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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 8 – Chapter 35: Blessing

Volume 8 – Chapter 35: Blessing

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Mrs Ma’s face was a little pale, but after drinking the warm milk that You Ye poured for her, her complexion seemed to look a bit better – Older people would naturally be extremely scared to witness such a shocking scene on the deck.

“Do you feel better?” Luo Qiu asked softly.

“I am a little scared.” Mrs. Ma rubbed her forehead and shook her head. “I didn’t expect it to be so terrifying…I don’t know who could have done this. It’s so cruel.”

With that said, Madam Ma took off the rosary from her hand and began to recite some Heart Sutra with her fingers clasped on the rosary. Luo Qiu knew that Madam Ma began to believe in Buddha a long time ago, but she was not considered to be a fervent believer.

Perhaps it was a way to cultivate one’s mind.

However, this effect seemed to be more effective than a glass of milk. Mrs. Ma smiled and said at this time, “Luo Qiu, I’m fine. Don’t worry about me. You must be bored accompanying me here?”

With that said, Mrs. Ma glanced at You Ye who was behind Boss Luo… which meant that it would be better that Boss Luo accompany others.

Luo Qiu shook his head and said, “It’s okay. Anyway, the atmosphere on the ship is probably not very good.”

The murder scene… would probably cause some discomfort in the mind of most tourists on the cruise ship.

On the way back, the atmosphere had calmed down a lot. Many people chose to return to their rooms and remain there, although a small number of people made complaints to the employees of the cruise ship.

Suddenly, Madam Ma looked at You Ye and said, “You Ye, right?”

“Mrs. Ma, can I help you with anything?” the maid responded with a smile.

Madam Ma froze for a moment and then apologized, “I want to have a private conversation with Luo Qiu. Can you wait a minute?”

The maid nodded and whispered, “Then, I will go back and tidy up the room first. If you need anything, call me.”

With that said, You Ye opened the door of the room. Before leaving, she bowed towards both of them, and then gently closed the door. The movement was so gentle that only a slight click of the door lock could be heard.

“She’s actually calling me missus. I can’t think of any ordinary girls that possess this kind of upbringing.” Mrs. Ma let out at this time and said, “I felt that she seemed to be under some pressure to be like a true noble lady.”

Luo Qiu had also considered this issue…but this seemed to be the simplest role that You Ye could portray. “She lives a meticulous life.”

Mrs. Ma slowly smiled, and suddenly patted her palm on the back of Luo Qiu’s hand. She blinked and said, “Luo Qiu, tell me the truth. This girl is actually not your girlfriend, right?”

Boss Luo opened his mouth slightly.

Mrs. Ma said softly, “In recent years, more wrinkles appear on Auntie’s face but I was also young once. The way people in love gaze at each other is not like you and You Ye gazed at each other. Old Ma is an old boor who can’t see things as such. Zi Ling, the girl, took it for granted. She is too imaginative. However, she is worried for you. That’s why she is somewhat bewildering as well authoritative.

Luo Qiu gave a faint smile…Age had bestowed this aunty enough wisdom. The Mrs. Ma in front of him possessed a radiance similar to a jadeite, which was pure and soft.

At this time, Mrs. Ma touched the face of Boss Luo and said kindly, “You little fella. You never express much of your feelings since you were young till now but Aunty watched you grow up. There are some things in your gaze that you can’t hide from aunty. Has something happened to you recently?”

“No.” Luo Qiu said slowly. “I am still me for the time being.”

“Time being?”

Madam Ma was stunned, but she shook her head without asking further. “Okay, if you say no, then it must be no. Aunty believes that if it is you, there must be no problem. After all, you are Old Luo’s child. However, if there is something you need someone to talk to, you can come to see your aunty. All of your Uncle Ma’s brothers except Ye Yan, have established a family and business. Also, you are the first born. Old Ma didn’t say anything, but I know that in his heart, he has long regarded you as his own son. The same goes for me. So, no matter what happens, remember that you still have us behind you.”

Luo Qiu subconsciously grabbed Mrs. Ma’s hand. He felt the temperature of Mrs. Ma’s palm on his face, closing his eyes. After a while, he said softly, “I will.”

“Good child.” Mrs. Ma patted Luo Qiu’s forehead fondly. She then blinked and said, “But You Ye is a really nice girl. Although I don’t know what your relationship is, are you not really going to consider her?”

Luo Qiu let go of Mrs. Ma’s hand and whispered, “Auntie, can you don’t tell others for the time being?”

Mrs. Ma nodded. She saw that the grown up child in front of her was not even twenty one years old. She believed that there would be many wonderful things in his future. She also knew that young people needed to go through experiences to truly mature. So, she agreed.

Luo Qiu stood up and said gently, “Auntie, you will live for a hundred years.”

“You little fella, sometimes you know how to sweet talk.”

Mrs. Ma chuckled. She only saw this as Luo Qiu’s way of making people happy, “Okay, aunty wants to read the Heart Sutra for a while. You go out. Don’t let You Ye wait for you for so long. After all, even a well-cultivated girl will have her moments of sadness.”

“Then, if the meal arrives, I’ll be back to bring you something to eat.” Luo Qiu nodded, opened the door and left the room.

“Officer, I told you many times. I really don’t know anything! I was knocked out when I was walking in the corridor. When I woke up, that was when I saw you.”

Fei Ying looked at the expressionless Ma Houde and said with resignation, “I really don’t know who Qian Guoliang is, all the more I don’t even know how he died. You also saw that I was all tied up in the room. What else can I do? I also want to know why this dead guy has captured me!”

“This police officer, I, am more experienced than you are! You said that this matter has nothing to do with you. Who are you lying to?” Ma Houde let out a sneer and then said, “You’ve better owned up to the facts! If you don’t, I will let you stay in the detention center for as long as you wish.”

Fei Ying frowned and said, “Police officer, are you threatening me? No matter what, I am still a victim. I can report you for abusing your power anytime!”

“Up to you. Besides, there are so many report letters on my table that it was enough to use as fuel to make soup. One more report letter doesn’t matter.” Office Ma said indifferently. “As for you, you were seen in the dead man’s room with all eyes on you. If you are not going to tell the truth, we will just let the court make a decision on your fate.”

Having said that, a crew member hurriedly came and quickly said, “Officer Ma, we found a lot of jewelry in this man’s room, some of which seemed to be stolen from tourists on the cruise ship.”

Fei Ying’s face suddenly changed slightly.

Officer Ma sneered directly, “It seems that you don’t need to be a criminal suspect, just thievery can allow you to visit the prison.”

Fei Ying shook his body quickly—he was still tied to a stool, and this police officer had no intention of letting him go!

Fei Ying kept banging the chair on the floor, and shouted at this time, “I was wronged! Someone framed and shifted the blame on me! Police officer, you must believe me!!! I am really wronged!!!”

At this time, another crew member also came in and said quickly, “Officer Ma, I found the video. Last night, at about eight-fifteen, the surveillance recorded this man and Qian Guoliang entered this room. About ten minutes later, Qian Guoliang came out of the room, and then Fei Ying never came out.”

Officer Ma immediately gave out a sneer and grabbed Fei Ying’s collar. “So, how? You still said that you have nothing to do with this Qian Guoliang? You’d better be honest, or I’ll immediately charged you as a suspect for this murder case!”

Fei Ying opened his mouth and frowned, “That guy… is really dead?”

Ma Houde sneered, “Looks like you still refused to admit it until you saw it…All of you, carry this guy, I will show him the body!”

“Li Zi, can you try harder? I can’t get up.”

Ren Ziling, who had climbed halfway up the ceiling in the hallway, was struggling to climb up, but it seemed a bit difficult.

Li Zi looked at the place where Ren Ziling was stuck. She let out a sigh and said, “Sister Ren, maybe you should think about losing weight…”

“What the… Enough nonsense, push me hard, harder… harder. Almost there! Almost there!”

Because Ren Ziling’s upper body was already inside the ceiling, the sound seemed a little bit… off.

So, Li Zi took a breath quietly, “Then, here I come!”

“Come on! Push harder, a little harder! I can take it!”

“Ah!!! Ha!!”

“Ahahahahah!! Ouch! Ouch ! Ouch!”

Finally, due to Li Zi’s “strength”, Subeditor Ren went to heaven as expected…Oh, no, she successfully climbed up to the ceiling.

Li Zi clapped her palms at this time. When she was preparing to eat something to celebrate, she suddenly looked at the end of the corridor, only to see there was a figure looking towards her direction.

It was a woman, wearing sunglasses and a headscarf, holding a satchel. She looked like a tourist but when her gaze met Li Zi’s gaze, the woman immediately left.

“Huh?” Li Zi blinked doubtfully.

“What are you looking at? Come up!” Ren Ziling poked her head from above at this moment and extended her hand. “Come on, I’ll pull you up. It’s quite spacious up here.”

“Oh.” Li Zi shrugged and climbed up to the ceiling.

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