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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Chapter 534: Doomed to Be Lonely All Your Life…Huh?

Chapter 534: Doomed to Be Lonely All Your Life…Huh?

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Translator: Alfredo Poutine Soup Editor: DesTheSloth

Master Huang…We shall just call him Old Huang.

He was quite a famous man. According to the introduction… his family was poor when he was young, so he was sent to Mountain Wudang by his parents and lived there as a Taoist for twenty years before he resumed the secular life for some reason.

Then he began to practice physiognomy for the wealth. And somebody who went to him for some difficulties really escaped from some disasters.

It was also said that a businessman who was on the verge of bankruptcy gave a last try and found Master Huang for help.

Mr Huang arranged ‘an Array of Property Gathering’, and there was a financial crisis later…This businessman was not impacted by it but got wealthier than before.

As for the saying that Mr. Huang was also good at forecasting marriage… who knows how it spread?

But Ren Ziling maintained her thoughts that this Master was really a professional. You have to take a look!

She said that they had to take actions to solve the problem at once if they were not suitable on some parts. After all, life was so long. She said that she firmly believed that You Ye was her daughter-in-law!

“Ah Haha, Master Huang, sorry for keeping you waiting for so long!”

Ren Ziling pulled Boss Luo to his seat and apologized, “My boy is a little impolite, I beg your pardon!”

“That’s all right, it is common for young people to have a little fickleness.” Master Huang said slowly, “It will get better while he getting older. It is a good thing to be active during such a young time.”

“Yes, yes, yes, you are absolutely right, Master Huang!”

Subeditor Ren maintained her appearance of an old woman and said at this time, “Oh, yes, Master, I gave you his birth date before. What was the outcome?”

Master Huang nodded slightly, and said suddenly, “Miss Ren, it seems you have not given this young lady’s Bazi to me.”

Ren Ziling smiled with embarrassment… I thought so!

I considered asking Luo Qiu about it… but he is so shrewd that he would immediately know what I was about to do—He wouldn’t let me know at all!

But she didn’t give up, saying, “Master Huang, I heard that you are also good at predictions by observing faces and palms. In fact… I am a little doubtful about that… Master, I am sorry for that.”

Master Huang said calmly, “That’s alright. Geomantic metaphysics has always been something that cannot be seen. It is human nature to doubt it, just like Miss Ren. I have seen this so many times that I would not blame you for it. Since we have no Bazi, let me check the faces and palms instead.”

“Thank you Master!” Ren Ziling squinted and smiled, “Luo Qiu, give me your hand… You Ye, wait a moment, you are next!”

Miss Maid smiled and nodded calmly as usual.

Ren Ziling had an illusion that You Ye was not disgusted with this at all—Although she was not informed before, she still looked so kind!

No matter if her smile was just out of politeness or that she really didn’t mind this indeed… Such a daughter-in-law was really wonderful!

But Luo Qiu didn’t react, he looked at the yellow leaves of autumn out of the window—But his hand was pulled out by Ren Ziling.

Ren Ziling tried her best and finally put Luo Qiu’s hand on the table. Her eyes brightened and said, “Master! Enjoy your meal… no no no, please check it!”

Looking at Ren Ziling who had such strong fanaticism, Luo Qiu sighed slightly and just placed his hand there. He didn’t say anything and looked at the old tree with yellow leaves outside.

It was a banyan, who knows how old it was? Its branches stretched to the road, maybe it reached to the third floor?

The huge canopy of the tree made a big shadow under it. It would be cool under that during the summer.

An old man was sitting under the tree and resting with his child. They seemed to be talking about something, pointing to branches on the tree. Probably talking about something on the branches?

There were many yellow ribbons on the branches and the end of the ribbons were also tied with the marks for blessings…They were waving with the wind.

This was a common way of blessing—People tied the marks for blessings on a ribbon and then hung it on the tree.

How many ribbons were there on the tree?

“Young man, it seems that you are not confident in me.”

But Master Huang spoke at this time… which interrupted Boss Luo’s gaze.

Then Luo Qiu turned his head slightly and looked at Master Huang, saying, “Should I be confident?”

This brat looked lost in thought, which had already revealed all his thoughts… But Master Huang had encountered this type of people many times, so it was not difficult for him to handle such a case.

Master Huang said calmly, “Young man, there are many things that have been eliminated in this new world and our country also encouraged us to believe in science… But have you ever thought this? Why there are still some things that continue until now?”

Boss Luo thought for a while, then smiled and said suddenly, “Please have a look, Master.”

His attitude turned so quickly that Master Huang did not finish what he would like to say. But Master Huang was familiar with such a scene.

He had practiced physiognomy for rich kids—most of them were compelled by the elder woman of their family to come here with impatient faces.

Almost each of them was the same during the process. No matter what he said, they would all be denied.

Master Huang didn’t blame them for this… because they may encounter many liars before.

But he was different!

He really had the ability… He had encountered a wonderful chance on Mountain Wudang!

Master Huang recall secretly at this time… This woman with the surnamed Ren had already given this brat’s Bazi to him. The outcome flashed in his mind and then he said slowly, “Your life is not so good.”

Master Huang continued, “Your life was too tough, it is not a good thing, which may have brought disaster to your parents. So they died at a young age.”

Luo Qiu didn’t say anything.

But Ren Ziling frowned, she would not like Luo Qiu to be reminded of those painful memories. So she said, “Master, I think these can be found out if necessary?

Master Huang said calmly, “Don’t worry, this is just the beginning. It is too easy to talk about the things that happened a long time ago, so let’s talk about something recently and going forward.”

Then, Master Huang took off his black glasses, and one of his eyeballs turned black while the other turned white.

“Master, your eyes…” Ren Ziling was surprised.

Master Huang covered his black eyeball and opened the other one, saying calmly, “It isn’t a pearl eye. It is just different from yours. I can see many things that you can’t. Young Man, show me your palm.”

Boss Luo followed.

Miss Maid looked at Master’s white eyeball with interest and thought, ‘It seems it is an ordinary thing to practice physiognomy in the east. But no matter if he was a professional or not… No one in this world can predict the future of my master.

This was also the first time Miss Maid had joined such an activity. She wondered curiously what this Old Huang would get from Boss Luo’s palm.

Master Huang lowed his head a little, and he looked at Luo Qiu’s palm with the white eyeball carefully. After a short while, “Emm, I have never seen the palm like yours. But definitely… I am sure…you are doomed to be lonely! Doomed to be lonely and painful all your life!”

Master Huang suddenly raised his head and he looked at Luo Qiu with a shocked look. His white eyeball seems got brighter and he said in horror, “Tianji Temple, strong Tianliang… Lingxing Temple, That’s not right, this couldn’t be the lonely star… no no… Strong Ziwei, normal Qisha and Zuofu with Tianma… How can it be like this… wonderful life! Both Yougong and Lucun bless your life at the same time… Quite a rich and expensive life… still not right, not right… this is the emperor’s life! The real emperor’s life! There is actually such a supreme… you… how can you look so different between your palm and face!!?”

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