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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 8 – Chapter 26: Outside World

Volume 8 – Chapter 26: Outside World

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Life still had to move on, but it was a bit unsatisfactory. The business of the tofu shop was not as good as before.

Xiaozhi threw tantrums for a long time, crying non-stop. After she recovered, she became even more attached to her mother, almost to the point where they were inseparable.

Rumor had it that several people were missing in the town at once. The gangster boss Zhang Kun, and the few gangsters under his lead.

A few days ago, a fire broke out outside the town. They said that several people were burned to death… The topic of discussion immediately turned from San Er to this matter.

It appeared that people were forgetful.

“Mom! There are guests!”

Xiaozhi, who was reading a fairy tale book in front of the shop, shouted inwardly. San Er quickly stopped whatever she was doing, walked out while wiping her hands, and smiled to welcome guests, “What do you want to buy?”

Young, unfamiliar face. They don’t look like people in town… However, they didn’t carry anything with them, nor do they look like people who came here on their holiday.

But this young man looks a bit like the young policeman I met in the past?

San Er suddenly realized something.

The young man said, “Can I buy two pieces of tofu?”

“Oh okay! Wait, I’ll give it to you right away.” San Er recovered and quietly walked away. She cut two pieces of tofu neatly and wrapped them in bamboo leaves.

“The quality of this tofu is great.” The young man smiled and said, “If there is a need, I will buy it again.”

San Er was stunned, and said in pity, “Sorry, you might be disappointed. When you come again, you might not be able to buy it.”

The young man asked curiously, “Why? Are you not going to run the business here anymore?”

San Er smiled slightly; she glimpsed at the two wooden swans with one bigger than another that was put together on the back table. She nodded, “I won’t be running my business here for now. I plan to go into the city and try there. Maybe I would open a small shop over there. I’m not sure… We’ll see.”

The young man looked at the old house and said suddenly, “Won’t you be reluctant?”

“I’m definitely a bit reluctant to let go, but I’m not going to sell it anyway. I’ve been saving some money all these years, but I haven’t dared to do anything with it yet.”

San Er didn’t realize she unknowingly confided her thoughts and looked around, “However, recently… En, I actually thought of traveling to see what the world outside looks like. I’m just not sure if this child can adapt.”

“I can cook! I can also wash clothes! It’s the same everywhere!” The child rushed over to her mom’s side.

The young man sent them a blessing tenderly, “May you have good luck.”

San Er froze and nodded. “Thank you… Let me give you two more pieces!”

So the young man had another tofu wrapped in a leaf. He looked at the mother and daughter and said softly, “Oh, this pair of wooden swans are really beautiful, so cherish it.”

San Er was stunned. She always felt that this young man was a little strange. She followed the young man and walked out of her shop, but she could no longer see the young man on the street.

At this time, Xiaozhi moved the stool, took down the two wooden swans on the table, and held it, “Mom, please cherish it carefully. I’ll wipe it clean!”

“Didn’t you just wipe it?” said San Er in annoyance.

Xiaozhi didn’t care. She ran away with two wooden swans. When she ran, she shook her hand. One of the larger wooden swans seemed to have a slight impact.

From the inside of it… there was probably something that was hidden.

San Er smiled and took a deep breath.

The motorcycle quietly drove up the muddy mountain road, and the man driving the bike looked worried. Meanwhile, the other man sitting behind was tied with a bandage on his shoulder, holding up his arms, looking pale.

“Can’t you choose a better route?”

“Don’t be picky at this time! The person burnt to death in the mill must be the boss. I don’t know who he offended and whether it would involve us… Let’s pack up and quickly run away. I have some connections. We will stay at my cousin’s house in the city for a while. Let’s hide there for a while first!”

“But you also need to slow down, I’m in pain! In front… In front! Look in front!” The man in the back seat screamed suddenly.

“What’s ahead?”

“There’s someone!!”

It was already difficult for the motorcycle to travel on this mountain path, let alone people… However, at this time, some people were standing on the path, blocking the way of these two buddies.

A white-haired, bubblegum chewing… woman.

“Go away!!!” The man riding the bike shouted loudly!

The woman waved her hand. Under a cold glint, two heads fell to the ground and the motorcycle that had lost control suddenly rushed into the ravine.

“Scumbag… it’s better not to keep them, right?” the woman muttered.

Then the woman’s face suddenly changed and yelled, “Hey hey, don’t eat it! This is my pocket money for buying things! Yama Knife… you shameless thing! Give it back!”

“Master, there is so much tofu,” the maid looked at the two tofu warped in leaves in Boss Luo’s hand curiously.

“Let’s eat this for lunch today, okay?” Luo Qiu picked it up and shook it, like a fisherman who had a great harvest from the river.

“Okay… En, is it okay to make Mapo Tofu?” asked the maid.

“I’ll help you too.” Luo Qiu rolled up his sleeve and walked into the kitchen.

About a day or two ago…

Another mysterious place in the city… It was actually the pet hospital hosted by True Dragon of China.

On the street outside the door, the child pointed to a back.

“Mom! There is a weirdo!”

“Shh, don’t look, let’s quickly go!”

It was a weirdo wearing a big yellow trench coat with a big hat and sunglasses, walking around and holding a piece of newspaper to block his strange back.

This person did not enter from the front of the hospital… It seemed that the main entrance of the hospital had not been opened for several days, and a red paper that stated it was temporarily closed was still posted.

The weirdo came to the back door of the hospital, reached out and twisted the door lock, and found that it was still locked… but it didn’t stop the weirdo’s action.

“I heard that Grandma Dragon went somewhere, and the back door was closed… Barrier? How can it stop me!?”

The weirdo opened the door easily, then sneaked in quietly. He then went into a room sneakily and began to rummage for things.

“Who is it?”

Suddenly there was a cry. The guilty weirdo suddenly turned around and subconsciously said, “Master Long! I’m not here to steal things!”

“Sun Xiaosheng?”

“Who are you?”

Very different questions; two figures with one bigger in size than another were looking at each other.

One was True Dragon of China who was so angry when he saw Sun Xiaosheng sneaking into the house from the monitoring office that he forgot about how he currently looked like before coming in, while the other one was the owner of the Elysium Bar with a strange purpose but was terrified by a little girl.

“I… I am a new apprentice of Gui Qianyi,” said Long Xiruo indifferently.

Sun Xiaosheng was stunned as he said, “Does the Old Tortoise still have this interest? I couldn’t imagine… No, you are a student of Old Tortoise, so why do you look like a human?”

“It’s none of your business!” Long Xiruo snorted and said, “What are you doing here sneakily?”

Brother Xiaosheng suddenly crossed his arms and said fiercely, “What I do here has nothing to do with you, brat! Do you know who I am? I’m Sun Xiaosheng! Gui Qianyi doesn’t even dare to cross me, what are you? Little thing, are you not afraid of death?”

Brother Xiaosheng was gesticulating for joy, and finally pinched his neck with his hands to make a ghostly look, “Kacha, die!”

“Su Zhijun is my aunty!” It may be difficult for Long Xiruo to deal with anyone, but it was easy to deal with this unknown weirdo.


Brother Xiaosheng blinked his eyes quickly, “Ahahaha… Really? Then, brat… No no, Little Sister, look. I, Sun Xiaosheng, am very popular in the demon world! I am definitely not doing bad things! Don’t get me wrong!”

“Then what are you doing here?”

“This… this…” Brother Xiaosheng wrecked his brain and suddenly pointed his finger at the window and suddenly shouted, “Ha!! There is a pervert who wears his underwear outside!”

But Long Xiruo looked at the idiotic weirdo with a mentally distressed expression… Brother Xiaosheng acted as if he saw nothing and ran away quicker than the wind blows!

“Psychotic.” Long Xiruo looked at this guy’s weird walking posture and shook her head. If her power wasn’t weak now, she would have caught the weirdo and taught him a good lesson.

She sighed and resignedly began to pack up the drug storage warehouse that was messed up by the weirdo.

“This weirdo, what did you steal?”

Long Xiruo looked at the unsealed place with amazement, “Jin Chuang Pills… Burn Ointment?”

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