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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Chapter 541: Initial Stage Of Maturity

Chapter 541: Initial Stage Of Maturity

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Translator: Alfredo Poutine Soup Editor: DesTheSloth

“What’re you thinking of?”

Xue Shao sensed a pair of cool hands covering his eyes. The soft sense of touch dragged him back to reality from wishful thinking.

He didn’t sleep well last night… not because of the appointment, but due to the mysterious boss. He was too scared to sleep well.

“Nothing, just spacing out.” Xue Shao shook his head and started to size up Xu Jiayi.

She didn’t have any makeup on and was dressed casually. Xue Shao was amazed at her good skin, which was as delicate as a little girl.

The outline of her face had turned deeper. The only other differences were the longer hair and taller height—but the behavior was still the same, such as covering his eyes.

“Then let’s go.” Xu Jiayi said while holding Xue Shao’s hand.

The spontaneous action made Xue Shao feel a bit lost… because he didn’t feel awkward at all.

It seemed that Xu Jiayi had arranged today’s route. They rented two bikes with the bike sharing service. Xu Jiayi constantly kept rushing in front and asking Xue Shao to chase after her.

Xue Shao had never known that this woman was so energetic. He attributed it to her job nature—geological prospecting.

He couldn’t even catch up to her.

Xue Shao gasped for air while looking at his loose clothes and his big belly that couldn’t be covered, thinking he should lose weight.

But he had to admit that it was a good route arranged by Xu Jiayi.

It was a coastal city. They escaped from the hotel, going through the mountain roads, and almost saw the view of half the city.

At last, Xu Jiayi stopped at the hillside, with both hands grasping the handrail and looking down— Xue Shao was still riding hard there.

The wind blew up her hair, but Xue Shao tried his best to ride up. He felt it long and hard to ride the last dozens of meters’ way.

And she looked unreachable.

But he still tried, until he used up all his energy, reaching the resting spot, and gaining a feeling of success.

But Xu Jiayi had ridden her bike down, gliding the way downhill, as if saying ‘Lulululu'(mocking) to Xue Shao.

She seemed unwilling to be caught up.

She said she wanted to make fun of him last night.

Xue Shao massaged his forehead, and thought he was lucky because it was a downhill path.

“Don’t run! I won’t let you go if I catch up!!” Xue Shao shouted at the back.

She was laughing in front; the laughter was like a song, spreading over the hill.

It made Xue Shao think back to the time when he borrowed a new bike from his classmate and took her to the suburbs, she had the same laughter.

He felt the downhill path was too short and time had turned faster.

Their next stop was the famous snack street— at the foot of the hill.

“There’s no sugar picture.” Xu Jiayi said with disappointment.

“It is becoming rarer and rarer. Even that old man who usually sets up his stall on our way to school isn’t there anymore.” Xue Shao shook his head.

“Ah… I see.”

Xu Jiayi sighed with disappointment, but she came to herself soon, “I feel sad, Xue Shao, I won’t be happy unless you buy me cotton candy.”

“…can you still eat?” Xue Shao was shocked, but smiled then, “Well, you’re a foodie and have a stomach like a black hole.”

“But I’m not fatty!” Xu Jiayi tongue stuck out, and ran quickly to the cotton candy stall.

‘Did 11 years pass?’

“But can you still eat lunch?”

Xue Shao followed her.

He always chased after her figure.

Xue Shao could not eat as much as Xu Jiayi—he felt uncomfortable after eating so much and really ended up in the hospital that day.

It must be because the food is dirty— he only ate one thing, and that was due to Xu Jiayi eating so heartily that he couldn’t resist himself..

“Sorry you had to waste half a day to accompany me.” Xue Shao face paled, sitting in the infusion room and looking at Xu Jiayi with an apologetic expression, “I was the one that should have accompanied you today.”

“You are accompanying me right now.” Xu Jiayi said while gazing at the watch on the wall.

Xue Shao’s phone rang as he was about to reply. He was stunned by the caller ID and found Xu Jiayi looking at him now.

“Girlfriend?” Xu Jiayi asked.

Xue Shao nodded, he didn’t want to lie to her.

She just smiled, and walked away. He found she left with drooping shoulders.

It was from Wan Zishan with some trifles. She said the wedding dress was ready and she had written many invitation cards and asked his class president to help spread the word among his classmates, something like these.

Xue Shao replied her with patience, he even wanted Wan Zishan to stay on the phone longer.

He looked at the clock, and counted how many circles the minute and second hand had spun.

Because he didn’t know how to face the woman walking away. Well, ever since they met in the hotel, he hadn’t known how to face her.

He got acute gastroenteritis. After an injection, he didn’t have to stay in the hospital. However, since they left the hospital, Xu Jiayi had not spoken to him.

Both looked at the landscape outside, the driver might think they were lovers that quarreled.

When the got off, Xue Shao told her, “I’m getting married.”

Xu Jiayi wasn’t surprised and acted calmly… Xue Shao was aware of how long they had spent in silence, from the hospital to the hotel.

“Are you free tomorrow?” Xu Jiayi replied.

He got the same reply as yesterday except that he was sick this time… He didn’t know if the mysterious boss would come to his room tonight.

Xue Shao didn’t sleep in the first half of the night, but fell asleep after 2 a.m.

He didn’t know if the boss came but he felt nothing was wrong with his stomach.

Xue Shao met Xu Jiayi in the cafeteria for breakfast.

He looked at Xu Jiayi sitting there while eating her food. When she found him, she waved her hands with a smile.

Xue Shao walked to her, but became absent-minded.

He suddenly compared Wan Zishan and Xu Jiayi—for example, in this similar situation, Wan Zishan would always get food, but wouldn’t eat until he came, even if she was hungry.

But Xue Shao thought it was unsuitable to compare these two different characters.

Xue Shao poured two cups of coffee, bringing them to the table. He sprinkled two bags of sugar with one cup of milk, and didn’t put anything in the other, which was for him.

He pushed the well-stirred coffee to Xu Jiayi with a fluent action… but then he stopped, not moving his arms.

Two bags of sugar with one cup of milk… it was Wan Zishan style.

“Put one more bag of sugar, I like sweet ones.” Xu Jiayi smiled, “Be a gentleman until the end.”

Xue Shao added one more bag of sugar awkwardly.

Xu Jiayi didn’t ask anything about his marriage, but revealed today’s arrangements.

Xue Shao found he had no reason to ask anymore— like if she had a boyfriend, what had she done these years… even if she got married.

It was like they had a tacit agreement, not to talk about their own matters.

Except asking some irrelevant questions to break the ice, like why she came to this city.

Xu Jiayi told him that she was being forced to get married, so she escaped; but she didn’t have a destination. She just bought an air ticket to come here and unexpectedly they met each other.

At last, she looked at Xue Shao seriously wondering if he believed that. Xue Shao directly shook his head— what the hell was this.

Xu Jiayi laughed, “It’s a temporary arrangement from the company, but it’s true we met.”

Xue Shao thought it might be the plan of that boss.

Xu Jiayi was quite a good foodie— it didn’t make sense since she ate so much these years but didn’t get fat.

It seemed that she could eat everything that could be eaten.

“It’s a pity you cannot eat.”

She shook the delicious food in front of him, while making fun of him as usual.

Xue Shao ignored her but looked to the front.

Xu Jiayi suddenly held his hand.

She grasped some snacks while holding his hand, walking along a quiet path.

But it suddenly rained.

“Wow, why did it rain? The forecast didn’t mention that.” Xu Jiayi looked up to the sky from the door of a shop.

Xue Shao said, “It’s probably a shower. That is normal by the seaside… Well, this place is good too. There is a shopping mall opposite the road. Let’s go… through that tunnel and go shopping there.”

Xu Jiayi looked at him, blinking her eyes.

Xue Shao felt she might not have grown up… at least this action hadn’t been changed.

“Why are you looking at me?”

“You changed.” Xu Jiayi looked at Xue Shao seriously, “You’ve totally changed. Before, you wouldn’t look so unhurried. You always got mad and swore.”

“I’ve grown up.” Xue Shao smiled, “I know swearing is useless and cannot stop the rain, or even life. So I have to change; after all, time cannot go back.”

Time… cannot go back.”

‘Then what am I chasing after?’

Xu Jiayi held Xue Shao’s hand, dashing to the shopping mall through the rain.

Xue Shao was curious about her behavior, but there was no time for him to ask in the rain.

They dashed into the first floor, their bodies totally wet. Xu Jiayi said, “Wait for me here.”

Xue Shao didn’t know what she wanted to do… maybe she wanted to make fun of him again.

Waiting always seemed very long, especially waiting for a woman.

Standing in the hall with a soaked body, like a fool… Xue Shao never thought he would be so embarrassed.

He didn’t care about surrounding gazes, but he felt… a little cold.


He sneezed… because he got wet in the rain and the enterogastritis yesterday.

“Xue Shao!”

Xu Jiayi’s voice… was very loud, shouting behind him.

He turned about, and found Xu Jiayi walked to him slowly, in a… school uniform, instead of the wet clothes.

But it was not what they used to wear at school.

Xu Jiayi gasped for air. Xue Shao was amazed that she could find such clothes in the shopping mall. However… she came, looking like the appearance she had when she was 17 years old.

Looking at the girl wearing a school uniform, smiling with fluffy hair at the school gate.

Xu Jiayi came to him with a slight hint of bashfulness; suddenly she leaned her head on his shoulder, whispering, “Didn’t time go back?”

Time, did not go back, but stopped at this moment.

“Wait for me.” Xue Shao said in a low voice.

After, he ran upstairs… he didn’t think of morality or sensibility, but the impulse impelled him to do so.

He was actually palpitating with excitement, eager to do so, beating all taboos.

Half an hour passed.

He went back to Xu Jiayi, wearing a set of… unfit, but at least student-uniform-like clothes. Well, he looked funny wearing the clothes.

Xue Shao’s hands pressed his own knees, gasping for air, “Where… where did you get it… I, I can only find these… but…”

He stood up, “Just make do with them.”

Xu Jiayi suddenly kissed him.

It was a pretty long kiss.


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