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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 8 – Chapter 27: Golden Week

Volume 8 – Chapter 27: Golden Week

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“The total length is two hundred twenty-three meters. The width of the hull is twenty-nine meters, the widest breadth is five meters, the total volume in tonnes is seventy-five thousand tonnes. The maximum speed is three nautical miles per hour. There are altogether seven hundred thirty-nine cabins on the ship, which can carry up to one thousand eight hundred ninety-seven passengers…The Baiyu Cruise Ship.”

The sound from the steam whistle of the ship was exceptionally loud, like a war cry.

The tourists were boarding the cruise ship in an orderly manner.

Luo Qiu frowned and looked at the people behind him— the person behind him was carrying two luggage bags with both his hands while carrying two large bags on his back and front…They wereOfficer Ma and Ma Houde’s wife.

At this time, Ren Ziling, Li Zi, and You Ye emerged from the crowd. Subeditor Ren shook her hands, “The procedures are all done. Let’s check-in and then… let’s get started! Our Golden Week! Our sea trip!”

Why did I come to this place?

Luo Qiu found it unfathomable…

It was two days ago.

When Boss Luo was watching TV at home, Ren Ziling had come home. Unexpectedly, she did not look like a defeated dog. She kicked her shoes off at the door and saddled…. on the sofa.

Boss Luo stood up instinctively as he felt that something was not right. He intended to return back to the room to rest but his body was like being pulled back forcibly.

Subeditor Ren’s body emitted a sinister and evil aura. She laid her hand on Luo Qiu’s shoulders and let out a sneer, “Boy, I heard that you don’t have to attend school lately. All this while you have been on leave. You must be bored, right?”


“Would you like to have a three-day and two-night sea trip?”


“I don’t wash the dishes after eating. I don’t fold the clothes and let it pile up on the sofa. For tonight, I decided to catch up on a TV show in the living room until dawn. When I brush my teeth, I squeeze the toothpaste from the middle…”


“Baiyu Cruise Ship…I really miss this ship.” Ma Houde looked up towards the cruise ship at the boarding zone at this moment.

Luo Qiu, who was walking along with Officer Ma behind the team, smiled and said at this time, “Uncle Ma, you boarded this ship before, right…? I remember you seemed to have gone to sea with aunt during the summer vacation.”

“We boarded a different ship the previous time.” Ma Houde shook his head. He then smiled and said, “Do you know? This Baiyu Cruise Ship is the first cruise ship in our city. When I was young, I boarded it before. It’s not just me. Your father also boarded this ship too. This time it was all thanks to. I didn’t expect that she could get us a ticket for the Baiyu cruise ship. I heard that this was the last trip for it. After returning from this trip, this ship will be officially retired.”

“So, you specifically take leave for this?” Luo Qiu nodded and said.

Ma Houde smiled and said, “Initially, I have already asked for leave. I was about to use the Golden Week to go abroad with your aunt to visit our children. However, the young man said that he isn’t free as he is participating in other activities. I talked about this matter with Ziling two days ago. She immediately dragged us to this cruise. Besides, your aunt wants to see what your girlfriend looks like.”

With that, Ma Houde patted Luo Qiu on the shoulder. He then secretly stuffed two small bottles to Luo Qiu and said it sincerely, “This is a good thing! The ingredient was made from pure Chinese Medicine herbs. I am also taking this medicine. All the best, Little Luo Qiu!”

Boss Luo looked at the two small bottles in his hand: Medicinal drinks to replenish strength.

“Old Ma! Why are you guys still dilly-dallying? Come up immediately!” Officer Ma’s wife turned back and yelled at the front.

“Coming!” So, Officer Ma carried the items, and hurriedly chased after them.

The maid came to the master’s side and smiled faintly, “Master, let’s get on the boat. Miss Ren is urging us.”

Luo Qiu nodded and walked with a smile. However, his hands behind his back were moving. He silently threw the two bottles in his hands into the river.

Who would use this kind of thing?

However, after he walked a few steps, Luo Qiu stopped and looked left towards the position in front of him. It was further away from him. It was probably the position of the bow deck of the ship.

The two men seem to be struggling with something. From the clothes they wore, they seemed to be senior management personnel on the cruise ship… In addition, one of them was an old man while the other one was a man in his middle age.

Both of them seem to be trying their best to control themselves. Although both of their expressions seemed to be a little agitated, at least they were not fighting with each other.

After a while, the middle-aged man flung his head back and left while the old man watched the other man left. In a short while, the old man suddenly clutched the clothes on his heart and showed a painful expression. It seemed that he had an illness related to his heart.

The old man quickly took a small bottle out of his clothes. He then poured a few pills into his palm and swallowed them directly into his mouth… His breath seemed to have gradually calmed down.

He just grabbed the railing on the deck and looked at the front of the bow while remaining quietly on his place.

“Luo Qiu! What are you doing? You are not thinking of escaping, right?” Ren Ziling, who had already boarded the ship, shouted down from the passage at this time.

Boss Luo shook his head and walked up.

There was only silence throughout the journey. After boarding the ship, each person found their assigned room to put their luggage. There were three rooms for six people.

Before boarding the ship, Luo Qiu had already expected this arrangement. Hence, he did not bother to say anything more and straight away dragged You Ye into the room.

“This room is still clean.” The maid looked around the room… This was already a good compliment coming from a maid who had a quite serious obsession with cleanliness.

Luo Qiu looked out from the small window in the room. He gave a faint smile and stretched out his finger to rub on the window ledge. He kneaded his fingers and said, “This boat has been going for almost thirty years. It is not really bad for it to be maintained in such condition…It seems to have a good crew.”

The maid came over and was planning to take off her master’s coat.

Luo Qiu suddenly said, “Since we rarely come up here, why don’t you accompany me to have a walk on the boat as you have nothing else to do anyway?”

“But, what about Miss Ren?”

Luo Qiu said indifferently, “She is probably pondering about something weird again. Don’t worry about her. Let’s have a walk on the deck to take a look first. We might even run into a good business plan.”

“Sister Ren, no matter how hard you try to listen, you can’t hear it clearly. The soundproofing of this cabin is very good,” Li Zi reminded Ziling at this time.

When she just entered the room, Ren Ziling put her ears on the wall without taking off her shoes. After hearing Li Zi’s reminder, Subeditor Ren dropped the matter and let out a hearty sigh.

Ren Ziling sat on the bed. She then looked at Li Zi with a smile and asked, “Li Zi, did you bring that thing?”

“If I said that I left it at home, would you throw me off the ship?” Li Zi blinked and asked.

Ren Ziling chuckled and patted Li Zi’s shoulder hard, “Why would I do this? Am I this type of person? The most I will do is lock you up in this room and give you only bread for you to fill your stomach for the three daily meals. Don’t worry!”

“Please, that’s the cruelest thing…okay!” Li Zi suddenly shrugged her head and quickly rummaged through her luggage bag.

Soon after, Li Zi withdrew his palm. She took out a small plastic box and put it in Ren Ziling’s hand.

“This is the secret recipe that was handed out throughout generations in your hometown…” Ren Ziling shook it a few times. The two dark and swarthy balls in the box collided with each other, making a sound, “Would it really work? Will there be side effects to the body? Or even causes harm to the body?”

“I have reduced the dosage. Any one can bear it,” said Li Zi casually.

“Any one?” Ren Ziling was stunned.

Li Zi laughed and said, “I meant the dosage is for an ordinary person. This dosage of medicine can also be consumed by pandas too. Besides, this is a medicine to enhance physical strength. Even if it did not have any effects, it is similar to health products. Nothing will go wrong!”

Li Zi patted her chest and said, “If there is any problem, I will just starve myself for three days!”

Upon seeing Li Zi daring to use such cruel conditions as guarantee, Ren Ziling nodded, “Well, it’s good to increase physical strength. If it doesn’t work for the first time, it’s also good to use it a few times. That way it will be more secure!”

Li Zi had already tore up a rice cracker and munched on it. Upon looking at Ren Ziling, who looked like an old witch who had just brewed some strange medicine, she could not help but let a sigh secretly.

Probably…Luo Qiu usually does not have it easy?

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