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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Chapter 537: Don’t Forget It

Chapter 537: Don’t Forget It

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Translator: Alfredo Poutine Soup Editor: DesTheSloth

There was a super huge wardrobe in the room of the servant girl, located on the second floor of the club.

It contained a spacious room with many different kinds of clothes— of course most of the time, the servant girl wore the maid outfit.

But there was no wedding dress in it.

“Is it beautiful?” You Ye picked up the hemline that seemed to be heavy, spinning her body in front of Luo Qiu.

The boss would forever remember that moment of blossoming— some weird thoughts generated from Boss Luo’s mind, but the gradually rising calmness got rid of it quickly.

He returned to his calm self as usual, smiling, “You’re beautiful.”

They looked at each other, nothing else seemed to be able to enter their eyes.

Aunt Ren was satisfied with the two’s gazes, but the calmness of Boss Luo gave her a sense of failure.

So Aunt Ren started her play in mind, ‘Are they really sexually apathetic?’

More and more plots generated from her mind.

On a romantic night, when it was the time for the new couple to consummate their marriage on the soft bed with candles and flowers around, after accepting all relatives and friends’ wishes, the two didn’t take off clothes, but just lay in bed hand in hand quietly, feeling each other’s heartbeat among the rose petals.

‘Plato is aesthetic… but how do we make babies?!!’

Ren Ziling suddenly quivered, and blurted out, “No! I cannot let this situation happen!!”

“What situation cannot happen?” Luo Qiu asked curiously.

Ren Ziling pushed Luo Qiu while avoiding that subject, “Nothing! Don’t talk about this, go change! Don’t waste the coupon! Go take wedding pictures!”

‘Well… it seems that I have to get Lizi’s medicine for having babies quickly.’

So Boss Luo was ordered to change into a suit of Western-style clothes, arriving at the second floor, and started his painful life for the next 1 hour.

“Sir, smile, right. Get close to the bride, yeah… get closer, or touch her waist… good, next posture. Or how about something more intimate, alright? Groom, kiss the bride’s cheek.”

Boss Luo was stunned by this order; he looked at the servant girl unconsciously.

He could feel her thoughts through her deep blue eyes.

Her eyes shook slightly, but it was not of expectation; rather, it was a hint of shock.

Ren Ziling eyes opened wide while standing beside the photographer, as if she had drunk ten bottles of Red Bull and almost poured out some gas from her nose.

She might be looking forward to it, and even wanted to give a bonus to the photographer. SHe was probably giving him the thumbs up, ‘Photographer, nice!’


The boss heard the voice from the servant girl—Of course, communicating through the mind.

The omnipotent servant girl had no idea about this situation, so the voice in his mind seemed to be perplexed.

‘It seems if I don’t satisfy her… she might endlessly stick her nose into this… Luo Qiu suddenly heaved a sigh, then lifted You Ye’s veil a little.


‘Don’t be afraid, just close your eyes.’

You Ye nodded and closed her deep blue eyes. Luo Qiu smiled faintly, pushing aside You Ye’s hair on the forehead and touched her forehead with his lips.

A soft kiss.

And the flashlight twinkled at this moment.

Downstairs of the wedding dress store.

Wan Zishan and Xue Shao had changed into their wedding clothes. Wan Zishan was talking to the shop assistant about her requirements in changing some tiny parts of her wedding dress, while Xue Shao looked around the hall of the wedding dress store.

‘Did that young man leave?’

“Yeah, just cut a little bit at the sleeve and it’ll be fine!”

“OK, Ms. Wan, we’ve recorded your requirements”

Wan Zishan held Xue Shao’s arm, maybe it was because she was very satisfied with the fitting experience, her smile never faded from her cheeks.

“You look so happy.” Xue Shao pinched Wan Zishan’s nose with ardent love.

“Speaking of which, when you went in to change, I saw a super beautiful lady!” Wan Zishan said with amazement, “She was extremely beautiful! If I didn’t see her, I wouldn’t believe such a perfect lady lived in this world!”

Xue Shao joked with her, “Really? It’s quite a pity that I didn’t see her.”

Wan Zishan stuck her tongue out, “What will you do if you saw her? It is said that the bride is the most beautiful woman in the husband’s mind. She’s another man’s bride! So, say, I’m the most beautiful in your eyes!”

“Oh my god, just how thick is your skin!” Xue Shao shook his head and sighed in despair.

“Say it quickly! I’m the best!” Wan Zishan made a pose of punching him— bantering flirtatiously was the temperament and interest between lovers.

She knew it and so did he; he was even willing to cooperate with the performance.

The two fought noisily for a while. Then, Xue Shao gaze fell by the road and said, “Wait for me here, I will go have a look there.”

After saying, Xue Shao walked across the road. The truck from the government didn’t leave, and several workers were sitting at the tree, drinking and chatting. It looked like they were having a rest.

“Excuse me, are you going to cut down this wishing tree?” Xue Shao asked the workers.

One uncle nodded, “Yeah! It’s too large and many residents upstairs complained about it. Besides, it’s a rainy and windy year, it might fall and hurt somebody.”

Xue Shao frowned and looked up to the shade covering his sight. It separated people and the blue skies and clouds, but brought a spacious place to enjoy the shade.

Xue Shao asked, “Can’t it be clipped? It should be alright if some extra branches were chopped off.”

The uncle shook his head at this, “Little brother, I’m unwilling to cut it down too because I have lived around this area for dozens of years. But we have to do this. Look, all trees around are afforestation trees except for this. City planners say it is not tidy and hard to be managed. Also, they say the tree looks ill and cannot be saved… Alas, we have to act according to the leader’s orders.”

“Cutting it down now?” Xue Shao looked at this uncle.

“No, we cordoned it off today and will cut it tomorrow or the next day after tomorrow. It’s too large to be cut using our tools.”

“Thanks, uncle.” Xue Shao nodded.

He walked to the tree, touching and gently stroking it; then he looked up to some branch far above…

“What’s wrong?” Wan Zishan heard the conversation of them and looked at her fiancé, whose gaze was distracted, asked, “Don’t you want it to be cut?”

Xue Shao sighed, and said something about him and this tree, “It was here since my childhood and I always climbed on it. I was mischievous and always threw others’ blessings down sneakily.”

“You were so bad!” Wan Zishan laughed.

Xue Shao recalled, “One time, I even fell from the tree… just over there.”

Wan Zishan gauge the height and felt scared, “Then, how were you after?”

Xue Shao smiled, “Maybe I was lucky. When I dropped, a branch was already broken off and it hooked my clothes, so I just jumped down. I was alright, but it scared my mom. She said god blessed my life.”

Xue Shao shook his head and sighed, “I’m a bit depressed hearing that it’ll be cut down.”

Wan Zishan held Xue Shao’s hand slightly, “Yeah. It’s really a pity to cut the tree with so many memories.”

“What a pity…” Xue Shao whispered, “Is it a pity?”

“Xue Shao?”

“Oh, nothing.” Xue Shao took a deep breath, “I’m just sighing about my life… are you hungry? Let’s go have some food.”

The girl nodded, holding Xue Shao’s arm, and thinking about which restaurant they should go.

Xue Shao glanced at the wishing tree. Suddenly, a gust of wind blew, shaking the leaves, and puffing away the yellow ones.

It blew away his thoughts and a certain promise he made with a certain girl.

—“It’s too high! Stop climbing! You may fall!”

—“No problem! I always climbed this tree!”

—“Throw it there.”

—“I want to hang my wish at the top! Then, I will be with you forever! Success! Look! Xu Jiayi, I wanna be with you forever!!”


“Don’t forget it.”

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