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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 8 – Chapter 17: A Bird in A Prison

Volume 8 – Chapter 17: A Bird in A Prison

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As the owner of the club, Luo Qiu could improve his ability while at the same time managing and upgrading the various transactions. If he wanted to peek into any matters, it would not be troublesome. All he needed was to use a different perspective.

At first, the spiritual seed planted on Nero was just part of Luo Qiu’s earlier secret plan to instill a lot of trading information into Nero while at the same time implanting this perspective seed into Nero.

This was Luo Qiu’s first attempt to switch to Nero’s perspective for observation.

To his surprise, when he used Nero’s perspective, he had an entirely different feeling. He seemed to recover that feeling he had before he became the club owner.

However, when he returned to his own perspective, everything became extremely silent again. It was just like the water of an ancient well… almost like stagnant water.

Perhaps through Nero’s perspective, he would be able to find something…and even solve the problem of having his emotions stripped off.

Suddenly, Boss Luo’s movements stopped. He was looking at You Ye, who was cutting the roast lamb thigh meat for him.

He seemed a little absent-minded.

“Master, is there any problem?” You Ye asked softly, while putting a piece of finely cut lamb meat onto the dish in front of her master.

Luo Qiu shook his head and calmly said in praise, “It’s just a feeling. You are also beautiful today.”

You Ye nodded with a smile and accepted the compliment.

As for him, Luo Qiu became the owner of the club again.


As for Xiaozhi, she had many treasures. Children who were still in nursery always had their own so-called treasures that adults could not understand.

Xiaozhi’s present treasure was a beautiful, little wooden swan. This was a gift from Uncle Mark. Ever since she got it, Xiaozhi had never let the wooden swan leave her small bag.

However, there was one thing that upsetted Xiaozhi today, which was, the other children in the nursery bullied her.

The matter began with the nursery teacher asking everyone to draw their parents with crayons in the afternoon. However, till the end, Xiaozhi did not complete her drawing.

“Haha, Xiaozhi has no father!”

“Xiaozhi didn’t finish her homework. She’s a bad kid!”

“Children, be quiet! Do not bully Xiaozhi!”


Even the teacher in the classroom could not stop so many children from causing trouble at the same time.

If she scolded them, these children would be frightened by her and cry. If she was soft and gentle, she could only stop some of the children while not being able to stop others. As she looked at Xiaozhi who lowered her head with streams of tears brimming in her eyes, the teacher was both heartbroken and anxious.

Unexpectedly, Xiaozhi overturned the little children’s desk to the ground and rushed towards the boy who jeered the loudest towards her.

The two kids suddenly wrestled with each other.

Naturally, this resulted in a fight that was… unstoppable.

When San Er received the phone call, she did not bother with the tofu shop’s business. She closed the door and put on her slippers. She hurried over the nursery even without taking off the apron.

“Sorry, my child is so naughty. Sorry, I am really sorry.”

San Er kept apologizing to the parents of the child who was bitten by Xiaozhi. The teacher was here to help resolve the dispute between both sides. However, with her own son being bitten, this was simply too heart wrenching for the elderly mother who only managed to give birth to a boy after her thirties. It was evident that she was not going to let this matter be resolved so easily.

The woman looked at San Er with rage and said spiteful words, “How did you raise your child? It’s like you raise her to be a barbarian! What type of person will she be when she was already this barbaric at such a young age? Huh?! Are you too busy smuggling people that you did not have time to take care of your children?”

“Will you… please show some respect?” San Er’’s eyes were turning red. She stared intently at the woman.

“Respect?” The woman’s face was increasingly ugly, “If you want to be respected, you must have dignity! Everyone knows that you have been hiding a foreign man at home? So, does that man satisfy you? Answer me, you slut!…. Aiya!!”

Unexpectedly, Xiaozhi grabbed the woman’s thigh at this time and bit on it ruthlessly.

“You damn illegitimate child! How dare you bite me? I will really beat you to death!” The woman stretched out her hand and pulled Xiaozhi up. She then raised her hand and was about to beat Xiaozhi.

“Don’t beat my daughter!” San Er could not bear to watch this. She then rushed over and snatched Xiaozhi back.

“I must teach her a lesson today no matter what!” The woman was also vicious, and her expression was fierce, as she dragged San Er’s hair in one hand.

“Stop making any more ruckus! If you do this again, I’ll call the local police station!” the teacher said anxiously at this moment. “I believe that this will make everyone look bad if we take this matter to the police station, right? Let’s talk about this out calmly!”

It was probably this kind of violent threat that was inexplicably forceful enough to intimidate a merely shrewish housewife. When the woman heard it, she let go of San Er hatefully and took her son in one hand. She said coldly, “I’ll get someone from my house to go to your broken shop to deal with you later! Hmph!“

Xiaozhi was probably frightened by her threat. She grabbed San Er’s clothes, buried her face on it, and wept.

“Don’t be scared. Don’t be scared. It’s okay. It’s okay.” San Er comforted her softly.

The teacher could only sigh at this time and said, “Madam, it’s okay. She is just making a scene. If she troubles you, remember to tell me, I will help you.”

San Er looked at the teacher gratefully… but did not expect much.

This teacher… Rather than a teacher, she was just working in a nursery. She did not even have a kindergarten teacher certificate. Her home was here too. How could she simply offend others easily?

San Er sighed silently and gave a nod towards the teacher. She then carried Xiaozhi and left the nursery.

On the way home, even if her hand was held by San Er, Xiaozhi still lowered her head. San Er remained silent while holding her daughter, and felt that the road was much longer than usual.

“Mom… I’m sorry.” Xiao Qi said tearfully.

San Er said, “Sorry for what?”

Xiaozhi hugged San Er’s calf and cried, “Xiaozhi shouldn’t hit someone, Xiaozhi shouldn’t bite someone…But, but, that aunty is so mean! She, she, she scolded you, mom! Xiaozhi is so upset, so upset!”

“It’s okay, it’s okay.” San Er squatted down, carried Xiaozhi, patting Xiaoche’s back gently, and said softly, “It’s okay. Mommy’s okay.”

Xiaozhi sniffed her nose at this time and said sadly, “Mom, how about you let Uncle Mark be my father? Please…“

San Er was stunned. She opened her lips and spoke a little louder while being anxious and angry, “How can you say something like this?”

“Because, if Xiaozhi has a dad, no one will make fun of Xiaozhi not having a dad…” Xiaozhi lowered her head and said, “No one will bully mom… Mom, I want to have a dad.”

San Er’s eyes were red. She carried Xiaozhi and let Xiaozhi lean on her shoulders to prevent Xiaozhi from seeing her face. She endured the grief and said softly, “Xiaozhi, be good now. Mom will go home and make meatballs for you to eat, alright?”

This was probably good enough to distract Xiaozhi’s attention. She nodded in response and said, “I want it sweet!”

“Okay, then I will make it all sweet.”

Xiaozhi threw herself on San Er’s arms and fell asleep quietly.

San Er returned home with her heart filled with worries. While she was thinking of what Xiaozhi had said, she could not refrain from remembering the grief that had happened until now. She could not help but shed tears in silence… If she could, why would she not want to have someone to rely on?

However, Mark was too mysterious and dreamy for her.

San Er shook her head.

When she returned to the front door of the tofu shop, she saw a lot of people around her shop door. They were discussing among one another while pointing fingers. San Er did not dare to step forward and ask what happened beforehand, but just quietly looked at the front of her shop.

When she had a look, San Er was immediately frightened by what she saw that her face turned pale!

This was because, at some unknown time, someone had used red spray paint to write a lot of vulgar words on the front door of her shop!

“Shameless!”, “Whore”, “Cheap couple!”, “Slut!”…

Who did this!? San Er could not think much! At this moment, she was even more afraid of letting the neighbours of the district know that she stayed here. She was also afraid of them directing their attention at her!

Thinking of that scene, San Er’s body became cold and her whole body trembled with fear!

“Mom, we haven’t reached home yet?”

In her arms, Xiaozhi seemed to wake up when she heard the racket. San Er quickly held her head, then turned around and ran towards the alley. She turned around and returned to the back door of her tofu shop from the back alley.

However, she also saw the big red words written on the back door.

San Er frantically opened the door. She then closed the door without saying a word, pulled the bolt, and sat down with her back against the door panel. She hugged her daughter and sobbed with pain.

“Mom, mom, what’s wrong with you? Mom… Mom… Xiaozhi is so scared, don’t cry, okay…”

She just hugged her daughter even tighter.


Xiaozhi also cried along.

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