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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 8 – Chapter 37: Cruelty

Volume 8 – Chapter 37: Cruelty

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When the helicopter landed, the wind blew Officer Ma’s hair into a mess, but he didn’t care at all. At the moment when the helicopter just landed, he dragged Fei Ying and walked straight over.

Lin Feng jumped down immediately and said directly, “Officer Ma, the seats on the helicopter are limited, so I can only bring one man and one forensic staff.”

“Officer Ma!” Xiao Bao, the forensic staff member that Lin Feng mentioned, also came down to say hello.

“Hasn’t Old Qin vacation over yet?” Ma Houde shook his head, “Xiao Bao, I’m thankful for you this time.”

Xiao Bao nodded and said, “It’s okay. If you can, I want to borrow the medical room on the steamer. Is that okay? According to what you said, the body of the deceased is still ‘fresh’. It’s better to do the examination now.”

The old captain who accompanied him nodded at this moment, “No problem, I will make arrangements for this. If there is any need, just let me know.”

“Then I’m going to move the body first… where is the body?” asked Xiao Bao.

“I will get someone to take you there.” The old captain randomly ordered a crew member to lead the way.

Lin Feng looked at Fei Ying standing next to Ma Houde and said in hesitation, “Officer Ma, who is this person?”

“He’s a suspect for the time being.” Ma Houde said indifferently, “Lin Feng, there is no time for you and your partner to rest. The murderer must be caught before Baiyu returns and ashores. We can’t ask all the tourists on board to stay on the ship. In case you can’t catch the murderer when they return to the ship, it’ll be even more troublesome.”

“The murderer will be mixed with tourists and leave… I understand.” Lin Feng’s face also became serious, “Take the helicopter back, and bring a few guys over.”

Ma Houde nodded and said, “We will take a closer look at the scene while Xiao Bao is examining the body.”

Ren Ziling took out her cell phone, and the glimmer of the channel in the ceiling could no longer support her observation.

“Sister Ren, is it really useful for us to look here?”

Li Zi followed Ren Ziling, watching Ren Ziling’s hips sway in front of her… Speaking of it, she never seemed to see Ren Ziling wearing a skirt before?

Most of the time, she wore a fairly simple jeans with a white shirt and almost no makeup… Although she was far from being someone who was slovenly in her dressing, it was almost definite that she did not like to dress up.

“It doesn’t matter whether it’s useful, let’s do it first. How do you know that the road ahead is not what you need?” said Ren Ziling while crawling. “Speaking of which, Li Zi, can you not touch me? Are you a lesbian?”

“Hey? I didn’t.”

“No?” Ren Ziling was stunned for a moment, only to feel a numb feeling suddenly rising from the belly, then directly to her chest!

Ren Ziling took a cool breath and said, “Li Zi… something is crawling on me… don’t! Fuck, don’t be reckless!”

The little thing began to drill through the gap between the shirt and underwear, and began to swim around the bulging double peaks… How could the Queen Ren from the magazine be able to bear it? She reached toward to grab this thing – This must be a mouse!

The only thing she could think of in such a place was a creature like a mouse!

“Fuck! Still want to run! Where can it run?!”

“Sister Ren, don’t kick me… Why don’t you relax? This mouse might run away by itself.” Li Zi, whose body was a demon, reminded her at this time.

In fact, she could scare away the little mouse with a little demonic qi.

“Huh? Take advantage of me and still want to run away? No way! If I can’t kill you, I will write my name backwards!” Ren Ziling apparently had no plans to release the mouse, and the range of movement became larger and larger.

“Sister Ren, you kicked me again… this time it’s in the face!” mourned Li Zi.

“Li Zi! Get on me… no, come on!” Ren Ziling said aloud at this time, “This brat is too cunning! I’ll trap it, and you pull it out for me!”

“Ah? Come up?”

“Yeah! Climb on me, let’s strangle this mouse to death together!”


Li Zi tried to climb onto Ren Ziling’s body from a narrow space. It didn’t take a while before the two had entangled their legs together… This posture made the space narrower.

“How can you catch anything like this?!”

But Ren Ziling said at this time, “Hands! Reach into my clothes! I sealed the neckline, it can’t come out!”

“Then…then I’ll reach in.” Li Zi whispered softly and slid her right hand into Ren Ziling’s clothes.

She touched something like fat… Unexpectedly, it had a very delicate feeling – How should this be described? Li Zi found that in fact she had a very good spirituality on Ren Ziling’s body.

But she knew that Ren Ziling was really just an ordinary person, but it seemed that there were some spiritual treasures around her that had been moisturizing her body… This was probably why she was so confident and she could always eat instant noodles, stay up all night, and smoke but still maintain an enviable body.

“How long are you going to touch!? I want you to catch the mouse! You seductress!”

“I didn’t realize… hehe.” Li Zi chuckled awkwardly.

“I sandwiched it! Grab it!” Ren Ziling said suddenly.

“Sand… Sandwiched it?!”

Li Zi looked at Ren Ziling’s towering peak for a moment, then moved her lips. She didn’t know how to start talking.

She saw that Ren Ziling’s hands pressed her chest hardly at this time, and the towering and full pair of sacred peaks were now squeezed more seductively and magnificently; but in the gully of the double peaks, there was really a small bulge.

The so-called sandwiched turned out to be this kind.

“Come on! This useless thing seems to be biting my button!” Ren Ziling urged at this moment, “I’m wearing a bra with a front button today!”

I just feel a little bit pressured… Li Zi sighed and reached out to touch the bulging thing that was caught in her chest; the mouse.

But this mouse was still struggling, just in the gully of the double peaks, struggling up and down!

“Hurry up, I feel uncomfortable…”

The ceiling channel was very sultry at first, and a heat came from nowhere at the moment, so it made Ren Ziling sweat a lot and became sticky, especially under the neck. However, this nasty little thing was still struggling up and down.

“I got it!”

Li Zi finally felt the tail of the mouse, and then slowly pulled it out from the gully of the two peaks.

“It’s really a little mouse.” Li Zi picked up the mouse by the tail.

Unexpectedly, Ren Ziling grabbed it with one hand at this time, and there was no sign of the fear that a woman should have. Li Zi wasn’t surprised. The last time there was a rodent disaster in the city, Sister Ren killed them with a baseball bat, totally overcoming herself.

Li Zi had originally planned to release it. At this time, she was only able to mourn for it for three seconds.

“You’re dead.” Ren Ziling sneered, holding the little mouse’s body directly, then smashing it down directly towards the ceiling mezzanine underneath!

So cruel…

“Li Zi, do you feel like we are sinking?” said Ren Ziling all of a sudden.

“Is it… It really seems so.”

Both the bodies were stacked on each other. At this time, they dropped. Within a few seconds, Ren Ziling felt as if she was flying free, her body was directly in a state of weightlessness!


The two fell into a space surrounded by water mist. Ren Ziling got up and found that she wasn’t hurt much, only to find Li Zi was pressed underneath her when they fell.

“Li Zi! Are you okay?!”

“I’m okay. I’m less afraid of pain.” Li Zi smiled, and then accosted, “Sister Ren, isn’t it better for us to leave this place quickly?”

Ren Ziling looked up subconsciously and looked around. The place was surrounded by mist and water; it was clearly a bathhouse, a male bathhouse for that matter!

A man who was bathing here looked at these two women who fell from the ceiling in shock. The bath towel wrapped around him fell on the ground unknowingly, but he was still looking at Ren Ziling and Li Zi.

“Damn, so small!” Ren Ziling sneered.

The man covered his private parts with his hands in a panic, opened his mouth… However, he saw the two women stood up and left as if nothing had happened.

“Wow! It’s so cool! Sure enough, beer is the best!”

Outside the bathhouse that they fell from, Ren Ziling bought a bottle of beer from a vending machine and sipped it. Li Zi said she was not good at drinking, so she was drinking milk.

“It turns out that nothing was found.” Li Zi leaned against the wall and said with resignation.

Ren Ziling patted Li Zi’s shoulder and said, “Haha! This is life… Quick! Run!”

In fact, the two didn’t really leave the bathhouse, they just went to the dressing room. At this time, someone clearly pushed the door and walked in.

Ren Ziling pressed Li Zi’s head and the two hid behind a cabinet.

It seemed that two people came in.

One of them suddenly said at this time, “Is there a blackout?”

Another said, “Yeah, about four o’clock in the morning, right? There was a power outage. It lasted about ten minutes?”

“Is it? It was fine in the computer room?”

“Then I don’t know. Anyway, there was a power outage in the central control room for a while, then it went back to normal, and nothing else happened. I checked, and there was no problem. Then I changed shift at six in the morning and I went back to the room to rest.”

“This… Why don’t you tell the captain? After all, a person is dead.”

“Is this necessary?” The man said casually, “The deputy captain was also there when the blackout happened. It only happened for a while and it didn’t affect anything. Besides, the deputy captain will tell the police about this kind of thing, so why should I get involved? Isn’t it busy enough?”

“That’s true… Let’s take a shower. I woke up after a night shift and I’m exhausted.”

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