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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 8 – Chapter 46: Ceremony (Part 2)

Volume 8 – Chapter 46: Ceremony (Part 2)

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Three security guards and two crew members were on the stage. As for off the stage, a lot of security guards and crew members appeared one after another!

“Catch him! Don’t let him run away!”

Fei Ying grinned and pressed the actress’ shoulders, swaying as if she was a shield, blocking the security guards and crew members who wanted to pounce on him.

But he didn’t intend to stay here for too long, so he suddenly reached out and pulled out the actresses’s skirt. After all, it was easy to do so with the skirt she was wearing!

The actress with a good figure screamed in horror at this time, but was pushed out by Fei Ying and hit everyone! Fei Ying raised the skirt he took off and laughed loudly, “My fellow audience, it’s raw! Anybody wants it!?”

The people seemed to be more grateful than Fei Ying anticipated. Out of everyone’s surprise, Fei Ying jumped off the stage, stepped on the shoulder of a security guard for support, and jumped yet again. Then, he landed among the audience, throwing the raw… skirt in his hand.

Several men stood up subconsciously and wanted to grab the skirt.

Fei Ying laughed again, as joyful as he could be. He stepped on the chair and swiftly moved toward the security gate behind the small theater!

In fact, similar situations have happened many times. Looking at the dejected security guards and crew members, he knew how miserable their pursuit was. It was like they were being treated like monkeys, being played again and again.

“I have enough fun with you!”

Fei Ying took a long-chain handbag from a lady in the last row of the auditorium and went straight out of the door. He wrapped the bag’s chain around the doorknob several times and fixed it there tightly.

He just patted his palms and prepared to leave calmly, but his face became sour when he turned around, “Ah, isn’t this Officer Ma? Long time no see!”

“Fei Ying! You can’t escape this time!” Ma Houde glared at this guy… so confidently!

Fei Ying looked around. Except for Ma Houde, a woman was standing next to this fat police officer… She was probably in her early thirties, but she was very charming, not comparable to those influencers who only knew how to make-up in their twenties.

Ah Li.

“Sir, you’re just counting on yourself and this… pretty good-looking elder sister?” Fei Ying shrugged, “I’ll make it slightly easier for you. I’m afraid you can’t handle it.”

“Oh? Are you looking down on women?” Ah Li narrowed her eyes.

Fei Ying patted his chest and said with a look of fear, “Of course not! But my principle is that beautiful women are to be loved. Good-looking elder sister. I’m afraid of hurting you.”

“That’s romantic.” Ah Li shook her head, hands lowered, and walked up slowly. “But it’s a pity. I don’t like frivolous people.”

“I would also be serious when I should be, elder sister.” Fei Ying smiled as she spread out his hands… and suddenly squatted down!

He just escaped a violent diagonal kick from Ah Li!

Fei Ying held his hat and took two steps back, “Sister, I’ve already said that I don’t hit women.”

“But I like to hit men.” Ah Li smiled and suddenly wiped her hands on her waist.

Hearing a loud noise, Fei Ying looked at his feet with cold sweat all over; there was a small hole with gunpowder smoke!

Fei Ying had chills all over… Instinctively, he raised his hand, looked at the black gun held by Ah Li, swallowed, and said, “Sister… Isn’t this cheating?”

“Are you still going to go?” Ah Li shrugged and said.

Fei Ying smiled wryly, his eyes moved around, but at this moment, another gunshot sounded… The bullet probably passed through his hat. Fei Ying swallowed his saliva and stuttered, “No, I won’t go…”


Two consecutive clicks from the handcuffs. Fei Ying’s hands were handcuffed behind his back, and there was even a rope wrapped around his neck.

The knot was a slipknot, but when it was pulled, it would tighten… The other end of the rope was tied tightly to Officer Ma’s wrist.

“Sir, what’s with the big commotion…? I said I won’t leave.”

“Hmph! I said you will become salted fish!”

Fei Ying shrugged, “Sir, I have learned my mistake, I decided to cooperate with the police! I want to become a witness! I want to report! I know who killed Qian Guoliang!”

Officer Ma and Ah Li looked at each other. Ma Houde frowned and said, “Do you really know?”

Fei Ying raised his brows triumphantly, then said with a grin, “But I will only tell this elder sister. Sir, please walk away.”

“You dare to play tricks?” Ma Houde grabbed Fei Ying’s collar with both hands, “I warn you! I won’t take a phonebook and hit the chest with it!”

Fei Ying calmly said, “Sir, this is my condition, you shouldn’t disagree with it! Whatever! Anyway, I can endure it… However, I have to remind you that this murderer might have already started to find a way to escape. The longer you spend on me, don’t blame me if he left.”

“You brat!”

“Old Ma, let me. You wait for first.” At this moment, Ah Li patted Ma Houde on the shoulder and took the rope from his hand.

When Ma Houde saw this, he had to step aside resignedly but stared at Fei Ying… He shook his head. This punk probably doesn’t know how terrifying Ah Li is.

She is a complete witch… dear!

“Okay, Brother, you can talk now.” Ah Li smiled as she approached Fei Ying.

The distance between them was probably less than ten centimeters. Fei Ying took a deep breath, “You smell so good. Sister, what perfume do you use?”

“Didn’t you want to make an accusation?” Ai Li played with the gun in her hand, but pressed the gun lightly to Fei Ying’s chest, moving slowly… like scratching an itch.

“Fuck, Elder Sister, you like to play it this way?” Fei Ying deliberately nudged forward.

Ah Li reacted very quickly and took a small step back and shot the gun towards the floor. Fei Ying’s legs immediately trembled. However, after all, he was a bold person, so he smiled and said, “Sister, you won’t know anything if you kill me, right? Also, can you simply kill people? However, I really want to cooperate.”

Fei Ying whispered at this moment, “I have a voice recorder, at least it can prove a lot of things… Sister, this can reduce the sentence, right?”

“Give it.” Ah Li opened her hand indifferently.

Fei Ying resignedly said, “Sister, do you think I can take it out when I’m like this?”

Ah Li rolled her eyes, then reached out and touched Fei Ying’s pocket, but it was empty. Fei Ying smiled strangely, “Sister, of course, such an important thing is placed in an important place…”

As Fei Ying said, he glanced at his lower body, and at the same time, he pushed out his waist, showing the fascinating bulge.

Ah Li frowned, but quickly stretched out her hand and slowly touched the fascinating bulging area… Fei Ying licked his lips… This policewoman is indeed a mature woman. Sure enough, she doesn’t avoid taboo.

Unexpectedly, at the moment she was about to touch him, Ah Li took a step back, raised her leg, and kicked without thinking. The tip of her shoe directly hit the area between Fei Ying’s legs.


The agonizing scream was even louder than the previous gunshot. Fei Ying knelt on the ground with his legs and face twisted. He opened his mouth but barely made a sound.

“Old Ma, did you see it just now? This is sexual harassment, right? I fight back in self-defense, right?” At this moment, Ah Li looked at Ma Houde and said loudly.

“Yes… That’s right.” Officer Ma swallowed and nodded vigorously.

As if nothing had happened, Ah Li pointed to Fei Ying, who was unable to move, and said calmly, “Pull out the contents in his crotch.”

Ma Houde nodded… This kind of thing naturally couldn’t be done by a woman.

So Officer Ma walked in front of Fei Ying, held up his sleeves, and under Fei Ying’s desperate and horrified gaze, Officer Ma performed the ultimate killer move that could not be used in time when he was fighting with Ah Li… The Stealing Monkey!



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