. Or maybe it’s just a legend. But from your look, do you have some wishes?”

Zhan Er nodded seriously.

Momo asked with curiosity, “What’s your wish?”

Zhan Er replied, “I want a PSP! My master didn’t buy it for me!”

Momo gave start and fell silent.

Zhan Er went on asking, “Brother Momo, what’s your wish?”

“My wish?” Momo suddenly looked through the window and answered after a long while, “My wish… will be what?”

“Brother Momo?”

Momo heaved a sigh and shook his head, “Nothing… it’s time to cultivate. Little Zhan, leave me alone.”

Zhan Er looked disappointed but didn’t speak more; he just laughed, “Then I’m going to dig some sweet potatoes and roast it for you! You’ll be hungry after cultivating.”

Momo looked at the back of that happy kid, “A PSP… what kind of wish it that, is it a wish?”

Momo closed his eyes gradually, and started to cultivate.

‘Penglai… Penglai, does it really exist?’

At another place in Mountain Tai.

At the top of the thick mountain, a beautiful figure was overlooking… the so-called ‘Feng Chan Tai (Seal Buddhist Platform).

She was as cold as marble, eyes were like mirrors, thinking about something… Suddenly, a tiny squirrel came to her feet.

It stood on its tiptoes, looking at this enormous figure.

She smiled slightly… and asked it, “Did you come to enjoy the view of the landscape?”

The squirrel couldn’t answer her definitely.

And she looked out with a murmur, “Last time, Huanzhen Jue was just a kid, too small to come and this time… I don’t know what the situation is. Penglai… may be just a legend.”

She didn’t always come to take part in the ceremony within this 500 years; she only came secretly when she finished cultivating that special method but didn’t have an official opportunity.

She would not have come this time too… if she didn’t wake up so quickly.

She stood still until the sun set and showed a sorrowful look on face.

She said slightly, “Master… How many times of reincarnations does Sanniang need to meet you again?”

“Let me introduce you, this is Master Huang!” Ren Ziling introduced a guy with a good-looking face.

He wore a Tang suit, a pair of sunglasses, had gray hair with a beard, and was sitting straightly… with no intention to smile.

He was over 50 years old.

Luo Qiu found a severe problem. That was, if he didn’t use the ability of the boss, sometimes it was hard for him to understand what Ren Ziling was thinking about.

‘No matter what, get You Ye together to have dinner!’

‘Or I will refuse to wash your socks… No no, one week, not washing your underwear! I will throw it in the living room! The door of your bedroom!! And eat durian in your room!!’

“Then master, You Ye will go to choose an appropriate set of clothes.”

It was good that the servant girl was always so kind and would solve problems for her master without complaints.

So the scene that happened just now was at the table by the window of a hot and spicy crayfish restaurant.

But Ren Ziling didn’t call Lizi to come.

After introducing them, Ren Ziling pulled Luo Qiu aside and left the servant girl and Master Huang sitting on both sides… Master Huang still maintained silence. It seemed that he was not attracted by You Ye’s beauty.

“So… who is Master Huang?” Luo Qiu frowned.

Now, Subeditor Ren had been turned to talkative model, who said mysteriously, “I asked many people to invite that Master Huang. He is really good at predictions especially in Bazi and the predestined fate of marriage! 100% of accuracy! We believe in science, but this is the tradition handed down from ancestors! Just let him tell the fortune for you and You Ye, alright?”

Boss Luo opened his mouth slightly in surprise.

‘Predestined Fate of Marriage… and Ba Zi?’

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