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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 8 – Chapter 44: Code Name: King (Part 1)

Volume 8 – Chapter 44: Code Name: King (Part 1)

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The person who was most familiar with the Baiyu Cruise Ship would naturally be the old captain who had worked on the Baiyu Cruise Ship for thirty years.

The walking map… This was a moniker of the old captain among the crew.

No one was more familiar with every part of the ship than the old captain was – At this moment, the old captain who was carrying a black handbag, quietly walked into a spiral staircase.

After opening the fire exit, Mu Enli was about to go into it but at this time, he received another call. The crew informed that the electrical room on the side of the central control room had been maliciously damaged, and even the backup power supply was cut off. Now, the whole central control was in a state of paralysis.

The old captain frowned and still climbed to the top of the spiral staircase. He even deliberately said it a little loudly, “Don’t worry, find someone to repair the electrical room. Now that we will disembark on Haibei Island for some time. We will just take advantage of this time to see how fast it can be repaired… I’ll come over and have a look immediately.”

When he finished saying that, Mu Enli had reached the end of the spiral staircase, opened the fire exit, and left. When the fire exit was closed, a motionless figure who was stuck to the wall on the stairs below then began to move quickly.

He is fast!

The figure opened the door quietly. When she took a look, she saw that Mu Enli had already walked some distance away and was about to disappear at the corner.

This figure jumped out of the fire exit without saying a word. Just as this figure was about to follow up Mu Enli again, she suddenly felt that something was wrong!


That was the sound of the fire exit closing after it was hit hard. – The person who hit the door was Officer Ma! Ma Houde was seen leaning against the door at this time and let out a sneer, “You won’t escape this time! Who the hell are you, lady? Why are you eavesdropping on us?”

The figure that followed the old captain… The woman took a quick look, but retreated her steps without speaking. However, just as she stepped back a few steps, turned around and ran, Lin Feng had already emerged instantly at the end of the corridor, spreading his hands, like a goalkeeper in the restricted area.

The woman stopped abruptly.

Ma Houde and Lin Feng launched their assault on her from front and back, and gradually gained in on the woman, “I want to arrest you now! You better cooperate!”

However, the woman was seen to suddenly smile. She turned towards Ma Houde, unbuttoning her coat one by one, revealing what seemed to be perky… bosoms.

She was actually wearing a low-cut outfit!

“You… What do you want to do? I warn you! I won’t be tempted by this!” Ma Houde muttered angrily.

However, this woman just took off her coat… She then stretched out her palm towards Ma Houde, bending her fingers all together, showing an extremely provocative look.

“Lin Feng, don’t let this woman be provoked! We are a group! Let’s gang on her together!” Officer Ma was a man with extensive experience. How would he be easily provoked by such a simple action?

Without saying anything, the two police officers hurled themselves at the woman one after another! Obviously, Officer Ma, who did not practice any basic martial arts, unleashed the “Black Tiger Digging Heart,” a mysterious move which was unknown where he learned from.

As for Officer Lin who graduated from the school, his fighting posture seemed more serious. His posture at least looked like mixed martial arts.

However, the woman dodged Ma Houde’s attack with ease. She pressed Officer Ma’s head with one hand, and completely lowered his head. She then lifted her hind foot and unleashed a side kick towards Lin Feng who was behind her!

The intensity of the kick was so strong that Lin Feng could not avoid it, and took it forcibly. He was distracted and swept away by it. He retreated a few steps.

Following this swirling movement, the woman kept moving, turning her body in a circle. In an instant, her long legs bent and were used to hook Ma Houde’s neck directly.


Ma Houde, who was good at shooting but not very good at fighting, had grown plump in recent years. At this time, he could only bend over and grab the woman’s thigh with both hands… The way he did it was quite hilarious.

Lin Feng shook his arm that was slightly numb. He took a deep breath. After a few punches, he resumed his mixed martial arts posture, showing that he could still engage in a battle.

“Wow, Old Ma! You looked so bad doing this!” Behind their back, Ren Ziling and Li Zi ran into the other side of the corridor. Subeditor Ren, who adhered to the principle of mutual criticism when meeting each other, did not let go of this opportunity subconsciously.

“You little… Come and help me! I can’t breathe anymore…” Ma Houde shouted in pain with a pale face.

Ren Ziling squeezed her fists without saying a word and let out a sneer, “Since I was freed, I, personally haven’t fought for a long time… Since both of us are women, I will show no mercy! Li Zi, stand back, I want to break the seal!”

What seal do you even have… You only used to smoke, drink, perm your hair and sent a few boys to the hospital during university. Li Zi silently stepped back two steps, with a pitiful expression on her face.

At this time, the woman suddenly let go of Ma Houde, took two steps back. She was still smiling since she was not afraid of being besieged by many people.

Officer Ma, who let out a breather, touched his neck at this time. He then shook the fat on his body and rushed towards the woman again!

After Ren Ziling joined in, an assault by three people seemed to make this battle a little strenuous for the woman… Of course, just a little bit.

Still she calmly dealt with the attack of the three people.

“Damn, Old Ma, don’t block me! I was just about to kick her!”

“Fuck!! If it wasn’t for you, I would crush her to death!!”

“Lady, do not simply kick…! I’m here!”

However, for the three people who were uncoordinated in their attacks, their combat power dropped like a stone soon after. The besieged woman suddenly saw a chance. She then suddenly pressed her hands on Ren Ziling’s shoulders, her body jumped. She leaped in front of Ren Ziling and rolled over. When she landed, she kicked Subeditor Ren’s back hard without mercy!

Ren Ziling was kicked from behind and crashed into Ma Houde and Lin Feng… The three of them fell to the ground.

This woman turned around at this moment. She suddenly waved her hand and quickly retreated. She had already resolved her dilemma and there was no one on her escape route!

The woman who had not said a word from the beginning to the end turned and ran away at a very fast speed. The three people who got up from the ground could not catch up, and could not help being furious.

Li Zi saw this scene and shook her head. She sighed…then let out a sigh of relief quietly.

As the woman was running, a small ice ring was seen imperceptibly condensed from the ground, which just happened to be placed on the woman’s ankle, and instantly tripped her.

The woman never seemed to have thought that this would happen. When she realized it, her body had unavoidably already fallen straight to the ground!

Then, Subeditor Ren, a ruthless character who must avenge her grudges, rushed forward and pressed on the woman’s body without saying a word. Lin Feng and Ma Houde also rushed there afterwards. The three of them fought hard, and finally they managed to subdue this woman!


The handcuffs were immediately placed to this woman’s hand, and then connected to Officer Ma’s hand. Ma Houde snorted, “Let’s see where else you can go this time! Stand up!”

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