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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 8 – Chapter 45: Love Song (Part 1)

Volume 8 – Chapter 45: Love Song (Part 1)

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“It’s no wonder that we found this Qian Guoliang is still alive, and the one who died turned out to be an unidentified person.”

After listening to what Ah Li said, Officer Ma suddenly realized that for a special agent, stealing or forging identity was a very normal thing.

“But… but this Qian Guoliang already died on the ship.” Lin Feng frowned at this time, “So, maybe it was this mysterious agent codenamed King who did it? But since they are going to meet each other, why did this King kill Qian Guoliang?”

Ma Houde said, “Let’s go back to the Captain… Ah Li , why did you follow Mu Enli?”

Ah Li said seriously, “I have been observing this ‘Qian Guoliang’ secretly since getting on the ship. I found that he and Mu Enli came into contact twice. The first time was when he just boarded the ship. There was a brief contact between them on the deck. At that time, Qian Guoliang was surreptitiously looking for something on the deck when tourists were not allowed to enter, but he was later hooted by the Captain.”

Ah Li recalled, “I didn’t feel suspicious at the time, but then I found out that Qian Guoliang was in contact with the Captain again… in a Japanese restaurant onboard. They also had a brief conversation at the time. At that time, there was obviously something wrong with the Captain’s expression.”

“About what time was that?” asked Ma Houde.

“After we set off, about four o’clock in the afternoon.” Ah Li said, “Later, Qian Guoliang and Fei Ying met with each other, but I was too far away. I could not hear what they talked about. After that, Fei Ying and Qian Guoliang went back to the room together, and Qian Guoliang came out again shortly after. I quietly followed, but this time he seemed to have noticed that someone was following him.”

Ah Li sighed and shook her head, “Obviously, he escaped from me. I had no choice but to hang around near his room in the meantime to see if he will come back… Unexpectedly, Qian Guoliang died on the deck the next day.”

Ma Houde frowned, “You said that the Captain was in contact with Qian Guoliang twice… but it’s weird. When Qian Guoliang was found on the deck, I remember Mu Enli did not mention that he had seen this person. He concealed this! The Captain seems to be getting more suspicious… By the way, Zi Ling, didn’t you say that you found something? What is it?”

Officer Ma asked loudly towards Ren Ziling.

Aunty Ren stared at Ah Li with an uncomfortable face as she walked over, but she still said with a serious face, “Old Ma, the video in the surveillance room you have seen before was tampered with. The footage from three to six in the morning last night was replaced. I guess it was replaced with footage from previously. So when you watch it, you can’t find anything useful at all.”

“What?” Ma Houde was taken aback, “Are you sure?”

“I’m also a professional reporter, so won’t I be able to notice this from the video?” Ren Ziling shook her head, “If you don’t believe me, you can ask Xiao Bao for an evaluation.”

“No need, I believe you.” Ah Li said directly, “Ziling, who can replace these videos?”

Ren Ziling still looked displeased, but continued, “Anyone who can enter the surveillance room can do it. The question is who can get their hands on the old footage. I have already asked around. The recording of this surveillance system will be automatically deleted every seven days. However, I have compared the footage from the previous seven days and have not found anything similar. That is to say, this is a footage from way before the seven days. Although footages will be automatically deleted once every seven days, the footages on this ship will be downloaded before being deleted to keep the data… Only two people have the key to the data storage room.”

“Captain!” Ah Li’s eyes narrowed.

Ren Ziling nodded, and then said, “Also, the Deputy Captain, Mu Qinghai also has the key.”

Ma Houde said, “I asked about the situation at the time. There was also a crew member on duty last night. If he has been there, Mu Qinghai should have no chance to take action. However, there was a power outage for more than ten minutes last night. If they aren’t there for those minutes… is it possible to replace the data in such a short time?”

“I have seen this system, if the person who replaced it brought backup power to start the surveillance system, seven or eight minutes should be enough,” said Ren Ziling.

Ma Houde frowned and picked up the phone. After a while, he said solemnly, “Mu Enli’s phone… is turned off!”

Lin Feng’s phone rang at the same time. After he heard it, he frowned and said, “Officer Ma, our support team has arrived. However, there is a power outage in the central control room, and they did not receive a signal, so now they plan to land forcibly. Besides… the tourists are starting to disembark and enter the island!”

“Didn’t I say to wait for my approval…” Ma Houde stomped, “Look for him! Look for the Captain for me first! You must find him!”

*Click*; It was the slight sound made when the spring on the lock turns.

So the door lock was opened easily… Of course, the room card was used, but it was a backup room card. The person who successfully opened the door took a deep breath and gently pushed open this door – the door of the Captain’s room.

The person who opened the door looked around and found no one before rushing into the captain’s bedroom. He was still careful and closed the door gently.

After the door was closed, he walked through the short aisle of the room. After he walked into the bedroom, he began to look at everything here carefully.

He was too focused and ignored that the door behind him was making a very slight noise.

The person who opened the door frowned, and when he took a look, there seemed to be nothing special in the bedroom. So he started to move the cabinets in the room, the paintings on the walls of the room and even started to tap lightly on the walls of the bedroom, then the ceiling. However, he still found nothing.

Unsatisfied, he turned his gaze to the floor again. He planned to lift the carpet that was beneath the big bed, but at this moment, he carefully noticed that there seemed to be traces of movement between the foot of the bed and the carpet.

The indentation from the foot of the bed… it doesn’t match up! This bed seems to have been moved!

“Yah yah, it looks like something extraordinary has been discovered.”

But at this moment, a figure of a man suddenly appeared behind him, and the person who opened the door suddenly turned around and saw a man with a straw hat and flip-flops leaning against the TV cabinet.

The man even picked up an apple from the fruit plate and took a bite… Fei Ying.

Fei Ying blinked at this time and said, “Hello.”

“Who are you? Do you know where you broke into?”

“If you can break in, can’t I? This double standard is too extraordinary, right?” Fei Ying took another bite of the apple and smiled, “Oh… I remembered you’re going to say that it’s normal for you to come in, right? Because I’m a stranger, but you are his son… the Captain’s son, am I right, Deputy Captain?”

Deputy Captain, Mu Qinghai.

At this time, Mu Qinghai stared sharply at Fei Ying, the guy from unknown origin, and said solemnly, “I don’t care who you are, but this is a private place. If you don’t leave, I will call the security guard to capture you.”

Fei Ying grinned and said, “Brother, don’t be so serious. Everyone knows that maybe it’s not a good thing… Why do you want to have a falling out? Why don’t we divide the things we found here, then we won’t be in contact anymore? I will disappear automatically, and I will never appear in front of you for the rest of my life.”

“Hmph, I don’t know what you are saying.” Mu Qinghai sneered, “I just came to get medicine for the Captain.”

“Then what’s in your bag?” said Fei Ying nonchalantly.

Mu Qinghai subconsciously grabbed the bag on his left. Fei Ying suddenly threw the apple on his hand and it hit directly on Mu Qinghai’s face. He wrung Mu Qinghai’s arm with one hand, then reached in with the other hand, and swiftly took out the contents of his pocket before quickly taking two steps back.

Fei Ying unveiled this thing in front of Mu Qinghai, “Brother, you can’t possibly say that you picked this protractor up on the ground, right? By the way, where is the design drawing? That is my father’s relic. You have to return it to me, right?”

Mu Qinghai frowned, rubbed his arm while sitting on the bed, and suddenly became silent. Fei Ying was also very patient, he picked up another apple on the fruit plate and ate it… Motherf*cker, I finally can eat.

“Brother, have you thought about it?” Fei Ying smiled after gnawing an apple, “I am very patient, but there is a limit. I’m not interested in how you got this protractor, I’m only interested in what’s hidden in this room. Besides, I’m a pacifist. When there is no need to use violence, I will never use violence… so cooperation is the best option.”

Mu Qinghai squinted, looked at Fei Ying and said, “Why should I trust you?”

Fei Ying shrugged and said, “You have no choice, do you? Whether I’m trustworthy is metaphysics… But the question is, do you have other choices besides trusting me now?”

“After you get the things inside, you will disappear?” Mu Qinghai asked again.

Fei Ying said seriously, “Brother, even robbers have a code of conduct. I am a gentleman with good taste and integrity. I only steal things. I don’t get myself involved in other things… En?”

But when Fei Ying finished speaking, he frowned, and subconsciously looked towards the bedroom door. He heard footsteps outside the room, and it seemed that it was more than one person.

“Brother, you seem to be playing tricks?” Fei Ying’s eyes narrowed.

Mu Qinghai said calmly, “The Captain is in poor health. I installed a pager in his room, right here…”

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