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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 8 – Chapter 29: Legends on the Cruise Ship

Volume 8 – Chapter 29: Legends on the Cruise Ship

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Grilled meat marinated with triple the amount of chili sauce, arctic shell sushi with wasabi that were more than rice, fried noodles that have the same color as black charcoal, and plates of “gourmet food” were neatly placed in front of Officer Ma by Subeditor Ren in the name of filial piety.

This made Officer Ma feel bad. He quietly pulled his wife over and whispered into her ears, saying, “Wife, what did I do that offended my great aunt?”

“I don’t know. Or else, maybe you should eat a little. I brought the Baoji pills. It should be fine…”

Ma Houde swallowed his saliva…Will I die? Will I die? Will it really kill me?

So, Officer Ma suddenly shuddered. He drank a gulp of water and used Luo Qiu to break the awkward silence. He said with a smile, “By the way, Luo Qiu, you have been strolling around all afternoon. How does the Baiyu Cruise Ship feel? It is a bit old, but not bad. Right?”

“Not bad.”

Luo Qiu was eating sashimi that You Ye brought back. He then stopped eating and said, “I have also encountered something interesting.”

Ma Houde looked at Ren Ziling putting another plate of oysters in front of him again. Unbelievably, he felt that this oyster was… normal!

However, he was cautiously happy and sniffed it carefully… Hmmm, there is no unusual smell. It looks very fresh! Ok! I can eat it!

Officer Ma hurriedly dripped lemon juice on the oyster and immediately swallowed a bite. He was very satisfied and praised, “Hmmm! This oyster is good! I will eat this!”

“Eat then, eat more. Replenish your strength.” Ren Ziling smiled and sat down in an exceptionally graceful manner

Li Zi moved her lips and seemed to want to remind him, but when she looked at Sister Ren, who was unusually reserved at that time, she immediately gave up on the idea…She could only swallow back what she wanted to say to her tummy.

Sister Ren, can Officer Ma really take it if he eats so many oysters…?

“Oh, right, about this Baiyu Cruise Ship, there is in fact a legend related to it.” Ma Houde chewed the oyster while talking to everyone.

Luo Qiu was interested. “What’s the legend about?”

Ren Ziling also stretched her ears to listen to them.

When he saw that it attracted everyone’s attention, Officer Ma cleared his throat. Like a storyteller, he widened his eyes mysteriously and lowered his voice, “I am telling you. There is a treasure hidden inside this Baiyu Cruise Ship!”

“Treasure!” Li Zi blinked her eyes and let out an exclamation.

Officer Ma quickly made a hand gesture to silence any further sound. He then nodded seriously, “At that time, our country’s technology was still not advanced. This Baiyu Cruise Ship was imported from other countries. I heard that when the Baiyu Cruise Ship was under construction, someone had secretly hidden a treasure in the ship.”

“Then?” Ren Ziling suddenly lost interest.

Ma Houde shrugged his shoulders and said, “Then, for so many years, there were people who had been constantly boarding this ship just to see if this treasure can be found. Just that after so many years, there is no news that the treasure had been found.”

Li Zi shook her head and said disappointed, “For so many years, it has to be repaired every year. Even if there was a cockroach, it can’t be hidden on the ship. If there is a treasure, will it still remain here? Besides, when the ship was to be handed over to the country at that time, will the shipyards who knew that there be treasures delivered it here stupidly without taking it?”

“Probably, it’s just a gimmick?” Ren Ziling shrugged her shoulders. “How many people can afford a vacation on such a star cruise ship? Without such a gimmick, how can you attract people to board a ship?”

“Hahaha, I will tell the story.”

Ma Houde stopped being mysterious, “That’s right, this is probably just a gimmick because the original construction company has already clarified that the cruise ship has been repeatedly checked when it was handed over. So, it is impossible for this thing to happen. This legend actually came out shortly after the Baiyu Cruise Ship was officially used. In the beginning, the Baiyu Cruise Ship became popular for a while because of this rumor. Not only that, but it was also initially difficult to recruit the staff of the ship. However, it was because of this matter that many people eagerly applied for the job. Later, over time, everyone knew what was going on and this matter was slowly forgotten.”

Ren Ziling narrowed her eyes and said, “Old Ma, are you also eager to look for the treasures? I heard that you were an unemployed person before you became a policeman!”

“Bah! With my IQ, would I be the person who would still apply for a job as a repairman after I knew the story was fake?” Ma Houde said with disdain.

Then, everyone could guess Officer Ma’s IQ.

“However, if there really is a treasure, that seems pretty good.” Li Zi blinked at this moment. “All of you think about it. On the vast sea, the treasure hunters who came to find the treasure were engaged in a fierce rivalry with one another on the cruise ship, with each of their tricks emerging one after another. Wouldn’t that be very exciting and romantic?”

“What century are we in to have the treasure hunter?” Ren Ziling could not help laughing. “Do you think this is a novel? Or the ancient times? You silly girl.”

“True.” Li Zi laughed and said nothing more. She began eating the delicious food in front of her.

Ren Ziling suddenly stood up and said, “Luo Qiu, I’ll go get some drinks. Have you finished your drinks? I’ll get you something to drink. What do you want to drink?”

“I’m not thirsty.” Boss Luo shook his head. “You take your own drink.”

Ren Ziling shrugged and turned around but with her fist clenched. She nearly lost her temper, “Old Ma, would you like another plate of oysters?”

“Oh, good! I can still eat it!”

I would not be Ren Ziling if I can’t kill you through food!

Baiyu Cruise Ship. The bottom of the hold, inside the hold where non-authorized persons were not allowed.

A figure carefully sneaked in all the way. It was not known what he was writing in the small notebook in his hand. However, at this moment, he heard the sound of footsteps. So, he quickly climbed onto the pipe, lay down, and held his breath.

Below, the two crew members were walking through the grid channel.

“Do you have any other plans after you arrive home the day after tomorrow?” said one of the crew members.

“Yup, I have a date with my girlfriend. We will be going to watch the “Singer” at the Beautiful Lotus Gymnasium!” said another crew member with a smile.

“Yup, this show is quite popular recently. What is the name of the band in the show?”

” “Again” I tell you that my girlfriend is a crazy fan of that band although I feel that the band is just okay.”

“Women are sentimental creatures…”

The chattering voices of the two crew members faded. The person who was hiding on the pipeline turned over and dropped down – It was the middle-aged man who claimed to be an engineer of Baiyu Production Company, Qian Guoliang.

Qian Guoliang frowned, looked around, and then stared at one of the pages of his small notebook. He frowned and muttered, “The data here is not right…Where exactly is the place?”

However, at this moment, Qian Guoliang frowned and saw a figure flashed from the side… The figure discovered Qian Guoliang’s gaze and made a run for it.

Qian Guoliang narrowed his eyes and immediately chased after him.

The two people were chasing one another in the engine room for a while but they skillfully evaded the surveillance cameras in the engine room.

“You are not getting away.” Qian Guoliang suddenly shouted in a deep voice.

When he saw that the iron gate in front of him was locked without any other escape route around, the person who was being chased turned around. It appeared that the man was rather thin. However, with a mask on, Guoliang could not see what he looked like.

“Relax, relax.” The man in the mask raised his hands and said in a relaxed tone. “I bear no malicious intentions. I am just touring around. I didn’t expect to get lost.”

Qian Guoliang said indifferently, “Really? I don’t think you look like a tourist.”

“This uncle,” the man in a mask chuckled lightly. “You don’t look like a crewmember either. What was your purpose for coming to this place?”

Qian Guoliang let out a sneer, “Since it’s nothing, then we will go our own separate way.”

The man in the mask shrugged, “Well, then I’ll go back to eat. See you.”

The man with the mask walked past Qian Guoliang. Then suddenly, he raised his arm which exactly blocked Qian Guoliang’s fist, “I knew that you will do something like this!”

Qian Guoliang did not manage to strike him. So, he immediately turned around and let out a kick. The man in the mask was also swift with his action. He extended his hand and held Qian Guoliang’s knee directly.

The two began to wrestle with each other in this narrow place… However, the fight did not look like a brawl between punks and street fighters but a fight between two boxers on an equal level in the arena!

“Who is there?”

Suddenly, there was someone shouting.

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