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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 8 – Chapter 16: Nero’s Perspective

Volume 8 – Chapter 16: Nero’s Perspective

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There was only one doctor working in the hospital in the town. Luckily, there were several nurses as helpers.

However, except for a young woman who just returned after she finished nursing school, the rest of the nurses were matured women.

Therefore, since he fractured his leg after he inexplicably fell into a pit during a night walk, Zhang Kun was hospitalized. His only daily distraction apart from playing with his mobile phone was fooling around with this young woman.


While the young nurse was arranging the quilt of the bed next to his, Zhang Kun slapped the young woman’s bottom hard with his palm, giving out a sharp sound.

The young woman was taken aback and turned around quickly. However, she saw Zhang Kun was reading the newspaper that had been flipped through many times.

“Scoundrel!” The young woman cursed him as she sobbed and ran out with red eyes nursing her grief.

She knew she could not do anything to this scoundrel… Everyone is afraid of this shameless guy. Why did this scumbag only fractured his leg and not die when he fell into the pit?

“Hahahaha!” Zhang Kun laughed mischievously at this moment, with an evil look and said. “This young woman has smooth skin on her bottom. It’s a pity that her face isn’t pretty.”

“Huh…you are really a despicable person who deserves to die without pity.”

At this moment, Zhang Kun suddenly heard a voice…very deep and low, as if their throat was being throttled, that it was unknown whether it was male or female.

Subconsciously, he looked towards the direction of the sound and saw a guy with a mask, wearing a hoodie and with his hoods on. At the moment, he was sitting on the window ledge… He was carrying a big and black cylinder on his back. It was unknown as to what was in the cylinder.

However, his figure was not towering, rather he was a little thin.

But, what manner of person was Zhang Kun? He was known publicly to be domineering, shameless and was feared by many people in town. How could he tolerate someone pointing at his nose and scolding him?

“My good man, you dare to scold me in person? Don’t you know who I am?” Zhang Kun sneered coldly. “Do you believe that I can immediately call someone to strangle you to death?”

Unexpectedly, the guy in the hoodie waved his hand and said, “Zhang Kun, I’m not interested in talking nonsense with you here. I’m here to tell you something.”

Zhang Kun did not even bother. He picked up the phone and was going to call someone. He had always called for help whenever he was enraged.

“Don’t you want to know why you suddenly fell into the pit and fractured your leg?” the guy in the hoodie said abruptly.

Zhang Kun froze for a moment. His fingers that were pressing the number stopped instantly. He stared hazily at the guy in front of the window ledge, “Who are you?”

“You don’t need to bother with this matter.” said the person indifferently. “All you need to know is that I can tell you who caused you to fall into the pit by yourself…I can also help you get the woman you want.”

“You mean…” Zhang Kun frowned. “San Er?”

“Didn’t you always want to bed this woman?” said the person strangely. “But, she is a widow who is raising her own children, which is difficult for her. Even if your family has some connections, you do not dare to use brute force. You are afraid that your inability to cover up this matter will spark public outrage. Hence, you didn’t make any moves, right?”

“Why are you helping me?” asked Zhang Kun coldly.

“Of course, there is a purpose.” said the man indifferently. “But, you can be rest assured that I will not ask you for a single cent, nor will I ask you to do anything for me. In short, I will not harm your interests at all, and I can also heal your injured leg instantly.”

Zhang Kun sneered, “Hmph, do you think I will simply place my trust on a mysterious guy like you?”

However, this man suddenly threw a small ball, which was about the size of a finger at Zhang Kun. The ball seemed to be sealed with wax.

“Unscrew it and apply the medicine inside the ball to your injuries. After a night, you will be able to walk normally.” the man chuckled. ” Whether you want to believe it or not depends on you. I will come again.”

“Wait!” Zhang Kun shouted promptly.

Unexpectedly, this strange guy turned his body, flipped through the window and then disappeared. When Zhang Kun reached the window by holding other objects as support, the man was nowhere to be seen.

He went back to bed again, picked up the little wax pill, and frowned.


Early the next morning, Zhang Kun stared at the window apprehensively from time to time.

He opened the wax pill, and thought that since the medicine was to be applied to his feet, not to be taken orally, there should be nothing to be afraid of. So, he decided to give a try and applied it to his injuries.

Unexpectedly, when he woke up in the morning, his feet did not hurt anymore. He got out of bed and walked a few steps without difficulties. He could even run and jump! This was just simply miraculous!

At this time, he was looking forward to meeting the hooded guy the second time. However, this time, he thought that he had to ask the guy’s purpose.

Zhang Kun was not a guy who would simply trust other people easily.

Suddenly, there was a movement right in front of his eyes as if something had just rushed inside. Zhang Kun blinked his eyes. Who would it be if it isn’t the stranger from yesterday? Zhang Kun suddenly greeted him with a smile, “Hello, brother. You came at just the right time!”

“Oh? Why are you so cordial with me this time?”

Zhang Kun laughed and said, “Well, I didn’t know your capability yesterday! Brother! Now that I have seen it, how could I still throw faces at you? You healed my leg without mentioning other conditions. I, Zhang Kun have become brothers with you! If you happen to be in town in the future, just tell me! I will be there right away! I would be a bastard if I don’t come!

“Oh? That sounds good,” the hooded guy chuckled. “However, let’s talk about the things that weren’t finished yesterday.”

Zhang Kun rubbed his hands and said, “I also want to know which bastard was the one who hurted me! This wrong must be avenged!”

“His name is Mark.” said the hooded guy indifferently. “He now lives in San Er’s Tofu Shop and he’s a foreigner.”

“Foreigner?” Zhang Kun frowned and said. “Could it be the guy I met that day…? It turns out to be that guy! He actually stays in her place… Shit! She must be having an affair with him! Fuck! The woman used him for labor and capital! No wonder he hurts me. It must be the pillow talk from that slut, San Er!!! Fuck! Despicable couple!!!”

“It seems that you have begun to hate her.”

Zhang Kun punched the bed with his fist and said angrily, “Shit! I will call someone this instant to have this foreigner slaughtered!!”

With that being said, he picked up the phone without any further ado. However, when his call was about to get through, he suddenly retracted his hand from the phone seemingly hesitant.

The guy in the hoodie asked him teasingly, “Why? Don’t you want to do it?”

However, Zhang Kun gritted his teeth and said, “This foreigner… I don’t know where he originated from. He might even be a troublemaker. I have to think about it carefully. What’s more…you deliberately let me deal with this Mark?”

“You are smart. At least, you can figure that out.” said the man indifferently. “But, you can be rest assured that this Mark and I had a minor conflict. Also, you don’t have to worry. He is not a person from any powerful family. In other words, he is an illegal immigrant, which is something he is not proud of. That is to say…”

Zhang Kunmu said with an ominous gaze, “That is to say… If he is dead, no one knows? But, how do I know I can trust you?”

“Is the medicine from last night effective?” the man in the coat suddenly said.

Zhang Kun nodded his head affirmatively.

“I still have lots of it on my hands,” said the man indifferently. He then gave Zhang Ren two wax pills and then said, “It’s a small matter when it comes to healing a wound like your’s. For more serious wounds, even if it is a stab from a knife, this medicine can heal it instantly… I can give it to you.”

Whether I keep it for personal use or use it to earn money… These are all precious! Zhang Kun, who had already used it, was absolutely convinced of the medicinal properties of this medicine. He suddenly had an insatiable look on his face.

“What do you want me to do?”

“It’s very simple.” The man sneered. “First, just do as I said. You first…”


The two men talked for about twenty minutes in the room. Finally, there was a glint in Zhang Kun’s eyes as he gave a sinister smile. He held the two magical wax pills on his hand, and watched the strange man leave.

He immediately made a call… to order his henchmen to make a move.



Taking off her overcoat and removing her mask, Nero, who was known as a tyrant, was sitting under the bridge of the only small river that was flowing in town.

“Stupid? How could he simply give the tv-type medicine to you? The last two are just batter.” Nero’s face had a trace of devilish smile as she squinted at her reflection in the river.

It was not known whether it was an illusion. She seemed to see a light blue halo in her pupils.

Nero frowned, with her face closer to the river. She rubbed her eyesights with her hands but she did not see anything afterwards.


She blinked her eyes and did not feel any discomfort. She thought that the illusion was caused by the reflection of the light in the river. Hence, she did not bother with this matter anymore.

“Um… maybe I should take a nap first?”


“Master, lunch time.”

When he heard You Ye’s voice, Boss Luo slowly opened his eyes and retracted his vision.

Nero’s perspective.

The seed that was planted last time when the tyrant lady asked the boss for the price… had also sprouted.

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