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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 8 – Chapter 31: Time

Volume 8 – Chapter 31: Time

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The old captain’s name was Mu Enli. The name of the deputy captain was Mu Qinghai.

It was said that when Mu Qinghai was a baby, he was abandoned near the dock by an unknown person. Later, Mu Enli chanced upon him. Mu Enli, who was single and unmarried, resolutely adopted the child and named him Mu Qinghai.

From the beginning, in addition to being a cruise ship, the Bai Yu Cruise Ship would also accept some cargo load and long-distance navigation. So, Mu Enli just placed Mu Qinghai on the ship to take care of him.

Although the father and son possessed their own property in the city, as Mu Qinghai said, the Baiyu Cruise Ship was his home… In fact, there was nothing wrong with saying that.

Mu Qinghai grew up on the ship until he reached schooling age. After graduation, he returned to work on the Baiyu Cruise Ship. Due to his excellent work, he was promoted to the position of deputy captain at the age of thirty.

The old captain Mu Enli took off his hat from his head and put it next to himself. He then took out a stainless steel hip flask from his pocket, unscrewed the cap, and sipped slowly alone.

This was the highest area that Baiyu passengers could use to look out the scene and further up was the place that could only be used by the crew.

During this time, there was no one around. Mu Enli sat on the bench in front of the guardrail, as he drank wine while he looked at his pocket watch. He seemed to be a little distracted.

“Dad, you really are here.”

Mu Qinghai came from behind.

Mu Enli put away his pocket watch without looking back and took another sip. Mu Qinghai walked beside the old captain, grabbed his hip flask, and frowned, “The doctor said you can’t drink.”

“Give it back.” The old captain extended his hand, but Mu Qinghai shook his head. The old captain glared and appeared to be a little drunk. He then said slightly angrily, “I have been to the sea for more than thirty years. I drank more wine than you drank water! I will know myself if anything went wrong!”

“When did you become a stubborn old man?” Mu Qinghai sighed but sat down.

The old captain snorted softly and turned around with his back leaned against the back of the stool while facing Mu Qinghai. Mu Qinghai said with a happy voice, “Dad, didn’t we agree to record the program well beforehand?”

The old captain said, “You were the one who promised. I didn’t agree with it. I mentioned that in the morning. I won’t do this film game… Don’t mention the morning incident. I get angry when I mention it!”

Mu Qinghai said in resignation, “Dad, I have spoken a lot of mean words this morning. Please calm down.”

“Easy for you to say.” Mu Enli muttered. “You said it’s the company’s plan. Don’t assume I don’t know that you proposed it. It’s just for your merit so that you will be promoted?”

Mu Qinghai frowned, “Dad, I am your son. Don’t you want to see me doing well?”

Mu Enli was silent for a while, and suddenly said, “Why would any father not want to see his children do well? I want to see you start a family and settle down and want to see your career succeed. However, I don’t want to see you use this kind of tactic… Qinghai, you are too impatient. You are only thirty years old and you are already the deputy captain. There are plenty of opportunities in the future, instead of cutting me, your old man off now!”

“Dad, how can you say that!” Mu Qinghai disagreed. “You have worked on the Baiyu Cruise Ship for thirty years, and you are cautious and conscientious. In everyone’s view, you are well respected and in high esteem. Now that Baiyu Cruise Ship is retiring and you are about to retire. Wouldn’t it be good to shoot a documentary just so that you can still look at the memories when you get old and can’t move?”

“I can still move! I have enough to eat and can sleep well! Don’t worry!”

“Dad, can’t we just talk calmly for once?” Mu Qinghai said in a deep voice. “Since I came to work here, don’t you think that we quarrel all the time? I know that company and personal matters should be distinct. On this ship, our relationship is of a superior and subordinate, which is understandable. However, I never thought of relying on your network! After I got on the ship, I started from the lowest-level crew member. Until now, I always relied on my own abilities.”

“You are indeed a competent deputy captain.” Mu Enli shook his head and said indifferently. “But, you are still not qualified to be a captain.”

“You have never acknowledged me.” Mu Qinghai clenched his fist. “Ever since I was young till now, you have never acknowledged me. In your eyes, I am never good enough… Is it because I am not your own biological child?”

“What do you say! Don’t you dare repeat that!” Mu Enli’s eyes widened as he glared at Mu Qinghai..

“I’m sorry. I spoke something stupid again.” Mu Qinghai took a deep breath and stood up. “Captain, this shooting is the company’s order. The company holds me responsible for this. I hope you don’t make this difficult for me. Since you are also a company employee, please abide by the company’s order and do your part.”

“Mu Qinghai, how dare you talk to me like this!” The old captain stood up suddenly with an angry expression.

“It’s getting late. Captain, please have an early rest. I will inform you before the shooting starts tomorrow,” Mu Qinghai turned around and walked away from this place. In the end, he did not look back but said one sentence gently, “Another thing, remember to take your medicine.”

As he watched Mu Qinghai leave, the old captain gasped for air. His face suddenly became very painful. He covered his heart and finally collapsed to the ground.

The old captain struggled to reach into his pocket, took out a medicine bottle, and swallowed a few of it quickly. However, his face still remained pale.

These medicines, which were supposed to relieve his symptoms, did not seem to be effective this time. The old captain felt that his heart was about to split. The pain was so unbearable that his body broke into cold sweat, and he felt that breathing was getting more difficult.

However, the captain had managed to summon his strength out of thin air at this time. His shaking hand once again grabbed the pill and wanted to swallow it.

“Mr. Captain, if you eat a few more of this medicine, you will die immediately…This medicine is poisonous to a certain extent. You should be clear about this.”

Suddenly, a voice came…It was a soft voice.

The old captain looked in the direction of the voice with difficulty. His consciousness had begun to blur out slightly… His vision was also getting blur, and he could only vaguely see two figures, a man and a woman.

“I…I can’t…collapse…here…”

“Captain, you must be having the habit of taking medicine recklessly? What more you haven’t quit drinking. Your heart has reached the limit. If you take this medicine, you will die. If you don’t take it, you won’t be able to survive these two days. You will probably die… in a coma.”

It’s commonly said that the older you are, the more aware you are about your own lifespan. Especially for those who are about to die, their perception is far more accurate than any of the most advanced medical devices.

The old captain slowly reached out and grabbed the night sky… It seemed that something from the night sky was also reaching out to him

He wriggled his lips, begging. At least… let me finish this voyage. At least, let me accompany it throughout this last journey.

“Let me… let me… at least, give me… a few more days…time…”

Mu Enli’s hand fell down and closed his eyes.

“I understand…my guest.”

“Captain, captain, captain! Wake up! Wake up! Captain!”

As his body was shaken, the old captain slowly opened his eyes. His vision gradually became clearer and he saw a young crew member.

“Captain! You’re awake! Thank God! Captain, I have called the medical team. They are coming over immediately!” The crew member breathed a sigh of relief at this moment.

With the help of the crew member, the old captain sat upright and unconsciously reached out and touched his heart… For many years, he had never felt that his heart beat in such a dynamic manner, and his breathing was unbelievably smooth.

“Captain? I have notified the deputy captain. He said that he is coming over immediately!”

“I’m fine.” Mu Enli shook his head, stood on his knees, picked up the captain’s hat on the stool and wore it on his head. “No need to make such a fuss.”

“Captain, but you just…” The crew member was about to say something.

However, Mu Enli said, “Do you think I look like I am in trouble?”

The crew member was stunned… He realized that the old captain’s complexion seemed really good. He looked lively and was full of enthusiasm as if he was a few years younger.

“Still not going back to your post yet?” The old captain suddenly shouted.

The crew member was startled, subconsciously saluted, and stood upright, “Yes! I will go back this instant!”

“Wait.” Mu Enli walked in front of the crew, stretched out his hand to straighten his hat, and reversed the neckline. He then said deeply, “Don’t embarrass me!”

The crew member raised his head and stood up straight again. He did not dare to take a breather… Captain Mu Enli, was notoriously harsh and old-fashioned.

“Young man, do your best.”

Mu Enli turned around, clasped his hands behind his back and walked away from the young crew member.

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