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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Chapter 546: ‘Terrifying’

Chapter 546: ‘Terrifying’

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Translator: Alfredo Poutine Soup Editor: DesTheSloth

Gui Qianyi, the senior monster, turned off the oven after boiling the donkey-hide gelatin, ginseng astragals, and the pseudo-ginseng along with a few more herbs for almost three hours.

The oven was not a normal one. As for the medicines, they were also rare to be found in the market.

But was it beneficial to boil these medicines together?

Maybe an old traditional physician and senior monster could tell you what the Compendium of Materia Medica was.

“Master Long, here is your medicine.”

The True Dragon frowned when she heard the old turtle calling her.

The medicine tasted bad and she couldn’t stand it. Although it was she herself who requested these tonics to be prepared.

How would one describe this feeling?

It was like sweet orange juice mixed with the dirty water from the sewer, and then the mixture was added into the cheese and coffee—why was the True Dragon able to describe the taste exactly?

It might because she watched a TV show which talked about the most powerful program on earth along with a man standing at the top of the food chain.

“Put it there!” Long Xiruo sighed with a lonely expression.

Gui Qianyi glanced at Long Xiruo’s laptop… which showed a news that the residents from a community were doing an event to preserve the memory of a one-hundred-year-old wishing tree that was about to be cut down by others.

Long Xiruo discovered Gui Qianyi’s glance and then she shook head, “This tree was a smart tree dryad. It was a pity that she was lost in love and ruined herself. In the beginning, I…”

She sighed and then closed the computer while drinking up all the medicines. But this time, her heart was much more painful and even more bitter than her mouth.

Gui Qianqi started the topic after a while, “Master, I want to go somewhere distant in a few days. And I am afraid that I won’t be able to serve you. But rest assured, I have prepared sufficient medicines for you to boil.”

“Go somewhere far away?” Long Xiruo frowned, “What’s the matter?”

Gui Qianyi got serious, “Master, the Taoist ceremony is going to start. It is once every ten years. We need to go to the Xuanyuan Palace as it was the guardian house of the human emperor… There is no incumbent human emperor in the Xuanyuan Palace, so as a servant, I need to attend the ceremony instead of the master.”

Long Xiruo was stunned and rubbed her forehead… She lost so much blood that she often felt dizzy and weak, “Ten years have passed, those Taoist guys still covet Penglai.”

“It had been turned into another kind of communication over these years” Gui Qianyi said calmly, “We all know that it is just a ceremony without any meaning. It is merely a memory.”

“Go ahead.” Long Xiruo shook her head, “I am not interested in this. And also, it is not convenient for me to go there now.”

“Master, I will go with Ghost Baby and some others guards. I am afraid that I won’t be able to protect you…”

Gui Qianyui took out his bead and gave it to Long Xiruo, “But, I have implanted three spells into it. You just need to put one drop of True Dragon blood, then you can use the illusion like the last time you did. But remember that, you can only give one drop of True Dragon blood every time, or you will fail as the power of the blood is too strong.”

“Being comes from not-being.” Long Xiruo nodded, “But it is enough to protect me. Thank you, Old Turtle.”

Gui Qianyi bowed to Long Xiruo with full respect, “Take care, Master. Be patient and careful.”

There were more than seven billion people around the world. That meant there would be uncountable things happening everyday just like the sands in the river.

For example, there was a group of people in one country of a peninsula.

The people there wore ancient clothes of knights with modern haircuts…There were thirteen people in total, varying from youths to middle-aged men.

They wore the same clothes with the same swords, running in the frost. They were chasing a shadow—of course, in the meanwhile, they were cursing because they couldn’t catch up with the shadow.

In addition, the one they were chasing had caused their master’s death and stole the treasure which they had guarded for more than two hundred years.

The most hateful thing was that the chief culprit was relevant to this peninsula—at least her parents were the people behind this place.

No one knew what she had gone through these years. She had a white hair and an unbelievable power just in her twenties—Even their master was defeated by her within thirty seconds.

“Freeze! We won’t let you go! Receive the judgment! You are a killer!”


The bubble gum in her mouth was turning into a large bubble and then exploded. She began to blow another bubble out—She was pretty relaxed, although the men were chasing her with all their efforts.

She was Miss. Nero from the Michael Club.

“I have nothing to say if you blame me for stealing. But I can’t stand you saying that I am a killer.” Nero was yawning, “That guy died because he was too angry being unable to beat me. It’s none of my business.”

“You must have used some vile tricks to hurt our master! Master didn’t try his best to fight with you! You are sinister!”


Nero stopped walking and turned around. She clapped her back, making a sword land beside her in a shining light.

Nero kept her hands on the sword handle while blowing another bubble. She looked at these men, “Would you like me to polish my sword on you?”

“Monster, we are not afraid of you!” The men shouted.

‘Then you come on…”

Nero shook her head and let go of a small bag from her waist. She threw the small bag while frowning, “You can say anything you like, but I will never give you this… This belonged to my mother. And it belongs to me now. I am going to take it back now.”

“Your mother is just a keeper of it! It belongs to this place!”

Nero gave a cold stare. And the Yama Knife was whispering just like a demon, which made these thirteen people scared to death.

Nero pointed at the sky with this sword, “I say, I want to polish my sword. Who is coming first?”

Nero waved her sword at one middle-aged man, “You didn’t come, Then I will start first.”

She stepped forward gradually… thirteen men were unsheathing the blades in front of their bodies.

This female monster…was so terrifying.

The whispering emitting from Yama was strengthening and then roared!


There was a roar resounding inside the men’s hearts. Subconsciously, thirteen men were so frightened that their legs gave way and they flopped on to the ground.

Nero laughed, “A group of rubbish! My sword was not willing to eat you fools! Goodbye, I have no time to play with all of you.”

After saying that, the woman with white hair disappeared in front of these thirteen men.

They were so shocked at that sight… how she could disappear in such a short time.

That woman was so terrifying.

Well, the word ‘terrifying’ was learned from one foreign web novel… But they felt it was the perfect word to describe the female monster!

Miss. Maid stopped swiping the cabinet when a white light flashed. She was going to find a place to place the blessing that her master brought back.

And Luo Qiu stopped reading, too.

Miss. Nero was looking around with Yama in hands. “It is so convenient that… I can come back.”

“It seemed that you had a great journey.” Luo Qiu walked close to her with a smile.

Nero shrugged with putting Yama on her shoulder. “It was just so-so. If you didn’t leave me alone on the coastline, it would be great. I got my revenge and took back my belongings. Thanks to your teleportation. I scared those people. Haha!”

Nero glanced at Yama—It shrunk back even though it was emitting a cold demonic energy ten seconds ago.

It was as calm as a sleepy cat… huh! It was a really a shameless sword!

Nero stared at the boss… She was wondering who the most terrifying one was.

“Miss. Nero is as frank as usual.”

Luo Qiu smiled while opening his hands—He showed the transaction soul which Nero had deposited here before.

The bag with the transaction soul in it flew to Nero. Luo Qiu said, “There were seven souls left after deducting your expenses. Please keep it well.”

Nero shook the bag without opening it. She took back the bag and Yama, then sat down while sighing, “I am so tired! Sir, can you provide me with a large bottle of beer! And please give me some food too. The snacks made by Miss. Maid was pretty nice.”

“You Ye, go prepare.” Luo Qiu said lightly.

Miss. Maid left with her body bending down.

Luo Qiu was looking at the owner of Yama… She was an interesting girl, who looked like she came from an adventure bar described in a fiction novel.

“Beer is bad for the stomach.” Luo Qiu smiled, “I have learned a cocktail recently, would you like to have a try?”

Nero squinted, “Interesting. Are you trying to flirt with me?”

Boss Luo… Luo Qiu was regretting considering her an interesting customer.

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