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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 8 – Chapter 32: First Night

Volume 8 – Chapter 32: First Night

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The old captain Mu Enli walked all the way at his usual pace without any unusual expression on his face. As usual, crew members who met him along the way subconsciously became reserved.

It was only when Mu Enli returned to his room and closed the door that there was a trace of fatigue in his eyes.

However, his body did not feel tired instead he felt full of vitality like when he was young… It was incredible.

Although this was extremely weird, Mu Enli was still able to keep calm at this moment as he had been through decades of ups and downs. At this moment, Mu Enli took a deep breath, quickly walked to the window, and closed the curtains completely.

He walked to the door again and made sure that the door of the room was locked.

Only then Mu Enli went to the window. He squatted down, gritted his teeth and pushed his bed about five centimeters away. Mu Enli then stopped, took out his pocket watch, opened and looked at it.

There was a hint of hesitation in his eyes.

Sound of a knock on the door-

“Dad, Dad, are you in the room? Dad? Dad! Are you alright?” It was Mu Qinghai’s voice.

The old captain frowned. He then put away his pocket watch and moved the bed back to its original position.

When Mu Qinghai knocked the door harder another time after he did not hear any response, the door opened. Mu Enli frowned, “What is the fuss? I’m not dead yet!”

Mu Qinghai choked up immediately and took a while to recover, he then said, “I heard that you fainted on the deck…”

Mu Enli said indifferently, “Who said that I fainted? I was tired and fell asleep on a chair, then accidentally fell out to the ground. You are making a fuss over nothing!”

“Dad, otherwise, why not let the doctor take a look?” Mu Qinghai insisted. “Anyway, it won’t be a problem to get the doctor to come over.”

“No need, I’m well aware of my own body.” Mu Enli said as he was about to close the door.

“Dad! Can you listen to me just once?” Mu Qinghai reached out and held the door against the room, while raising his voice.

“I’m going to rest. If I don’t rest now, how can I have the strength to deal with those troublesome guys holding cameras tomorrow?” Mu Enli sneered.

Mu Qinghai was shocked with the abrupt changes… When he was distracted, Mu Enli closed the door. Good thing the door did not crush Mu Qinghai’s hand. Mu Qinghai frowned. After he listened to his father’s tone, it seemed that his father agreed to his plan this time.

He grew up with Mu Enli and understood Mu Enli’s temperament… If he did not really agree, he would not say that.

“Dad…Thank you.” Mu Qinghai whispered outside the door. He paused and then hastened his pace and left.

Inside the room, the old captain did not move his bed this time, but opened the curtains. He laid on the bed without changing clothes. He held his pocket watch with both hands and slowly drifted to sleep.

Qian Guoliang said that there were additional tools needed in order to use his protractor. However, these tools were in his room.

Fei Ying did not say anything, and immediately agreed with Qian Guoliang’s request.

When the tourists were playing in the various entertainment facilities of the cruise ship outside, the two were inside the room. They were painstakingly studying the design drawings.

Qian Guoliang laid out Fei Ying’s drawing on the bed. He then took out a bunch of blueprints from his suitcase. He quickly rummaged through them and compared. “The Baiyu Cruise Ship has undergone great changes three times, but the important parts of the ship that remained intact are here, here, and here…”

Seeing Qian Guoliang’s serious look on his face and carefully comparing the drawings, Fei Ying looked leisurely at the layout of the room… He even took a bottle of beer from the refrigerator, leaned against the bedside, and drank the beer while watching.

Qian Guoliang frowned and said, “Can you also do something?”

Fei Ying shrugged and said, “Uncle, I’m sorry. I’m illiterate. I didn’t even graduate from elementary school. I don’t know anything about these things. Anyway, as long as you find the right place and we cooperate with each other, wouldn’t it then be easy to take the treasure?”

Qian Guoliang sneered, “You didn’t even need to do anything. All you provide is just a blueprint and you are there reaping what you have not sown [1].. It’s really the nature of a thief.”

Fei Ying let out a hiccup and revealed a smirk.

“You really are a thief.” Qian Guoliang murmured in dissatisfaction. He then sneered, “Don’t even think of not doing anything! I’m also getting thirsty. You get my drift!”

“Okay.” Fei Ying shrugged and got up. He said with a lisp, “I am serving now. Sir, what do you want?”

“Pour a glass of water for me.” Qian Guoliang let out another sneer.

Fei Ying blinked and said, “Alright then~”

Fei Ying walked past Qian Guoliang. He walked to the table where the kettle was. When he walked less than two steps, Fei Ying suddenly squatted down.

At the same time, Qian Guoliang’s arm swept across Fei Ying’s forehead dangerously. Fei Ying backed away and kicked into Qian Guoliang’s abdominal cavity.

Qian Guoliang’s reaction was fast enough. Once he retracted his belly, his entire body looked like a bended leopard, and took two steps back.

“Uncle, this trick again? Don’t you get bored?” Fei Ying sneered and stood up while guarding his whole body. “I was always subjected to sudden attacks by an old guy at home from young… This is child’s play.”

“The average thief is not as alert as you.” Qian Guoliang said indifferently. “It seems that you are no ordinary thief.”

“You are too kind. I am only so so.” Fei Ying shriveled his mouth but his sight was fixated on the drawings and protractors placed on the bed… Suddenly, he stretched his hands and grabbed the drawings and protractors.

Qian Guoliang looked at Fei Ying but was motionless… as if he accepted Fei Ying’s action tactfully.

“Uncle, since you are not sincere, then we should go separate ways.” Fei Ying raised the spoils of the war in his hands and let out an evil chuckle. “Oh, no, I’m doing it myself…”

Fei Ying spoke only halfway, then shook his head heavily. His body was somewhat staggering and his vision suddenly blurred a little, “You…What did you do?”

Qian Guoliang walked towards Fei Ying. He then punched Fei Ying, whose body was weakened and had no energy to resist. He then said with a sneer, “You were trained well…but didn’t your family members tell you not to simply enter a stranger’s room?”

Seeing that Fei Ying had lost consciousness and was motionless, Qian Guoliang immediately tied him to the stool. He even made another confirmation that all knots were tight. At the same time, he rummaged through each of Fei Ying’s “gadgets”.

Then, Qian Guoliang went over to the desk lamp and unscrewed a small piece of paper from the light bulb inside – This was the “real culprit” that caused Fei Ying to pass out.

A product made with special technology that would emit a colorless and odorless substance in the air which induced people to faint when heated.

After doing all this, Qian Guoliang gathered up the drawings and protractor, locked the door, and walked alone in the hallway of the cabin and slowly disappeared.

One night had passed.

Another night had passed.

Luo Qiu opened the door of the room… Everyone had agreed to have breakfast at a particular time. However, when the door opened, Boss Luo saw Subeditor Ren stuck in front of him.

Perhaps before opening the door, Aunty Ren was already stuck in front of the door of the room.

“What are you doing?” Luo Qiu asked indifferently.

“Crying out on bed…no, waking you up [2]!” Ren Ziling pushed Luo Qiu away forcefully and walked into the room unceremoniously. She said with a smile, “You Ye! Did you sleep well last night?”

“I slept well. It’s quiet.” You Ye gave a faint smile… The maid lady was neatly dressed, standing at the window and seemed to be just looking at the sea just now.

Ren Ziling glanced at the bed, and then she immediately took a look at the front of the table. However, her eyes were looking secretly at the trash basket under the table.

Shit…So clean, nothing? No, if there is no condom, is it possible that they didn’t have-have-have…sex!?

Hence, Aunty Ren asked with a smile, “May I ask, did you two go to bed late last night?”

“No.” You Ye whispered, “I’m tired when I come back. So, I laid down and rested.”

Aunt Ren was not satisfied and walked to You Ye, whispering in her ear and asked, “Have you really done nothing with him?”

“What do I need to do?” You Ye replied softly.

Aunt Ren… Ren Ziling was weeping in her heart. Suddenly, she shouted, “Ma Houde!!! Ma Houde!!! Wake up!!! Time to have breakfast!!!”

She kept on shouting while walking all the way from Luo Qiu’s room to Officer Ma’s room and vigorously knocked on the door of the room.

Officer Ma’s wife seemed to be particularly bright and beautiful in front of everyone today, “Zi Ling, good morning.”

“Sister-in-law, good morning!” Ren Ziling nodded. “What about Old Ma?”

Mrs. Ma’s face suddenly turned red, and she stammered, “Old Ma, he… he hasn’t woke up yet, but don’t worry about him. Let’s eat. I’ll bring him something when I come back.”

Seeing Ren Ziling’s suspicious look, Mrs. Ma was also embarrassed… She could not tell them that last night, Ma Houde suddenly shouted, “My wife, I can’t seem to control my sex drive!”

Then, he threw himself on her and shamelessly have sex with her the whole night…

[1] Reaping what you have not sown: Getting something without even putting the effort.

[2] A word play between moaning on bed (叫床) and waking you up (叫你起床).

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