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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 8 – Chapter 21: Entirely Different

Volume 8 – Chapter 21: Entirely Different

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This was a dream.

The sunlight was slightly dazzling; San Er’s eyelid moved and then opened, and she saw her daughter, Xiaozhi’s sparkling eyes. It turned out that she was lying on the bed, holding her chin and looking at San Er.

Seeing that San Er woke up, Xiaozhi smiled sweetly, “Good morning Mom!”

She hadn’t slept with her mother for a long time… Probably after she started to go to the nursery school? Her mother said to let her be independent.

San Er reached out and touched Xiaozhi’s nose. She felt that it was good to see her daughter first thing in the morning.

“Mom, what are you laughing at?”

“What am I laughing at?”

“You keep laughing when you’re asleep. Did you have a good dream?”

San Er recalled what happened in the middle of the night, but now she felt that it was crazy. How could I take such an initiative? Isn’t this the same as what the outsiders said?

A feeling of guilt made San Er unconsciously get up, get dressed, and say, “I will cook for you.”

“Oh, then I’m going to play with Uncle Mark!” said Xiaozhe as she thought.

San Er said indifferently, “He hasn’t slept all night, don’t disturb him. Come and cook with me.”

When everything was over, they quietly hugged each other for about ten minutes, and Mark silently returned to the courtyard.

It wasn’t until dawn that San Er heard some movements, thinking that he was probably back in the room.

When San Er went out with Xiaozhi, the door of the other room also just opened, and she saw Mark coming out indifferently.

They glanced at each other.

“I will go out and check the situation. You stay at home and don’t go anywhere. Today, don’t open for business for now.”

San Er nodded silently. Mark didn’t smile, as if… nothing happened.

She heard that foreigners were very casual about those things, so it was likely that he really didn’t care about it.

San Er couldn’t help but let her imagination run wild… She couldn’t suppress her own thoughts.

He originally said that he would leave today. San Er looked at Mark’s back as he left, and suddenly thought that maybe he would leave in a few days.

“Be careful when going out!”

San Er subconsciously blurted out and said towards his back.

Mark paused and didn’t look back. He just nodded and went out. San Er still looked over blankly and felt that something was missing.

Xiaozhi looked at her mother curiously. It was the first time she heard her mother warning Uncle Mark, so she grinned, “Mom, you and Uncle Mark seem to be on better terms.”

This was Xiaozhi’s understanding, but San Er felt as if she sensed something else. She raised her hand a little bit shyly, as if she wanted to hit something, “If you don’t wash your face and brush your teeth, I have to hit your butt!”

“Ao!” Xiaozhi laughed as she ran away.

San Er hadn’t seen such a lively Xiaozhi when she woke up in the morning for a long time.

At the same time, Nero, in the distance, put down the telescope in her hand. Then, she reached for Luo Qiu who was standing next to her.

Luo Qiu shook his head.

Nero shrugged, “It has such a good sight. It must be good to spy on others.”

The business was ongoing, but Nero said to invite him to watch a show that she was in charge of, but it was old-fashioned. Even if she kept saying that it was old-fashioned, the increasingly vigorous appearance of this Miss Tyrant could not be faked.

“What a beautiful house.” Luo Qiu looked at the buildings in this small town at this time. This was a building in the water town that was almost non-existent in big cities.

It hadn’t really been developed into a tourist attraction, and there was not much garbage on the road, so it was naturally cleaner.

“What a shame. The houses are so beautiful, but the people living there are vicious. What’s the point?” Nero smiled and said, “You should be more familiar about this than me, right?”

The boss did not respond.

Nero was not surprised. She jumped up on the perimeter of the roof of someone’s house, sat there and looked ahead, and said, “It’s funny. If an aunty’s husband suddenly died when she was old and she could only take care of the child alone, people around her will always say that she is unfortunate and will be very enthusiastic to help her out. But if it’s a woman who is in her youth, the situation will be different. Although there will still be a lot of help, there will also be a lot of gossips behind her back.”

Nero squinted as she looked at Boss Luo, and suddenly asked, “It’s the same kind of situation, but the age is different. Why is the result different? I’m talking about the same kind of situation.”

“Does Miss Nero want to say anything?”

Nero shrugged again, “I just want to ask you, which situation do you prefer? You wouldn’t also charge a fee, would you? This is the question.”

“I have no obligation to answer,” Luo Qiu shook his head lightly.

Nero slapped her thigh at this moment and laughed, “Ah, yes. You can refuse to answer. Anyway, I really don’t need your answer. Haha.”

So she stood up, stretched her waist, and touched her belly, “En… before it officially starts, do you want to have breakfast? I noticed that there is a good noodle shop here. Why don’t I treat you to a meal?”

Boss Luo shook his head and said, “Thanks, someone has already prepared it for me. Then, I will see you later, Miss Nero.”

“That’s nice, is it that maid again?” Nero didn’t mind, but teased, “If I have such a perfect woman, I can’t bear to let her go… I’ll see you later, Boss.”

It was much like a friend who she had known for a long time.

She was not afraid of the club, nor was she very vigilant. She didn’t have prejudices as soon as she appeared, and she even planned to invite the boss to have breakfast… Maybe it was mostly because of her nature, but this was really the first time Luo Qiu met such a customer.

“Master, have you encountered something happy?”

The maid who was preparing the meal saw that her master came back. She took off her mask, smiled, and asked curiously.

Luo Qiu sat down and said with a smile, “Just now, our Miss Nero praised you.”

“I’m really grateful.” You Ye nodded.

So the boss began to eat as the maid served the food.

Anyway, it’s like this every day. These two guys won’t get bored, it’s just like what comes out from the mold. Anyway, I’m forgotten. Anyway, I still have to be stuck here. From a rookie that was hanging on the ceiling and covered with dust.

If this place was not always clean, Tai Yinzi wondered if it was time for him to form a cobweb.

Get married soon! Jerk!

When will you let go of me…

Kuck was walking around the town and many people along the way were pointing fingers at his back, but with a strong will, he had no reaction to this kind of comments.

He saw a policeman from a police station patrolling the street on a bicycle. He walked into an alley and began to figure out what to do next.

When those guys left last night, they had no time to take away their equipment. The gasoline should be easy to get. As for the crowbar, it was brand new and the label was still on it, as if it was just bought.

There were only a few hardware shops in town, so it was not difficult to check. Furthermore, four crowbars were bought at once. If it was bought within the last few days, the retailer should remember.

Kuck had an idea about what he should do next.

“Would you like to buy something? Big brother!”

Just as Kuck walked out of the alley, an old lady outside the alley shouted at him. The old lady seemed to have a bad eyesight. After seeing clearly that he was a foreigner, she looked at him curiously.

Kuck casually glanced at her and left without stopping.

But only after a few steps, Kuck stopped, turned around and walked back to the old lady’s stall. He squatted down, reached out and picked up a hairpin from the rug, “How much is this?”

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