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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Chapter 536: Memory of One In Water

Chapter 536: Memory of One In Water

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Translator: Alfredo Poutine Soup Editor: DesTheSloth

“Sir, your water.”

The assistant of the store poured a glass of water, then left politely back to her place at the front desk… Then, she and her colleague glanced at the young man, who was turning and looking at the photo album.

That was the photo album with all the achievements about their customers.

‘He looks young, I wonder if he is of marriageable age.’

‘The two that came in with him are both stunners, especially the one with blond hair… is she a mix-blood?’

This boy didn’t look too handsome but was pretty attractive.

He might have a kind of lingering charm. The more you look, the better you feel.

The assistants tend to gossip. But when the electronic bell rang, all of them look towards the outside.

One said with a smile, “Mr. Xue and Ms. Wan, welcome to our store.”

Xue Shao smiled, “We come to have a look at our wedding dress.”

Saying that, he turned to the girl beside, “She’s worrying about it.”

The shop assistant smiled, “That’s reasonable, it’s a big thing in one’s life. Ms. Wan, come with me. I remember we just changed the style of your wedding dress. We planned to notify you these days, but, unexpectedly, you came yourself.”

The girl’s surname was Wan, Wan Zishan… Wan Zishan looked at Xue Shao, “Wait for me here, just take a seat.”

Xue Shao said ‘OK’, and looked around the wedding dress store after Wan Zishan walked into the dressing room with the assistant— to be honest, it was boring for a man to look around in such a place.

So he sat down, beside a young man.

He looked much younger than him. At that moment, he was turning the photo album.

The young man nodded slightly when he saw him. Xue Shao was bored— the time waiting for a lady to change her clothes was always a pain.

Maybe it was good to kill time by chatting— Xue Shao had become a sociable man and knew how to look for topics. So he sat down with a smile, “Are you waiting for your girlfriend? Or fiancée?”

Luo Qiu raised up his head—It seemed it was normal for a man to be friendly with one of the same gender in such a male-unfriendly place.

“Yes, I’m waiting for a girl who should be always accompanying me.” Luo Qiu gave him the closest answer to the current situation.

“Should have been?” Xue Shao gave a start, followed by a smile, “Yeah, nobody knows the future. But, hide the words away from the girl. She’ll be sad.”

Luo Qiu nodded, “Are you getting married?”

Xue Shao smiled with happiness, “Yeah, in several months.”

“Congratulations.” Boss Luo wasn’t stingy to give his best wishes to the lovers, “It’s a good news to find someone who can walk into the wedding hall with you.”

Xue Shao heard a lot of similar words— but most of them were on the official accounts on the Internet. But somehow, when the young man said it, he felt it was pretty special.

Xue Shao lowered his head, his fingers closed, with complexed expression… he didn’t know why, but he just sighed, “Actually, both of us met at a suitable time and felt we fit each other.”

“Don’t you like her?” Luo Qiu asked in a low voice.

Xue Shao shook his head subconsciously, “No, that’s not it. She’s the warmest girl I met. She’s tolerant towards me, I like her, but…”

Xue Shao looked up… the young man gave him an impulse to pour out all his secrets.

He looked at this young guy, as if he were facing a mirror, before he knew his name and identity, “But, do you have the experience of missing someone? I mean the feeling of falling in love, not about relatives or friends.”

“Well, I don’t, however…” Boss Luo said while thinking, “I met a customer, who been constantly missing a woman.”


Xue Shao gave a start, then nodded, “Are you a businessman?”

“Yes, I’m doing business.”

Xue Shao didn’t ask more about his occupation, but questioned, “How did the customer end up?”

Boss Luo said indifferently, “Later… he went back home and stop missing her, because he knew that woman never loved him.”

“Oh, I see…” Xue Shao looked down. He unconsciously moved his gaze to the window, looking outside.

He looked at the old banyan with strings and decorations— that wishing tree.

“Is your wish hanging on that tree?”

The sudden voice from the young man made Xue Shao show a slight hint of realization.

Luo Qiu smiled, “Many wishes are carried by that tree. I was just asking since you looked lost in thought. Well, it’s fine not to answer it.”

“Actually, it is nothing.” Xue Shao shook his head, “Events from my childhood… every boy does weird things without deep thoughts. Maybe they think of tomorrow, but don’t know they cannot handle the issues in the future.”

“A girl you cannot stop missing?” Boss Luo asked.

Xue Shao thought for a while; suddenly, he glanced at the changing room, then heaved a sigh, “Yeah, a girl who went to school with me and went back home together. We even promised to be with each other for our whole lives.”

Xue Shao shook his head emotionally, “But, it was wonderful that time… nothing else could beat it.”

“You broke up?”

Xue Shao curled his lips and nodded, “We appointed to go to the same university, but after the university-entrance exam, she was sent to Italy to further her studies by her family… and those promises ended like that. Several years can change a lot of people.”

“You never contacted with her?”

Xue Shao answered, “No, but I heard from our classmate that she was doing a geological prospecting job, and ran all over the world. It was hard to find her… something like that.”

Xue Shao didn’t know why he said so much to this young man… unwittingly.

Maybe they were strangers—we were used to revealing secrets hiding in our hearts to people who were total strangers to us.

Such as tree holes, the sea, or the fantasies when looking at the neon lights after getting drunk.

“Am I a bad man?” Xue Shao suddenly smiled bitterly, and laughed at himself, “I have my fiancée, but am still thinking of the past… I seem very bad.”

Luo Qiu didn’t answer it, but said, “That tree seems to be disappearing.”

Xue Shao was stunned.

Luo Qiu gave a sign to him, who looked back and saw an environmental sanitation truck coming. Some people wearing uniforms got off and cordon the around the banyan.

Xue Shao was clear what those actions meant.

He murmured, “It’s too large, stretching out of the road and almost touching someone’s house… but, will it be cut down…”

“It’s not the time.” Luo Qiu said, “Just preparations. Maybe, they will cut it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.”

Xue Shao stayed silent.

All of a sudden, an assistant came to him, “Mr. Xue, your clothes are ready. Would you like to have a try?”

Xue Shao nodded, and left with that assistant; maybe he was thinking about something.

Boss Luo look moved away from the tree until the truck left. At the same time, a pair of hands covered his eyes.

There would be only one person in this world, who would dare to behave like this.

“Brat! Turn around slowly. Right, turn slowly… don’t be so scared! Don’t open your mouth wide and be wordless! And, don’t drool!”

Gradually, Ren Ziling hands opened.

At the end of the white floor tiles, a figure with her head down was holding a bunch of blue flowers in her hands.

A retro, hollowed-out lace hemline that dispersed like the lotus leaves was let down on the floor, giving it a sense of pure white clouds floating in the air, moving in the wind.

It was also like a graceful and moving fishtail—it was called the ‘Fish Tail Wedding Dress’.

The servant girl revealed a light smile. When she raised her head, the blue in her eyes seemed to be softened a lot.

She was like a flawless white jade bottle.

Like someone’s memory immersed in water.

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