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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Chapter 542: The Old Me

Chapter 542: The Old Me

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Translator: Alfredo Poutine Soup Editor: DesTheSloth

The advantage of a shower was that it leaves fast and decreases the temperature brought by the sun at 4 o’clock.

When they left the shopping mall, Xue Shao actively sought Xu Jiayi’s hand.

With no talk.

It was like those nights going back home from school, they held each other’s hand. On cloudy days or sunny days, windy days or rainy days.

Xu Jiayi suddenly said, “It’s not a kiss between lovers.”

Xue Shao smiled, “I know.”

Xu Jiayi was always more mature than him, no matter in the past or now. They had their own stories separate from each other within those 11 years. Xue Shao thought, maybe Xu Jiayi’s stories were more wonderful than his.

She could always find wonderful stories. Such a positive girl, maybe… she would ask some boy(s) to buy her some food in some summer or winter during those 11 years.

It was just like that winter night many years ago, when she asked him to buy her a piece of cake.

She just asked if time went back a little just now… which didn’t mean if they had returned to the past.

He was chasing after a dream of his youth, walking through this path. It was an immature dream with insistence and pain.

They didn’t go back to the hotel but wasted a lot of time sitting at the bus station.

Xue Shao said they were not as foolish as before.

Xu Jiayi leaned on his shoulder, “You were foolish, very foolish.”

It was undeniable that, Xue Shao enjoyed this moment, a dream-like feeling.

But he knew it was just for a short while. Maybe she was aware of it too.

So he said to her, “Next time, let me introduce my fiancée to you.”

Xu Jiayi thought for a while, “Fortunately, you didn’t say you wanted to invite me to your wedding banquet, or I will definitely cry.”

Xue Shao suddenly asked, “Then would you like to come to my wedding banquet?”

Xu Jiayi pinched Xue Shao’s ear tightly and pouted, “No, absolutely not!”

Xue Shao laughed, because this time, he made fun of her.

Xu Jiayi massaged his ear and whispered, “But I’ll invite you to my wedding, and you must arrive, and give me your best wishes.”

Xue Shao said, this was very cruel to a man.

Xu Jiayi replied, don’t you want to go back to the place belonging to you.

Xue Shao looked at the night sky, nodding, and saying he will.

He still didn’t know why she left without a notice.

Because he felt it was unnecessary for him.

Xu Jiayi questioned if he would like to buy her a piece of cake.

Xue Shao said no problem.

The begin and the end.

Xue Shao slept very well and had a wonderful dream that night. In the dream, he went back to his 17-year-old self, holding the girl’s hand, sitting at the beach and looking at the sunset.

Then, Xue Shao didn’t see Xu Jiayi anymore; she left silently, but differently from the last time; she didn’t tell him where she headed for.

He heard from the receptionist, that that lady had checked-out this morning.

Xue Shao thought it would be good to end it.

According to the schedule, he had to leave tomorrow, but he had delayed it by two days. He had to meet clients without a rest today.

Talking to a local shop owner, having a meeting with the staff of a company, then received a lecture by the company officers— ‘Why did you delay the schedule?’

“I’ll go back tomorrow afternoon. Are you tired these days?” in the evening, he called Wan Zishan for a long time, speaking until midnight.

The woman had become part of his life unknowingly.

An essential and important part of his future life.

He got on the plane back to his city.

Wan Zishan came to pick him up; he was exhausted, but felt good going back.

“What’s wrong? You look good after the trip.”

Xue Shao thought for a while, “Because I feel that I love you more.”

Wan Zishan gave a start, rolling her eyes up, but feeling happy anyway, just not saying it out, “Don’t talk nonsense, the wedding dress is ready, let’s get it back. Are you alright?”

“Well, I can sleep in the car.” Xue Shao shrugged, “But why is it still raining? Did it stop?”

“It stopped for one day, then continued to drizzle.” Wan Zishan said, “But the forecast says it’ll be sunny the day after tomorrow.”

Xue Shao put away the luggage, getting on the car, and falling asleep soon. Wan Zishan drove the car for the next one hour to the wedding dress store.

Xue Shao slept deeply, Wan Zishan only woke him up when they arrived. He yawned, opening the door and getting off. Seeing the tree, he said in surprise, “It’s still there?”

Wan Zishan glanced at it and said after thinking, “It’s probably because it was hard to cut it down in the rain. But many leaves fell, they didn’t clean them yet.”

Xue Shao thought while looking at the tree. Those blessings fell with the leaves… he didn’t know it included the one he hanged.

“Are you still feeling sad?” Wan Zishan looked at the tree beside.

Xue Shao shook his head, and walked in holding her hand.

Another blessing had been blown off with many leaves.

In the evening, Xue Shao said to Wan Zishan that he was going to buy something— they lived together since a long time ago.

Xue Shao didn’t remember the location of the mysterious shop, but it was not hard to find it.

He shook off the rain water too, at the doorway.

He was scared and hurried the last time he came here, so no time was left for him to look around—Well, it was the same this time.

The boss owner still looked quiet while sitting on the chair.

Xue Shao nodded to the boss, then heaved a sigh of relief and took off his necklace, putting it on the table.

Luo Qiu said, “Customer, I said don’t be hurried.”

Xue Shao took a deep breath, “I don’t want someone to appear in my house suddenly. It won’t scare me, but my Zishan.”

“Sorry for the sudden appearance last time.” Luo Qiu apologized.

Xue Shao shook his head… he felt this mysterious boss had a sense of propriety while doing business.

Luo Qiu received the necklace, playing around with it while asking, “Mr. Xue seemed to have a nice trip. Did you find the answer?”

“It’s a secret.”

Xue Shao smiled to him… with a feeling of relief.


Boss Luo nodded to him and stood up, “We’ll welcome you next time if necessary.”

Xue Shao feared such mysterious power. He didn’t say anything, just left with his umbrella after a hurried nod.

It stopped raining after he walked out; the night air was fresh. Xue Shao inhaled the air and felt energetic.

He didn’t go back home, but drove his car to the wishing tree.

Xue Shao touched the tree for long, then deeply breathed, climbing up in one go.

Based on his memory, he found the place he used to climb up too.

This was the place he hung the decoration for the girl. He tied it to the tree because he was afraid it would be blown off.

That meant, the decoration was still there.

Xue Shao untied it and climbed down.

He didn’t plan to take it away, but forced open several floor tile by the sidewalk under the tree, then dug deeply, putting the decorations into a box, and burying it in the hole.

Ensuring that his young memory was finally hidden at this place.

But Xue Shao felt a bit regretful; he stood up, patted down the mud from his hands… He said goodbye to his old self, but never said goodbye to Xu Jiayi.

Maybe… she didn’t want to hear that, so left silently without saying anything.

“I really don’t know who is the one that hasn’t grown up.” Xue Shao heaved a sigh, driving away.

‘Then, goodbye, my dream, with an 11-year interruption.’

‘And goodbye, the old me.’

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