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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 8 – Chapter 22: Mad Dream (1)

Volume 8 – Chapter 22: Mad Dream (1)

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Before noon, Kuck returned to the tofu shop again.

When he came in, he realized that San Er and Xiaozhi were sitting at the dining table. The food on the table seemed to be less abundant than in the past.

However, Xiaozhi kept holding a spoon and stared at the food on the table, obviously impatient to eat.

Xiaozhi rushed towards Kuck, and Kuck did not dodge. He let her pull him to the table, “Come and eat!”

San Er said at this time, “Xiaozhi, you go there to watch TV. I have something to talk about with Uncle Mark.”

“I also want to listen!” Xiaozhi raised her hand.

“Xiaozhi!” San Er glared.

Xiaozhi pouted, held the rice bowl, and walked towards the TV with anger. She even put down the bowl loudly without looking back. San Er sighed at the man in front of her, and then whispered, “You… did you find anything?”

Kuck shook his head and said indifferently, “I went to the hardware store and asked, so I have an idea who bought the crowbar.”

“Who is it?” San Er suddenly became nervous.

Kuck said, “I don’t know, but I quietly went to take a look in the afternoon.”

For him, how could he only inquire so little in one morning? In fact, he also went to the hospital. Last night, there was a guy who was seriously injured by him, so the injury couldn’t be healed just by applying the medicine.

It was just that the hospital in the town didn’t accommodate severely injured patients… In other words, the severely injured guy was likely to be sent to other places; maybe in the next town.

In addition, because the hospital was not large, Kuck easily found a guy who was supposed to be lying in the hospital and was inexplicably discharged. It seemed that he was completely healed.

“Did anyone come when I was away?” Kuck then asked.

San Er shook her head and said, “Why don’t you… sit down and have something to eat? It’s almost one o’clock.”

Kuck nodded, reaching for some food on the table and put it on the bowl. “I’ll just go back to the room and eat.”

San Er said, “You can… also eat here.”

Kuck said indifferently, “No need.”

San Er didn’t say anything else, but sat down uncomfortably, silently stuffing the white rice in her mouth without any vegetables.

Before going upstairs, Kuck suddenly said, “Xiaozhi, take this. I bought it outside.”

Something small flew towards Xiaozhi and then fell gently in front of Xiaozhi. Xiaozhi who was originally angry immediately started to smile, “Mom, Uncle Mark gave me a doll!”

San Er glanced at it and suddenly was a little happy. She smiled and said, “Silly girl, this is a keychain, not a doll.”

About an hour later, Kuck came down from upstairs, gave them a heads up, and went out.

“Mom, why is Uncle Mark always going out today?”

“He has something to do.” San Er squatted down and said softly, “Don’t ask, okay? Uncle Mark is protecting us.”

Xiaozhi thought for a while, “Really?”




“Just like Dad, protecting Mom and I?”

San Er just touched Xiaozhi’s head and suddenly kneaded her sleeves and said, “Don’t go to the nursery today, I also won’t open the shop for business. Let’s make something delicious as we wait for Uncle Mark to return, okay?”

“Okay! I learned how to make porridge when you were sick last time!”

San Er smiled and said that Xiaozhi was so good… Since who knows when, she didn’t look forward to someone returning and wanting to make him a sumptuous dinner.

Suddenly the sound of knocking on the door sounded, but it was from the back door of the yard. What San Er knew was that Mark seemed to be used to coming in from the back…the back door each time. She suddenly shook her head vigorously, feeling her face heating up.

“He’s back so quickly? Did he forget to take his things?”

“Did Uncle Mark come back? I’ll open the door!”

“Ai, Xiaozhi, don’t walk so fast! Xiaozhi… this girl.”

Kuck simply found a crack in a place with old walls. With a step on the crack, Kuck easily jumped into the backyard.

The sound of the landing was not even heard.

According to the owner of the hardware store, Kuck found the home of the person who bought the crowbar with no difficulty. One of the suspects lived alone, so Kuck climbed into the house directly.

However, he did not find anyone here. He just found some clues that were left behind. There should be someone who stayed here a day ago.

“He isn’t here… Could he really be going somewhere else to treat the injury?”

But Kuck did not confirm that this man was the most severely injured last night, so he would not make a decision until he had seen the other three men’s homes.

So he was quick to come and go, leaving no trace.

Kuck became more and more confused. The technique of using poles, climbing over walls, and the technique in pursuing things… These seemed to be things that he was used to.

“Who am I… ?”

Vaguely, he once again felt that something was about to rush out of his mind, but he didn’t know why, he was so close yet so far.

That thought seemed to be blocked. Suddenly he touched the contents of his trouser pocket – hairpins bought from the old lady’s stall.

Whether to give it or not seemed to have become the meeting point between emotion and reason, and it had been deadlocked until now.

As he was thinking and tracking, it was already late in the evening. Kuck inquired from the nearby neighbor who this man would gather with on weekdays, and found each one of these men’s homes one by one.

Almost nothing useful… He just knew that two of them have been away from home today, and two of them went out early in the morning.

The only clue that was still useful was… These four men were usually very close to Zhang Kun, and recognized Zhang Kun as leader.

He finally went to Zhang Kun’s house, and found no one in the room.

“But at least it can be confirmed.”

Kuck even realized that… a shocking desire to murder flashed across his eyes. At this time, there was a thought that came to his mind. The best solution to the trouble is to permanently remove it…

While there were very few people around, Kuck walked around the alleys outside San Er’s house a few times before returning to the door of the tofu shop’s backyard. He confirmed that there were no suspicious people nearby… I just have to see if anyone will come tonight.

As Kuck was thinking, he suddenly frowned and stopped in front of the back door.

He reached out and pushed the door gently… The door slightly moved; It wasn’t locked! Kuck suddenly raised his head and rushed into the backyard like a cheetah.

The few flower pots in the backyard fell to the ground. There seemed to be signs of struggling, and… A shoe that was taken off.

Xiaozhi’s shoes!

Kuck picked it up silently and squeezed it hard in his hand. There was a terrifying murderous look in his eyes. He saw a line of text written in red paint on the wall of the courtyard.

This was a mill outside the town, and there was an old watermill beside it.

Zhang Kun and his two underlings were looking at a woman and a little girl who were bound here… Zhang Kun, who was very hazy, was thinking of something.

“Boss, do you want to have fun first?” The underling whispered in Zhang Kun’s ear at this time, “We’ll go outside to help you keep watch? When the foreigner comes and sees that his woman has been fucked, wouldn’t he be furious?! Hehe!”

Zhang Kun’s eyes suddenly became more terrifying and greedy. He suddenly said, “You two, go out first.”


There was a sound of the door opening and closing.

She was blindfolded, her hands were tied back, and she was on the ground. San Er shivered in fear… Her daughter next to her was crying and crying, calling for her mother.

“You… what do you want to do! Let go of me! Let me go!!!! Bastard… Let go… Animal!!”

Zhang Kun was already like a cur, directly pressed on San Er’s body, and a look of madness was all over his face, “Why don’t you like me?! Why?! I always let you be my woman! I never used force on you! But you ignored me! You go and hook up with a foreigner?! You… slut! Slut! Slut!”

He pressed his hands to the neck of the woman he had always wanted, “I’ll fuck you to death!”


“Mom! Mom! Mom! Wa!”

Xiaozhi cried loudly.

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