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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 8 – Chapter 18: Aroused

Volume 8 – Chapter 18: Aroused

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When it was late at night and Xiaozhi had fallen asleep, San Er got a bucket of water and quietly went to the back door with a brush and washing powder.

These scarlet words in front of her house… She could only choose to brush it off by herself at this time, otherwise she would not be able to do business tomorrow.

Women doing this kind of thing… She had to do everything herself.

But when she walked to the back and was about to open the door, she found that the door was a cover-up. This surprised San Er. She even heard some strange sounds!

Suddenly, San Er took a pole next to her and carefully looked out of the door slit.

But what she saw was Mark. There was a kerosene lamp placed on the ground and a brush in his hands. He was washing the red words on the wall.

*Squeak* The sound was made by the door shaft when the wooden door was pushed open.

“You…” San Er walked out.

Mark… Kuck just glanced at her without stopping and continued to brush the red words on the wall.

When San Er saw that Mark didn’t say anything, she silently brought out the bucket of water she got and washed the wall silently.

If there was light, the words written in these paints were glowing red and very crude, just like blood on the wall. San Er’s eyes reddened and she felt uncomfortable in her heart, and then she brushed it vigorously.

After who knows how long.

Suddenly San Er heard Mark’s voice. He said, “I will leave tomorrow morning.”

San Er’s body shook slightly and didn’t say anything. She just brushed harder.

“You shouldn’t stay here either, this place is not for you.”

San Er heard Mark’s voice again and her movements slowed down. She smiled bitterly, “Leave? Where can I go? I don’t know anything, so how can I survive out there?”

“The ability of humans to survive is always unimaginable.”

San Er stopped and looked at Mark… This man who is tall, mysterious, and skilled in martial arts said this, and he seems very persuasive.


“That’s easy to say, I still have to take care of my daughter. How do I survive out there?” San Er seemed to be protesting, and she was slowly showing the grievance in her heart. “I don’t know anyone outside, there is not even one person who I can talk to. Why don’t you teach me how to survive?”

“You don’t have anyone to talk to here too.”

In front of her, Mark still seemed so indifferent.

San Er threw the brush into the bucket, sat on the back door steps, covered her face and weeped… She heard what was very uncomfortable for her.

He frowned, looked at San Er, and subconsciously stepped forward. However, he suddenly stopped. On the one hand, he realized that comforting her would bring a lot of unnecessary implication. On the other hand…

Kuck heard some fine footsteps nearby and suddenly turned around!

He saw four men whose faces were simply wrapped in towels, carrying a crowbar and a bucket as they walked over.

“Who are you?” Kuck suddenly yelled.

Three people dressed up like this in the middle of the night were naturally not good people. They heard the voice of inquiries. Not only were they not afraid, but instead glanced at each other, and walked up without fear.

The four of them held crowbars, so were they even afraid of a foreigner?

San Er heard the sound, quickly took a look, and she was suddenly afraid. She stood up subconsciously.

“You wrote these things on the wall?” Kuck asked indifferently.

The four masked men did not say a word, just rushed over and waved the crowbar in their hands… It seemed that they were frequently in fights, so they were a bit fierce.

Kuck frowned slightly, but without fear. He turned his eyes and saw the pole that San Er had just taken out and was now leaning on the wall. He kicked it gently with his feet.

Kuck took the end of the pole. When he did so, he suddenly lost focus. This was a feeling he was very familiar with.

He felt that he used to be in such a stance. However, he didn’t have the chance to carefully think, he was facing the attack from these four masked men.

Kuck waved the pole in his hand. A fanatical and violent self from the inside emerged from the depths within his body, controlling his body instinctively.

So he moved!

This insignificant yet black and moldy pole suddenly seemed like a hummingbird that shot into the sky, hit the shoulder of one of the masked men with a single blow, and the masked-man back-tracked by two or three meters!

A scream sounded. Almost all the bones on the man’s shoulder blades shattered because of this terrifying impact. When the masked men finally came around to scream in pain, he had already fainted.

At first glance, the other three people were angered, so three crowbars were aimed towards Kuck’s head at the same time! It was not an action worth noting, but it was a desperate effort that had been cultivated throughout the years of trying to beat the opponenet out of consciousness!

Kuck lightly snorted. The pole in his hand was like an effective weapon, he quickly made three actions. It seemed that after precise calculation, it hit the same position on the three masked men’s wrist and hit the crowbars off their hands at the same time!

The three men screamed at the same time, grabbed their wrists in pain. They felt as if they were hit by stones!

The three crowbars fell at this time, and Kuck began to mess with them one by one. The three crowbars revolved around the pole as if they were stuck to it!

Kuck suddenly slammed the iron crowbar and a sound was made when the three iron crowbars slammed on to the old stone bricks in the alley like three incense sticks, right in front of the three masked men.

The three of them were terrified, so how could they even think about looking vicious? They quickly got up and picked up their companion who fainted from the pain, and plunged into the alley.

Kuck wanted to chase after them, but at this moment he suddenly felt a headache, and his head seemed about to explode. So how could he even care about chasing after them?

He propped up his body with the pole, reached to massage his eyebrows, and stayed still.

“Ma…Mark, how are you?”

After a long time, San Er had just showed up. She was pale from the scare as she patted Mark’s shoulder nervously.

So he suddenly opened his eyes and shook his head… The headache had become a lot better.

He felt that something wanted to rush out from his head, but it seemed that there was a large net trapping these important things from gushing out.

“Who… are they?” asked San Er in horror.

Kuck frowned, and walked to the white oil barrel left by the four masked guys who had just ran away. He opened it, sniffed it, looked up at San Er and asked, “Have you offended anyone? This is gasoline. I think they wanted to set a fire.”

“Set a fire!” San Er was so frightened that she couldn’t stand still.

But at this moment, the neighbor’s house suddenly turned on the light. Kuck looked over and quickly said, “Let’s go in and talk!”

He quickly lifted the barrel of gasoline, picked up the bucket with a pole, led San Er in through the back door without hesitation, and pulled down the bolt.

Kuck still seemed very calm.

However, San Er was at a loss.

“Think about it, who would it be?” asked Kuck again.

San Er calmed down and subconsciously thought of the quarrel which almost developed into a fight in the nursery… But she thought it over and denied it.

First of all, the timing was too rushed. It was impossible for the other party to arrange people to write insulting words in front of her house before she returned from the nursery. Then again, it was unreasonable for others to set fire because of this…

“I don’t know,” San Er shook her head with resignation.

Kuck groaned a little, and then directly said, “You make sure the door of the house is locked, I will go outside and take a look… In addition, I will not leave tomorrow.”

San Er was stunned. When she was about to speak, she saw Mark reach out and lifted the pole, pushed open the door, and walked out. The view of his back gave her an unprecedented sense of security.

Putting down the telescope, Nero’s pupil flashed a faint blue halo, but she still had no emotions. Instead, she narrowed her eyes and smiled slightly.

Aha! In the end, he couldn’t resist but to take action.

Miss Tyrant smiled in a low voice, and her heart seemed to be enriched again, “Kuck, you must thank me… I am giving you an exotic predestined love.”

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