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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 8 – Chapter 36: Third Party

Volume 8 – Chapter 36: Third Party

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Qian Guoliang’s body was still left in the original position but covered with a white table cloth for the time being.

You Ye squatted down and lifted the white cloth a little – The maid naturally would not let her master do this menial task.

The blue eyes of the maid shone – The heavenly empress who made her also gave this gem-like pupil some special abilities besides its beauty.

For example: X-ray Vision.

The two crew members guarding here stood straight and stared straight ahead as though turning a blind eye to this.

It was not long before You Ye covered the white cloth again, stood up, and looked at Luo Qiu and said, “Master, the fatal injury inflicted on Qian Guoliang is indeed by the knife on the chest, but there is no fingerprint. Looks like the murderer is very careful.”

Luo Qiu had already disregarded the attribute that something would happen wherever he went – Since he encountered this, might as well use this to pass time.

Anyway, it was much more interesting for the boss to spend time on this homicide than a vacation on this Baiyu Cruise Ship – Since it was only to pass the time, the boss did not intend to purchase information immediately.

Just treat it as a small game to play with You Ye.

“Other than that?” Luo Qiu nodded and asked.

Anyway, when Officer Ma’s support team arrived, the accompanying forensic evidence would go through the process to find more concrete evidence – In Luo Qiu’s view, since You Ye had the same ability, it was more efficient for her to look for evidence. Also, it would not be a crime.

This was just a matter of how long it would take.

“He was also poisoned,” said You Ye. “From the way the poison acted in his body, it should be ‘amino perhydro quinazoline type compounds’ which is commonly known as pufferfish toxin.”

“Pufferfish?” Luo Qiu froze.

“Yes.” You Ye nodded and said. “I remember there is a Japanese restaurant in the entertainment area, and there is a pufferfish cuisine on the menu. If it is not carried on board in advance, it may be obtained from this restaurant, and then someone processed it themselves.”

“The pufferfish poison is fatal,” Luo Qiu shook his head. “The poison is enough to kill. There is no need to stab the knife in, and…”

Luo Qiu looked at the blood stains that stretched up the stairway, and said indifferently, “We are already at sea. Throwing the corpse into the sea is more effective.”

With that, Luo Qiu walked down the stairs.

You Ye followed up, and waved at the two crew members before leaving…The two crew members suddenly shudder as if they came back to life.

The boss walked along following the handprints on the wall, and finally came to the place where the handprints stopped. He looked around carefully. In the end, he raised his head and looked at the ceiling.

You Ye whispered, “It should be Miss Ren and Miss Li Zi.”

Luo Qiu smiled and said, “This is her interest. Let her do it. Anyway, there is nothing but mice and cockroaches up there. Even if they encountered the murderer, with Li Zi around, there probably would be any problem.”

Saying that, Luo Qiu turned back and said as he walked, “Qian Guoliang came for the treasure of Baiyu Cruise Ship. Others who came for the treasure include Fei Ying… But, Fei Ying was kept in Qian Guoliang’s room overnight and was tied up and drugged. You Ye, what do you think?”

“The two of them each hold a key to find the treasure.” The maid said thoughtfully. “Fei Ying was knocked out. Come to think of it, it should be Qian Guoliang who knocked him out. Officer Ma’s team did not find the design drawings and protractor. So, it should be Qian Guoliang who took them with him when he went out. There are two flaws. Firstly, since Qian Guoliang did not plan to share the treasure, why only tied Fei Ying instead of killing him? Secondly, no design drawings and protractor were found on Qian Guoliang’s body. That is to say, there are other ‘hunters’ or insiders on the ship.”

Luo Qiu stopped in the middle of the hallway. His left and right were bloody handprints, and in front of him was a locked door with bloody handprints on it.

This is… a utility room for cleaning tools.

“It’s locked.” You Ye said after she tried.

“Well, Uncle Ma took someone to see the body.” Luo Qiu suddenly said. “There is nothing else to look at here, let’s go to that restaurant to see.”

When the white cloth covering the corpse was removed by Ma Houde, Fei Ying’s already gloomy face became even more apparent, showing a clear shock.

“This guy was using a pseudonym and a fake ID. His origin is completely unknown.”

At this time, Ma Houde looked at Fei Ying, “You are the only one we found to be connected with him… If you don’t plan to cooperate, the consequences are clear to you. The identity of the unnamed dead person is not easy to check, but for you who are alive and well, we always have simple and effective ways.”

“Police officer, can you untie me first…?” said Fei Ying all of a sudden.

He was still tied up.


Officer Ma unexpectedly bluntly agreed with Fei Ying. Fei Ying was a little surprised and could not help but secretly rejoice… But, he was not happy for long.

This is because Officer Ma immediately handcuffed Fei Ying’s wrist to his own wrist, and then handed the key to the old captain Mu Enli. Only then Fei Ying was untied.

“You can own up to the facts now?” said Ma Houde indifferently.

“To run into a hardened stubble like you means that I will be sorry for a long time!” Fei Ying glared at Ma Houde bitterly. He then said, “I can talk, but I will only tell you… We speak on the side!”

The two walked to the side.

Fei Ying looked at Officer Ma and said, “Officer Ma, first let me make it clear that this guy’s death really has nothing to do with me. I am not the one who killed him.”

“What is your relationship? Why did he have to deal with you?” Ma Houde asked immediately.

Fei Ying said resignedly, “In fact, it is barely a cooperation relationship. I met this guy on the ship… We are planning to find the treasure of the Baiyu Cruise Ship. So, we plan to join forces.”

Ma Houde frowned and said in a deep voice, “Please explain.”

Having said that, Fei Ying was just a gentleman on the beam [1]. Even though the crime of theft was much lighter than the crime of homicide, he just made a clean breast of what he knew about the situation.

Anyway, I haven’t left this ship yet. I might be able to find the opportunity to get out. But, if I don’t cooperate with this stubborn policeman now, I certainly will not have a good outcome.

To steer the ship as the wind blows [2] was also one of the essentials of being the gentleman on the beam.

“…That’s the way it is. After I was knocked out by this guy, I was there until you guys came and woke me up.” Fei Ying said with some emotion. “This cheap person actually took away my drawings!”

“What you have said is true? Is there really treasure on the Baiyu Cruise Ship?” Ma Houde looked at Fei Ying suspiciously.

Fei Ying said, “You did find a lot of drawings of Baiyu Cruise Ship in Qian Guoliang’s room, right? Besides, why would I lie to you? I have nothing to gain if I lie to you…”

After he said that, Fei Ying looked at the old captain and the crew waiting not far away, and suddenly lowered his voice and said, “Sir, I will only tell you the treasures… Or, let’s team up together? Your salary must be low as a policeman,right? Besides, it is dangerous! If we find this treasure, we split fifty-fifty, it means that there is no need to worry for the rest of your life! Think about it, the treasure!”

Ma Houde slapped Fei Ying’s head, “Can you take it! Even if there is, it must be turned over to the country!”

“How about a sixty-forty split? You take sixty, I take forty… seventy thirty?” Looking at the increasingly nasty face of Officer Ma, Fei Ying cried and said, “Ninety ten split, is ninety ten all right? It’s not easy to go for me to make this journey… Don’t hit me, don’t hit me. Turn me in, just turn me in. Don’t hit me…”

“Hmph!” Ma Houde sneered, “For the time being, I will believe the treasure story. But, now the most important thing is to find the murderer! Fei Ying, from now on, you can’t leave me one step, and help me find the murderer!”

Fei Ying glanced at the handcuffs locking both of them, and the key was in the old captain’s hand… How could I get away from you?

As long as you are happy!

“Then… what about going to the toilet?” Fei Ying swallowed and asked quietly.

Ma Houde said disdainfully, “Huh! You little thieves, always think that you can escape with the bad excuse of using the toilet? You don’t need to use the toilet. Just use this!”

With that said, Officer Ma stuffed Fei Ying with a mineral water bottle.

Fei Ying took the bottle silently and asked quietly again, “Sir, this…did you drink from this?”

“Ah, is there a problem?”

“No… no problem.”

Fei Ying… What could he do? He was also desperate!

In the central control room, Mu Qinghai walked in.

“Vice Captain Mu!” The crew there immediately stood up.

Mu Qinghai said indifferently, “The city police have been contacted. They will land in a helicopter in a moment. You pay attention to the signal reception, and guide them to land.”


Mu Qinghai nodded, and suddenly asked, “Did the Office Ma watch the surveillance tape?”

The crew said, “He did watch, but seems like there is nothing particular. Then, he went out with the captain. It seems that they went to the dead man’s room.”

“Well…you guys continue to work here.” Mu Qinghai nodded. “I’ll go to the monitoring room to have a look.”

[1] Gentleman on the beam: a thief

[2] To steer the ship as the wind blows: To be flexible and take advantage of the situation

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