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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 8 – Chapter 25: Time Passed Swiftly Like Flowing Water

Volume 8 – Chapter 25: Time Passed Swiftly Like Flowing Water

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Nero found that this boss was really meticulous. At least when she habitually touched her pocket, she was able to feel the sweets she had always used to eat.

After opening and chewing a piece of bubble gum in the mouth, Nero closed her eyes and spread out her right palm.

A crimson flow of qi emerged from her palm, and at the same time, the land facing her palm began to emit some fine particles.

These were traces of iron elements hidden in the riverbed land.

Soon after, these iron elements began to aggregate, elongate, change, shape, and finally turned into the original appearance of the Yama Knife. Nero picked up the entire knife’s blade and waved it, seemingly satisfied.

Luo Qiu looked curiously.

Nero shook the Yama Knife in his hand at this time, quite proudly, “The people in the organization thought that I just reached the first state, but no. From the second stage, the Yama Knife will no longer be a stickler to the outer looks. Uncle Kuck only took an empty shell. However, if the organization were to find out, it would be at least after countless failures in finding the successor, and they might not even find out.”

Boss Luo just shook his head, but also made a lump of black thing as he watched Nero form the knife.

“This?” Nero froze, then squatted down and began to dig up the mixture of coke and mud nearby to attach to this tuft. “Uncle Kuck is very careful. Maybe he will come over the next day and see if the number of corpses matches. If there is one missing, then I will be done for.”

Nero shook her head and said, “Uncle Kuck in that state, if we meet in the future… It’s better to not provoke him.”

“You are also very careful,” Luo Qiu sighed with admiration.

After the arrangement was completed, Nero patted the smudges on her hands, then ran a little further to dig out a box under a tree. Inside this box was the box that was given to her by Boss Luo to keep souls, the small disc used to track the iron whistle, and a small bag.

“I knew Uncle Kuck would take my stuff, but luckily it was hidden earlier.”

She opened the box used to hold the soul, grabbed the remaining soul inside, and hurriedly ran to Luo Qiu, “This is fake San Er, this is fake Xiaozhi, these are healing… Ah, it’s used up so soon.”

Luo Qiu said indifferently, “In fact, you don’t need me to heal you. With the second form of Yama Knife, at least you won’t die.”

Nero shook her head and said, “But I am not interested in staying in this wild mountain wilderness for a few months. I have to leave here as soon as possible. Moreover, no traces that could make Uncle Kuck find me can stay.”

“Oh, by the way, I seem to be able to get a discount, right? Are there more of these left?” Nero suddenly looked at Luo Qiu and asked.

“It’s just a small matter. Does Miss Nero plan to use the discount?” Luo Qiu said indifferently.

“Yes, is there any problem?” Nero said curiously, “I have discounts. I can use it however I please, right? Besides, if I run out of discounts sooner, wouldn’t you be able to exploit me more conveniently?”

Luo Qiu did not intend to talk nonsense with this woman, and said softly, “Guest, this is what’s left.”

He also gave Nero a soul sphere.

Nero shook her head and said, “Just use this to get some luck… give this to the mother and daughter.”

Luo Qiu whispered, “Miss Nero is really kind.”

Nero glared with dissatisfaction and said, “Don’t look at me like this. I’m a woman too, okay? Forget it, I can’t talk to you at all. So be it, powerful Boss. I’m leaving… When I’m desperate next time. I will come back to you. Bye~!”

Another flying kiss that was worthless to the boss.

Just like that, the tyrant of the Michael Club temporarily succeeded in being suspended from the organization.

It was about this time yesterday, Kuck was sitting quietly in the room as he opened his eyes slowly… Thinking of the strange feeling that happened to him last night, Kuck already understood what was happening.

“It’s good to leave here, save me from being troubled again.” Kuck murmured lightly, and at the same time leaned his head and looked at the door of the room.

Even before he recovered, he had an instinctive vigilance as Mark, not to mention this time?

The footsteps that came step by step naturally could not escape his ears.

The footsteps stopped in front of his door for a while, then only came a few knocks on the door. It was San Er’s voice. “Mark, are you asleep?”

Kuck was silent for a while, then said indifferently, “What’s the matter?”

San Er, who thought she could not get a response, was preparing to leave in disappointment. But at this time she turned her head, and once again approached the door, She whispered, “Are you going to… leave tomorrow?”


“…Will you have breakfast before leaving?”

“I will leave before dawn.”

“You have recovered your memory, haven’t you? When you came back, you gave me a different feeling,” San Er said softly against the door.

It was really different. Whether it was his look or her own feeling, it was already different. San Er keenly noticed something.


After thinking about it, she finally found the courage to say, “Mark. Do you… want to stay?”

In that room, there was no response for a long time.

San Er probably knew the answer. She sat down along the door panel and hugged her legs.

She didn’t know whether the man who came into her life, who was in the room, was sitting or leaning against the door at this time. She didn’t know what he was thinking.

It took a long time before San Er raised her head and whispered, “Xiaozhi… would probably be sad.”

Kuck’s voice came, “Children will forget people and things very quickly.”

San Er suddenly turned her head and asked, “What about adults?”

Kuck touched the door from inside the room and said indifferently, “After some time, it will also be the same for adults.”

San Er smiled desolately. She spoke again after a while, “That’s true. If I don’t look at the photos, I will almost forget my husband’s appearance.”

Kuck didn’t speak.

San Er thought about what happened during this time, starting from Xiaozhi’s discovery of this man in the river, until he forcefully stayed in her home.

It felt good to have a man at home… when I was sick… when I have no one to rely on.

Various times.

Although gossip began to increase, but more often, some long-lost laughter came back to this little tofu shop again.

“It seems that so many things have happened like a dream.” San Er smiled and said… She remembered something that was awkward.

“En,” Kuck responded.

For him, what happened to Mark was also an… experience that was temporarily unrelievable.

“I used to have never thought that so many things would happen to me.”

San Er said with a smile on her face at this time, “I got married very early, gave birth to a child, and had a good husband. Later, when my husband died, I just wanted to raise my child, you know? Sometimes I think, after more than ten years, am I just like the aunty next door, and I have to worry about my daughter’s marriage again?”

“More than ten years? Too early,” said Kuck indifferently.

“Too early?” San Er was stunned, then giggled.

“What are you laughing at?” Kuck frowned.

San Er laughed a little bit fiercely until her eyes became a little foggy, “I just want to laugh, can’t I?”

“It’s up to you,” said Kuck indifferently.

“Mark, are you always so cold?”

“Because there is nothing to laugh about.” Kuck also sat down against the door, his back also leaning against the door; he did so subconsciously.

“Could it be that you haven’t encountered any happy things?”

“Is there a problem?”

“No, it just feels too pitiful.” San Er shook her head, “Even I have encountered many things that were worthy of happiness in the past. Ah, I really miss the days when I was still in high school… By the way, do you know? There were several naughty boys in a class in high school quietly stuffed a porno CD in the textbook of the Chinese teacher. Later, it was discovered by the teacher’s wife. I heard that he didn’t sleep well all night. On the second day of class, the boys were directly punished and were told to go to the playground to run laps. They also have to say, “I won’t watch porno CDs anymore.” We were all watching and laughing so hard! Why didn’t you respond…?”

Kuck said, “Is it that funny?”

San Er asked back, “Isn’t it funny?”

San Er thought for a while, “Then there is one more time, you will want to laugh this time. Let me tell you…”

The woman was talking about the things she cherished in her youth outside the door while the man sat and listened in the room, never laughed, but shook his head and sometimes simply commented.

“Isn’t this funny?” San Er asked the same question tirelessly.

“Not funny, can’t you just tell the teacher?”

“How about this?”

“So so.”

For a long time.

San Er unknowingly leaned against the door and fell asleep.

The light suddenly turned on in the room, and then a slight continuous sound came.

It slowly dawned.

Later, San Er woke up because of the cold morning air. She stood up and silently opened the door of the room, but it was empty.

San Er clasped her arms lightly as she looked at the neatly folded quilt that seemed as if it had never been used, as well as clothes that were folded on the quilt, and then walked towards the only table there.

A lifelike wooden swan, larger than an average palm, was placed here. The basket under the table had wood chips.

San Er reached out and touched the wooden swan, then opened the curtains of the room. She opened the glass windows, the air outside was cooler.

She leaned against the window and smiled as the sun began to rise as usual.

Time passed swiftly like flowing water.

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