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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 8 – Chapter 48: Confidential

Volume 8 – Chapter 48: Confidential

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“It should be the last, right?”

On the rubber dinghy that ashore the island, the crew member in charge of driving counted the number of people on it and planned to start the motor on the dinghy… But at this moment, there was a loud call from the beach.

“Wait a minute! Wait a minute. There is someone who hasn’t boarded yet!”

That was Lin Feng’s call. By Lin Feng’s side, Ren Ziling and Li Zi were also running at this time, rushing towards the dinghy… The three finally caught up with the rubber dinghy.

“Yi, Luo Qiu, You Ye, you are here too,” said Li Zi as she blinked.

Luo Qiu stepped aside to give Ren Ziling a place to sit, and said calmly, “En, we stayed a bit longer. Seeing that the time is almost up, we decided to go back.”

Ren Ziling opened her neckline very inelegantly and used her hand to fan inwardly, saying, “Didn’t I tell you to go back to the room and stay there!?”

Boss Luo looked at Lin Feng as if he hadn’t heard her, and said, “Why are you so anxious?”

Lin Feng subconsciously said, “We found the Captain… and he seemed to want to confess something.”

Luo Qiu nodded thoughtfully.

Ren Ziling looked at the Baiyu Cruise ahead, frowned, and said, “But how did he get on the boat quietly and avoid us? We couldn’t find him on the cliff.”

“Sister Ren, it doesn’t matter if he could be found anymore, let’s see what the Captain says later.” Li Zi smacked her lips and said, “Ah, I want to know the truth about the cruise ship murder case and the legendary treasure!”

“En, maybe we’ll be able to find out later.” Ren Ziling nodded, then looked at You Ye, blinked, and said, “I’m sorry You Ye. The original plan was to have fun, but I didn’t expect this to happen… But isn’t it interesting to encounter such a stimulating event?”

“I’m fine as long as I can accompany you.” You Ye smiled slightly.

Aunty Ren felt that this future daughter-in-law had conquered her. Her eyes were full of tiny stars, and she said with lofty ambition, “Go! I will bring you around!”

“Why are we following the police as they work?” Unexpectedly, Boss Luo suddenly shook his head.

“… Don’t you want to listen to the Captain’s confession?”

“There’s no need,” said Luo Qiu calmly.

What a sensible child… Lin Feng was also staring at the orphan of the boss in front of the group, feeling as if he was going to be conquered too. He is not like that demon-like woman.

Nevertheless, he didn’t care and said, “I think you shouldn’t go either, lady…”

“By the way, lady, why don’t you…?”

The corner ahead was the corridor where the entrance gate of the Baiyu Central control room was located. Lin Feng hesitated for a long time, but still mustered the courage to speak.

But before he finished speaking, he was suddenly interrupted.

Ren Ziling suddenly held his arms at this time. She felt chills crept upon her. She said as she frowned, “There is a murderous intent!”

“Murder… Murderous intent?” Lin Feng was taken aback.

Just after stepping out of this corner, a few people also walked out from the opposite side. Officer Ma and Miss Ah Li led the group. Deputy Captain Mu Qinghai, Fei Ying, who escaped once before, another police officer, and Xiao Bao were behind them.

So it is a reaction between old rivals… Hehe.

“Lin Feng, you are back too!” yelled Officer Ma from a distance.

“Yes! I came back without stopping!” Lin Feng walked quickly.

The two groups finally met at the door. Ah Li frowned and was about to speak, but Ren Ziling took the lead and pushed open the control room door.

Ah Li shook her head, and just whispered beside Ren Ziling, “Ziling, no matter what happens, just keep it to yourself, don’t say anything.”

Ren Ziling nodded silently.

To a certain extent, these two women also had a tacit understanding that others could not understand.

At this time, in the central control room, only the old Captain was there alone… No other crew members were seen here.

Mu Enli was holding the phone on the console at this time. He seemed to be utterly indifferent to everyone entering. He just continued saying, “… Don’t worry about the external power supply. First, fix the backup power supply line. Resume the instrument operation in the central control room as soon as possible.”

As the old Captain said, he switched to another line, “Explain to the tourists via broadcast that the power system is out of order and repaired immediately, so that the tourists don’t panic. Also, inform the tourists that the murderer is caught so that they can feel at ease. Tell the merchants on the ship to offer discounts to tourists. I will compensate them myself…”

He switched to different lines one by one and gave orders one after another in an orderly manner. If no one was around, he was a person who was immersed in his work and would forget to eat.

“… Everyone should work a little harder, and I will repay everyone. I know that some drunkards have been greedy for my private collection for a long time. After returning home, I will let you have a drink.”

Even across the telephone line in a fair distance from the door to the console, it seemed that cheering sounds could be heard.

Mu Qinghai silently looked at the busy back of the old Captain… He had never been able to get such cheers from the crew.

The old Captain finally put down the phone. He looked through the glass of the control room towards the endless sea in front of him. After a long time, he slowly turned around, looked at everyone there, and nodded, “I apologize for letting you wait a long time.”

Ma Houde subconsciously said, “It’s nothing; it’s good that you handle the situation.”

“Come here.” After Mu Enli said this calmly, he walked towards his office with his hands behind his back.

Everyone followed silently, including Ah Li. She felt as if she was overwhelmed by the old Captain’s presence since entering the door. She felt a kind of calmness like the sea from the old man.

Or profound.

Finally, Mu Enli walked to his seat, but he did not sit down.

Officer Ma took the initiative to ask at this moment, “Captain, what did you mean by saying that the murderer had been caught? This is not…”

“I killed the Qian Guoliang who you know.” Mu Enli was straightforward.

It almost shut everyone’s mouths up and choked all the words that they planned to say, which was more like a hurricane on the calm sea.

The shock caused by this impact was extremely huge… But Ah Li frowned when she heard some other meanings behind his words, “You said, the Qian Guoliang who… we know?”

“The information on this person’s identity is all fake, isn’t it?” Mu Enli shook his head, “In fact, his real identity is an agent, and his code name is…”

“K09, right?” said Ah Li coldly.

Ma Houde glanced at Ah Li in amazement… Ah Li hadn’t said all these previously. Obviously, there were still things Ah Li couldn’t disclose.

“You are?” Mu Enli looked at Ah Li in surprise.

Ah Li said indifferently, “I’m just engaged in some jobs related to security. K09 is my target this time.”

Mu Enli nodded suddenly. He was silent for a while, seeming to be digesting something, and finally he bent down and opened the drawer on the table.

Lin Feng subconsciously waved his fingers and shouted, “Don’t move!”

Officer Ma pressed Lin Feng’s arm and shook his head.

Mu Enli didn’t stop. After opening the drawer, he took out something wrapped in canvas… It was a cubic object about twenty centimeters long, ten centimeters wide, and ten centimeters high.

The old Captain held the thing wrapped in this worn canvas in both hands, and gently placed it on the table. He carefully unwrapped the cloth strips as he looked at Ah Li, “Then I think you came here because of this thing.”

With the opening of the canvas, what was wrapped up turned out to be an iron box. Mu Enli opened the box again and took out a slightly smaller… apparatus.

Where there was an interface, there was also a small screen.

“This… what is this?” Officer Ma frowned subconsciously.

Mu Enli whispered, “This is a special detector that can scan within a hundred kilometers, whether it is energy response, shallow sea deposits, sea defense arrangements, or something more secretive… This is a recorder that could compile data on the coast that can or cannot be disclosed… Simply put, it is a black box.”

Mu Qinghai, the Deputy Captain, suddenly paled and leaned weakly on the door.

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