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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 8 – Chapter 40: Treasure (Part 1)

Volume 8 – Chapter 40: Treasure (Part 1)

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The maid withdrew her hand from the corridor wall, and she looked at Luo Qiu and said softly, “Master, Fei Ying has escaped. Officer Ma seemed to have been fooled.”

“It seems?” Luo Qiu said with a chuckle, “More than that, Fei Ying should be a free-spirited person, so they should have had a fight.”

You Ye nodded slowly, “This Fei Ying is indeed not bad… Master.”

The maid’s eyes were slightly fixed, but Luo Qiu shook his head gently. Boss Luo carried the boxed meal and continued to walk towards the room where Mrs. Ma rested.

The master and servant walked as if nothing had happened. Just after a turn, they saw a familiar face. A woman in her thirties with plain eyes and a neat fringe walked out.

She passed by.

“Wait a minute.” The woman suddenly said something behind their back.

Luo Qiu and You Ye just turned around and saw that the woman picked up a card from the ground. It was the kind of room card used to open the door.

The woman smiled and held out the room card she had picked up, politely saying, “You dropped something.”

“This is not mine.” Luo Qiu shook his head, and You Ye pulled out the room card just to prove it.

“Well… I’m sorry, I made a mistake.” The woman nodded, then suddenly said, “I don’t know who left it here… But I’m in a hurry. Could you please do me a favor? Could you send the room card to the lost and found office?”

Luo Qiu glanced at the woman, then nodded gently.

The woman smiled and said, “Then thank you. Little brother, you are so nice, I thought you would refuse.”

“It’s just a small matter.”

The woman glanced at You Ye next to the boss again, then smiled and said, “Little Brother, no wonder you can find such a beautiful girlfriend.”

Boss Luo didn’t explain anything. After receiving the room card from the woman’s hand, the woman left quickly; It looked like she was really in a hurry.

It wasn’t until the woman completely disappeared into sight that You Ye smiled and said, “This lady, who just escaped the pursuit of Officer Ma, came to meet you. I don’t know what she wants.”

You Ye noticed that this woman quietly threw the room card on the ground, so she naturally would not hide this information from Boss Luo.

Luo Qiu just smiled slightly and withdrew his gaze. He looked at You Ye, held out his hand like a noble young master who asked the noble lady to dance, and said softly, “Let’s go and hand over this lost property.”

You Ye froze for a moment. After a moment, she regained her calm appearance. Although she didn’t wear a maid’s skirt, she touched the hemline and put her fingers lightly between Luo Qiu’s fingertips.

Officer Ma and his team did not catch Fei Ying who had escaped and returned to the restaurant in a state of embarrassment.

Seeing that the three people beside Office Ma were dripping with sweat, had a reddened face, and their hair was messed up, Aunty Ren naturally held her stomach and thumped the table, bursting into laughter. She felt that she had her revenge and her anger dissipated temporarily, so she found a towel and kindly wiped the sweat of a few people.

“Damn it! This Fei Ying is like a wild monkey! His flexibility is inhuman!” Ma Houde scolded angrily while wiping the sweat off his body.

Lin Feng nodded his head in agreement, and said angrily, “Don’t let me see him next time, I have to kill him!”

“Okay, unless he jumps into the sea, he won’t be able to escape.” Ren Ziling said with her legs raised at this time, “I thought about it when you went out to chase him. This woman with a bug, where is she from exactly?”

Ma Houde raised his head and asked, “Where is she from?”

Ren Ziling looked at the third police officer, “Didn’t Ah Lai said just now that this bug is a high-end military product? How can ordinary people get their hands on this?”

Police Officer Ah Lai nodded, “It’s true, let alone ordinary people, we don’t necessarily have this equipment in our system… Of course, except for special departments.”

“So?” Ma Houde asked, looking at Ren Ziling.

Aunty Ren shrugged and said, “I can’t think of it, there are too few clues. But this woman used this kind of equipment and eavesdropped on what we said, so she is probably related to this murder case… Old Ma, you said that Qian Guoliang’s identity is forged, but died on this ship. Also, there is a woman of unknown origin who uses military-grade equipment… I can’t figure out what their purposes are? Also, who would believe that they are trying to hook up during the holidays!”

Sister Ren can really talk like this at any time… Li Zi had an interesting look on her face.

“Could it be because of that…” Ma Houde seemed to think of something at the moment, and his face became slightly more serious.

“Officer Ma, did you figure out something?” Lin Feng asked curiously.

Ma Houde pondered for a moment, then looked at everyone and said, “Just now, aren’t you curious why I locked Fei Ying up? In fact, besides finding him in Qian Guoliang’s room, there is another thing, that is…”

Officer Ma retold what Fei Ying said about the treasure, “…Huh, this guy, he actually said he wants to cooperate with me and quietly divided the treasure. Am I such a person?!”

“Wait a minute, does the Baiyu Cruise really have treasure?” Ren Ziling was stunned and said, “Didn’t you say before that this was just a gimmick to attract tourists and crews?”

“Hush…” Ma Houde made a “quiet down” gesture… Although the captain arranged this restaurant for them, he did not book the entire place. There were still two or three tables of ordinary people here eating a meal.

Ren Ziling covered her lips.

Ma Houde said, “I just simply listen to it at the beginning. However, looking at Fei Ying’s skill, this fake identity of Qian Guoliang, and this woman of unknown origin, I increasingly feel that this might be true.”

“In the vast sea, treasure hunters have been in action for this legendary treasure…” Li Zi made a small circle in her hands at this time, and the light in her eyes flashed with excitement!

“Move aside to continue dreaming.” Ren Ziling pushed Li Zi’s face and said, “But Fei Ying does have the ability of a treasure hunter seeing how he can make you run in circles and unlocking the cuffs.”

Lin Feng suggested at this time, “Officer Ma, shall we ask the captain about the treasure? Hasn’t he been the captain of the Baiyu Cruise for decades?”

“I think we should.” Ren Ziling thought and said, “Old Ma, I keep feeling that something is fishy with the captain…”

“What do you mean?”

Ren Ziling blinked and said, “Don’t you feel that the captain is too calm? This happened on the ship, shouldn’t the captain be the most troubled? But you see, this Mu Enli does not look anxious at all. He is calm like an old gentleman.”

“Now that you mention it, it seems like it…” Ma Houde recalled his encounters with Mu Enli, “I remember when Qian Guoliang’s body was just discovered, I was a bit surprised that he was so calm.”

“Hush, the captain is here.” Ren Ziling stared outside of the restaurant, “Old Ma, you should ask him about the treasure when the opportunity comes and see what he says.”

At this time, Captain Mu Enli walked into the restaurant with Deputy Captain Mu Qinghai. “Police Officer Ma, I brought the Deputy Captain. You can ask him what happened in the middle of the night.”

Ma Houde cleared his throat, “Deputy Captain, was there a power outage in the central control room at four o’clock last night?”

Nothing was shown on Mu Qinghai’s face at this time. He nodded and said, “There has been a power outage. It happened for about fifteen minutes.”

Ma Houde frowned. “Why didn’t you mention this?”

Mu Qinghai shook his head and said, “Police officer, since I found the body in the morning, I have done all sorts of things as instructed, and you never asked me about it… Tell me, how should I bring up this matter to you?”

“The power outage in the central control room is such a big thing, you can’t omit mentioning this to the captain, right?” Ma Houde sneered, “But the captain also never mentioned it to me!”

Mu Qinghai said, “This is indeed my fault. My judgment at the time was not to disturb the Captain because…”

Mu Qinghai paused and glanced at Mu Enli before he said slowly, “The Captain’s health is not very good. He has to take medication every day to fall asleep, so I don’t want to disturb the captain’s rest.”

Mu Enli’s gaze moved slightly, but he didn’t show any expression.

Mu Qinghai shook his head and said, “Again, the power outage was only for a few minutes. It only cut off the ordinary equipment inside. There is another set of power system in the central control room that is normal, so it did not affect the navigation of Baiyu Cruise.”

“So did it affect the surveillance system at that time?” This was Ma Houde’s biggest concern.

Mu Qinghai shook his head and said, “Police officer, this is not affected because the surveillance system itself is not connected to an external power source.”

Ma Houde still frowned, “So, have you ever left during the power outage?”

Mu Qinghai nodded, “Yes I did. We naturally have to go to the electricity room to see why there is a power outage.”

“How long have you been away?”

“Less than ten minutes.”

“Have you ever left after you came back?”

Mu Qinghai shook his head, “Not at all. After the change in shift, I went back to the room and took a rest. Then, we proceeded with the original plan for the shoot until the dead person was found.”

Ma Houde nodded, “En, I understand. Deputy Captain, thank you for your cooperation. I’m sorry to have interrupted your time.”

“It’s okay, as long as I can help you,” said Mu Qinghai seriously.

Ma Houde turned his head again, “Captain, let the Deputy Captain go back to work. We stir up a scene just now and it needs to be handled properly… I’m so sorry.”

“We will deal with it, rest assured.” Mu Enli said calmly, “Qinghai, you can leave first.”

After seeing Mu Qinghai leave, Ma Houde suddenly looked at the old captain, “Captain, there is something I want to ask you.”

“Officer Ma, please ask.”

Officer Ma narrowed his eyes and said, “Captain, can you tell me about the treasure of Baiyu… You have been here since the beginning, you should be the clearest, right?”

The old captain froze and did not speak immediately. He just took off his hat and pulled out the stool to sit down. Then he slowly said, “En… this is just a rumor. Why did you ask about this?”

“It might be related to this case, so I plan to find out.” Ma Houde took a serious look at the old captain’s every move, “So, I hope that you are able to tell me the original story.”

The old captain sighed and nodded, before whispering, “Well, about the treasure, I remember that time…”

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