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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Chapter 538: Seeking The Ending Of A Dream

Chapter 538: Seeking The Ending Of A Dream

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Translator: Alfredo Poutine Soup Editor: DesTheSloth

People get used to the rainy days, especially in the second half of the year, when the rainfall dramatically increased.

The afternoon was sunny, but the evening was windy, and rain poured down before 7 o’clock.

Later, it became drizzle after 8.

Drizzling everywhere.

Chills woke Xue Shao up from the table— before sleeping, he accompanied Wan Zishan and took half a day off. Therefore, he had to go back to the company and even work overtime to finish his tasks.

He worked till 6 and wanted to have a nap, but was too exhausted and fell asleep unconsciously.

Xue Shao had a dream, a dream about long long ago.

The girl in his memory didn’t do anything at all during his birthday. Just as he was feeling disappointed at her unawareness, the girl kissed his cheek lightly before she went back home.

The girl said, ‘It’s not your birthday present, but this one is.’ Then, the girl took out a necklace, and put it on his neck. She said it was from her mother, and hoped that he would wear it all the time.

The dream suddenly stopped because he woke up.

No lights were turned on in the room Xue Shao stayed except for his laptop screen. Xue Shao turned the chair and watched the drizzle outside; he subconsciously touched his neck.

There was always a brown crescent-moon-shape pendant hanging on his neck, held by a simple string.

Xue Shao looked at the rain… it seemed that rainy days always cause a ripple of anxiousness in his heart.

He couldn’t help wondering if every man had the same feelings he did before marriage… being unable to control themselves and thought about their past love.

Especially first love, which had died in his sleep.

Maybe it also affected women… who couldn’t control themselves but to think and sigh about something. They could not resist the sudden memories of sweetness and bitterness, even if they were unwilling to recall it.

As time went, Xue Shao thought he had forgotten about it, or hid it deeply in memories. And when… when he grew up and could face it with a smile, he might open it again.

That was his plan, because he didn’t deny his true love and loyalty to his fiancée.

“Maybe it is because I’m about to get married… and changing into another state?” Xue Shao heaved a sigh, “But…”

Xue Shao held tightly the tiny crescent moon across his clothes.

However… he didn’t want to think about these as he was transitioning into the next stage. “Don’t flee, just end it.”

Xue Shao picked up his cellphone and waited for a second, “Hi, class president, it’s me, Xue Shao.”

“Xue Shao, what’s the matter?”

“Nothing much… but I’m about to get married.” Xue Shao said, “And I’m writing the invitation cards… but I cannot contact some people. Do you know the contact information of Xu Jiayi? I cannot find her.”

“Xu Jiayi… Ah, I haven’t heard this name for long.” The leader suddenly grinned, “I remember that you had a major crush on her at school eh? Why, you cannot forget her, and want to see her sneakily for a final screw?”

“Man, don’t joke.” Xue Shao hurriedly said, “I really need to send her the invitation card… or at least inform her.”

“Fine, we all know that you’re the rare sort. Last time each of us shared a girl in Karaoke, But you sang all night, so that I had to do it with two girls! May I know what did you think? I wonder if you are impotent!”


“Ok, fine, I’ll stop.”

The class president said after a second of pause, “But I don’t have the contact information of Xu Jiayi. Somebody said she flies all the world and cannot be found. I don’t think I can help you.”

“Well… fine, that is a pity.” Xue Shao said, “President, don’t forget to accept the invitation card and come on time! If not, we are done.”

“F*ck… I will definitely go even if I have to crawl over, alright?”

“Yeah, well, I have to go back home, bye.”

Xue Shao hung up the phone with a slight hint of a bitter smile.

Xue Shao called Wan Zishan to say everything was alright before he left the company… but he didn’t drive his car home straightaway due to some unknown agitation.

He came beneath the building of that woman in his heart.

Looking up to the room on sixth floor next to the road… he used to live around here.

As the class president said, he had a major crush on that girl—before they started.

He couldn’t forget the first day for new students. He saw that face and the faint smile… as well as the scene where the wind blew up the girl’s hair.

He always gazed at that window when he passed by and hoped that the girl would look out.

But there was light in this old house any more. The balcony was full of rust and the curtains had been taken away… It was just an empty house now.

As expected, he should not have opened that box randomly.

Standing in this place filled where he had waited through countless evenings… It was true that one should not open the box hiding deeply in one’s heart.

“Xu Jiayi, you left, went abroad without delay… and didn’t even leave me any contact information.” Xue Shao stretched out his hand and felt the drizzle; he said to himself, “You even… didn’t tell me.”

He took a deep breath, turning to leave. He walked to his car… 100 meters away from that place.

Xue Shao bitterly smiled… maybe he shouldn’t have asked about the wishing tree. Did he lose his mind due to the news that the tree was about to be cut down?

He strolled with his umbrella.

Under the street light, two old-fashioned lamps decorated the dark corner.

“Was there a shop here?” Xue Shao frowned, and looked at the dim sign of the shop.

He didn’t notice that the surroundings had changed and he even ignored the quietness… the abnormal quietness here.

He subconsciously came to the doorway, it seemed that something kept attracting him.

Xue Shao collected his umbrella and shook off the rain water; then he pushed open the wooden door.

The bell rang.

The lamp was warm.

At the moment he entered, Xue Shao couldn’t feel the cool and quiet rainy street. This place was very warm.

“Welcome, may I help you, dear customer.”

“Well… customer, you want to meet your first love right?” The boss asked in a soft voice.

“I… I’m not sure.” Xue Shao shook his head and looked at the guy nervously.

He knew something about this shop… and had to believe what he witnessed after the mysterious boss showed him some fantastic abilities.

But he was still curious, why did he come to such a weird place?

The only reason that made him calm him down was… it was not a horrible space, or a place with evil demons that had long horns and fangs shown in movies. Instead, this boss wore a scary mask, but looked very polite.

He treated his customers well, following the strictest rule and manner.

The boss and the servant girl— Wan Zishan said she met a perfect woman, but he thought this woman should be called ‘perfect’.

But just… a little bit cold.

“Not sure?”

Boss Luo thought for a while, “Customer, if you’re not sure, we cannot start the trade. So, please think carefully, because it won’t be changed once the deal starts.”

“May I know the price now?” Xue Shao asked calmly, “I won’t sell my health, life, even my emotions or other things… I want to end the love with her, but I don’t to cause any bad influence to my fiancée because of my selfishness.”

“You seem to love your fiancée very much.” Boss Luo nodded, “If so, why are you still bewildered with the past?”

Xue Shao bitterly smiled, “It’s a hard and painful thing to forget one person… especially when you know you cannot achieve it and should love the next woman.”

“So you want a result?”

Xue Shao nodded, “Yeah, but if it will break my wedding or the life after marriage, I won’t do it… so I need to know what the price is.”

“Well.” Boss Luo thought for a while, and said, “According to your request, there was only one thing that can be the transaction fee… that is your necklace.”

“Necklace?” Xue Shao gaped.

—‘Keep the necklace and constantly bring me with you.”

Boss Luo nodded, “Right, the necklace is enough to meet your request.”

“You want an object that is important to me.” Xue Shao smiled bitterly, and suddenly sighed, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch. I just want a result. No, I just want to break up with my past. So… let me give up everything belonging to the past.”

He took off the necklace and put it in front of the boss.

“No, you hold it for now.” Boss Luo said indifferently, “Let’s sign the contract first. When the goods have been sent to you, we’ll get away your necklace.”

“You…” Xue Shao nodded, “are fair at least.”

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