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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 8 – Chapter 28: Chance!

Volume 8 – Chapter 28: Chance!

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“I am just hanging out on the ship…Well, I will meet you at the restaurant during dinner.”

“Is it Miss Ren?”

Luo Qiu nodded.

At this time, he and You Ye were already in the courtyard of the bow. The Baiyu Cruise Ship had not officially set sail. So, the wind blowing in was not too strong. There were also some tourists who were getting onboard the ship. It would be about another hour before they could set sail.

With the time taken into consideration, it would probably be midnight when the Baiyu Cruise Ship set sail from the estuary. The cruise ship would probably arrive at the destination tomorrow morning.

However, many tourists who had boarded the cruise ship earlier had already walked out of their room and started to tour around the ship – Employees who supposedly came from the same company were standing not far away from Luo Qiu. At this moment, they were gathering around and were preparing to take a group photo before the ship set sail.

Generally, Luo Qiu did not like crowded places. So, he pointed at the second floor of the courtyard and said, “Let’s go up.”

At this moment, You Ye said, “Master, there is a thief over there.”

Luo Qiu looked over to the direction where You Ye pointed out to him.

What he saw was a person who was approximately twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old, in a casual attire and a camera around his neck was skillfully moving as he bumped into different people. He then effortlessly took belongings from other persons’ bags.

From the proud look on his face, the man probably managed to secure a good harvest before he even got started. However, the thief was suddenly on guard and looked in the direction of Boss Luo and You Ye.

The thief did not notice anything more than just the presence of the club owner and his servant. He frowned while murmuring his suspicions. He then quickly left the place, planning to find another place to commit his crimes.

“He is very cautious,” said Luo Qiu casually. He then walked towards the sightseeing bridge that was located at the second floor of the courtyard.

There was a warning sign board set up straight in front of the stairs leading to the second floor which denoted that the premise was temporarily closed…It was believed that there was a swimming pool and a small playground on the second floor. It was probably not ready for use yet.

Hence, Boss Luo and his house maid unwittingly became uninvited guests for a while… but it seemed that they were not the only uninvited guests.

When Luo Qiu boarded the ship, he realized that someone had arrived before him.

The other person was in his thirties but with an appearance of someone in their forties. He was wearing a wrinkled suit with no bow tie. At that time, he was hiding sneakily under the sightseeing bridge located on the third floor, continually making a banging sound.

The man had a small notebook in his hand. What was written in the notebook was not known.

“This area is not open to the public yet. What are you doing up here?”

At this moment, a booming voice came from behind the sneaky middle-aged man. He was suddenly taken aback by it. The middle-aged man turned around and saw an old man in uniform.

Shockingly, this was the old man who was involved in a struggle with another person on the pier, which was witnessed by Boss Luo… Luo Qiu was intrigued and approached the two.

The middle-aged man frowned and said, “You…are you the captain of Baiyu Cruise Ship?”

“I am.” The old man… The captain nodded. He did not want to say too much to the man and straightaway said, “This premise is only open to the public at 3 pm. If you are bored, stay inside the cabin of the ship. There are plenty of entertainment facilities and shops for you to be entertained.”

The middle-aged man said calmly, “Captain, can you accommodate…This is my business card. My surname is Qian, Qian Guoliang.”

Qian Guoliang took a business card from his pocket and gave it to the old captain. The old captain frowned and glanced at the card. He looked a little surprised, “Are you from the Carnival Cruise Ship Group?”

Qian Guoliang laughed and said, “Yup, I’m the engineer of the company. To tell you the truth, recently, the company is planning to design a new class of cruise ship. So, I plan to come to Baiyu Cruise Ship for inspiration. Baiyu Cruise Ship will retire after returning from this cruise. Hence, the opportunity is rare… I hope that you understand the situation and forgive me.”

The captain however shook his head and said, “Every place has its own sets of rules. When I said that this premise is still closed, I meant it. Please leave. You can look for inspiration at any time.”

Qian Guoliang said with a smile, “Captain, in any case, our group was the one who introduced this Baiyu Cruise Ship. It was a production of our group… So, can’t you really accommodate us just for this time?”

The old captain coldly snorted, “So what if you guys produced it? The Baiyu Cruise Ship has already been sold to our company. Now, it is our company’s private property. I ask you to leave immediately! Have I made myself clear?!”

“Captain, your company and our company are cooperating with each other for the long-term. Will this be appropriate?”

“Shall I call someone to invite you down?” said the old captain sternly.

Seeing that the captain was stubborn, Qian Guoliang gave up and said, “Alright, alright, I will come back later. There is no need to make everyone look bad.”

With that being said, Qian Guoliang put the notebook in the bag, turned away and left the area. However, he snorted quietly and muttered, “This old person is so tactless.”

When the old captain saw Qian Guoliang go down, he let out a breath. However, he took a mop from the side and wiped the traces left by Qian Guoliang’s shoes on the deck.

However, after mopping for a while, the old captain was covered with cold sweat and his lips turned purplish. The old captain took a few deep breaths and let a sigh before sitting down. He looked at the front indifferently, and said lonely, “I am getting old and this old machine is broken… I won’t be able to last long.”

After a long time, the old captain stood up and patted the place where he sat. He then walked into the Baiyu Cruise Ship from there.

“Master, if the captain goes to sea, I’m afraid it’s a little hard on him.” A glimmer of light flashed through You Ye’s blue eyes. She said softly beside Luo Qiu, “As for this Qian Guoliang, he is just lying. He is not looking for inspiration. He seems to be looking for something.”

Luo Qiu reached the place where the old captain sat. He reached out his hand and touched the place where the old captain had patted. He suddenly said, “We will think about it later. Although we can know the entire matter by buying information, the little sense of mystery will be missing if we do so.”

You Ye nodded.

Baiyu Cruise Ship officially set sail. When it was time for dinner, Ren Ziling and Li Zi came to the restaurant together and found that Luo Qiu and You Ye had arrived ahead of them. Both of them had managed to get a place.

“Aren’t you hungry? Why not order something to eat when both of you came here earlier? Anyway, it’s the buffet.” Upon seeing both youngsters sitting at an empty table in such a state, Ren Ziling could not help but be surprised.

“I’m not hungry. Let’s wait until Uncle Ma comes,” said Luo Qiu indifferently.

“Old Ma? I bet we will probably be tormented to death if we wait for him. Your aunt dragged him to cruise around the ship… Enough said. I’m thirsty. I’ll get some drinks and come back.” Ren Ziling said, and quickly walked towards the beverage area.

Li Zi sat down and gave a silent cheer towards Ren Ziling from her back, Sister Ren! Now’s your chance!

When Ren Ziling arrived at the beverage area, she stealthily turned her head and saw that Luo Qiu and You Ye were watching the performance of foreign singers invited by the restaurant at the moment. Suddenly, she gave a sinister smile.

She took a small box out of the bag and kissed it gently towards the box. “Medicine, medicine, whether I will have a grandson in my arms will depend on you. You must really work! May Bodhisattva bless me! May Bodhisattva bless me!” ”

It was as if she was worshipping Guanyin piously in front of the temple… like those aunties.

Aunty Ren took a small pill out of the box at this time. She then crushed it vigorously, poured it into a glass of watermelon juice, and then shaken it, “Hmm, it’s just like what Li Zi said. No weird smell at all!”

After a while, Ren Ziling walked back with a tray carrying four drinks. Like a waiter, she gave Li Zi a cup, “Li Zi, this cup of papaya milk is for you!”

Li Zi silently glanced down at her breast and accepted it silently… What could she do? She was also desperate.

“You Ye, come! This is the strawberry milkshake that I made specially for you!”

“Thank you.” The maid took the drink with both her hands.

“Kid, don’t say I never treat you well! Freshly squeezed watermelon juice! Thank me for this!” Ren Ziling picked up the cup and delivered it to Luo Qiu.

Unexpectedly, before the cup was placed on the table, a hand directly cut in and took the cup away – from Ren Ziling’s hand.

“Ah! After a day of strolling, I am parched! It just happened that I love watermelon juice!”

The person who came was Ma Houde, Officer Ma. Without further ado, he finished the glass of watermelon juice without saying a word. After he was finished, he licked his lips and said, “Ziling, this is not bad. Do they still have any more juice…? Huh, you don’t look good. Is something wrong?”

Ren Ziling was seen fuming with rage between gritted teeth and whispered to Officer Ma, “Ma Houde…You and I are officially at war!


It’s just a glass of watermelon juice…

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