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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 8 – Chapter 23: Mad Dream (2) – (Part 1)

Volume 8 – Chapter 23: Mad Dream (2) – (Part 1)

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“It’s really ugly.”

Leaning against the mill beside the river, Nero put down the rag in her hand that she used to wipe the Yama Knife, raised the Yama Knife up, and observed it, “Don’t you think so Yama Knife?”

The sword had a slight dark-red glow, seemingly agreeing to her.

Nero said with a smile, “But there is no other way, right? People who dare not resist fate can only obey their fate. In that case, no matter how bleak the ending is… people, they know clearly that they could just try a little harder, but I never knew what they were afraid of…”

She closed her eyes and listened to the mourning whine from the little mill behind.


“Is that true?”

Kuck was not familiar with the terrain near the town. However, when it comes to the abandoned mill outside the town, the people in the town almost know where it was, so he did not need much effort to find it.

It was already sunset, but the faint light in the mill could still be seen when viewed from a distance, probably from a tool like a kerosene lamp.

Two men were sitting not far in front of the gate of the mill. Both of them were holding flashlights in their hands and shone around the proximity… presumably waiting for Kuck’s arrival.

Kuck picked up a small pebble from the ground and swiftly, like a wild cat lurking at night, approached behind a man very quickly and silently.

He suddenly lunged, covering the man’s mouth with one hand from behind, then threw a heavy punch at the man’s temple with his fist. The man’s eyes suddenly widened and he lost consciousness in an instant.

The man naturally couldn’t hold on to the flashlight. The moment the flashlight fell to the ground, it also attracted the attention of another man.

The other man subconsciously moved his flashlight to shine over to what was happening, but at this time he only heard the sound of something knocking on the other side!

He quickly followed the sound.

But this was just a small stone thrown by Kuck… The other man didn’t realize at this time that something was approaching him from behind in the darkness.

He just felt a heavy blow. His brain had no time to reflect the pain incurred, and the nerve endings of his perception were cut off as he fell to the ground.

In less than five seconds, Kuck had taken care of these two gatekeepers… He felt more and more that he must not be an ordinary person, but he couldn’t allow himself to continue thinking about this problem at the moment.

He walked towards the mill and was planning to peep inside the closed window.

Unexpectedly, the wooden door of the mill was opened at once, and Zhang Kun’s voice was heard, “Lai Pi, give me some water! I am thirsty!”

In front of him, Zhang Kun was naked with sweat on his upper body, and was now wearing a belt around his waist, looking a little tired… but Zhang Kun’s eyes were greatly widened!

He saw Kuck… this foreign man as if he saw a ghost, quietly appeared in front of himself in the middle of the night.

That was the most terrifying thing he had ever seen in his life! Zhang Kun was shocked, “Lai Pi! Where are you?!”

He even took a step back subconsciously, but couldn’t beat Kuck’s fast movement. His cast-iron fist… this punch bombarded just like a cannonball directly on Zhang Kun’s chest without any hesitation.

Although this guy was covered in fat, he still couldn’t buffer this huge impact! His internal organs suddenly seemed to be in a mess! Zhang Kun even heard the sound of his sternum breaking!


His whole body flew out, hitting directly on the wooden pillar of the mill, and directly struck the pillar and almost broke his bones! This was a wooden post that was thicker than the thighs of an adult male!

But Kuck wasn’t satisfied from hitting Zhang Kun at all, but stood outside the door of the mill, slightly trembling.

Inside the door… in the corner of the mill, the little girl… Xiaozhi was blindfolded with a cloth tied to the ground. Beside her, San Er raised up her head at the moment in absentmindedness.

The scattered hair couldn’t hide the desperate look on San Er’s face. She just hugged her body tightly and grasped the tattered clothes with both hands.

Above the arms, on the shoulders, and her bare legs, blue-black, and reddened injuries were visible everywhere.

A threshold seemed to separate the two worlds.

“San Er…” Kuck called the name for the first time. He subconsciously crossed the threshold and walked forward.

“Don’t come!!” San Er yelled suddenly.

She clasped her head firmly with both hands, her body trembling more and more, shouting sternly, “Don’t come!! Don’t come!! Don’t look at me!! Don’t look at me!!”

“San Er!” Kuck rushed in front of San Er, arms tightly hugging her.

San Er fell on Kuck’s shoulder and wailed and cried, hissing her lungs, and punching her fist against the man’s strong body. “Why did you only come now…? why did you only come now…?”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

San Er stopped suddenly, and whispered softly, “Mark… I don’t want to think of it… I don’t want to think about this horrifying thing… I am even more reluctant to think about it, remembering that it was in front of Xiaozhi… Mark, do you know……”

“It’s okay, it’s okay.” Kuck hugged tighter.

“It’s different… I’m different from you…” San Er gradually lost her mind, “It’s different… Mark, can you take care of Xiaozhi for me? I’m so tired… so tired.”

“San Er… San Er?” Kuck only felt a slight shake in San Er’s body.

“San Er!”

This woman, a large patch of bright red was showing up in her abdomen now…her hands held a piece of firewood with a sharp head, which turned it into a sharp spike.

“San Er!!!”

Kuck’s eyes suddenly turned red, his head was about to burst, and he almost burst. He covered his head with one hand, holding San Er’s fallen body with one hand, and knelt on the ground. His mouth almost cracked… but he couldn’t make a sound.

Suddenly a strong wind struck, and by instinct, Kuck blocked it. However, the impact was so strong that his body was knocked away at once.

It’s just that his physical strength was completely beyond his imagination. Under this impact, he didn’t even stay, he got up at a very fast speed.

In front of him was a guy in a coat.

It’s definitely not a guy like Zhang Kun… Kuck instinctively felt that his body was feeling alert to this guy.

But this weird man in a coat with a hat and a mask looked at San Er who was falling to the ground and shook his head. He said, “It’s still the same ending? I thought it would be different; I thought she would be stronger.”

“You… instructed them to do it?” Kuck’s voice became cold, like ice.

“Yes.” The weird man shrugged and said, “Are you very moved? I didn’t expect this woman to be quite chaste. She felt sorry for you, so she killed herself. By the way, may I ask, what does it feel like to have a woman treat you this way? Hey… you seem indifferent?”

Kuck said indifferently, “No, I want to kill you, but I won’t make you irritate me. Losing calmness is not good for me… Even if I really want to kill you, I will not lose my cool.”

The weirdo was stunned for a moment and suddenly sighed, “Although I thought of this result a little bit before, I still feel like a failure when I see it. It seems that you really are heartless… forget it.”

The weirdo shrugged and suddenly said, “In this case, it is useless to keep this brat…”

The weird man swung his palm, a cold light outside the mill broke through the window and landed on the weird man’s palm, then it suddenly cut towards Xiaozhi on the ground.

But the cold light only swept across the floor in the end; just where Xiaozhi was lying!

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