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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 8 – Chapter 23: Mad Dream (2) – (Part 2)

Volume 8 – Chapter 23: Mad Dream (2) – (Part 2)

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At the same time, Kuck already held Xiaozhi and rolled on the ground a few times, then quickly stood up. However, he still could not save Xiaozhi from the weirdo.

Despite his attempt, a deep wound left on his left arm.


He only heard Xiaozhi in his arms whispering, “Uncle Mark, what about mom…?”

“She… she’s fine.”

“Uncle Mark… shall we go home…? I’m afraid… afraid… I’m in pain… pain…”

Kuck reached out and touched Xiaozhi’s back, tenderly… It was dyed with blood.

“Aiya, I seem to have hit her.” The weirdo laughed twice.

But Kuck couldn’t hear… He didn’t want to hear it himself. He calmly pulled away from his body, something hot was surging deep inside his body.

“Xiaozhi, Xiaozhi!!”

“Uncle Mark… I can’t see… It’s so dark… Let me tell you… Mom, mom must, she must have liked you… Uncle Mark…” Xiaozhi was getting weaker, “You… be my dad… Okay…”

The little girl in his arms finally lost her breath.

Kuck hugged her body, kneeled down on the ground, his head was lowered, motionless.

It had been a long time…Kuck was still motionless.

The weirdo standing not far away… Nero subconsciously scratched her cheek at this moment, muttering and thinking. Is it too overboard?

Suddenly, a fierce reaction came from the Yama Knife in her hand, and Nero’s eyes were fixed… A hint of excitement appeared in her eyes all of a sudden. She muttered to herself, “It’s here, it’s here… It’s finally here!”

A whiff of black qi, like smoke rising from a campfire, now emerged from Kuck’s body.

These entangled black qi became stronger and stronger. Kuck just gently put Xiaozhi’s body down at this time and stood up silently.

He looked at the person in front of him silently. After a while, he said indifferently, “Nero… you overdid it.”

“Aiya! You’re back!” Nero reached out and ripped off his disguise, shaking the Yama Knife in her hand. “Finally, it’s not a waste of effort.”

“Unnecessary.” Kuck was expressionless, and he said indifferently, “I can recover from it myself without you having to do much fuss.”

“It’s boring.” Nero blinked… but the pores all over her body were now open, and her body felt an unprecedented sense of oppression. Her heartbeat was even beating wildly. With panic, fear, and excitement mixed together, the body and spirit were excited to a critical point.

This man, whose appearance and heart was indifferent to the extreme… had never had such an urge to kill like this.

Kuck nodded, “Did the organization send you?”

“After all, you have been missing for so long. Of course, those immortals have their opinions,” Nero smiled and said.

“I’ll go back.” Kuck nodded indifferently, then said indifferently, “After settling you.”

With that, he suddenly stretched out his right hand. The black qi around him directly rolled around his arms like countless mad tongues, and Kuck opened his five fingers.

This time he was not calm, like a volcano that had been dormant on the bottom of the sea for thousands of years, erupting quietly among countless undercurrents!

That was the earth-shattering sound.

“Gáe-bolg! [1]”

In the lively and fanatical Bliss Pure Land, Sun Xiaosheng immersed himself in the atmosphere of drunken stupor and played on the stage.

Unexpectedly, the black stick that he was using to control the body suddenly burst into a fiery heat like magma, blasted out of his only clip in an instant, directly puncturing the ceiling of the Bliss Pure Land and disappeared in the night sky!

“Brother Xiaosheng! Brother Xiaosheng!”

The demon beasts [2] were frightened and surrounded him, seeing that the bar owner was covering his lower body at the moment. His face was filled with pain as he rolled on the floor with foam coming out of his mouth.

The long and bright-red spear directly tore the space and appeared beside Kuck. When he grasped the spear tightly with his five fingers, a sense of joy suddenly spread to Kuck’s omniscience.

But as if feeling the sorrow and anger in his master’s heart at the moment, this long spear instantly regained joy, and spewed out great power!

That power instantly destroyed the upper level of the entire mill and turned everything into dust!

Nero suddenly held her own Yama Knife with her hands, her white hair spread out, showing a sinister look. She laughed loudly, “Here it comes… Hahahahaha!!! It’s finally here!!!”

From the Yama Knife emerged a huge force that could compete with him! Two tremendous powers instantly blew away the rest of the mill!

But Kuck quietly stood in front of the bodies of San Er and Xiaozhi. Despite the power behind him going berserk, it was always calm as a sunny harbor at his back.

“It’s going to be distracting, Kuck!” Nero was exhausting all her strength to urge the Yama Knife’s power.

“Shoot her… ruthlessly pierce her,” Kuck said softly and indifferently… The Gáe-bolg disappeared suddenly in his hand… but only a moment later, it appeared in his hand again.

Suddenly, Nero stopped moving, and the violent force from the Yama Knife suddenly went berserk as if it lost its support, and turned into a circular airflow, which flattened everything around.

Nero subconsciously reached out her hand to cover her heart and looked at Kuck. She seemed to suddenly realize something, “No wonder, no one among the Divine Generals dared to provoke you… This is why… This is why…”

A mouthful of blood suddenly emerged from her mouth, like a spring surging, flowing out constantly.

Nero grabbed the handle of the Yama Knife with both hands and pierced it into the soil. Suddenly, she issued a scream, and now countless golden lights madly shot from her body!

A force of destruction erupted from her body, turned into blades from nowhere, piercing all her internal organs from the inside out!

Eventually, she knelt before the Yama Knife, leaning on the handle, and only said one word, “I lost.”

She fell directly into the pool of blood.

Kuck took a deep breath and looked up at the night sky before slowly exhaling. He walked blankly to Nero and flipped over Nero’s body with his favored spear.

The head of the spear picked on the clothes on Nero’s body and picked out the things hidden in the clothes one by one… including the life-saving medicines that the Divine General would bring along in their dispatch every time.

He stretched out his hand and grabbed towards the Yama Knife. The Divine General was dead, so the Yama Knife naturally needed to be taken away. The Yama Knife who lost its master suddenly became rusty.

After casually keeping the Yama Knife, Kuck hugged the bodies of San Er and Xiaozhi. After setting a fire here, Kuck didn’t leave until he saw that the bodies were all scorched.

He looked at San Er and Xiaozhi and said indifferently, “Although I can’t be your loved one… I can take you home at least.”


[2] Previous translation site referred to [妖] as “monster.” But, we thought “demon beast” is much more accurate.

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