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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 8 – Chapter 39: The Mist and the Shadow in the Dark (Part 1)

Volume 8 – Chapter 39: The Mist and the Shadow in the Dark (Part 1)

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“En… The handprints are indeed different, but the blood stains should be the same.”

Xiao Bao, who was wearing gloves, looked at the two test papers on his hand at this time, “The blood type should be the same, but whether it is the same person or not, I need to analyze the DNA.”

After listening, Ma Houde immediately said, “Then you should do a DNA analysis as soon as possible.”

“Officer Ma, this will take too long, the fastest I can get it is tomorrow.” Xiao Bao shook his head and said, “The equipment in the medical room here is not very complete. It is enough to perform an autopsy, but it is not equipped for a more detailed examination.”

Ma Houde paused, “Is there anything found in Qian Guoliang’s body?”

Xiao Bao said, “En, let me talk about the knife injury on the chest… I found that the knife injury on the chest should be caused by two different strengths.”

Ma Houde frowned, subconsciously, “What do you mean by two?”

Xiao Bao used his finger as a murder weapon and inserted it into his chest, explaining, “First, it was pierced from here, but the penetration was not deep, and it would not cause fatal damage. The following stab was very strong, and it went directly into the atrium.”

“Two times, before and after? Could it be that the murderer was not strong enough at first, and then stabbed again?” Lin Feng asked, thinking.

“This possibility is not ruled out,” said Xiao Bao formally. “But it is also possible that two different people stabbed before and after. There are no suspicious fingerprints found on the murder weapon except the fingerprints of the deceased, so I am not sure how many are there… However, the possibility of one is relatively high. I personally prefer Police Officer Lin’s inference. Because the strength was insufficient for the first time, they stabbed again.”

“En… did you find anything else?” Ma Houde then asked.

Xiao Bao said, “In addition, I also found a very small wound between the deceased’s thigh… En, the blood sample had a poisoning reaction. As for which poison, I can only wait for the bureau to give the result. Anyway, I already sent back the data.”

“He was poisoned too?” Ma Houde was stunned.

Xiao Bao nodded, “I shouldn’t be mistaken. The duration for the poisoning to take effect is longer.”

At this time, a crew hurried to the scene of the murder. He ran all the way, so he gasped, “Police Officer Ma, I found the key to the utility room.”

“Open this door and let me see.”

The door, which was stained with the hand print, was opened.

An odor spreaded, and Lin Feng illuminated the room with a flashlight. This was a very small space, which was basically stacked with cleaning tools and disinfectants.


Lin Feng squatted down and looked carefully for a while, then stood up and shook his head. “Officer Ma, I found nothing. This utility room seems to have not been opened for a long time. There is dust on the ground, but no footprints are found. It seems that the deceased did not come out from here… Besides, a dying person couldn’t lock the door, nor will he have a key, right?”

“I don’t understand!” Ma Houde scratched his head slightly anxiously.

At this time, the old captain, Mu Enli, came slowly and asked seriously, “Police officer, did you find anything?”

Ma Houde shook his head, “Nothing particularly useful.”

The old captain said at this moment, “In this case, take a break first. I have reserved a restaurant for you. One can’t function properly on an empty stomach, even if you can’t eat, you should take a break anyway.”

Ma Houde wasn’t very hungry because he just finished eating, but considering that Xiao Bao and the policeman outside were probably exhausted, he nodded and agreed.

“Luo Qiu, you should come together.” Office Ma looked at Boss Luo who had been listening at the scene quietly, and suddenly said.

“Miss, you are so pretty.”

On the way to the restaurant, Fei Ying suddenly whistled at a passing woman. He even shamelessly touched the girl’s ears, which instantly attracted a scream from the girl, frightening the girl until she ran away.

Seeing this, Ma Houde twisted Fei Ying’s arm and shouted, “Fei Ying! Do you still want to add a harassment charge?”

“Sir, it is said that elegant ladies are easy to go after. Moreover, she shyly walked away, and she didn’t say anything, right?” Fei Ying said with a smile, “There are so many male students in the school that lift the skirts of female students. Why didn’t you catch them?”

“Bullshit!” Ma Houde patted Fei Ying’s head hard and said, “Don’t cause trouble! Otherwise, I will hang you on the railing of the boat and make you become those salted fish!”

“Sir, aren’t you mistreating me? Okay… don’t use violence, I’ll just be quiet.”

Fei Ying looked at Ma Houde’s unsightly face with horror, and quickly begged for mercy, “If you let me eat something, I promise to be obedient.”

“Go!” Ma Houde pulled Fei Ying and continued walking.

“Don’t go so fast, sir, I have no strength…” While talking to Officer Ma, Fei Ying quietly pinched the palm that was not locked.

Inside, there was a black u-shaped hairpin, taken from the hair of the lady who he flirted with.

Unexpectedly, Fei Ying suddenly saw something as he secretly snickered at this time; it was the young man who did not look like a policeman, but the policeman treated him very well.

Fei Ying was shocked. He saw this young man named Luo Qiu glancing at him at this moment…

Fei Ying frowned subconsciously, only to find that Luo Qiu didn’t seem to notice anything, and continued walking, minding his business, and no longer looking at Fei Ying.

Am I being paranoid…?

Fei Ying grunted, but the feeling of being watched just now seemed to have been felt by him somewhere before.

When a group of people came to the restaurant arranged by the captain, Ma Houde accidentally discovered that there were already acquaintances waiting here before they arrived – Ren Ziling and Li Zi!

“Luo Qiu! Here, here! I ordered a lot of delicious food for you!” Ren Ziling beckoned directly at this moment.

“I’ve eaten and I’m not hungry,” Luo Qiu shook his head calmly.

Ren Ziling’s palm underneath the table squeezed into a fist, but the expression on his face was still relaxed… if it wasn’t unusual movements of the eyelids.

Ma Houde asked another accompanying police officer to come over and transfer his handcuffs to the policeman’s hand, letting him handcuff Fei Ying, “You take him over there to eat! Remember, don’t let him walk around, the toilet is forbidden! If he complains that his stomach hurt or something, let him shit on the spot!”

Fei Ying moved his lips and was pulled away by the police in despair, sitting on another table, quietly raised his finger towards Ma Houde and whispered, “You are ruthless!”

Ma Houde didn’t look at him. Now that his hands were free, he sat down comfortably, asking, “Why are you here too?”

Li Zi bit a fork and said, “Police Officer Ma, we met the old captain on the way. He said that he booked the restaurant, so Sister Ren said that she would just wait for you here.”

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