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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 8 – Chapter 33: Death

Volume 8 – Chapter 33: Death

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“Captain Mu Enli, what is the most memorable incident during your thirty years of voyage with Baiyu Cruise Ship?” The director asked.

The old captain in front of the camera looked to the sea.

Mu Enli’s white beard was stiff, not even the sea breeze could ruffle it. However, his gray hair was very soft and became messy once the wind blew. The old captain did not answer as he seemed to be lost in thought.

However, the director was not dissatisfied this time. This kind of old man cherishing the memory of something was really a great shot…

He did not mind how long the old captain pondered. At most, all he needed to do was to shorten the time segment of that shot. However, the longer the old captain remained silent, the emotions that he showed would be better.

“Don’t miss a single shot!” The director whispered to the cameraman.

During the day, at nine o’clock in the morning, the sun was not hot. So, many tourists came to the deck to have fun and take pictures.

Not far away, Ren Ziling put her hands on her eyes, looked up and said, “They seemed to be shooting a documentary or something? I recognize this director.”

“Sister Ren, is he your acquaintance? Would you like to go over there and say hello?”

Ren Ziling shook her head, “I only interviewed him once. To me, he is still a stranger. I am not interested… Also, this old guy is actually a pervert. Ai… let’s stop talking this nonsense. Li Zi, I feel like I am an useless person…”

Li Zi touched Aunty Ren’s forehead soothingly. She always felt that Officer Ma should be the useless one… Her gaze shifted, and looked at a pitiful figure.

Ma Houde awakened. He was now holding his waist with one hand and the steel plate on the cabin with one hand. He was walking more like crawling forward step by step with his trembling legs.

He was actually still able to wake up. His policeman spirit must really be the one supporting him… Li Zi quietly stuck out her tongue.

Everyone was in an open-air restaurant on the deck at this moment.

You Ye came to Luo Qiu from the buffet area with a light red drink and whispered to him, “Master, I found a few good cocktails. It can replenish one’s strength. Let Officer Ma drink it.”

Boss Luo never doubted the quality of the maid’s production. After Ma Houde managed to sit down after a struggle, Luo Qiu sent it over, “I heard that drinking some alcohol in the morning can be refreshing. Try this.”

“Alright.” Ma Houde still felt a little weak…How can I be so potent last night?

Ren Ziling came over with a plate of oysters at this moment. Officer Ma’s face suddenly changed dramatically and he made a retching look. He pleaded, “No more, no more! Really, I don’t want any more of these!”

“Aiya, this thing. Old Ma! Look at how beautiful my sister-in-law is today, humhum!”

Mrs. Ma’s face naturally blushed because she was teased… It was also embarrassing for her.

But, my wife, what are you doing… Office Ma looked at his wife pitifully. Ren Ziling found this amusing. She then gave out a light chuckle.

This day started off with sounds of laughter…it seemed.

Suddenly, a horrified and piercing scream was heard! Then, more horrified screams were heard one after another!

“Make way, make way! Make way! What happened? I’m Ma Houde from the local police station! Make way!”

Officer Ma squeezed into the crowd. He saw the tourists surrounding an area. In front was a woman collapsed on the deck in horror. She was trembling while pointing her fingers towards the direction in front of her.

In front of the woman was a man in a casual suit jacket collapsed on the ground!

“I’m a policeman. What happened here?” Officer Ma quickly walked to the woman’s side and squatted down. He then took out his ID.

The woman quickly said, “Officer, police officer! I.. I don’t know either. I was thinking of going back into the room to get something but when I came to the stairs, I saw this man coming out! There was a fruit knife stabbed in his chest. His body was covered with blood…Then, he climbed up and fell!”

Ma Houde nodded, frowned and approached the fallen man. He used his hand to push the man. Then, he checked the man’s breath and pulse. His face became sullen.

“Old Ma, what happened to this guy?”

Ma Houde raised his head, with a grave expression on his face, “Dead.”

At this time, crew members of the ship had also arrived. On the other side of the crowd, Mu Enli and his party who were shooting the documentary had also arrived at the same time.

The tourists were temporarily cleared from this area… but there were still many people who secretly filmed the incident with their cell phones from a distance.

Ma Houde was squatting beside the deceased at this time. Besides him was a man in his forties, who was wearing a doctor’s uniform – This was the doctor on board the Baiyu Cruise Ship.

The doctor shook his head at this moment, “He is really dead… I’m afraid that this fruit knife has directly penetrated the diaphragm of the chest. I suspect that it also pierced through the left cardiac atrium but this guy seemed to have performed some first aid measures on himself. He would have probably pressed down the wound to prevent excessive blood loss, etc. His will for survival was not bad. Unfortunately, it did not last long.”

After talking, the doctor looked at Ma Houde and said, “Officer Ma, I can only deduct this. I am afraid that a more professional inspection will require a formal forensic crew.”

Ma Houde nodded…I don’t believe this doctor would only know this much.

However, Ma Houde believed that this guy was probably unwilling to create trouble for himself, he came here because of Ma Houde’s request.

Officer Ma took a pair of rubber gloves from the doctor’s hand and began to search the man’s body.

However, Ma Houde did not find anything useful, such as a wallet, ID card, cell phone or something like that. There was no ornament on his body, but he managed to retrieve a business card from the man’s body.

Ma Houde glanced and muttered, “Qian Guoliang? Engineer?”

Officer Ma pondered for a while before standing up, “May I ask, who is the person in charge of this Baiyu Cruise Ship?”

“I’m the captain of the Baiyu Cruise Ship.” Mu Enli walked to Ma Houde. His face became more serious when he glanced at Qian Guoliang, who laid dead on the floor, “Officer Ma, right? How can I help you?”

“Captain.” Ma Houde said sternly. “I need your help to check the identity of this person. The name of the deceased is Qian Guoliang. We should be able to find out his identity from the boarding information, right? Also, can I check out the surveillance video on board the ship?”

The old captain glanced at Qian Guoliang on the ground again. Without saying anything, he gave a gentle nod, “Officer Ma, come with me to the central control room.”

“In addition, please seal off this place temporarily.” Ma Houde continued. “Let the guards patrol this area, but protect any places where blood is found! Remember to put on gloves and try not to tamper with the crime scene…It is too late for the ship to return to the point of departure. I’ve called for support. So, captain, I need you to ask your crews to prepare the tarmac and wait for the helicopter to land.”

“Qinghai.” The old captain turned around and shouted.

Mu Qinghai quickly came up, “Got it. I will arrange it immediately.”

Mu Qinghai’s face was quite serious… At this time, he did not bother with filming the documentary. A murder had happened on the cruise ship. The impact of this matter on the company was tremendous. Any mishandling would result in being held accountable by the public.

Mu Qinghai quickly took a crew member and left the scene. He then carefully walked down the stairs where the deceased Qian Guoliang came from.

At this moment, Mu Enli said, “Officer, please come with me.”

Ma Houde nodded. Without saying anything, he quickly followed Mu Enli’s footsteps. However, after taking only a few steps, Ma Houde turned around and frowned, “What are you doing?”

“Going to the central control room.” said Ren Ziling offhandedly.

“What are you going to the central control room for?” Officer Ma continued to frown.

Ren Ziling blinked and said, “To go and watch the surveillance video.”

“Beat it! I’m investigating. Do you think this is a game? ” Ma Houde quickly waved his hand like he was driving away a stray dog. “I don’t know what manner of person the murderer is! It’s dangerous here! All of you get back to your room and stay there!”

“Okay.” Ren Ziling nodded.

Office Ma who was going to say something was stunned for a while… He must be hallucinating. This was his first time seeing this lady being so obedient!

“You… really won’t do something foolish in secret, right?” Ma Houde asked suspiciously.

Ren Ziling shrugged and said, “This ship is only that big, what can I do? Go ahead. We’ll take sister-in-law back to the room. Old Ma, all the best!”

“Oh… Thank you so much.” Ma Houde nodded subconsciously. This lady has become more reserved lately.

She has become more mature!

“Good luck!” Ren waved towards Ma Houde’s back and excitedly gave a cheer.

After Office Ma had entered the ship, Subeditor Ren let out a disdainful sneered disdainfully, “Idiot! Li Zi, let’s…huh, where’s our Luo Qiu and You Ye?”

Li Zi blinked and said, “Luo Qiu and You Ye just accompanied sister-in-law back into her room when you were talking to Officer Ma.”

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