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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 8 – Chapter 45: Love Song (Part 2)

Volume 8 – Chapter 45: Love Song (Part 2)

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Mu Qinghai pointed to the place where he was sitting, and after removing the pillow, it was a small beeper, “…Once you press it, someone will come.”

“Captain! Captain, are you okay?!” The door opened at this time, and two security guards on the ship rammed in at the same time. “Captain…”

But what they saw made the two security guards startled.

Mu Qinghai shouted at this moment, “Grab this guy, he broke in, trying to steal things!”

One was the Deputy Captain, and the other was a guy from an unknown origin. The two security guards on the ship didn’t need to think about it and immediately walked towards Fei Ying… going head-on!

“Motherfucker, I met a cheap person again… Everyone is so sly here.” Fei Ying muttered, but calmly took out a finger-long strip from his pocket and raised it in front of Mu Qinghai Li Yang, “I had a recording, Brother.”

Mu Qinghai’s face changed slightly, and he suddenly pointed out his fingers, “Grab him! Bring that recorder over! This is a company secret!”

“Got it! Deputy Captain!” The two pounced at the same time.

Fei Ying gave a weird laugh and moved quickly and easily passed through the two security guards, “Ha, I won’t play with you. Brother, you threw shade at me, so don’t blame me!”

Fei Ying rushed towards the door instantly.

Mu Qinghai said angrily, “Call all the security and crew on board, you must catch this thief! Don’t let him escape!”


Seeing the two security guards rushing out, Mu Qinghai frowned, glanced at the foot of the bed, hesitated for a moment, and decided to push the bed away from a little.

But when he pushed it away, he saw a small keyhole on the wall blocked by the foot of the bed… Mu Qinghai suddenly punched the wall!

His hand was filled with pain!

Mu Qinghai’s hair was a little messy and his gaze shifted. He looked at the hanger next to him, suddenly got up and took the hanger, and was about to smash it towards the wall.

But the phone rang at this moment, “Deputy Captain, the police officer is looking for you and said that you should meet him as soon as possible.”

“Got it, I’ll be over in a while,” replied Mu Qinghai calmly.

But after putting down the phone, he still slammed the hanger towards the wall hard… but he could only scrape off the wallpaper on the wall after ruining the hanger.

Mu Qinghai looked at a steel plate exposed after the wallpaper peeled off and suddenly sat on the bed, depressed.

After a while, Mu Qinghai moved the bed back to cover the peeled off place, then tidied up his appearance. Afterward, he cleaned up the remains of the hanger, packed it, and left the room with it.

“This tree is quite old.”

In the woodlands of an isolated island on the sea, the Haibei island, the maid stretched out her hand and touched the old tree trunk and smiled slightly, “The environment overseas is good. After a hundred years, this tree will birth a tree spirit.”

“You Ye, don’t move,” said Luo Qiu suddenly softly.

The maid kept her hand up and touched the branches, and she turned her head gracefully.

She saw that the boss took out the beloved Hasselblad camera at this time, and began to fiddle with the focus… The Master and servant of the club didn’t seem different from the tourists playing by the beach.

After taking a picture, Boss Luo seemed very satisfied. He put down the camera… At this time, someone walked through the shadows of the trees and came to this place.

Luo Qiu looked up and smiled slightly, “Captain, you are here too.”

“Is… you?”

Mu Enli stopped and frowned slightly as if he didn’t expect to meet these two people here.

But seeing the couple taking pictures here, Mu Enli said, “There is nothing to look at here. There are some nice-looking reefs on the beach over there, and there is also a cliff. The scenery would be better if you want to take a photo. ”

“Are you going there?” asked Luo Qiu softly.

Mu Enli shook his head, “No, I’m just walking around.”

“Then I won’t bother you.” Luo Qiu smiled slightly, then glanced at You Ye.

The maid reached the boss’s side and walked out of the forest with him. Seeing this, Mu Enli quickly walked towards the depths of the forest.

On the beach, the maid took off her shoes and walked barefoot on the fine sand. The sea washed over the white feet, while Luo Qiu sat where the waters could not reach him, looking up at the blue sky.

“Luo Qiu! Luo Qiu!”

Not far away, Lin Feng, Ren Ziling, and Li Zi ran over quickly. Ren Ziling looked at these two leisurely people and said, “You are here! When did you get off the boat? Did you guys have sex… No no, have you met the Captain?”

“Captain?” Boss Luo asked, looking up.

Lin Feng nodded and asked, “We are looking for him. Just over there, I heard tourists say that they seemed to see him coming here. Have you been here all the time? Have you seen him?”

“I think he went there?” Luo Qiu smiled, pointing to the distant rocks and cliffs.

“To the cliff… Okay, I get it!” Lin Feng nodded and ran in that direction without saying a word. Ren Ziling and Li Zi also followed.

But after a few steps, Aunty Ren ran back and murmured in Boss Luo’s ear, “Boy, you’d better get on the ship right away just stay in the room and don’t go anywhere! Don’t open the door for strangers too! Remember!! You are not allowed to open the door for anyone except me! Especially women of unknown origin!! You’d better get on the bed with You Ye!”

Omitting the last sentence, Luo Qiu said calmly, “… Unknown origin?”

“Just listen to me!!” Ren Ziling said, then chased after Lin Feng.

Seeing them running away, leaving a long trail on the beach, Luo Qiu played with the bracelet in his hand and smiled slightly.

The maid picked up a shell from the beach and put it in her ear to listen.

Luo Qiu asked, “Does it sound good?”

You Ye said, “It seems to be a love song.”

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