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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 8 – Chapter 39: The Mist and the Shadow in the Dark (Part 2)

Volume 8 – Chapter 39: The Mist and the Shadow in the Dark (Part 2)

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Ma Houde frowned as he looked at Ren Ziling, “In other words, you really didn’t go messing around everywhere?”

“Ma Houde, talk nicely, what do you mean by messing around?” Ren Ziling sneered coldly, “Think about it, when haven’t I helped you? Don’t ask me for information in the future!”

“If you can charge me less every time, I will thank God! In order to pay you the informer fee, I can’t eat nice food every month, okay!”

Luo Qiu pulled the chair for You Ye, let her sit first, then sat down quietly as he watched Ma Houde and Ren Ziling fighting with a smile.

“Okay, okay, stop fighting.” Li Zi quickly mediated the situation, “Police Officer Ma, we might have made a contribution this time. Sister Ren and I discovered something.”

Ma Houde was surprised as he said, “Oh? Do tell me.”

Aunty Ren said, “Give money first!”

Ma Houde said resourcefully, “The child is still here, don’t be like this. Take care of your image.”

Aunty Ren remembered that her future daughter-in-law was still here… She still needed to maintain her image as a future mother-in-law, so she cleared her throat. She gently said, “Talking about money hurts feelings. You didn’t even finish listening to me. Really, Old Ma, we have been friends for so many years, am I the kind of person who only cares about money…? Uh, *cough*! Li Zi and I found out that there was a short power outage in the central control room when it was about four o’clock last night.”

“Power outage?” Ma Houde was stunned, frowning, “Really? When the captain and I went to the surveillance room, he never mentioned it to me.”

Ren Ziling said, “It should be true, I heard it from the mouth of a crew member. In addition, the person in the surveillance room you saw in the morning should not be the one from last night. There was a change in the shift among them.”

Ma Houde pondered for a while, “What else?”

Ren Ziling spread out her hands and said, “It seems that Deputy Captain Mu Qinghai was also there.”

Ma Houde subconsciously looked at the old captain at this time. As the captain, Mu Enli had a reason to sit there to accompany him. Noticing Officer Ma’s gaze, the old captain nodded and said, “Officer Ma, I’ll confirm this matter immediately.”

“Thank you,” Ma Houde said, “By the way, bring the crew and the deputy captain on duty at that time. I want to ask them questions personally.”

“Okay.” The old captain quickly walked away from the seat with a solemn face.

Li Zi suddenly put down the food in her hand at this moment, looked outside the restaurant, and made a soft ‘eh’, “That woman. I seem to have seen her before?”

“Who?” Ren Ziling looked curiously in the direction Li Zi was looking at.

She saw a woman with a headscarf looking at their direction from the cabinet in front of a shop opposite the restaurant, but she turned her head immediately.

Li Zi said, “Ah, I remembered. I saw her at the murder scene. But after I saw her, she walked away immediately.”

Ma Houde frowned and turned his head in an instant. He saw that the woman in front of the cabinet suddenly lowered her head and walked away quickly. Officer Ma suddenly stood up. “Lin Feng, chase her! You, take care of Fei Ying!”

As he said that, the two hurriedly ran out of the restaurant.

But not long after, Officer Ma and Lin Feng came back in frustration, “We lost her. I don’t know where she ran to.”

“The two of you let a woman go?” Ren Ziling said in surprise, “Is there no one outside now?”

Lin Feng said angrily, “This woman… she doesn’t look like a normal person. Looking at the route she chose and her keeping her cool, it seems that she is experienced in anti-tracking skills.”

“Yeah.” Ma Houde nodded and said, “She seems to be able to hear us talking. Before I stood up, she left immediately. She is too alert…”

With that, Ma Houde and Lin Feng glanced at each other. The two pulled out the chair at the same time, squatted down, reached out and did something under the table.

“Yes, here.” Lin Feng placed a black thing as big as his fingers on the table at this time, “This is… a bug? When was it installed here?”

Ren Ziling reached out and picked up the bug, “Old Ma, this thing doesn’t look like it can be easily bought.”

“Of course, this is no ordinary thing. If I am not mistaken, this should be one of the equipment of the German National GSG9 Special Forces. Of course, it is also popular among agents in many countries, and the effective distance that it can reach is…” The police officer, who came over and took the bug from Ren Ziling, spoke up.

Listening to this encyclopedia-like commentary, Ma Houde was suddenly stunned. He looked at the police officer and suddenly said in anger, “You… didn’t I tell you to look after Fei Ying?”

“Officer Ma, it’s fine. Fei Ying, he… When?!” The police officer raised his arm subconsciously, and his face slightly changed.

Fei Ying wasn’t there anymore. Only the handcuffs were still hanging on his arm.

“There!” Li Zi stood up and pointed outside of the restaurant, “Don’t let him run away!!”

Fei Ying looked at Ma Houde through the glass at this moment, shook his buttocks, and showed his middle-finger with both hands at the same time. Then, he laughed and ran away.

“Damn it! If I don’t make you into dried salted fish, I’ll crawl off the boat!” Ma Houde growled and ran out in a straight line.

Lin Feng and other police officers also chased out together.

Ren Ziling shook her head, propped her chin on the table, and sighed, “Sure enough, he is Ma Houde who can’t do anything right. I don’t know how he solved cases for so many years. By the way… Luo Qiu, are you thirsty? Can I get you something to drink?”

“Not thirsty.” Luo Qiu shook his head, then looked at You Ye and said, “You Ye, pack some food. Auntie is alone in the room, so she should be hungry. Let’s go visit her.”


Under the table again, Aunty Ren was… well, this time she was pinching Li Zi’s thigh.

Sister Ren, you can’t do this…

Li Zi, who was unjustly attacked for eating, looked pitifully.

In a dim machine room, a table was emptied, and only a lamp was turned on.

At this time, on the smooth table, a rather dilapidated drawing was spread out, and on the drawing was a ring-shaped protractor.

A hand kept pushing the protractor constantly.

Suddenly, it stopped.

“Is it actually…here?”

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