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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 8 – Chapter 44: Code Name: King (Part 2)

Volume 8 – Chapter 44: Code Name: King (Part 2)

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As Ma Houde lifted his arm forcefully, the woman conveniently stood up and looked at the floor in the corridor suspiciously…but she saw nothing.

Li Zi pretended not to notice anything, and walked over while eating a lollipop, “Wow! Sister Ren, you are amazing!!”

“Child’s play!” Ren Ziling wiped her nose and said, “In any case, I am the one who defeated all the martial arts groups in the university!”

Li Zi… Li Zi just clapped her hands. What else could she do?

“If I did not trip, the three of you won’t be able to catch me.” The woman suddenly shook her head and said indifferently.

Ma Houde did not bother and said with a righteous look, “You cannot escape the long arm of the law! Justice will prevail over evil! Those who do evil will receive their just retributions!”

“Say whatever you like. I’m just unlucky.” The woman shook her head, but suddenly smiled, “But Ma Houde, shouldn’t you be on a diet? This belly is a lot bigger.”

“Mind your own business… Wait, how do you know my name?” Officer Ma was taken aback.

The woman looked at Ren Ziling and said, “Ziling, that’s pretty good. She’s still in good shape, not bad.”

Ren Ziling was distracted for a moment, then frowned. As she frowned, she became more distracted, “I seem to have heard this voice somewhere… Somehow, I don’t know why I get very angry when I hear it?”


The woman took off the sunglasses on her face and grabbed her hair at the same time… She pulled her hair down and it was a wig. She scratched her face and tore off two layers of skin-like substance torn from both cheeks. She then sighed and said, “Ah, I feel better now… It’s been a long time, Old Ma, Ziling. As for this person… I have no recollection. Are you new?”

Lin Feng looked at Officer Ma and Subeditor Ren in amazement but he saw that in an instant both their expressions were as colorful as the rainbow.

“Ah Li!!!”

Ren Ziling and Ma Houde exclaimed at the same time!

This woman named Ah Li was talking with Officer Ma at this time. Li Zi quietly whispered in Ren Ziling’s ear, “Sister Ren, who is this Ah Li…? Why do you keep staring at her as if you are about to have her for lunch?”

Ren Ziling narrowed her eyes. “She used to be in the same team as Old Ma. Later, she was transferred. I don’t know where she was transferred to and I never thought she would appear… However, this bitch is a deadly vixen! She is always seducing other people’s husbands!”

“Seduce… what?” Li Zi was taken aback.

Ren Ziling pointed at herself and said, “She seduced my husband!!”

That…Isn’t that Luo Qiu’s father?

“Ziling, are you talking ill of me again?” Ah Li looked over with a smile at this time. She seemed very intelligent, like a mature older sister.

“Why would I?” Subeditor Ren was beaming with smiles and stepped forward excitedly. “I am one hundred and twenty percent happy to be able to see Sister Ah Li! Sister Ah Li, I haven’t seen you for several years and there are more wrinkles on your face. Do take care of your health. At your age, if you don’t take care, you won’t be able to be married. Oh, hahaha.”

“Really? Seriously, the same goes for you, Ziling. Look, your face is drooping. It is best if you don’t stay up late all the time?”

“Thank you for your concern, Sister Ah Li. Look at you, you are so skinny. Is your life too miserable? Look, your bosom is so small that you can hardly see it!”

“Yeah, my life is a little tough unlike you. Your bosom is so big that your body is not able to support… I’m afraid it’s going to sag?”

“Thanks for your concern!”

“Me too, thank you for your concern!”

Seeing these two facing off with thunder and lightning flashing between their gazes, Officer Ma quietly swallowed his saliva and his sweat turned cold.

“Officer Ma?” Lin Feng asked in a low voice at this time.

“Quick! Find another topic now! Once these two women fight, it will be a catastrophe and earth-shattering!” Ma Houde quickly pushed Lin Feng out.

So, why does it have to be me?

Lin Feng let out a sigh and felt inexplicably pressured. He stiffened his body and said, “Back to the topic… Miss Ah Li, why are you here? Why did you shadow the captain and planted a listening tap at the place where we were eating? That… can you explain?”

“Ziling, shall we talk another day? After all, we have important matters to deal with.”

“Of course, how can I, a person who looks at the big picture, be making a fuss?”

“However, Ziling, it will be inappropriate for you to listen to what comes next. It will be best for people who are not involved to stay out of this, right?” Ah Li said with a smile.

Ren Ziling… Ren Ziling took Li Zi to the side and leaned against the wall with a crestfallen look.

“National…National Security!”

Ma Houde’s eyes widened as he looked at Ah Li taking out a small notebook. He was stunned momentarily but then suddenly came over to his senses, “It turns out that you are from this department… Come to think of it, when you were transferred at that time, you didn’t say where you were going. I have been inquiring about your information for a long time, but I still can’t find out!”

“Old Ma, I had no choice but to hide this from you.” Ah Li shook her head, and then said sternly, “But, you know about this, you still have to pretend that you never met with me after you disembark from this ship the boat, okay? The same goes for this newcomer.”

Ma Houde nodded solemnly. As for Lin Feng… Lin Feng immediately covered his ears obediently and then said, “Then what, or should I go there too?”

He looked at the direction where Ren Ziling was standing.

“There is no need to. I will temporarily deputize both of you.” Ah Li said sternly. “Ma Houde, Lin Feng, I have received information that there are foreign agents on this Baiyu Cruise ship who are planning to cause harm to our country. Now, I will formally deputize you to help me resolve this incident!”

“I will make sure to obey the order of the organization!” Officer Ma straightened his back and raised his hand. “So did you find the agent…? You shadowed the captain around. Can it be that he is…”

Ah Li frowned and said, “I’m not sure, but this matter is more complicated. As a matter of fact, I have found one of the agents and followed him all the way. But, I didn’t expect him to be dead.”

“Could it be… Qian Guoliang?!” Ma Houde was shocked.

Ah Li nodded, “The information I received suggested that Qian Guoliang got on the ship this time to contact another agent… But, I don’t know who this person is. I only know that his code name is King.”

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