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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 8 – Chapter 41: Treasure (Part 2)

Volume 8 – Chapter 41: Treasure (Part 2)

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“What? You make this up?”

In the restaurant, Ma Houde pressed his hands on the table and stood up abruptly, immediately arousing the attention of several guests.

Officer Ma was used to such a scene, immediately glared and shouted, “What is there to look at! Do you want to attract the attention of the police!”

Everyone bowed their heads to eat.

Ma Houde behaved like nothing had happened. He sat down once again, looked at the old captain, frowned, and asked, “Captain, I don’t understand. Why do you want to fabricate such a rumor? Is it really just a gimmick to attract attention?”

The old captain shook his head and said, “In fact, at first, I never thought it would be so effective. But when it was later spread, it attracted a lot of tourists, and many people came for job interviews. I remember that even the most difficult and tiring cabin repair job would have many workers rushing to do it.”

Officer Ma…Officer Ma choked suddenly although he was not drinking.

Ren Ziling had a blank look and then asked, “Old Captain, you said that you didn’t want it to happen this way. Then, what is it for?”

The old captain sighed, “Because it was haunted then.”

“Haunted?” Li Zi blinked. “What kind of spirit… ghost?”

The old captain shook his head and said, “I haven’t seen it personally. It was only spread among the crew members at that time. Some said they saw a white shadow floating, some said they saw a horrible face. Others heard the sounds of mourning when they were on patrol at night… Anyway, there were all kinds of rumors at the time, making people uneasy. That was in the nineties, not long after the reforms started, and most people were still poorly educated.”

The old captain recalled, “Many people resigned out of fear. The company also invited Taoist priests at that time, but it didn’t work. Some said that they still encountered strange things. Later the rumours spread. There were not many tourists willing to come on board the ship. At that time, the company had no choice but to use the Baiyu Cruise Ship as a freighter for a while.”

Ma Houde froze and said in amazement, “Strange, if the haunting stories spread, how come I don’t know? I’m also from that era too.”

The old captain glanced at the Office Ma and said indifferently, “That’s because the Baiyu Cruise Ship was not at this city at the beginning. It took about half a year for the ship to be officially registered here. Of course, this matter was never mentioned to the outside world, just that it was the first voyage. The name Baiyu was given to the ship once it was here. At first, its name was called the Vidona.”

“There is still such a thing…” Ma Houde shook his head. “Sure enough, all business people are profiteers… What happens next? You started spreading rumors?”

The old captain said indifferently, “Officer, I am the captain of this ship. Of course, it is my duty to resolve the problems on board. What is the use if the cruise ship is not profitable? In order to prevent rumors of haunting spread in this city, I quietly spread the treasure story. Young people are always easily driven by profitable interests… My original intention was to cover up the haunted rumours, but I did not expect that after the spread of this treasure story, it became such a hot topic. For a period of time, tourists bought tickets wildly, and many people came for job interviews. The company is happy to see that and naturally let it continue.”

Ma Houde suddenly said, “No wonder… This Baiyu Cruise Ship has treasures. The voyages never stopped. It has been a hot topic for a while, but the cruise company line has never made any plans and never heard about Baiyu Cruise Ship entering the shipyard. I’ll say, if there is treasure, will your company just let it go?”

The old captain said, “Officer Ma, this is the origin of the treasure… but this matter is just fiction. Why do you think it is related to this murder case?”

Ma Houde scratched his head and said, “It’s nothing, but there is a little thief talking nonsense… Haha, I got it, it’s okay! It’s okay! Gee…”

But under the table, Aunt Ren sitting on the opposite stepped hard on Ma Houde’s feet.

Ren Ziling suddenly asked at this time, “Old Captain, you are so incredible. You can solve this matter with a simple trick… How did you come up with this idea of a treasure? After all, Baiyu Cruise Ship was brought in from abroad. Before delivery, the inside and out must be checked. It wouldn’t be easy if you want others to believe that there are treasures on this ship?”

The old captain was stunned, “Don’t you know?”

“Know what?” Ma Houde froze.

The old captain said in a straight voice, “Baiyu Cruise Ship is not originally a cruise ship. It was formerly a warship. It was used to annihilate pirates in Somalia. It was later sunk then retired and converted into a cruise ship. Then, it was exported to developed countries.”

Ren Ziling shook her head in amazement, “There is no mention of it in Baiyu’s introduction booklet.”

The old captain suddenly said, “Right, when the ship came to this city, this information was no longer in the introduction publication.”

“But, what has this got to do with the treasure?” Ren Ziling asked.

The old captain said, “During that time, Baiyu Cruise Ship had a bad record of being hijacked. Later, although the ship was recovered, it was not a glorious incident. Since not many people who know this incident… those who knew were issued with a gag order. So, I borrowed this incident to come up with the treasure story.”

The old captain drank some water and then slowly said, “I made up a story that when the Baiyu Cruise Ship was hijacked, the pirates used it to transport their riches. Later, although it was recaptured by the navy, a lot of treasure was recovered. However, there is still a very valuable treasure hidden by the pirates in the depths of the Baiyu Cruise Ship. Unless the Baiyu Cruise Ship is completely dismantled, no one except the pirate leader will know where the treasure is. Anyway, I just made a story, but I didn’t expect so many people to believe.”

“After all, it’s a treasure.” Ren Ziling shrugged and sneered at Officer Ma. “There are many people with unrealistic fantasies and the desire to get rich overnight.”

Ma Houde…Officer Ma looked down at the menu and suddenly said, “Lin Feng, are you hungry? Would you like a plate of oysters?”


Ren Ziling shook her head before looking at the captain and said, “But captain, since there is a gag order about Baiyu Cruise Ship being hijacked by pirates… How did you know?”

The old captain said, “Before I was Captain of Baiyu Cruise Ship, I was already abroad… I can be considered to be in a foreign navy. But because I am an overseas Chinese, I never worked in an important position and was even rejected at times… After the Baiyu Cruise Ship was sunk and salvaged, I retired. Later, I was assigned to a large shipyard as a foreman. I did not expect that the Baiyu Cruise Ship was also sent to the same shipyard for refurbishment. Later, I was probably lucky. The local company came to look for the ship that was introduced. After I contacted them, they offered me good conditions, hoping that I can become the captain of the new ship, and I agreed.”

The old captain breathed slowly, and his eyes were a little misty, “In the beginning, I took this as an opportunity to return to my home country and take one step at a time. Unexpectedly I have been the Captain for thirty years…Somehow in life something will happen beyond your expectations.”

Ma Houde patted the old captain’s arm, sighing as he said, “Captain, our country is getting better and better! It’s good to come back!”

The old captain just smiled. At this time, his phone suddenly rang. After a while, the old captain hung up and said, “Sorry, Officer Ma, there is a call on the dedicated line for me from the company in the central control room. I have to go there.”

“Ok, you go ahead.” Ma Houde nodded.

After the old captain left, Ma Houde suddenly stood up, pointed at Aunt Ren and shouted, “Damn you. You just stepped on me!!!”

“I did not!” Ren Ziling opened her beautiful eyes. “Which one of your eyes saw me step on you!”

“Crap, can you be more shameless!”

Unexpectedly, Aunt Ren acted like she was serious and said, “Well, it must be haunted. Didn’t the captain just say that there is a ghost…? Old Ma, did you do something bad and now targeted by ghosts?”

Ma Houde pointedly said, “Even if it is a ghost, it must be a troublesome ghost! Bad tempered ghost! Stingy ghost!”

“Tsk.” Ren Ziling gave the third middle finger greeting, and then pondered. “This old captain, if he was in the navy fighting pirates, he would be used to such a tragic scene. Then, he would not respond to seeing a dead person. It did look like that’s the case. After all, there must be deaths in naval battles…”

Lin Feng said resignedly, “That means… we asked the question in vain?”

“Now I can only rely on Xiao Bao.” Ma Houde also sighed. “I hope he can give us some clues… Oh right!”

Ma Houde suddenly regained his spirit, “Let’s proceed to catch these people! The woman and Fei Ying, we must not let them escape! Lin Feng, Ah Lai, Go~Go~Go~!”

So, the police trio left again in a hurry.

Seeing that everything on the table was wiped out by her, Li Zi patted her stomach and said, “Sister Ren, are we going back to the room?”

Ren Ziling thought for a while and said, “Let’s just stroll outside for a while… I still feel like something is wrong, but I can’t say what’s it.”

“…Also, do you still have to climb the ceiling?” Li Zi said with a lingering fear.

“I want to go to the central control room this time.” Ren Ziling stood up and said. “Look at the surveillance video.”

“It’s me, I’m Mu Enli.” The captain picked up the phone in his office.

The person speaking at the other end of the satellite phone was the company’s top management, only that voice was slightly deeper, “Captain Mu, after our emergency meeting, we decided to let Baiyu return immediately.”

The old captain frowned, “Go back immediately?”

“Yes! The news of the dead person has spread. Many tourists are posting online. If you don’t come back, it will cause a big problem. So, return immediately. The company will compensate the tourists. You can announce this decision.”

The old captain said nothing more, but simply said, “Got it.”

After a while, the old captain suddenly turned off the satellite phone. Then, he left the office and went to the control room.

He looked at the crew members who were looking at him, and said calmly, “Nothing, the company just asked about the case. You continue to work. The Baiyu Cruise Ship still sails according to the original plan…When will we arrive at Haibei Island?”

“Well, we’ll be there in three hours.” The crew smiled and said. “Well, it’s really a beautiful island. Although we can see it every time we sail this route, we don’t get tired of looking… Hope when we see it, it can soothe our mood!”

“I’m strolling outside. Let me know if something happens,” the old captain said indifferently.

“Can I sit down here?”

Boss Luo and the maid heard this voice after they delivered food to Mrs. Ma. The master and servant duo continued to wander around the cruise ship. They came to the sightseeing deck in the end, and gazed at the calm ocean.

“Of course.” Luo Qiu smiled slightly. “There are a lot of empty spaces here.”

So, the person who spoke also smiled and sat down… This is the woman in her thirties whom Boss Luo and You Ye met in the corridor not long ago.

“I didn’t expect to meet you here, too.” The woman said calmly as she stroked her hair blown by the sea breeze.

“This ship is not big, and it is not strange to meet again,” ssaid Luo Qiu casually.

“That’s fate, right?” The woman smiled lightly and blinked. “I haven’t introduced myself yet. My name is Mu Zi. If you don’t mind, you can call me sister… but don’t call me aunty!”

“Luo Qiu,” Boss Luo replied briefly.

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