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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Chapter 545: The Last Days of Life

Chapter 545: The Last Days of Life

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Translator: Alfredo Poutine Soup Editor: DesTheSloth

‘I have no name and I don’t know who I am. I got awareness unconsciously.’

‘I can see many people passing by my side. They sometimes stop here and talk with each other— finally, I found out they were humans.’

‘Gradually, I found that I enjoyed their words, from which I could know many things, some things were interesting, some things were good and some things were bad.’

‘I would listen to all those things carefully, even though they were not aware of this.’

‘But I still enjoyed this so much, because… I couldn’t leave this place.’

‘I know that I am a tree. I took root here deeply and will go deeper and deeper in the future…Suddenly, I wish to walk around someday if possible.’

‘I would go to those places that were mentioned in their words and have a taste of those foods.’

‘But, when can I leave this place?’

‘It’s hot in the summer, so I like the rain. But it’s cold in winter and my leaves will fall down. I hate that.’

‘When can I leave this place?’

‘How many… years has it been since I have been here.’

‘I am so lonely.’

‘Recently, there is another annoying thing! Ahh, it’s really annoying! What are these human beings throwing on me!’

‘They are so heavy that they may damage my branches. I hate them! I hate them so much! Would you stop doing that?’

‘Humph! I would never help you to achieve your wishes!’

‘How… how can I help you with that… When… When can I leave this place?’

‘It’s winter again, I hate it.’

‘Where are the sparrows? Why don’t they come here… People don’t go out often now. I hope that summer will come soon.’

‘When can I leave this place?’

‘Then for the first time I met a person who could talk to me… Oh yes, she said that she was not a person, but a monster, a kind of living creature.’

‘She said that her family name was Long, and she would stay here for a long time.’

‘She told me that I was a tree monster. She allowed me to stay here and said I would be able to leave this place someday.’

‘I finally know who I am! I am so happy and I look forward to the day I could leave.’

‘Then, fifty years passed.’

‘Just like Miss Long said, I am able to move… but just a little, within a field of about ten meters around.’

‘But I am very happy with that, really happy… Just one thing—people keep putting more and more of those things on me!’

‘The old ones fall down, then the new ones would come up again.’

‘Alright, don’t worry about this. I would like to keep practicing how to move further and further!’

‘Haha! I can finally move so far! Today, I reach a place ten kilometers away from here—This is the first time.’

‘Another fifty years passed during that time.’

‘As per the human saying, am I an old lady now? Not at all!’

‘When would you stop throwing these to me? I really can’t help you… So, don’t blame me, okay?’

‘There is a mischievous boy, he is so mischievous… I have never someone like this before! What are you doing! He even climbs on my body!’

‘Although many people did this for these years, they are not the same as you—You even stood on me and peed down on people under the tree!!’

‘Pee! On me!! It is unbelievable!!!’

‘He is so bad! So bad!!’

‘Haha! You are punished? You naughty boy!’

‘Does that hurt? You know what you did wrong? You deserve it! I am so happy to see you cry! Hahaha!!’

‘He is Xue Shao.’

‘I have never seen such a naughty boy! Xue Shao, do you know how many new leaves and branches are damaged with you climbing up and down?’

‘But, I will forgive you as you since you helped me removed these decorations!’

‘Humph, you should say thank me!’

‘Today… Xue Shao didn’t come.’

‘It feels that something is missing and I am unhappy.’

‘You caught a cold… Humans are so weak. But you seem to be a little taller.’

‘Ah, you’d better grow up quickly and don’t bother me all the day!’

‘I worry about you all day that I can’t focus on my practice now.’

‘Ah… You little bastard, how could you climb so high, you are going to die! You… you really fell down!! Little bastard! !’

‘I bit my teeth and broke my own branches. I finally hooked this little bastard!’

‘It’s hurt, so painful!’

‘You little bastard! You always cause trouble!! It hurts me!!’

‘But… you are alright now, it’s fine.’

‘Don’t climb so high next time, little fool.’

‘Hey, you little bastard, why don’t you climb up today? So you learned a lesson yesterday? Not bad.’

‘Wait! What are you doing!! How dare you throw that on me, too?’

“Big tree, Mom said that God saved me, but I think it was you. Thank you! Let me make a wish for you!”

‘No one… no one did this for me before.’


‘Why I am crying?’

‘Little bastard!! I hate you!! You made me cry!!’

‘But, thank you.’

‘Today, Xue Shao didn’t come.’

‘I am unhappy.’

‘He came today… then why not stay a little longer.’

‘He didn’t come here a lot recently.’

‘You… you start… going to play something else, football, video games! Humph! Just play with them!! It is best not to come!!’

‘I hate you! I hate Xue Shao!’

‘Will… will you come here tomorrow?’

‘What will happen if I show up in front of you?’

‘It’s so annoying.’

‘Since you won’t come here, then let me find you there. I have practiced for so many years!!!’

‘This is Xue Shao’s junior high school. How is it like to study here?’

‘Ah, don’t run so fast!! You are playing football, don’t be so rude!! See!! You fell down!!’

‘Does that hurt?’

‘Xue Shao!! Come on!! Yes!! Come on!! Goal!!’

‘I am so happy that I jumped up! No one could see me.’

‘How great it would be if… if I could join them and throw you up?’

‘Your mother shouted at you? You always cause trouble.’

‘Humph! Let me help you. There is a tree hole here, say anything you want!’

‘Just a tree hole… it won’t hurt!’

‘You rarely come here now.’

‘You are a senior high school student.’

“Xu Jiayi, I love you!”

‘What are you talking about? Who…who is Xu Jiayi?’

‘I don’t want to hear this. Please, don’t say that.’

‘I know you like her, you follow her quietly each day! I don’t want to see you!’

‘Don’t walk this way!’

‘I don’t want to see you!!’

‘If you like her, then go and chase her! Bastard!!

“Wishing tree, I heard that you can make people’s dream come true! Before leaving I wish I could be admitted to a good university in the future!”

‘Why do you… make a wish here?’

‘You came here for the first time and you want me to help you? Are you kidding me!! You ugly girl!!’

‘What about Xue Shao! He hasn’t confessed to you!’

‘Please. don’t leave, he will be sad, please.’

‘Little fool, she will leave soon, you don’t know that yet!’

“She left and went abroad.”

‘I know that… Little fool.’

“I am so sad, I am so sad. I want to cry…”

‘You are crying now.’

‘Xue Shao, don’t cry, please…please don’t cry…’

‘I would do anything you want. Please just don’t let me see your sad face.’


“Would you please. help me?”

‘I couldn’t stand the painful look of Xue Shao. In the past few days, I have quietly looked at him hiding in the house alone.’

‘So I decided to refer to Miss Long for help.’

‘But she was unwilling to help me, so I kept asking and bothering her!’

“Just for this time!”

‘She told me seriously, ‘We all have boundaries, no matter human beings or monsters. If you break them, you will get punished.”

“No, I won’t regret it!”

‘She helped me to seal Xue Shao’s memory of Xu Jiayi’s going abroad, so that he couldn’t remember this thing.’

‘Today, I put on a very beautiful dress. For the first time, I showed my appearance in front of human beings… No, it is just the appearance of another human being.’

‘It is Xu Jiayi.’

‘I lean on myself and waited there for a long time, I am so nervous.’

‘I see him!’

‘I am very nervous, and I am afraid that he may find out something. ‘Xue Shao, would you please buy me a piece of cake?’

‘All the other students think I am Xu Xin, except Xue Shao, I am Xu Jiayi when he sees me.’

‘Thank you, Master Long, for helping me so much…’

‘I can stay with Xue Shao every day now.’

‘This little bastard, you should already hold my hand! Be brave! Do you want me to take yours first!!’

‘Let… let me hold your hand first.’

‘ Damn it!! I really want to die… I actually held his hand first!!’

‘Every day we spend together, every store we go to before, every…

‘We are always together.’

‘You placed the second decoration on me and wished that you can always be with Xu Jiayi.’

‘I am not… Xu Jiayi.’

‘I also want to be with you all the time.’

‘Forever and ever.’

‘But… you don’t know, I am not her.’

‘It hurts so much…’

‘I really regret it. I don’t like such a feeling. I don’t want this!!’


‘As long as you are happy…’

‘One day, I fell suddenly when Xue Shao left.’

‘I never felt like this before… I try my best to get into my body. I am so tired. It feels like I am about to explode.’

‘I didn’t manage to say anything before I lost my conscious.’

‘When I woke up, I saw Master Long frowning and she looked at me, saying, ‘I really should not have promised you. You should stop now, and go back to your body to practice. Do you know that a human’s love is a kind of disaster for you… If you continue, you will not be able to go on practicing.’

“No, I won’t!’

‘I am not going to continue my mistakes, no matter whether you agree or not… I will correct that boy’s memory and remove all traces of you in the human world!’

“Master Long, do you want to see me to destroy myself right here now?’

“Are you threatening me?”

‘I know she is angry and I almost cannot breathe under her huge strength.’

‘I was crying, “Yes, I will.”‘

‘She didn’t say anything and let me leave… I knew she was very disappointed in me.’

‘I am thinking about a present for Xue Shao, since his birthday is coming.’

‘Just as Master Long said, I got weaker and weaker day after day. It seems that there is something devouring my strength and life within my body…’

‘I feel that it will get bigger and bigger. And I will disappear when it swallows me… then something bad will come out.’

‘I am scared.’

‘I am not able to rest… I got weaker and weaker.’

‘Today… what did I do today!!’

‘I am scared. Trembling!!’

‘I held Xue Shao’s neck!! I don’t know what I was doing! I tried to kill him!!’

‘It was that thing!!’

‘It’s my instinct… my instinct doesn’t want me to be swallowed up by it, the instinct drove me to kill… kill Xue Yu and let it disappear!

‘My instinct…’

‘I am scared… Xue Shao… I am so scared.’

‘Because I also know that it has grown to the point where there is no way to eliminate it… My instinct is just putting up some final resistance.’

‘But… why did I do this?’

‘If… If I were to be swallowed up and forget about you, I would rather… kill myself.’

‘I dug out my heart.’

‘This contains all my strength, what I live on. In this case, even if it eventually swallows me, nothing can be obtained.’

‘It will also die when I die.’

‘I made the heart of the tree a crescent and gave it to him… the only man I have ever loved in my life.’

‘Gradually, I couldn’t keep going and I stayed with him every day before I disappeared.’

‘I told him that I would like to go to a very good university. I want him to study hard and also go to that university… I hoped he can have a good future.’

‘I preserved until the human college entrance examination.’

‘I can’t hold on anymore.’

‘I slowly melted into my body, and my consciousness could no longer leave my body. Gradually, I couldn’t see anything or hear anything.’

‘I sometimes wake up and sometimes fall asleep and I don’t know when I will wake up again.’

‘Whenever you pass by, I will open my eyes, I definitely will… even if it is just one more glance at you.’

‘I know that you were admitted.’

‘I know…’

‘I know that…’

‘I know that…’

‘I… know that.’

“You don’t have to do like this.”

‘At last, I heard master Long’s voice. She was beside me.’

“You will never be able to recover again after digging out your own tree heart, your consciousness will dissipate slowly and finally become a common tree… You won’t even know who you are in several years.”

‘I said, ‘I am Xu Xin… My heart exists for him.’

‘Master Long stood in front of me for a long time. Finally, she sighed and said softly to me, ‘I won’t erase the memory of the human being for the few months. I will handle the things when you disappeared. I will make him have a dream.”

“Thank you, Master Long…”

“Silly child.”

‘Finally… I could not hear anything or see anything.’

‘I don’t know if he is doing well. I don’t know if he will come to me again when I disappear and talk to my tree hole.’

‘I won’t know these.’

‘It feels dark… heavy.’

‘Something is locking me. I know, I can’t leave this dark place anymore.’

‘Xue Shao, will you have a good life…’

‘Will you come across a girl you like…’

‘Xue Shao… I want to see you again.’

‘All of a sudden, I woke up one day. I could see everything and hear some sounds. And I felt pretty warm.’

‘The evening of that day, I saw a very beautiful light flashing over the night sky, like fireworks. Those star lights fell on my body, which helped me gain a little energy.’

‘I am amazed that I could even wake up by myself and not forget the things that happened a few days ago… but I cannot leave this place… Just 2 to 3 meters and I would feel tired, just like before.’

‘I was still very weak… those star lights just brought me a little bit of energy.’

‘The surroundings changed a lot… many days must have passed.’

‘Xue Shao… did he grow up? And did he get older?’

‘I probably slept for many years; slept and woke up, woke up and slept, so it seemed that I could hold on for a little more time.’

“Xue Shao!”

‘Suddenly I heard this name being shouted from a woman’s mouth— it shocked and woke me up! This name woke me up!’

‘I opened my eyes and I saw him!’

‘He really got much taller! But I can recognize him at first glance… Brat, you became so fat!’

‘I know 11 years passed.’

‘I know you’re getting married very soon and you bought clothes for the wedding and took photos in the wedding dress store opposite the road.’

‘Oh, move a little aside, the curtains stopped me from seeing you!’

‘You’re smiling happily… and the woman you are holding must love you very much.’

‘I am a little bit jealous.’

‘However… it is good to see you again.’

‘I want, to hold your hand one more time…’

‘I really really want that.’

‘But I found that it is good to see him like this.’

‘I always gaze at the wedding dress store and waited for him when I woke up… but this cannot be maintained for long.’

‘I think, the power from those star lights will fade soon… and I may go back to the dark place again.’

‘Then I will not wake up anymore.’

‘But, thank you… for letting me see you again.’

“Ms. Xu Xin, would you please come out for a second?”

‘I slept for days and suddenly such voice was heard… I was even able to open my eyes and see a guy wearing a mask.’

‘He asked me if I wanted to see Xue Shao again and Xue Shao wanted to see me. Then he told me the reason.’

‘I agreed.’

‘I agreed without thinking.’

‘Xue Shao… this is your last request, how could I deny it? How could I bear to see you lingering in the past… I must see you happy in the future.’

‘I will.’

‘I feel so happy for doing one thing for you, for the last time.’

‘So, I will show up in front of you with the identity of Xu Jiayi… Finally, let me help you with the dream 11 years ago, OK?’


‘I… I am really eager to do it once more.’

‘Oh my god, I cried again.’

‘We had a wonderful vacation.’

‘Brat… you even said you will introduce your wife to me. You want to see me cry?’

‘But, I forgive you for the sake that you held my hand on your own!’

‘Xue Shao… have you put down the past forever?’

‘I know you’ve grown up and not the mischievous brat.’

‘At the very end, I still left without saying goodbye… After all, who asked you to spend the tree heart that I sent you!!!’

‘And… I dare not to say goodbye.’

It didn’t only express a simple answer, but her whole life, Xu Xin’s whole life… All her memories and emotions, her pains and sorrows.

Plus her happiness.

Xue Shao found his tears were dropping down when he came to his senses. And he had never had a moment like this where he felt as if his heart was being cut by a knife.

She said she was lonely, that was the first cut.

She said he was a brat, that was the second cut.

She said, you didn’t come today, and she was not happy, the third cut.

She said, she met you again, the fourth.

Xue Shao felt his heart was like a sifter with thousands of pale holes. No matter how it beat, it could not provide him with enough warm blood to his whole body.

There was a girl… though it was not a person but a tree soul.

There was a tree soul, who had been staying with him since his childhood, seeing him grow up, experiencing his sorrowfulness and happiness with him.

“You’re fool… is it worth it to do so for me?”

His eyes turned red and said in a hoarse voice, “Is it worth it… I would rather, rather that I never appeared in your life. I don’t want you to die…”

Guilt and pain destroy all his sensibility and had him forget everything important to himself. He looked at the club owner with despair, and said hoarsely, “Tell me, you can let Xu Xin go back to before! Tell me, what do you want to get from me… everything! Anything!!! I don’t… I don’t want her to die!”

He knelt down, much tears dropped from his eyes, “I cannot forgive the 11 years, 11 years… but I didn’t know that she was Xu Xin… or those things she did for me secretly… why not tell me? What was the difference between a human and a monster? I only know that I hurt her! I hurt a girl who paid and spent everything of hers to be around me silently… My life, my soul, whatever, whatever.”

“Yeah…” Luo Qiu suddenly asked, “Customer, don’t you care about the thoughts of your fiancée?”

Xue Shao raised his head and asked back, “If you were me, what would you choose? The one who was found of me and paid everything… or the other one who shred my burdens and relief in times of poverty with me. If you were me, which one would you choose? Tell me your answer!”

“Sorry, I cannot imagine this situation.” Luo Qiu shook his head.

Xue Shao said sorrowfully, “I cannot treat it as I didn’t know about it. I cannot treat it as I wouldn’t know about that in my life… The long-lasting suffering and guilt will eventually swallow me as time goes. And it is the most unfair thing to Zishan. But no matter how… either way, I am wrong, I should not chase after my previous dream… No! No! if I didn’t chase after it, I wouldn’t even know all that happened! I wouldn’t even know everything Xu Xin did to me!”

He looked at Luo Qiu while crying, “Life is most cruel to her than anybody else. So… I cannot forgive myself for not doing anything, or pretending to that nothing happened, and continue with my life… I cannot, hurt two girls I love at the same time.”

“I understand.”

Luo Qiu nodded, “Then, let’s talk about this in detail… Customer, as a tree soul born in the world, Xu Xin is too precious, a price that will exceed an ordinary person’s. So, even if you paid everything you owned, it will increase a few years of her lifespan.”

“How many years?”

“30 years.”

“30 years… 30 years…” Xue Shao stood up by holding his legs, “She may find Master Long in 30 years, so she may have more opportunities… 30 years! You were with me for 30 years and now I’ll give 30 years back to you. Xu Xin, I won’t let you die! Boss, the trade, I…”



Someone sprung toward his body from the back and hug him tightly, “Don’t, Xue Shao… Don’t, don’t do that!”

“Xu Xin!”

Xue Shao tried to turn around; he could only see a pair of hands on his chest… which was emitting a slight fluorescent light and would disappear soon.

“Don’t turn, please, don’t turn around.”

“Why? Don’t you want me to see the real you?”

“Don’t, you know I’m strong-willed. If you turn around, I will not come out forever.”

Xue Shao grasped her hands softly and then nodded. He found that the shop owner vanished… as if he was giving them a little time to talk.

They hugged for a while… there seemed to be nobody else except them in the street.

He ignored it, just hoping time could become longer.

“Xu Xin… I finally know your name.”

“Yeah, it’s my name.”

“You’ll be alright very soon, trust me.”

That pair of hands suddenly pulled out from his hands then covered his mouth tightly.

He felt her embracing him tightly from the back and heard the sad voice at this time.”

“I will end my life, yeah I will.”

Xue Shao was shocked by her words.

“I am really going to do that.”

Xue Shao couldn’t stop shedding tears.

Why did she say that so easily…

“It is unfair. I did so much but Xue Shao, you didn’t do anything for me, stingy guy!”

Why… why did she say that so easily… why?

“Xue Shao, can you do something for me?”

He drew her hands away from his mouth and knew what she wanted him to do for her.

“I can’t see you leave this world. I don’t want that to happen.”

“Do you want me… to leave with regret?”

“No, I don’t… I really don’t want that! Boss!! Now you…”

The hands covered his lips again, very slightly.

“Xue Shao, I am crying and my tears can’t stop… Do you know, that I can end my… Don’t you… want that?”

Why, do you still say that to the end… . You are so cruel to me. Xu Xin, are you aware of that?

“So, can you promise me?”

Xue Shao promised with a crying voice.

“You don’t seem to be sincere.”

Xue Shao nodded firmly and said ‘I promise’ loud.

“Then…” she put down her hand, embracing his chest. Her face dropped on his shoulder and she said softly, “Stop thinking of me, and go back to your life.”

Xue Shao clenched his fists, his whole body quivered slightly, “Is this… your last wish?”

“Yes, it is!”

“I…” Xue Shao said gently, “I… I don’t know a Xu Xin, I just had a major crush on Xu Jiayi in high school… but she got married and had a kid… I… I don’t know Xu Xin… Is that alright for you?”

“Yes, perfect.”

“I don’t know Xu Xin. I just love one girl and she is my fiancée, we are going to get married soon, O…OK?”


“I don’t know Xu Xin… Later… later, I will tell the stories of how I fell in love with their mother to my kids… Is that alright…”

“Alright, very good.”

“I don’t know Xu Xin… and later… I won’t… won’t pass by this place… never ever, never ever again… is that alright?”


Her hands vanished gradually and the feeling of being hugged started vanishing, becoming intangible.

‘Alright’—Her voice lingered around his ears.

Xue Shao could not see the girl from the beginning to the end… he stood there in a daze and knew that nobody was embracing him from the back.

He dug out the soil under the tree, buried the box carefully in the soil; then he sat down and leaned against the tree.

“I will remember this promise forever… Xu Xin.”

He leaned against the tree, falling asleep.

A little fluorescent light started to spread from the place Xue Shao sat, to the whole wishing tree. In a twinkle, all the remaining yellow leaves dropped together.

They dropped, as if grasped by a girl’s hands and covering the sleeping man softly.

One layer after another, like many blankets.

Until the last yellow leaf fell, until the fluorescent light faded, until the summer firefly vanished from the tree, and gathered together, turning into a figure.

A girl’s figure.

“Boss, can you please come out for a second?” She called to him in a soft voice.

“What’s the matter? Ms. Xu Xin.”

“What a mysterious boss, you come as soon as I called you.” As a tree soul, she opened her eyes wide, and said incredibly, “Oh my god, if I met you earlier in the past, I’ll probably not be so miserable like today.”

Luo Qiu found Ms. Tree Soul was really a soft girl…

“I’m just kidding.” She chuckled, “Seriously speaking, let’s discuss one thing alright? You must promise me! Because I’m very good at acting coquettishly and torturing people! Are you afraid of that?”

“As long as it is the customers request,” Luo Qiu said softly.

“Thank you for the star lights from last time, so that I feel better than before.” She said after a while of thinking, “I thought to reserve a little bit, so that I will not vanish so soon. But now, I’m a weak tree soul, can I buy something from you?”

“Yeah… a customer that I admire asked me to make it disappear.” Luo Qiu suddenly added, “To let itself be scattered around the city and brought all flowers, grasses, and trees some power of growth.”

“Really… no wonder.” She shook her head, “Let’s talk about the thing we need to discuss, alright?”

“Yes, please.”

She suddenly cried, tears dropping quietly. She sobbed, “Damn it… I cried again… Damn it! Boss, can I buy Xue Shao’s happy childhood?”

“Of course you can.”

“Can you… bless him to live happily with his wife in the future?” She shed tears over some loss.


She wiped her tears vigorously again and again, but she could not stop her tears from dropping, “Can you… can you… can you let him forget… all the memories about me?”

“Are you sure you want to do that?” Boss Luo asked quietly.

“Don’t… don’t let me… say that again… alright?”

She choked with sobs.

“I understand.” Boss Luo nodded, “Everything will be done as your wish, dear customer.”

She came to Xue Shao, wiping off all her tears to make her look clean; then she stooped down and kissed Xue Shao’s lips.

That was a kiss that froze time.

“Xue Shao, thank you for being with me, keeping me away from agitation in summer and coldness in winter. And you make my heart beat once after another, thank you…” she said in a soft voice, “Don’t remember me, please don’t remember me… and remember, I love you the most when you are not with me.”

Finally, she looked up to the sky, taking a deep breath and opening her arms, “Ah… I’m going to leave this time, I’m reluctant to leave you! Hahaha~”

How much happiness and sadness was hiding in that laughter?

Watching this scene, Luo Qiu suddenly pinched his forehead, before shaking his head slightly along with a deep breath.

He walked to Xue Shao, opening his hand. A heart-shaped pendant was placed on his palm.

The tree soul, Xu Xin, gazed at the boss’s behavior with astonishment… He pushed his hands to send out this pendant, which was hung on Xue Shao again.

“Isn’t that necklace…”

“Just take it as…” Luo Qiu said softly, “a gift.”

The tree soul suddenly faced Luo Qiu, with both hands closed and made a deep bow to this mysterious boss, “I really… really… really thank you very much. At last… at last… thank you!”

Thank you for treating him so gently.

Later at 10 p.m., quietness faded from the long street. Some people showed up there.

A man was sleeping under a tree with leaves that emitted light… He seemed to sleep very well with a smile. Maybe he had a good dream.

But why were there tears?

‘Ah, I feel like I’m dying.’

Xue Shao felt his head was extremely heavy… He woke up in the hospital.

The doctor said that he fell asleep in the street while hugging a tree and was exposed to the rain, but fortunately he was sent to the hospital in time, or the situation would be much worse.

So for him, it was lucky that he just had a fever.

He still felt his head heavy… why did he hugged the tree while sleeping for the whole night? He could not remember the reason… he felt he forgot something important.

He subconsciously played around with his crescent-moon necklace—where did this necklace come from?

‘Forgot it, I should have been wearing it for a long time. Just leave it here… I feel cool and comfortable anyway.’

At this time, Wan Zishan pushed open the door.

“How are you feeling?” Wan Zishan asked softly before putting a big bag near the sickbed.

“I’m fine and should get well and leave the hospital in 2 days.” Xue Shao smiled, “It won’t influence our wedding! What’s this? Such a big bag.”

Wan Zishan smiled mysteriously, then moved out the thing from inside… it turned out it was a flowerpot, with a naked root sticking in the soil.

“This is…” Xue Shao suddenly felt a little amazing.

Wan Zishan chuckled, “I don’t know why you held the wishing tree for a night! But it was cut down. I went there and found this root didn’t die yet, so I brought it here secretly! If you’re unwilling, plant it in the flowerpot. Luckily I acted quickly, because at that time there was a guy, who wanted to pick it up too! I thought I met him somewhere before… in the wedding dress store? I cannot remember that.”

Xue Shao didn’t hear the last part of Wan Zishan’s words, but just looked at it in a daze.

“What’s wrong?” Wan Zishan lay on Xue Shao’s shoulder and asked.

Xue Shao caught Wan Zishan’s hands, shook his head and smiled, “Nothing, but I decided that I’ll tell the story between the wishing tree and I in the future.”

“Yeah, so you need to have it grow up quickly.”

“Yeah, let’s plant it!”

Xue Shao suddenly untied the crescent-moon necklace from his neck, and hung it on the little root.

He felt they matched each other.

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